Fuck Buddies

(MB) (anal, ws) (viol) (rape)

The latest hit movie from Mr. Black studios is Fuck Buddies starring Aaron Miller, Jamie Fons and Tyler James. These are three of the youngest and most popular stars of the Mr. Black Studio, together in a film for the first time.
You'll remember twelve-year-old Aaron from his bestselling film, Nazi Boy Toy, in which he was forced to take a thirteen-inch dildo, and from the award winning Nazi boy torture scene. Filming that scene put Aaron in the hospital for two months, but he is totally healed now and ready for more action.
Eleven-year-old Jamie's last film was the best seller, Little Kennel Boy, in which he played a young boy who worked in a dog kennel and whose job was to service twelve dogs sexually. In his next film, he will graduate to servicing Shetland ponies, but in this warm and fuzzy epic, he cavorts with his two little boy buddies.
And who can forget twelve-year-old Tyler. Tyler in the Inner City found him lost in a really rough neighborhood and used by a gang of fifteen black thugs.
In Fuck Buddies, we find these three delicious tots playing together in a field. First, they all strip naked and take turns tongue kissing. Then they stick their tiny baby dicks into each other’s mouths. Jamie, whose little boy pricklet is slightly larger than the dicks of his two friends, tries to fuck them in the ass, and much hilarity ensues. The boys decide to piss on each other. You will have your first orgasm watching the golden piss shoot onto the faces of the cute young kids. They then begin to lick the piss from each other’s faces and bodies.
But things really heat up when a gang of fifteen bikers happens upon the carefree lads. These are muscular, mean, sadistic dudes, and for the next two hours you will see them skull and ass fuck the boys and torture them mercilessly. As always, in a Mr. Black film, the motorcycle gang is made up of men with dicks of ten, eleven and twelve inches. They are also not very clean, as you will witness when the boys are forced to lick out their asses.
Some of the highlights of the film are: the boys forced to run after the motorcycles their dicks attached to the bikes by long leather thongs. Thumb tacks forced into the soles of the little boy feet, and the boys then forced to dance for the men. Tyler forced to eat shit from the asses of four bikers. Twigs forced up the tiny pissholes of the boys, and safety pins put through their tender young nipples. The bikers blow their noses into the boy's mouths, and the boys are then forced to kiss each other and pass the snot back and forth. The highlight of the film is Aaron being double penetrated by two huge biker dicks.
The boys are given drugs until they are pretty much out of it and then are actually hung up by their naked little toes and whipped with thick biker belts. They are whipped not only on their little asses, but also on their dicklets and balls until they are swollen and raw.
This is a film you will want to add to your collection and watch over again. As always with a Mr. Black production, we guarantee that you will not get through the film without cumming more than once.
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