Freshman Hazing

(MB) (humil)

Coach doesn't want any boy who can’t take orders on his team, so when a boy first gets to school, fresh and young and just fourteen or so, Coach puts them through a pretty humiliating and degrading series of tests to see if they've got what it takes.

First, they have to undress each other. They laugh it off, thinking it’s just horsing around until Coach makes them masturbate and tell the other boys in detail of their fucking experiences. Coach is quick to jump on anything that might sound like phony bragging. He is quick to call the boys fags if they sound at all like they might be making stuff up. He asks them embarrassing questions about their girlfriend’s pussies and about what they exactly did together. Bare-assed and bare-dicked in front of the other boys, he makes them demonstrate how they put their cocks in the girl's cunt.


Then he blindfolds one boy and makes him identify the other new boys by the size and shape of their cocks. At first, he can use his hands, but if he fucks up three times in a row he has to use his mouth.  The new boys get to know each other really well this way. Soon they can identify every boy on the team by the taste of his balls and asshole.


The boys cannot date girls. In fact, they cannot even ever speak to a girl. Bonding with other team members is paramount. If they don’t fuck up too much, Coach may let them date as seniors. Who knows, they might be actually fucking girls again by the time they are in college. You have to give up a lot to be a jock on Coach's team.