Fuck Team

(mm) (anal, oral, rim, ws) (humil) (nc) (beast)

The faggot was led into the room. He was eighteen and graduating from high school. Everybody knew he was a faggot, and he had already gone through hell, but nothing like this. Today he had to face the Fuck Team.

The Fuck Team was a name Matt had given to the swim team captains for the next year, the high school juniors who would be seniors in September and would take over when Matt and the others graduated. So of course, there had to be an initiation, a celebration of their seniorhood of their being the big men at the high school, of having all the girls throw their mouths and pussies at their senior cocks.


Matt kind of owned the faggot. Well, he had pictures of the faggot blowing an underage kid at school, a freshman, so of course, he simply threatened to turn the faggot over to the police for child molestation unless, of course, the faggot did all he wanted. The faggot who was sixteen, and handsome, and sweet, and quiet, and didn't want to make any trouble, was trapped.


He had become Matt's plaything, his toy for the remainder of his sophomore year and their junior and senior years. Sometimes late at night, after Matt had fucked his girlfriend goofy, he would show up at the faggot's house, wanting his dirty dick licked clean. Matt was so fucking handsome that part of the faggot enjoyed it, and part of him hated the humiliation. He wanted to love and be loved, but he certainly wouldn't find it at his high school.


The faggot didn't like to lick Matt's dirty dick clean after it had been up in his girlfriend's asshole. Matt's girlfriend, who was only fourteen, hated getting fucked in the ass so, of course, Matt did it all the time. His eight-inch prick stretched that poor girl something awful. He had fucked the faggot's ass too, not out of any pleasure, no, no; it was strictly a power fuck.


Usually, for fun for himself and his buddies, they would drink beer and watch the faggot shove household items up his boy twat. They had forced him to shove a broom handle up his ass, as well as a flashlight, a baseball bat, a rolling pin, several cucumbers and all kinds of other stuff.


Sometimes, the faggot had to miss school because he couldn't walk since his hole was too sore. His grades went from straight A's down to D's, and nobody knew why, although Mr. Coulter, the counselor, suspected drugs. The faggot's mom would have been beside herself with worry, but she was already beside herself with the divorce and the alcohol, so she hardly noticed.


The faggot cried himself to sleep most nights. Here was this sixteen-year-old, five foot, eleven, dark-haired, handsome hunk with a very nice body, sobbing every night and praying for some help, some release from the torment and humiliation. His only hope was when they graduated it would all be over.


The sad, sick thing about it all was that he secretly did have a crush on Matt. Well, who wouldn’t? The kid was a dreamboat, curly hair, a strong swimmers body, big cock. Shit, everybody in the school knew that he had fucked four different girls pregnant, and still the twats lined up for him. Matt took what he wanted from life. The faggot got what life handed him.


The fuck team drank beer that afternoon, while the faggot was made to strip and dance naked in front of them. The boys called the faggot, "sick," "perverted," "depraved," but more than one seventeen-year-old prick was hard and soon dripping. The guys were made to wear their swim suits so Matt could see every hard, teenage dick.


Matt took pictures of them so that he could have these future seniors under his thumb too if he ever needed it. Shit, Alex Theil's father was fucking rich, and Matt might need some money in college. The drunker these boys got, the harder their dicks became. It's a fucking lie that drinks make dicks soft, in teenagers anyway. Drink makes their dicks hard as iron and leaking like a fucking faucet and ready to fuck anything in sight.


And, what was in sight was the faggot. First, Matt made the boys strip and show their assholes to the faggot. The faggot had to crawl to each new swim team guy and lick his asshole. Not just lick, he had to stick his eighteen-year-old faggot tongue way up the dude's asshole, way up his shitter and then wiggle it around.


The guys were really embarrassed by this, and at first several of them didn't want to play, but Matt's cajoling and his threats kept them in the game. They even had to admit it was incredible to have a tongue up the asshole, many of them, unlike Matt, had never done this with their girlfriends. Matt made every one of his conquests suck his ass. He did it on the second or third date. If the chick wouldn't suck ass, he dropped her and spread rumors around the school that she was a scag.


Four girls this year alone had changed schools because of Matt's rumors. When you are a star athlete and cutest boy in the school, you call the shots. Matt had had girls as young as eleven suck his ass. And, now these other, more innocent high school boys were learning the joys of getting their shitters sucked, but this time by a faggot. The faggot did the best job he could because he feared Matt's anger.


Matt's anger could mean a ping pong paddle on the faggot's nut sack until the balls were black and swollen the size of a grapefruit. Matt's anger could mean that the faggot had to suck off Matt's dog Macbeth. The fagot would much rather suck teenage boy ass. And besides, he was a faggot. Wasn't he?


He had resigned himself to that long long ago. As a sophomore, he had had a steady girlfriend, even fucked her, but then he had gotten somehow involved with this freshman boy. He had started out tutoring him and ended up sucking him off and then Matt came into the picture and made the faggot do all kinds of sick, disgusting things, and now the faggot knew he was a faggot.


Every day at school, in the lunchroom, while the other kids drank their milk, the faggot had to drink a carton of Matt's piss. Everyone knew this and thought it was terribly funny. Several of the girls wouldn't have minded drinking piss from that stud hose of Matt's if he dated them.


Next, the faggot had to suck cock. He had to crawl on the floor bare-assed from boy to boy, lift his cute face and lick the big fucking dickheads of each high school kid. For several of the boys, this was their first blow job. They had begged their girlfriends until they were blue in the face and balls for blow jobs, but the egotistical, selfish cunts wouldn't put out.


The boys could spend money on the twats, take them to movies and dinner and all that shit, and then get only a couple of squeezes of tit and a couple of fingers in the pussy, while their pricks were frigged by the self-centered bitches. But the selfish bitches wouldn't suck cock. Not Matt's girls, of course; they sucked cock on the first date, or he didn't see them anymore.


The girls talked about Matt’s cock in the girl's locker room and bragged about sucking it. He even had other guys’ girlfriends sucking his dick. The faggot did a good job on the dicks. He licked the fat teenage dickheads, scooped up the drooling pre-fuck on his tongue, (teenage boys leak a lot, remember?) and even licked the swinging fucksacks before getting down to some serious cocksucking.


Not one teenage stud complained that it was queer. The boys were in seventh heaven. It was then that Matt announced that since the faggot's grades had fallen so badly, he had lost all his scholarships to college and so he would be attending the local state university and thus, would be available all the next year for blowjobs, ass sucking and fucking. Not just for these boys, but to be fair, for any boy at University High School. It was then that the faggot knew he was not going to escape from the trap.


Next, out of some kind of perversity, Matt measured all the boys' dicks. Then each of them had to fuck the faggot, starting with the smallest, Tim Lipscomb, and ending with the largest, Mark Thayer. The boys started hesitantly, but drink and lust soon took over, and they were fucking the faggot balls deep, and grunting, and slamming their handsome hips into the cunt's ass.


Their big fuck sacks slapped the faggot's ass, and the sound was delicious to Matt who kept the vodka flowing. The faggot was crying now, and that made the guys laugh. They almost busted a gut watching the tears trail down the eighteen-year-old boy's handsome face, and they pounded their teenage pricks into him even harder. Next, they fucked him at both ends.


This all started when one guy pulled out of his ass, and Matt kindly suggested he get his dick cleaned of any ass slime in the faggot's mouth. Well soon, the cumdump was getting dick at both ends. Greasy dick and ass slop slimed its way down his throat and made him gag. He would get his nipples burned for that. Matt had taught him to take any size cock down his gullet without gagging.


Then they double dicked him. Two teenage pricks up his twat at the same time. Two boys sitting, so their dicks were together making one flesh pillar, going up the cock slut's fuckhole. This was a kind of secret thrill for most of the boys, they didn't know why, but having another dude's dick right up against yours, going in and out of a faggot's pussy was really hot.


The faggot's ass was stretched beyond belief. He howled in pain and pleaded and begged for them to stop, but they kept fucking his boy-cunt until at last, they sprawled on chairs and the couch and floor, legs spread wide and their dripping dicks limp, thick and swollen with post fucking sensitivity. They drank more and rolled empty beer bottles across the floor and made the faggot fuck himself with the bottles. The faggot pleaded with them that he would need a doctor and Matt kicked him in the nutsack. Matt then lit a cigarette and burned the faggot on the nipples and dick and balls while the guys roared with laughter at the poor cumslut's tears.


Then Matt brought in his big, old dog, and the faggot had to put on a doggie show for the boys. He had to suck dog cock and lick dog balls, and then let the beast mount him until the knot of the canine's big prick was embedded in his boycunt, stretching it beyond all endurance.


The faggot passed out twice, and Matt brought him around by hauling out his own handsome, stud prick and pissing on the faggot’s face. The fucking dog got his dick knot stuck in the faggot's ass for thirty minutes, so there was a lull in the party, but when the dog finally pulled out, the faggot was made to scoop the dog and boy scum out of his hole with a spoon and eat it for the boys.


One of the boys said, "This is so fucking much fun we should do this every week for the summer."


All the boys agreed, and it was decided that they would give a case of beer to the guy who could think up the most disgusting degrading thing to do to the faggot each week.


There was a certain point most evenings when it just got to be too much for the faggot, and he just kind of went on automatic pilot and zonked out. Shit, it was no fun after that, so the boys let the beaten cumdump go home to bed.


Matt was still horny, so he got one of the youngest high school boys there to invite him home to his house, where Matt slept over, and in the middle of the night, he fucked the sixteen-year-old swimmer. By the next morning, the poor boy that had been totally straight was in love with Matt. Matt made the kid suck his dick and drink his piss and lick his ass clean after he took a shit. The kid kept saying that he had never done anything like this before, and he had never had feelings like this before.