Fourth-Grade Sleepover

(MB) (anal, oral) (reluc) (inc)

I had such a success with my sixth grade sleepover that I thought it might be fun to up the ante a bit by lowering the age. I mean, do younger boys not have a right to learn about their own bodies and their physical needs as well as older boys. Better they should learn in a friendly, neat, controlled environment than in the streets. Right?

I know what some of you are saying. Fourth-grade boys are only nine years old and too young to have thoughts of sex. Not so. True, their little bodies are just starting to develop, but you would be amazed at what their minds can come up with a bit of encouragement, and, of course, the nice thing is that at that age is that their heads are not cluttered with all that crap about cunt. They are quite curious about and happy to experiment with other boys.

I felt it was my civic duty to help boys of eight and nine discover themselves, but how would I do it. I had a taste of younger boys when my son had invited a few boys over to the last sixth-grade sleepover, but now I wanted a session with just younger boys, so they would not feel intimidated by the bigger pricks of the eleven and twelve-year-olds. I knew that I had to use my son to lure them.


My dear boy was gung-ho for more sex games that I could come up with after the success of the sleepovers. He was horny all the time now. He would crawl into bed with me at night and beg me to suck his dick, which I did, of course, but only after he sucked mine dry or let me stuff his tiny asshole. But the more I fucked my eleven-year-old son, the more I craved younger boy ass. I am not sure why; I can only share with you my honest feelings and activities.


My mind constantly played with the thought of little boy asshole, and sweet nine-year-old lips spread wide sucking on my fat hunk of fuck meat. I was so obsessed that I started doing something I had not done since my teenage years, I found myself scouring the Sunday newspaper ads and catalogs for photos of little boys in underpants. I told my son that he needed to get some young boy twat over to the house before I lost my mind.


He had the perfect answer. He was part of a Saturday morning swim club that had boys in it from the ages of six to twelve. He suggested that he might invite a couple of nine-year-olds over for a Friday night party. He was sure the boys’ moms would not object as long as it would be adult supervised.


Well, hell, yes, I would be the adult supervisor. I told my son that it was perfect except for one thing. When it actually came to the sex games, the nine-year-olds might be intimidated by my son’s more mature body. He reminded me that we had had other younger kids over at the previous sleepovers, but I told him since these would be new kids, and I did not want to scare them off, so I insisted that he shave his prick bush and balls. Now, my boy was only eleven, so there was not any prick bush to speak of, just a few hairs above the dick and a little fuzz on the nut sack, both of which he was very, very proud of. But I would not take no for an answer.


I told him he had to shave himself clean of any unsightly body hair until I gave him permission to grow it, I did not plan on doing that until he was sixteen or seventeen. While I told him this, I was working a toothbrush in and out of his asshole, insisting that he be squeaky clean inside and out. I snapped some photos of my son, shaving his small eleven-year-old dick. It was so cute. He was so sad about the whole thing that I almost shot off watching him.


Things worked like clockwork except that the two boys my son picked did not meet with my approval—one was not particularly cute, and the other was too chunky—so I canceled the sleepover and instructed my boy to pick two super cute boys the following week. Not trusting him, I went through the photos of the swim club with him and selected the cunt boy myself. Well, the next weekend it worked out perfectly. I had two beautiful nine-year-olds at my house, anxious to have fun at a sleepover.


It started innocently enough with them eating pizza and playing on PlayStation before I excused myself so my son could play porno DVDs, first of older guys fucking girls, then of guys fucking guys, and lastly some of our own sleepovers. When the two boys recognized the older boys from school, they freaked out, and I could hear their boy’s screams and giggles down the hall where I was masturbating my fat prick.


These boys were real beauties, smooth pale skin, slender small-boned little cunt boys with beautiful hair and wide eyes. Full young cocksucker lips, you know the kind of nine-year-old boy lips I mean, the kind that just begs you to shove a big leaking dick in whenever the kid speaks. My son got them going, got them to strip down, and imitate some of the games on the DVDs.


He soon had them masturbating and rubbing their nipples and assholes. Boys of this age are actually easier to persuade to do dirty things since they think it is just naughty fun. At that point, my son went to the kitchen for beer and joints, and we soon had the boys drunk and high. I also sent in some cigarettes because a secret perversion of mine is to get little boys hooked on smoking. I make my son smoke two packs a day. The fact that it is so bad for his health just makes it more exciting. After all, once he is passed twelve, I will not have much interest in him anyway.


Well, it was not long before we had the boys cocksucking each other. I took some lovely photos for my collection. It was so cute how they wrinkled their noses at the first taste of boy dick but soon were sucking away like pros.


We taught them how to finger asshole and massage balls while they sucked. They said they never knew sex could be so much fun. Ha! Of course, they could not shoot yet, but they could have an orgasm, which they described as a big tickle. Speaking of big tickles, it was about then that I took off my bathrobe and showed them my cock bottle thick nine-inch fucker.


They were in absolute awe of it and freaked out when I had my son lick and kiss my hard shaft and lick my balls. I could tell the little fuckers wanted a taste of it themselves. I made sure it bounced real close to their young faces. I asked if they wanted to feel how heavy it was, and they both held and squeezed my hard thick leaking prick.


I told them I would show them something really fun and special, and I fucked my son in the ass. They could not believe that I could shove the whole thing in my boy’s tiny asshole. Well, the kid’s ass-cunt had been stretched to accommodate it, and he slept with my dick in his mouth or up his ass almost every night now.


He still whimpered a bit when I rammed it balls deep, and the little nine-year-olds asked if it hurt. My son told them that it hurt in a good way. I asked the boys if they wanted to feel my big dick up their little assholes. They both said they were too scared. I told them I could not do it tonight as my cock was too big for them, but I would give them some exercises to loosen up their assholes so that in a few weeks, they would be able to enjoy getting fucked too. You have to be patient when working on young kids.


I did suggest, however, that they try fucking each other, and that was a hoot because their tiny dicks kept slipping out of each other’s shit chutes, even though I must say both boys were really well hung for nine. I shot my load all over my son’s face and had each of the boys taste some of my cum.


Then I suggested that the boys practice their kissing with my son, and while one boy kissed him, the other would suck his dick. I wanted to make sure all three boys went to sleep with dick breath.


My son was too drunk to cum, and the little cunts were wiped out, so they cuddled bare-assed in my son’s bed. That was the end of the first fourth-grade sleepover but just the start of my fun. I kept thinking about what my son had told me, the boys in his swim club ranged from six-years-old to twelve-years-old.