Forced to Suck Friend

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I was so happy to enjoy a sunny Saturday at the park with my best, and only friend, Derek. I was new in school, and quite shy. I'm kind of small for a fourteen-year-old, and I find it tough to make new friends. That's why I was so excited to find Derek as a friend. Derek is cool and popular. He's smart and a great athlete. Everybody likes Derek. I was idly listening to Derek, quite in awe to be with him when he frowned and pointed toward the trees.

"Shit, here comes Rob's gang," he muttered.

I turned to see Rob and two of his buddies coming toward us, smiling mischievously. Rob and his friends were juniors, big for their age, and trouble makers.


"Well, well, well. What have we here?" Rob smirked.


"Leave us alone, jerk," Derek snapped.


"Oh, enjoying a lovely day together, are you? How romantic. Derek and his sweet little boy," Rob grinned.


"Fuck off," Derek shot back.


Rob's grin widened as he said, "Are we interrupting anything? Were you two going to get it on?"


Panic started to well inside me, but Derek remained cool.


"Leave us alone," Derek repeated.


"Tell you what. We'll help you out, sissies," Rob chuckled.


Before I knew what was happening, Rob's friends were grabbing Derek. Derek struggled, but they were too many and overpowered him. They pinned him to the ground, holding his arms and legs. Rob gripped my neck and brought me over toward Derek.


"Here's your lover, sissy," Rob growled as he held me over Derek.


"Please, please don't rape me," I protested.


Rob laughed, "We're not going to rape you. You're not even going to touch us. You're gonna do your friend. We know that's what you want. Now unzip him and pull out his dick."


When I didn't move, Rob tightened his grip on my neck Frightened, I did as I was told. My fingers trembled as I slowly pulled down Derek's zipper. The pressure still on my neck, I then unbuttoned his jeans.


"Pull it out," Rob commanded.


I reached inside Derek's boxer shorts and felt his cock. My pulse quickened as my fingers found his soft meat. I gripped his organ and pulled it out through the opening in his underwear. I gasped in fascination as his tool flopped out into the open.


Rob and his friends chuckled as I gazed at my friend's cock. Despite my predicament, I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Derek's cock hung like a snake through his jeans. He was just a bit older than me, but his penis was long and meaty.


"Now take it in your mouth, sissy," Rob breathed hotly.


I continued to stare at Derek's flaccid member as I protested weakly, "Please don't make me do this."


Rob gripped my neck tighter and pushed my head toward Derek's crotch and repeated forcefully, "Take it in your mouth and suck on it."


I sighed with resignation and wrapped my hand around Derek's soft meat. To my surprise, I found I actually liked the spongy, pliable feel of his organ. Knowing I had no choice, I fed his cock to my lips.


Derek's cock didn't taste unpleasant, just kind of musky and salty. I sucked experimentally on his fleshy mass. I felt Derek shudder beneath me as I explored his manhood with my virgin mouth. After a few moments of sucking, I felt his penis begin to slowly harden.


"Sorry, Billy. It just feels so good," Derek apologized as he squirmed.


"S'okay," I mumbled around his growing organ.


Though I hated being forced to blow Derek, a part of me was excited by the fact that my stud friend was turned on by me. His cock slowly got bigger and harder, and I no longer minded having him in my mouth.


My lips were slowly stretched open as my friend's shaft swelled in my mouth. Rob held my head in place, and I began to gag as Derek's pole grew toward my throat. Rob finally eased up on his grip when Derek's cock had reached its full hardness.


"Now, that's a good little cocksucker," Rob smirked.


"I'm not a cocksucker," I gurgled around Derek's throbbing mass.


"No? Sure looks like you're sucking cock to me," he chortled. "Now give your buddy a good suck."


Rob began to guide my head up and down Derek's bloated shaft. Derek's cock was quite thick and seemed to be about seven inches long. Too big for me to handle all at once, but Rob seemed content to have me suck what I could.


As I was forced to suck my friend's cock, I wondered what would happen if somebody came by and saw us. I knew I would die of embarrassment. But, we were in a secluded part of the park, so I figured nobody would see us. Knowing I was being watched by the group of boys, and the fact that anybody could come by and see me doing such a nasty and forbidden thing actually turned me on.


Once I accepted my sordid circumstance, I decided to let myself go. I gave Derek's firm staff long, wet sucks as my head was forced up and down. I swished my tongue along the meaty underside of his shaft, actually enjoying the silky feel of his man flesh against my taste buds. My friend groaned with delight, and his cock got even bigger and harder in my slurping mouth, and I knew I was doing this right.


Wanting more, I reached inside Derek's shorts and began to play with his balls while my face was impaled on his throbbing manhood. I gently kneaded his firm orbs, amazed again at how big Derek was for his age.


Rob soon realized that he didn't need to make me blow my friend. I was now a willing cocksucker. He let go of my head, and I continued my steady rhythm of riding my lips up and down Derek's thick pole.


"Shit, I don't believe it," one of the guys holding Derek said. "They're really getting into it."


"See? I told you guys that these two were fuck buddies. Looks like the little cocksucker's enjoying himself now," Rob chuckled as he watched me devour my friend's manhood.


"Mmmm," I moaned uncontrollably around Derek's pulsing meat. As much as I was ashamed to admit, I really was enjoying giving my first blowjob. It was like I was meant to suck cock.


Derek groaned and arched his hips upward, pumping his inflated organ between my oval-shaped lips. I let him fuck my face while I continued to suck on his big cock and squeeze his cum-filled balls. He began to thrust into my mouth more urgently, and I knew he was soon going to cum.


"God, Billy. You're so good. I'm gonna cum," Derek breathed hotly as his cock began to swell inside my mouth.


I didn't know what was expected of me when Derek came, but Rob soon gave me my instructions.


"Pull him out to just the head. Jerk him off into your mouth so we can all see how much you love cum," he ordered. "And don't swallow it until I say you can."


My fist gripped the fat base of Derek's shaft while my tongue whipped across the bulging knob. I jerked on his throbbing root, my hand sliding easily over the film of pre- cum and saliva. My friend tensed up again beneath me, and soon I was rewarded with the first thick jet of his creamy spunk.


"Mmmmph!" I gurgled as Derek's cock erupted in my mouth. My fist temporarily stopped jerking his flexing meat, but after the initial surprise, I resumed stroking his flexing organ.


"Remember, don't swallow it yet," Rob warned.


I moaned hotly as pools of hot jism flooded my mouth, coating my tongue and cheeks with tangy sperm. I was amazed at how much Derek came. There was so much of his semen in my mouth that I couldn't hold it all. Thick rivulets of his cum spilled from my wide-stretched lips and drooled down his throbbing shaft, collecting around my fingers and in his pubic hair.


When Derek fired his last stream of cum into my mouth, he slumped back exhausted. I continued to toy with his wet, slackening meat while his jism hung from my lips. Rob then gave me my next command.


"Stick your tongue out, faggot. Show us your friend's cream."


I did as I was told. The group of boys muttered their amazement as sticky strands of cum drooled from my tongue and along my chin. My taste buds popped up with the tangy flavor of Derek's sperm.


"Good boy. Now you can drink your reward," Rob said flatly. "And clean it all up when you're done. I don't want you to miss a single drop."


I tilted my head back and moaned as a stream of gooey cum poured down my throat. I was surprised to find that I liked the taste and feel of my friend's creamy sperm.


When I had finished swallowing the thick pool of jism, I took Derek's soft meat back in my mouth and slurped up the remnants of his semen. My tongue foraged in his curly pubes as I lapped up the sticky strands of his hot man-juice. I then licked the rivulets of sperm from my fingers, momentarily savoring the flavor of my friend's cream before I swallowed it.


Excited and bewildered by what I had just done, I gazed up at my tormentors. I noticed the group of boys all had bulges in the front of their jeans. To my amazement, I realized I would have sucked them all of as well if they had ordered me to.


"Good job, faggot," Rob sneered. "You can zip your friend back up now. And there's no need to thank us."


As I put Derek's soft meat back in his shorts and zipped him back up, Rob and his cast us one last bemused glance and left.


Derek and I didn't say a word to each other for awhile as we left the park.


My heart fluttered when Derek finally said timidly, "Uh, Billy, do you want to go back to my house? My folks won't be home for awhile."


The tangy flavor of my friend's sperm still fresh in my mouth, I grinned sheepishly and nodded my head. Now that I knew the joy of sucking my friend's cock, I realized I was going to do it a lot more in the future.