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Good evening gentlemen and welcome to FUCK-O-RAMA, the live streaming fuck show where your text votes determine the winner. Our four young contestants this evening are the star fuckers of four different high schools around the country. These boys are known in their respective schools for being fine athletes and excellent fuckers.

They have come here to tonight to compete in a unique fuck contest, with the winning boy taking home a brand new Mercedes convertible. So let's meet our contestants. Boys, please drop your pants. Just take a look at the fine fuckmeat on these high school boys. Each of them is the envy of the other boys at their school.
Each of them started fucking early and fucks cunt five to ten times a week on a regular basis. Look at the fine full ball sacks on the boys, and just take a close look at the thick full hanging fuckmeat. Get those cameras in closer, so our audience can see those teen dicks.
Now, to make the contest fair we require that all our contestants erect to about the same dimensions. Each of these boys erects to about nine inches. That's right folks; they are only in high school and they throw nine-inch boners! Also, not only are their peckers nice and long, but they are thick as well.
They really stretch a bitch's asshole. Don't be shy, boys, be proud of your equipment and your skill. It's your fucking reputations that got you here tonight with thousands of viewers watching you. Let's meet our four handsome young contestants, shall we?
First, we have Kyle. Kyle is known for his wide penetrating eyes as well as his penetrating dick. The cunts at his school adore him. He is the only boy here tonight who is not an athlete. Kyle is into computers and cunt! Kyle started fucking at thirteen and he has fucked hundreds of bitches. He has fucked three cunts pregnant. Kyle is a romantic and loves to give his current holes gifts of candy and flowers. Kyles other interests are video games and rap music.
Our second young man is Miles. Miles is the only blond in the group, and his prick hair is a lovely silky dirty blond color. Miles is slender but muscular as you can see. He is the star swimmer and diver of his school. His fuckmeat may look more slender than those of the other contestants’ cocks may, but I promise you, it plumps up nicely when he gets aroused. Miles is known for his fast deep fucks. His fucking usually doesn't last long, and that may prove a disadvantage in the contest today. According to his school buddies and some of the cunts who have been fucked by him, Miles fucks like a rabbit with fast, hard jabs. We'll have to see if that hinders or helps him in today's contest. Mile is the baby of the group, only sixteen.
Third, we have Jordan. Jordan plays basketball and is the tallest of our boys. Jordan has a beautiful scrotum. Can you get a close-up of Jordan's ball sack for us? Jordan is known for the size of the loads he dumps. The cunts at his high school swear they almost drown from the amount of cum he shoots. Jordan loves sports and music. He started fucking cunt at fourteen. He claims that the pumps out four loads a day, and this may help him in the contest.
And last, but certainly not least, we have Dylan. Dylan is the shortest boy of the group. Dylan is a high school senior and also has the biggest fucker of the four boys. Dylan is one hundred and twenty percent jock. Dylan is the most muscular and compact of our contestants just look at the muscles on the kid. See how thick his fuckmeat hangs even when flaccid. Dylan has the reputation of being a rough fuck! Most of the girls at his school are actually a bit afraid of him, but they simply cannot resist sucking on and getting plowed by that magnificent meat. Dylan is respected, but not liked. He has been known to walk up to two kids at the school, who are a dating couple, and simply inform them that he is going to fuck the cunt. If the boy objects, he is likely to end up with a black eye or a broken arm. The cunt, of course, has no choice in the matter. Dylan fucked his first cunt when he was twelve, and rumor has it that it was his own sister. Dylan demands that any girl he dates fucks and sucks dick on the first date. I would be remiss if I didn't mention Dylan's awesome nipples. Look at those muscular pecs and those fine, big, pouty nipples.
Well, these are tonight's contestants. And boys, you will be happy to know that you will all be fucking young virgin bitches. That's right only the best for our stars. After you fuck your bitches and pass certain requirements, our judges will score you on depth and power of the fuck, style, creativity, stamina, and load size. They will also score you on your own personal kinks and interests. So, boys, hold nothing back tonight. The winner will get that new Mercedes, but to make the contest more exciting, the losing boy, the boy with the lowest score, will face a penalty.
This should inspire you boys to work those pre-teen bitches. The losing boy, the boy voted the lowest score will be ass and mouth fucked by the Martin Luther King High School black basketball team! Now I might point out to you viewers that these boys here are one hundred percent straight girl fuckers. None of them has ever indulged in homosexual activity of any kind, so the fear of being ass and mouth fucked by horny young black boys, should inspire them to play harder and take the contest totally seriously.
Let's take a look at the black team in all their glory. They are anxious to have some fun with the losing boy. Look at the black fuckmeat on those high school boys. Some of them are twelve inches long. One of the boys, Lamar has been with us before. Remember him, he participated in the Fuck Contest we had where four Negro contestants fucked four young white bitches. That was a great show, and Lamar came in second. Good going, Lamar.
So, the contest is set up. The winner gets the car. The loser gets the shit fucked out of him on air. Here are the rules. Each boy must fuck his bitch in the mouth and ass. As I said, all four bitches are virgins. Each boy must shoot two loads—one in the asshole and one on the face. While titty play is not required, extra points may be earned for rough work on the nipples. Most of the points will be earned on fucking style and on creativity. Bang into a bitch's stomach for example is one way to score extra points. Slapping the bitch in the face with your hard dripping dick is another. But I don't want to say too much. I want these fine young men to think out of the box as it were. We also provide an assortment of toys like riding crops, nipple clamps, dildos, and so on from which the boys may choose.
Now, remember, that our boys here are one hundred percent straight girl fuckers. None of them has ever indulged in homosexual activity of any kind. So, let's say hello to our bitches, shall we? Yes, our boys will be fucking little boy bitches. You will notice that the bitches are tied to the beds. That is to prevent them struggling too much and hindering the fucking. We want minimum distraction for our healthy teenage fuckers. However, we have assistants who will untie the bitches and re-tie them in any position required by the fuckers. Variety in the fucking is a big bonus here, and our boys will have to struggle to be more creative than their co-contestants are. They may want the bitches hung from chains upside down while they suck their dicks for example. The assistants are there to help position the bitches, but they will not assist the actual fucking in any way.
Now, here is our first little boy bitch. Isn't he a cutie? His name is Heath and he is in the sixth grade at St. Mary's Catholic School. Look at that frightened innocence. He knows he is in for a special time tonight. And although his penis is just a little clitty, his balls are heavy and full and they hold much promise. Lying on his back tied down as he is, you can see his balls in all their glory, and they swing nicely when he crawls. Look at those soft pink nipples—good enough to suck! And look at that fine bald boy-cunt. That cunt is not shaved. It is still naturally hairless. Look at that cunt, still nothing more than a tiny aperture. I promise you it will be turned out nicely by the end of this evening. We thank the priests at his school for their donation.
The second cunt is Stacy who is our oldest participant. Stacy is a freshman quarterback at Milton High School. Look at that sublime full ass of his. He has a deep ass crack as you can see. Stacy caught our eye when he was prancing about the locker room in his jockstrap (after receiving an invitation from his coach). Stacy is shaved, as he started to grow hair a few months ago. His teammates are in the audience to cheer him on.
The third cunt is Asahi. Asahi is half-Japanese and even though he looks eight, he is ten years old. Look at that fine silky black hair. Look at that beatific Asian face. Look how small and slender his body is. His asshole is so tiny and tight, you can't even get a finger up there. It's hard to believe he could even take a cock. But never fear, he will. Whichever boy gets him will have to work hard to ram his fuckmeat up that little rectum. We discovered this little champion at his school’s mathematics fair.
And last we have Alejandro. Alejandro is a hot little Latino. Look at his beautiful full cocksucker lips. Wouldn't you just love to grab him by the ears and skull fuck the shit out of his face? Alejandro's two older brothers brought him here tonight and we have them to thank for his appearance. His brown Latino pucker is a work of art. I'll bet his brothers can't wait to get into that fuckhole after the show tonight.
As you may have guessed, our bitches are not here of their own volition. In some cases an older brother, a father or uncle or family friend has nominated the bitch for the show.
So, let's see which high school stud gets which boy bitch to fuck. Dylan you have chosen the card that says Heath, the innocent Catholic school bitch. Oh man, is he’s going to have a tough time taking that cunt rammer of yours. Look at him, he is crying at the thought of it.
Miles, you picked the card saying Asahi. You are a fine match. It will take all Asahi’s stamina to endure Miles’s hard fast rabbit fucks. Asahi’s going to have a really sore pussy I can guarantee you that.
Kyle you picked the card saying Alejandra. Wonderful. Wait until you get a load of his fine full puffy cocksucking lips.
Jordan, that means you are paired up with Stacy. That bubble butt is just begging to be fucked. I hope you include some ass spanking in your performance.
Swing the camera over to our Negro basketball team, will you? Look at those boys jerking on their nigger-meat as they watch those boy bitches tied to their beds. What those black boys wouldn't give to have a crack at some of that fresh tight virgin cunt. Jesus, Christ, will you look at the size of some of those black dicks! One of our jocks is going to have a very sore and ripped ass tonight. Ha!
But back to our stars, our four prize high school fuckers. Okay boys, time to get those cocks hard and show us what you've got. Our audience wants to see what you are working with. Skin back those foreskins and get those pricks leaking. There’s no sight quite as sweet as that of a teenage boy masturbating his meat. Just look at the thickness of Dylan's fucker!
Take your hand away for a moment, Dylan, and let us see that teenage fuckmeat! Look at that baby drip! Dylan and Jordan are real leakers. Jordan has pre-fuck running down his thigh and dripping onto the floor. And we have not even started the fucking yet! Look at Miles tight tummy flutter as he flogs his pecker. How great to watch a sixteen-year-old masturbator with such skill.
And look at Kyle, his meat is slapping his tummy. He's got a really stiff one. That will help when it gets to deep penetration. Alejandra is really going to feel that fucker all the way to his stomach. We are in for some night of fucking!
It's no wonder the bitches are scared out of their wits. How would you like to be facing one of those dicks? How would you like to have one of them stuffed in your mouth, leaking like a faucet? I hope these boys intend to include some asshole eating in their plans. I just love to see an innocent young boy sucking on the asshole of a high school jock. Digging his young tongue wall way up into his sweaty shit hole! Imagine having to eat out Dylan's asshole! Did I mention that toilet games with the cunts could earn lots of bonus points? A jock who pisses or shits into his boy bitch’s mouth can earn up to two hundred bonus points. And if a jock sticks his whole hand up a bitch's asshole, he can make an extra five hundred points.
I just hope these boys get really creative!
Well, all four of our boys are rock hard and dripping. Let's approach the beds, boys! TIME FOR FUCK-0-RAMA TO BEGIN!