Fraternity Pledge

MM, anal, oral, humil, nc
Regnar S. Reklaw

Scott thought that pledging to the best fraternity on campus was a dream come true. The dream soon turned into a nightmare.

For the first five days, Scott noticed nothing unusual. Pledge week was pretty much as he expected it to be. The hazing was fairly ordinary for the standards of the 70's. He was forced to dress in torn sneakers, cut-off shorts, a tee shirt, and a beanie. He thought the cut off shorts were cut off a bit too short. He had difficulty keeping his cock and balls from dropping out of one leg or the other. He thought that the tee shirt was a bit too tight. Every muscle of his chest and abs was clearly outlined, and his nipples showed as dark peaks through the thin material. But he concluded that was only done to add to his embarrassment.

For five days, he wore the uncomfortable clothes. He remembered to say `Sir' to all the brothers. He followed all their silly orders to the letter. He scrubbed the Frat House floors with a toothbrush. He pushed a peanut down the sidewalk with his nose. He ate raw liver and drank sour milk. He bent over and took the paddle on his ass and said `Thank you, Sir, may I have another, Sir' just as he was supposed to. He did all the silly things designed to embarrass and humiliate him and thought it was worth it to get into the best fraternity on campus.

On the sixth day, the silliness turned serious. The pledges were confined to the Frat House. They were given only jockstraps to wear. As they were paraded from room to room, the brothers grabbed their asses and groped the pouches of their jockstraps. The pledges who protested the groping were told they were not frat material and that they would not be pledged. Scott did not like the groping, but he did not protest. He thought it another silly test and was glad that he passed it.

After the protesters had left, nine pledges were remaining, and they were paraded in their jockstraps through the house again. The second time the groping was worse. Fingers delved into ass cracks and poked at assholes. Fingers reached inside of jockstraps and fondled cocks and balls. Fingers pinched and twisted nipples. As the brothers groped the pledges, they asked over and over again `Are you a cocksucker?' Three of the pledges said `yes.' Six of the pledges, including Scott, said `no.' The silliness had gone too far for Scott. Joining the fraternity was not worth calling himself a cocksucker.

The three pledges who said `yes' were lined up at the far end of a long, narrow, basement room. The six pledges who said `no' were lined up at the other end. The brothers lined up side by side along the long sidewalls of the room. There were twelve men on each side, dressed only in jock straps and each holding a paddle. The pledge master stepped from his position at the head of one line and stood before the six pledges who said `no.'

Tad Hunter was tall, blond, blue-eyed and muscular, a Nordic god in collegiate clothing. He was the Pledge Master. He held the pledge paddle in one hand as the symbol of his supreme authority. He surveyed the six pledges with an icily regal stare. He walked up and down the line. He tapped the end of the paddle in the palm of his hand as he walked. As he walked past, five of the pledges cast their eyes down and bowed their heads. Scott stood unbowed and looked the Pledge Master defiantly in the eye.

Tad stared back into Scott's dark eyes for a moment. He turned on his heel and walked back down the line. As he passed the other five pledges, he tapped each man on the shoulder with the tip of the paddle.

"You are not fraternity material," he said. "Go upstairs, get dressed and get out."

Tad then pointed the paddle at Scott.

"You," he said, "get down to the other end of the room and join the others."

"Yes, Sir," Scott responded automatically. Five days of practice had made the respectful response automatic.

Scott did not know if he was relieved to be accepted into the fraternity or worried that he was not thrown out. He did not like the sexual tone the hazing had taken. The tone was decidedly too homosexual for him. He hoped that part of the hazing had ended. Jockstraps, paddling, and horseplay were one thing. Grabass, nipple twisting and crotch groping were another. He had quite enough of the latter.


The room was small, scantily furnished and gloomily lit. Scott Dewar laid spread-eagled, face down on the bed. He was naked. His smooth, muscular body glistened with sweat. His wrists and ankles were bound with strong cords that were tied to the corners of the bed frame. His hips rested on a thick cushion that raised his ass above the dirty mattress. His cock and balls hung down between his wide spread legs. His cock was hard. The foreskin was drawn back from the big, pink head. Pearly beads dropped from its thick lips into a pool of cum on the dirty mattress below. His balls were an angry red. They were tied in a tight package by a thick cord, which wound around the neck of his nut sack and then around each ball.

Scott's head rested upon the mattress, but he was not asleep. His short brown hair was tousled and glued to his forehead by sweat. His handsome face was contorted with pain. His lips were dry. Saliva drooled from the corner of his open mouth onto the mattress. He panted and groaned in agony. His dark brown eyes were focused on the dial of a timer. Its thin, red, hand ticked off the minutes from thirty to zero. The hand passed one and clicked onto zero. A buzzer sounded and stopped. The thin red hand snapped back up to thirty and started counting the minutes again

Scott's dark eyes moved from the dial of the counter to the door. Tad Hunter, the Pledge Master, opened the door and stepped into the gloomy interior of the room. The tall, blond, fraternity brother was dressed only in a jockstrap. The soft, cotton pouch was stained with a yellowed patch of dried cum. The Pledge Master was followed by a mountain of muscle and fat. He too was dressed only in a jockstrap. His hairy belly hung over the elastic waistband. The soft, cotton pouch was unstained and stretched to bursting. The two nearly naked men walked over to the side of the bed.

"Well, Scott," Tad smiled and spoke in a friendly tone, "this is the end of the first cycle. He's number twenty-four."

With a wave of his hand, Tad indicated the hairy mountain of fat and muscle standing beside him. The hairy mountain of fat and muscle nodded his head at Scott and grinned.

"We've saved the best for last," Tad continued. "Max Green has the biggest cock in the Frat House. Hell, he has the largest cock on campus if not the state."

Max grin turned wolfish as he hefted the heavy pouch of his jockstrap with one big hairy hand. Scott looked at the massive cock and balls outlined under the stretched white fabric of the pouch and shuddered.

Tad smiled at Scott's reaction.

"Show the pledge what you've got, Max," Tad said.

"Yes, Sir," Max was appropriately respectful and happily obedient to the Pledge Master.

Max hooked his thick thumbs into the elastic waistband of his jockstrap and pulled it out from under the roll of his fat, hairy belly. He let the jock strap slide down his hairy thighs and drop to the floor. His big cock sprang up and slapped against the roll of his fat, hairy belly. His heavy balls dropped down between his massive thighs. They looked like two potatoes in a hairy sack.

Scott shuddered again and moaned. Tad smiled again with satisfaction.

Max grinned with pride.

"Scott, that's twelve inches of cock. It's four inches thick." Tad paused to let the measurements sink into to Scott's pain-fogged brain. "When he fucks you, it will be worse than the first time when I fucked you. It will be worse than the other twenty-two times combined. Max's cock is an ass wrecker. You'll think you're cherry is being smashed all over again. He'll make you scream. He'll make you beg. He'll make you cum."

"Hell, that ain't hard," Max chortled. "All the brothers said he comes every time he's fucked. Just stick a hard dick up his ass, and he shoots another big load."

Tad and Max both laughed. Scott blushed with shame. The puddle of cum on the mattress between his wide spread legs was proof of their words.

Tad's tone turned avuncular.

"You know the rules, Scott. You have one cycle to decide if you're a cocksucker. You will be fucked every half hour while you think it over. The cycle ends with Max. He is number twenty- four. You will have until he finishes his fuck to decide."

Tad reached out and tousled Scott's soft brown hair. Scott shook his head to avoid the Pledge Master's touch. Tad looked affronted. His tone turned hard and mean.

"Don't be stubborn, Scotty. We can keep this up longer than you can. You don't want to start another cycle. If after the fifth or six fuck you change your mind, the cycle will have to be completed. All the frat brothers will have to have another turn before you get to suck cock. That's the rule. Think about it, Scotty. Twenty-four more fucks. One every half hour. Non-stop and ending with Max again. Your ass will be fucked to hamburger. You won't be able to shit in a bucket. And after the second cycle, if you're still stubborn, there will be a third and a fourth and a fifth. We won't stop. If you get too worn out, we'll let you rest, and then we'll start all over again.

“Eventually, you will admit you're a cocksucker. Every pledge admits he's a cocksucker. I did. Max did. All the brothers did. We've all sucked cock. Save yourself all that pain. Admit it now. Join us. Be a brother. Max will have his fuck, and it will be over. All you'll have to do is suck all our cocks. Come on, Scotty, what do you say?"

Scott looked at Tad's smiling face. He looked at Max's huge cock rising from the frat brother's hairy groin and curving up and back towards his fat hairy belly. Max saw Scott's eye were fixed on his cock. With one big hairy hand, he hefted his huge balls and rolled them around with his fingers.

"Got a big load for you, Scotty," he said. "I’ve been waiting all night for my turn. I heard you squealing and grunting like a pig when the other brothers fucked you. Turned me on. Got my balls hot and my dick hard. Gonna plow you into the mattress. Gonna fuck you raw. Gonna wreck your ass.

“Be stubborn, Scotty. Don't give in. I want another go at you. All the brothers want another turn at bat. Twenty-four hard cocks aching for another chance to fuck you. Be stubborn, Scotty. Do your frat brothers a favor. Hold out for a week. Let us get some excellent fucking time in before you suck our cocks."

"Well, Scotty," Tad asked. "You want to tell us now. Remember you have only until the end of Max's fuck to change your mind, then the next cycle begins. Come on Scotty, say you are a cocksucker."

Scott looked away from Max's massive hard-on to Tad's hard, smiling face. He licked his dry lips. He summoned up his strength to lift his head slightly from the mattress.

"Go to hell," he snarled.

Tad's expression changed to a look of disgust.

"Fuck him, Max," he said, "fuck him to hell."

"Yes, Sir," Max responded respectfully and happily.

Max climbed onto the bed and knelt between Scott's widespread legs. Scott felt the mattress sink beneath the big man's weight. Max placed a big hairy paw on the back of each of Scott's smooth thighs. He dug his thick fingers into the heavy muscles. He pushed his hands upward over the thigh muscles to the firm mounds of Scott's ass. Scott groaned partly from the pain of the thick fingers squeezing his sore ass and partly in anticipation of what was coming. Max squeezed the big muscles and slid his hands over until his thumbs were in Scott's ass crack. Scott whimpered as the thick fingers moved ever closer to his tender ass hole. Max ran his rough thumbs over the puffy lips of Scott's asshole. The opening was no longer small and puckered. Twenty-three fucks had loosened the college boy up. The wrinkled lips were raw and swollen to perfect smoothness. The once tight hole was a little open circle with cum oozing out of it.

"You’ve been opened up some," Max said," but not enough for my big hog. I'm gonna have to stretch you out a bit."

The big, hairy frat brother drove both thumbs into Scott's tender asshole. He twisted his thumbs around and then pulled them apart. As he pried Scott's asshole open a stream of cum gushed out and fell into the puddle between Scott's legs.

"Ain't gonna need no lube," Max laughed. "He's got plenty of nut oil in him."

Scott's head snapped up. His eyes opened wide. His mouth gaped opened. He screamed. As pain shot through his body and blasted into his brain. He felt as if his asshole was being ripped apart. Every muscle in his body strained. He shook with spasms of agony. In twenty-three fucks, he had never felt so much pain. Max pulled his thumbs out of Scott's ass. Scott collapsed back onto the bed.

Tad reached out with one hand and tousled Scott's soft, brown hair. This time Scott did not try to avoid the Pledge Master's touch. He did not have the strength to resist.

"Hope you enjoyed that Scotty," Tad laughed. "Max's dick is bigger than his two thumbs combined."

Max looked down between Scott's legs. The pledge's cock was rock hard and throbbing. With each pulse, the snout of his cockhead dipped into the pool of cum on the mattress as if it were trying to lap it up.

Max laughed.

"The fucker likes it," he crowed to Tad. "He's hard as a rock and almost ready to shoot."

"You a pain pig, Scotty?" Tad sneered as he asked the question. "You like it better when it hurts? You're really going to love Max's hog. You're going to be one happy pig."

Max slapped one of Scott's ass cheeks with a big hairy hand.

"Is that why you're holding out, Scotty," Max asked. "You like being fucked so much, you don't want us to stop? Twenty-four fucks aren’t enough for you. You want forty-eight or seventy-two?"

Max had to stop at seventy-two as that was the limit of his mathematical abilities to multiply twenty-four in his head.

"He may find one fuck from you, Max is all he needs," Tad laughed.

"If the boy likes hog," Max responded, "I'm going to send him to hog heaven.'

Max used both his big, hairy hands to grasp the thick shaft of his huge cock. He wrestled the thick slab of meat down and pushed the snout of his cock head into Scott's open asshole.

"Get ready to be porked, boy," Max roared, "the big hog is coming in."

Scott tensed his body. He closed his eyes. He clamped his jaw shut. He held his breath. Max forced his fat cockhead into Scott's asshole. The opening stretched wider and wider. The thick puffy lips became a thin tightly stretched band half way down the huge knob. Scott's dug his fingers into the mattress. The muscles of his calves bulged as his toes pointed. He grunted three times deeply. His eyes opened wide. A thin, shrill scream gurgled from his throat. Max pushed harder. His fat cockhead popped inside Scotty's ass and the overstretched ass lips clamped down around the thick shaft. Scott felt the growing pain as his asshole stretched and expanded to take the fat cockhead in. He felt a lightening flash of agony as the huge knob popped inside him, and his asshole snapped tightly around the shaft.

"No!" Scott screamed. "Too big! Too big! Take it out!"

"I ain't in yet, Scotty," Max released his cock and placed his hands on Scott's hips to hold the squirming pledge down. "That's just the hog's head. He's taking a peek at his new home. Wait until he moves in."

"No!" Scott screamed. "I'm a cocksucker! Take it out! I'm a cocksucker! Please, please, stop him."

"You know I can't do that, Scotty," Tad tousled Scott's soft brown hair again. "The rules are that every brother gets a fuck for each cycle. It's Max's turn. He's been waiting a long time. It wouldn't be fair to cheat him out of his turn."

Scott with panic in his eyes looked at Tad's smiling face.

"Please, Sir, please," Tad hoped respect might sway the Pledge Master. "He's too big. He'll split me open. I'll do anything. I'll suck your cock, Sir. I'll suck all the brothers' cocks. Please, Sir."

"Of course, you'll suck my cock," Max patted Scott's tear streaked cheek. "You'll suck all the brothers’ cocks and the other pledges too after Max fucks you."

"No, no, no," Scott sobbed, "I can't take it. Too big. Too big."

Tad ignored Scott's plea.

"Go ahead, Max," he said, "show your hog his new home."

"Yes, Sir," Max replied deferentially and happily.

Max tightened his grip on Scott's hips. His thick, hairy fingers dug into Scott's smooth skin. The big man slightly shifted his position on his knees and thrust his wide hips forward. His fat, hairy ass dimpled on each side and the thick muscles contracted. The thick shaft of his cock drove into Scott's ass. His huge cock head plowed into the pledge's guts. His chubby, hairy belly slammed into Scott's ass.

Scott screamed. His body contorted in a spasm of agony. A red-hot telephone pole had just been rammed up his ass. He threw his head back. His fingers clawed at the dirty mattress cover. In an unreasoning spasm of agony, he thrust back onto the large shaft pushing into him. Max's thick shaft slid into the root. His wiry pubes crushed against Scott's smooth ass. Scott's hard cock leaped upward and shot a load of hot cum.

"It's true," Max crowed, "the fucker's shooting his load. Just stick a dick in him, and he comes."

"Twenty-four dicks," Tad laughed. "Twenty-four cums. You'd think the bastard's balls would be drained, but he keeps pumping out load after load. He's hot for hog."

"It'll be thirty loads before I'm finished with him." Max ground his big dick inside Scott's aching ass as he spoke making his enormous balls slap against Scott's bound balls. “My hog will wring another six out of him. I'll drain his balls for him."

Max slid his hairy hands from off Scott's hips, up his sides and to his shoulders. As he did so, he laid himself down on Scott's back. Scott could feel Max's big, hairy belly covering his ass and hips. He could feel the frat brother's heavy, hairy chest pressing into his back. The big man's weight smothered him. The heat from his body was oppressive. He could feel the man's hot breath on the back of his neck. He struggled. He squirmed. He writhed beneath the massive weight crushing him against the dirty mattress. Every movement increased his pain as his body fought to expel the ginormous invader inside him.

Tad gasped at the sight of the fat, hairy frat brother ramming his huge cock into the unwilling ass of the lean, muscular pledge. The sight was glorious. It made his own asshole itch. It aroused fond memories of the waves of pain that crashed through him the first time Max fucked him. A glorious pain that with each agonizing thrust melted into pleasure.

Tad's hand returned to his chest. His other hand rubbed over the ridges of his hard belly. The fingers slowly slid downward under the elastic waistband of his jockstrap and into the pouch.

Max placed his thick lips close to Scott's ear.

"I want you to feel me on your back." He breathed into Scott's ear. "You got my hog inside you. I want you to feel the rest of me. I'm going to ride you. I'm going to ride you hard. You're going to feel every fucking stroke. You're going to know I'm on your back. You may forget those other pencil dicks but you ain't never going to forget my hog."

Scott tried to speak. He tried to beg for mercy. Pain strangled the words. He could only grunt and gasp in agony.

Tad looked at the timer. The thin red hand on the dial dropped down to ten. He reached out and shut the timer off.

"We won't need that anymore," he said as his hand returned to rub slowly over his sweaty chest and belly, "time's up for Scotty."

"Sure fucking is," Max grunted and gave a short thrust of his hips that drove a responsive grunt from Scott.

"Fuck time, Max," Tad said. "Cocks are waiting to be sucked."

"Yes, Sir," Max replied respectfully and happily, "fuck time."

Max fucked. He lifted his hips and pulled his cock out of Scott's ass until the pledge's tightly stretched cock lips were locked around the base of his cockhead, and then he thrust back in. Scott shrieked. He thrashed. He writhed. Every movement only helped Max's cock drive deeper into him.

Max fucked hard. Max fucked fast. Max fucked deep. His fat, hairy ass dimpled with each thrust. His fat hairy belly rose up and slapped back down on Scott's hips. His fat, hairy chest rubbed over the pledge's smooth back. His thick fingers dug into Scott's shoulders. His hot breath blew across Scott's cheek. His deep grunts sounded in the pledge's ear.

Tad watched with lust-glazed eyes. One hand washed over his smooth chest and belly. The other hand groped inside the pouch of his jockstrap.

Scott thrashed and struggled. He twisted his wrists and ankles until the cords rubbed his wrists raw. He clawed at the mattress with his fingers and toes until the dirty ticking shredded and he pulled out the stuffing in clumps. He screamed. He shrieked. He bellowed. He begged. He prayed. He cursed. He cried. He sobbed. He sweated like a pig and grunted like a hog.

Max pounded Scott into the mattress. He slammed his great bulk into the pledge over and over as he plowed ass. He used his huge cock as a weapon. He twisted and torqued. He pried and hammered. He plowed. He rutted like a beast and grunted with each thrust. He smeared his sweat over Scott's back. He licked the pledges ears. He sucked his neck. He gnawed his shoulders.

Sweat trickled down Tad's face. He licked his lips. His hand slid down his chest and joined its brother inside the jockstrap. He squeezed his balls. He bent and twisted his hard dick. He rose up and down on his toes and thrust his hips in sympathetic rhythm with Max's

"Fuck the bastard. Make him squeal." Tad's low, thick voice jeered. "Fuck him harder. Pound his ass with that big hog. Make him feel it. Harder, Max, harder. Make him feel it."

Max fucked harder, and Scott felt it. His screams turned to squeals. His squeals turned to grunts. As Max's big hog stretched his asshole to the limits, the pain began to diminish. The plowing of his guts was stirring something inside him. Waves of pleasure were drowning the waves of pain. His cock got harder. His bound balls ached. He grunts became deeper and deeper. His cock throbbed. He came. He shot a thick load down onto the mattress. A few minutes later, he shot another. Every few minutes he came. It was as if Max's big dick was forcing the cum out of him.

"Like it, Scotty?" he gloated between pants. "Want some more? My big cock gets them every time. They scream, they cry and they cum."

Scott was not struggling anymore. Max's big dick was chugging into him, and he was fucking back.

"That's it, Scotty," Max encouraged him with a whisper in the ear. "You're getting me hot. I'm fucking close. Gonna shoot a big load into you. Gonna flood your guts."

"Do it, Max, do it," Tad encouraged his fat, hairy frat brother as the hand inside his jockstrap stroked his own hard dick.

Max did it. He slammed his cock into Scott and pressed his sweaty, hirsute body against the pledge's smooth back. He gave Scott three short, hard humps, grunted deeply and came.

Scott could feel the slugs of cum pumping into him. Bolt after bolt filled his guts. He grunted, and he came. He could not help it. His head was swimming. Pleasure and pain swirled together until he could not tell the difference.

Max lay on Scott's back with his big cock buried in Scott's throbbing ass. He panted. He groaned. He pushed himself up and started fucking again.

"No," Scott whimpered as he felt the huge hard cock slam into him again, "please, no more."

"Plenty more, Scotty," Max laughed. "It takes more than one cum to put my hog to sleep. I can cum two or three more times before I lose my hard-on."

Max was as good as his word. He kept fucking, and Scott kept cumming. His thick loads became thin. His weak loads became watery. His thin loads began smaller and smaller until they were nonexistent. His pulsing cock bobbed and throbbed producing nothing.

Scott groaned, grunted and whimpered. His mind whirled. His body shook alternately with waves of pain and pleasure. He could not tell which was which. Everything was shrouded in fog. Max became part of him. The big cock plowing his asshole became part of his body. The huge, hairy body rubbing up and down his back felt as if it was part of him. He could not tell where Max ended and he began. He could only grunt and cum and grunt and cum again.

Tad huffed and puffed as he watched Max's fat, hairy ass dimple and thrust. His hands moved rapidly inside his jockstrap. He squeezed his balls. He teased and tormented his cock. He did not let himself cum. He wanted to keep himself on the electric edge of orgasm.

Max grunted and fucked. He wanted to cum again and again. The pledge was a fucking turn-on. His ass was so stretchable and accommodating to Max's huge hog. Scott’s guts gripped and milked the monster. He fucked back and begged for more with each thrust. Max gave it to him. He pounded Scott into the dirty mattress. He scrubbed the pledge's sweaty chest into the dirty mattress ticking. He slammed all his weight into the sweating body beneath him. He thrust. He ground. Max came again and again. His loads were as big as ever. He grunted and sweated. He plowed and porked. He worked his hog like a Trojan. He drained Scott's balls. He emptied his balls. He continued fucking until he lost his hard-on.

After four cums, Max rolled off the groaning pledge. As his massive cock popped out of Scott's ass, a flood of cum gushed out after it. Max sat up on the side of the bed and gave a hard slap to Scott's ass.

"You're a good fuck, Scotty," he said. "You got a beautiful stretchable asshole, and from the way you keep cumming, you enjoy a good fuck. My hog's all wore out. There ain't many fuckholes who can put my big pig to sleep."

Tad pulled his hands out of his jockstrap. His fingers were covered with pre-cum. He wiped them off in Scott's soft, brown hair, and then he slapped the exhausted pledge's face. Scott's eyes flickered open, and he stared blankly at the Pledge Master.

"Listen, Scotty," Tad said, "I'm going to let you get some rest before you start sucking cock. If you think you can change your mind after you have rested up, forget it. You're going to suck cock, and you're going to suck mine first. You try backing out, and you will go back on the cycle, only next time it will be two cycles before you can change your mind. Understand?"

Scott continued to stare blankly at Tad. Tad grabbed him by the hair and shook his head.

"Understand?" Tad snarled.

"Yes, Sir," Scott said feebly.

Tad smiled and let the pledge's head drop.

"Good," he said as he let Scott's head fall back onto the mattress.

Scott closed his eyes and drifted off to unconsciousness or sleep. Complete exhaustion mingled the two states together and made them indistinguishable. He did not hear Tad, and his squadron of five brothers enter the room. He did not feel the cords being untied from his wrists. He only groaned and stirred slightly as the cords were unwrapped from his balls and blood flowed fully into them. Tad's order that the brothers be careful and treat him gently went unheard. He was in a deep black sea. He floated in the warm, quiet depths, which were only disturbed by little flashes of pain like phosphorescent fishes darting about and disappearing before they could be thoroughly seen and appreciated.