Freshman Rape

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Fourteen-year-old Tyler was a skinny runt of a freshman. Five feet, seventy-five pounds, blonde hair, small all over. He was more pretty than handsome. He was also just about the perfect target for the school bullies. He tried not to let it bother him, but it was so tough.

The bullies required him to wear cropped t-shirts and short boy shorts. He had to wear tighty-whities because the bullies liked how they made him look like a little boy.


Friday started as a typical day. He was in his usual outfit, and he soon found himself without his shorts and trying to get them back from a couple of big jocks. He was utterly humiliated, but that was pretty usual. Then he was being held upside down and being carried to the toilet. He hated swirlies, given his size he just had to take them, but swirlies were much better than turd bobbing. Over and over again they dunked him in a dirty toilet, as the bastards laughed at his predicament until he was drenched. They threw his shorts out into the hall, and he had to walk out in his briefs and try to keep his dignity. He found his shorts, put them on and went to homeroom.


The rest of the day sucked. More pantsings, being spat on, having to drink piss, and having to piss himself, that kind of thing. When as he was walking to his dorm, he got tackled from behind and was being taken to god knows where.


It seemed like forever, but he was eventually taken to the basement of the sports dorm where he found himself surrounded by the entire football team. He was scared out of his mind. Even the kicker was bigger than him, and the linemen were massive.


Tyler had some idea of what was coming, but they wasted no time telling him. He was tied face down to a bench and soon felt his ass being blistered by a cane. He cried hard as each guy took three swipes at his ass. He begged them to stop, but they were merciless.


Then it was time for the main event. Tyler felt a cock pressing at his hole, and it hurt so bad. The guy had a rubber on, and the rubber was lubed with Ben-Gay. The heat was horrible, and his ass felt like a blowtorch was being used on it. In and out and in and out the cock went as he felt his ass burn and tear. He was soon in tears and begging for mercy, which never came. Soon the first guy was done, and the next guy took over.


Tyler was raped by every guy on the team, and some of the guys were hung like horses. Of course, he had to suck them off as well.


He had only thought swirlies were bad.


They took him back to his dorm room and told him to keep quiet. It would be the first of many rapes. His ass would never be the same.