Fathers and Sons

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Summer is a perfect time for fathers to get to know their sons better. It is never too early nor is a boy ever too young to learn about life from his caring dad. A good father will teach his son when the boy is quite young about the ins and outs of sex as boys can learn such bad ideas and habits from the internet these days. The father can point the boy toward healthy, proper websites so the boy can learn that sexuality offers variety and choices. The father may also want to try some hands on teaching. For example, a boy of four or five can learn to play with his dick in a healthy, open way, unashamed. He may be asked to be naked and play with his little dick in front of dad's adult male friends.

He can be taught that his cute, little asshole is not just for pooping, but can also be a center for pleasure. Dad can show the boy how to use his small mouth to please Daddy and his friends. The boy's father might even want to introduce the boy to some nice, healthy, high school boys, and show his son how he can become really popular with older boys. If the boy has an older brother whom Dad has already taught, the young boy can learn from him as well and practice on him so that he become perfect at servicing men.


Here is a lovely photo of a Dad working with his son in summer on the beach. He is going to get the boy familiar with the male body. He will strip off the boy's swimsuit to teach the boy that he should never be ashamed of his young body. He will then have the boy walk naked up and down the all-male gay beach. He has chosen a gay beach so that the boy will not feel embarrassed being naked in front of girls. The boy will be taught to stop and chat with the nice gay men on the beach without ever covering up his little boy private parts. Some of the nice men on the beach may want to touch the boy and play with him a bit. That is perfectly okay. The boy should just relax and enjoy himself. The men way want to stick a finger or two up the boy's cute little asshole, but that is fine as it is nothing Daddy has not done dozens of times. Daddy keeps telling the boy that he is almost ready, but the boy is not sure he is "ready." Ready for what? He will soon learn. This is to be a summer of learning.


You can see from the photo that Dad has already been working on the boy's nipples. They are much poutier and developed than the titties of other boys his age. Dad works on the boy's nipples every night. Some times for hours. He says he wants his son to have big, fat, sow nipples just like his Mommy had. To get the boy's nipples to that nice shape, Daddy not only uses clamps but also nipple suction cups and pumps. The boy says it hurts, but Daddy says the boy is a big boy now and has to learn how to handle some pain.


Daddy gives his son a special vitamin every night. It is milky and thick — kind of like glue. The boy does not like it, but he takes a giant spoonful every night. Sometimes when Daddy's friends are over, they have him take five or even ten spoonfuls of the vitamin sauce. Dad says that very soon that the boy will take the special vitamin sauce not from a spoon but "right from the source." The boy is not sure what this means.


Look how happy the Dad is in the photo. When Dad is happy, his thingy, which he calls a dick, a cock, and a prick, gets nice and hard. When that happens, he tells his son that it means Daddy is pleased with his boy. This makes the boy very happy. When Daddy takes off the boy's green swimsuit, he will tell the boy that from now on, all summer, the boy must stay totally naked. The boy must let everyone see him that way.


The boy gets a bit embarrassed sometimes. For example, when he has to pee or poo —piss or shit — Daddy calls it, Daddy's friends love to watch, so the boy has to let them all watch when he goes to the toilet. Sometimes they make him squat over a big glass bowl and shit right into the bowl so they can all watch. Daddy also makes the boy watch when Daddy shits and pisses. Sometimes he even makes the boy hold Daddy's big, fat dick while Daddy pisses. The boy also has to hold the dicks of Daddy's friends when they piss. Daddy says the boy has to learn how to wipe the asses of Daddy and his friends when they shit. This makes the boy nervous.


Sometimes Daddy goes into the bathroom and makes a noise like he is blowing his nose. When he comes out, he has an extra special vitamin for the boy to take. It is all gooey, and the boy does not like it, but he does not complain, as he is a very good little boy. One of Daddy's friends brought over some special brownies that they had the boy eat. They tasted kind of bitter. Daddy's friend said they were "Feces Brownies," but the boy did not know what that meant. Daddy got a good laugh over that. He said, as the boy got older, he would learn to love the taste.


The boy is going to learn a great deal from Daddy and his friends this summer. What a fun time.