Father Diaz

(MB) (anal, oral, rim, ws) (ds) (reluc)

Father Diaz stretched his strong tan body along the clean white sheets and kicked off the thin covering to reveal his huge morning erection standing stiff from a forest of black hair. Father Diaz was in excellent shape at thirty-five. The morning sun poured through the window across the wooden floor and touched the huge dick and heavy balls of the priest, who stretched again like an animal getting ready to hunt.


Father Diaz turned to his right to look at the smooth brown body of the eighteen-year-old boy sleeping next to him. Pablo Marquez always slept soundly. Well, except for those first few nights back when he was twelve when he suffered from the pain of having to accept Father Diaz’s ten-inch prick up his tiny asshole, but he had gotten used to that, that and a lot more. Father Diaz was a very imaginative and experimental priest. Now, of course, the good Father had other, younger boys, and Pablo didn’t sleep with him every night.


Father Diaz actually preferred to slide his fat cunt stuffer into the body of a twelve or thirteen-year-old. He did not have much interest in little boys, unfortunately. He loved the power of stretching a young teenage boy rectum. He liked them when they were starting to become aware of their sexuality, of the power and passion and forbidden feelings of sexuality. Sexual guilt was such a wonderful and easy way to control a boy. He really loved to mix pleasure and pain just as he loved to combine compassion with guilt and happiness with sadness.


He was a real piece of church work all right. And why not, he was a symbol of a religion that was based upon the idea of a loving God torturing and killing his own son when, if he really is all-powerful, he surely could have found another way to accomplish his aims. He must have wanted to do it that way, that sick, sadistic, dick hardening way. Father Diaz sometimes liked to hurt boys too. He loved to watch their slender youthful, hairless bodies twist and stretch in pain. Watch their young toes curl, their ass muscles tighten, loved to see them bite their own lips or tongues in agony.


“You have to suffer for Jesus, my boy. After all, he suffered for you,” he would say as he pushed a needle through some teen boy’s dickhead.


Today was a special day, so Pablo had slept with the Good Father on the previous night. He slept with him on an average of twice a week now. Sometimes another younger boy slept with them too. Other nights he slept on a mat on the floor in his own little room at the rear. You see, Father Diaz had taken Pablo in at the age of twelve when the boy’s parents had died in a pick-up truck accident. On the third night after his parents’ funeral, Father Diaz had the boy’s virgin asshole. On the very next day, he taught the innocent lad how to suck dick. And the next evening they began “pain games.” The poor lost boy was totally obedient to the priest and respected and almost idolized him. Everyone in the village knew how kind the Father was and how charitable of him to take the boy into his home. Many mothers and fathers said, “I wish the Good Father would consent to raise our wayward son.”


Father Diaz studied the hard young smooth perfect body of Pablo Marquez. What a beauty, like a young stallion. He reached out and with his hand, encircled the fat sleeping prick of the teenage boy. He squeezed gently. The big dick thickened in his hand, and the heavy foreskin pulled back for the pink cockhead to stick out. The boy moaned and raised one arm, still in sleep. A thicket of abundant black armpit hair made Father Diaz’s ten-inch fuck slab start to leak. The priest rolled closer to the boy and put his mouth to the young man’s ear.


“Wake up, sleepyhead. Time to wake up, my sweet little cunt. The Lord Jesus had made another perfect day for us.”


He raised one dark hairy leg and with the toes of his foot, tickled the boy’s leg. Pablo groaned and shifted his weight, his dick now swollen to eight inches of really fat fuck sausage. The kid’s heavy balls started to move in the thick fleshy sack. Father Diaz licked the soft delicate ear of the young man. The kid’s wild mess of black curly hair twisted on the pillow as he turned his face toward the priest, the long lashes fluttered, and the beautiful eyes opened.


“Oh, good morning, Father. I was having a really fine dream,” the sweet boy said.


The priest was pumping the boy’s prick now.


“Were you dreaming of fucking or getting fucked?”


“I can’t remember, only that it was really fine.”


The priest leaned in and kissed the boy on his full sensual lips. The kid opened his mouth and swapped spit with the priest. The young man’s dick was leaking all over the Good Father’s hand, so the priest released the throbbing teen dick and brought the slime-covered hand up and wiped the dick spooge all over the kid’s nose and mouth.


“Jesus loves you and says good morning to you.”


The priest smiled and licked the cock slop off the kid’s handsome face. Now he rolled over and lay atop the boy, his own ten-inch cunt rammer rubbing against the thick dick of the teenager. The slop from both dicks joined, creating a sticky puddle between their hard lean bodies.


“Today is the most special day of your whole life, Pablo. Today is the day you will get married.” As he spoke, he rubbed his dick up and down across the boy’s crotch and stomach, and the boy’s hefty prick throbbed and leaked. “Are you excited?”


Pablo murmured, “And scared. I am very scared, Father.”


“Nothing to be scared of, my sweet young fuckface, marriage is the holiest and beautiful of all unions. I, myself, am married to Jesus, so I cannot marry in the corporal world. I dream many nights of sucking his big holy cock. But you are a healthy handsome young man, the pride of our village.


Do you know how many young girls in confession have told me they had indecent thoughts about you? Many, many, they dream of your big beautiful dick stuffing their slutty little twats. You, yourself, have heard them when I have had you sucking me off in the confessional while they told me of their dirty little cunt fantasies.


But you chose Luisa Delasco, the most beautiful and most pure and precious young pussy in the entire village. I don’t think she had ever even had a nasty thought in her life. And she does love you so. I shall have to be very patient tonight after the wedding ceremony when I help you introduce her to the joys of sexual union.”


One of the priest’s hands started to work at the kid’s big brown nipple on his muscular well-developed pec. The other hand worked its way around behind the kid and began to prod between the firm muscular teenage boy ass cheeks searching for the often-fucked brown asshole. Pablo licked his lips.


“But, Father...don’t you think I should at least spend my wedding night alone with my bride?”


The priest shoved a finger into the boy’s rectum, and the kid arched his body up into the father, who rubbed his dick harder against the youth’s midsection, which was now a lake of pre-fuck.


“You ungrateful cocksucker you, why do you think I have kept you a virgin all these years and never allowed you to even date girls? So you could go and desecrate a holy act on your wedding night. Both of you are total innocents when it comes to man and woman sex. I shall have to be there to help you along. What does Luisa know of cocksucking or of ass licking? And what do you know of clit stimulation and pussy lip torture?”


“I’m sorry, Father. I didn’t mean to upset you.” Tears filled the young man’s large dark eyes. “It’s just that I love Luisa so much. The times you have allowed us to spend together have been the best in my entire life except for my hours with you. I want our marriage to be perfect and to shine like the Sun of Our Lord Jesus.”


“All the more reason I have to monitor your fucking. I want your marriage to be perfect too. Now, remember, you will only be allowed to fuck once a month. The rest of the time, you will be required to attend to my needs.”


The priest shifted on the bed so he could get two fingers up the hot, sweaty ass of the eighteen-year-old.


“But, Father, you have four young altar boys to fuck and play with, and most husbands fuck their wives every night, don’t they?”


“Most marriages are steeped in sin and corruption. Don’t you want to please God? Besides, there are many sexual activities in which you can engage with your wife other than fucking. Don’t worry, my son, haven’t I always known what is best and taken care of you? Lift your leg so I can get my dick up your cunt.”


The smooth brown muscular boy lifted one leg, and the priest roughly shoved his ten-inch prick balls deep in the well-fucked teen ass.


“Besides, Pablo, I know you need this every few days to keep you happy. Remember when I had that twelve-year-old slut Carlos, who was keeping my dick drained so much that I hardly had the strength to perform mass? Remember when a week went by without you getting cunt stuffed how you hung around the house, moping and pouting and then finally crying and begging for my big dick. Jesus, your pussy is warm. I want you to attend the marriage ceremony with a big load of my hot cum up your ass, so I’ll have to fuck you just before the ceremony. You know how much you need my dick.”


“Yes, Father, you have taught me to love and respect and worship your dick. You have taught me the two things to love most in all the world are Jesus and Your Dick.”


“I taught you that at twelve, my little punta. Hump that ass into me hard. I want to feel my cock up in your guts.”


“But I thought when I got married, all of that would change. I thought I would become devoted to my beautiful young Luisa and never have sex with anyone else again.”


“My dear boy, your head is full of romantic nonsense. I still intend to fuck you a couple of times a week, at least until you are twenty or so, and I lose interest in you. How can I serve the Lord properly unless my balls are empty? And to help you—because I love you more than the entire world—I shall break a cardinal rule and fuck your young wife as well.”


“You’re going to fuck Luisa, Father? You’re going to fuck my bride?”


“Oh, yes, indeed, after all, you’re only allowed to fuck her once a month and a girl like that, well, you don’t know what sluts they are, my boy. Once she tastes dick, she’s going to need it all the time.


“Ugh…ugh...that’s it fuck harder…give your pussy to me. Oh, Jesus...Jesus...that’s it...oh, fuck…oh, shit. I’m going to cum...oh, fuck...God’s balls...oh, shit...oh...oh.”


Father Diaz blasted a good healthy load of morning jizz up the sweet young, although well-fucked, asshole of the muscular Pablo on the day of the boy’s wedding. The two of them lay still with the priest’s bloated dick still leaking fuck up the ass of the boy. The boy was breathing heavily, his own swollen prick pressed between their sweaty bodies.


“Father, why are you going to fuck Luisa? Doesn’t she belong to me?”


“Of course, she does. A woman’s only purpose in life is to serve her man’s big prick. But doesn’t everything that belongs to you also belong to me? Have I not shared everything in my life with you? And since I am going to put you on a strict fuck schedule—to purify your soul—somebody has to fuck the bitch.”


Pablo looked sad and pouted. He was not the world’s smartest boy, but so, so sweet. The Good Father pulled his softened prick out of the kid’s asshole with a plop and then crawled up on the boy’s chest so the young man could lick the fuck slime off the huge rubbery cock. One of the first things the priest had taught Pablo, in fact, one of the first things he always taught all his altar boys was to lick his dick clean after a good fuck. That was pleasing God because God liked his priests to have nice clean peckers. Pablo’s tongue slobbered all over the ass-slimed dick. It rubbed across his face and flopped against his cute nose.


“Besides, Pablo, after a year or so, you’ll be allowed to fuck her once a week if all goes well. I’m thinking of your salvation here. I don’t want you to become a lustful sinner. Of course, I, myself, have little interest in fucking girls. I am doing it as a sacrifice for you. But even so, I can’t waste too much nut juice on a slutty twat, so that’s why I told you to go out and buy a big dog. And a nice big black beast you came up with too.”


“But why do we need a dog, Father?”


“To satisfy your wife when I am busy with my altar boys, and you’re busy praying.”


Pablo’s big dick gave a lurch and slapped against the priest’s back.


“You’re going to have the dog fuck Luisa?”


The priest now inserted his fat flaccid prick into the boy’s mouth, and a second later started to piss. Pablo drank. He was used to it.


“Of course, that’s what the wedding night is all about, to learn things. Luisa will object at first. Sluts do that. It’s just a silly game, and it’s up to you and me to whip her into shape. First, I will fuck her and pop her cherry, and then the dog will fuck her, and finally you as her husband.”


Pablo’s eyes filled with tears, but he could not speak because of the fat sausage pissing in his mouth.


“Then we’ll teach her how to suck dick. You’ll demonstrate it on me. She’ll learn by watching. Then she will practice on the dog. Then I will demonstrate ass fucking by fucking your ass while she watches. Oh, now, I know you think that will be degrading and humiliating, but remember, my boy, she will be your wife. You cannot have any secrets from your wife. Then I will ass fuck both of you, going from ass to ass while you pray with Luisa for God to bless your marriage.


“And then Father Mosian from the next village will bless Luisa with a wedding fuck. I know I told you no other men would fuck your bride. That she belongs to you and is sacred, but a priest is not a man. He is special. Father Mosian will then take Luisa to his village for a month of training to teach her to be a good wife and to serve properly. You and I will continue our work here, helping the poor, administering love, teaching the young to enjoy their bodies. At the end of the month, when you next see your wife, she will be obedient and submissive and, who knows, perhaps pregnant.”


Father Diaz slipped his fat dick from the boy’s mouth, but before the teenager could ask any questions, he twisted around to face the boy’s feet and sat down on Pablo’s face.


“Suck my ass.”


He reached down and pumped the young man’s swollen dick until pre-cum poured from the thick piss slit, and it was just about ready to explode. The priest stretched the boy’s thick foreskin over the dickhead, catching dick slop in the folds of skin, and then he leaned over and slurped up the fuck goop.


‘Such a big tasty cunt rammer, so thick-skinned and heavy,’ Father Diaz thought to himself.


Then his thoughts turned to just the opposite, as he was a man of opposites. From the swollen beer bottle thick dick of young Pablo, Father Diaz thought of the tiny four-inch prick of twelve-year-old Juan Diego. He had sucked it for the first time just the day before after Juan’s older sister had brought him in for catechism lessons. He had stripped the frightened little boy and sat him upright on the altar bare-ass naked, legs spread just beneath Jesus on the cross.


At some future time, he would actually have the little shit climb up onto the life-sized, carved wooden figure of Jesus hanging on the cross and fuck his little body against it, but that would come later when guilt would be used as a tool to keep the boy’s fucking little mouth shut.


No, on this first day, the boy sat naked on the altar, and the Good Father shoved holy wafers up the moist, tiny asshole and ate them out while he frigged the tiny dick. Then he sucked the sweet cock until it spewed its delightful nectar.


Today, he would teach the boy to return the favor. After all, wasn’t that a good Christian lesson to teach? Do onto others. The poor little boy actually minded getting his dick sucked much less than he did the priest licking his face all over and spitting into his ears, up his nose, and into his mouth. And then the worst part, the communion where the priest jerked off onto a holy wafer and made the twelve-year-old boy eat it.


That was why the priest preferred boys who knew a little something about sexual feelings. The humiliation of having to drink cum for the first time was so much more momentous. Never mind, within a week, little Juan would be drinking fuck snot as if it was milk. He would have the kid kneeling behind the pulpit, sucking his big ten-incher while he delivered a sermon against sex and sin. He would have the beautiful little smooth soft ass split open with the most obscenely large dildos.


Pablo shot off a huge load, but then Pablo always shot a lot. He never seemed to run out of fuck sauce. The priest held it in his mouth, but more and more kept pouring out of the teen prick. The priest raised his spit slick asshole up off the boy’s face and twisted around again so he could spit the cum in his mouth onto Pablo’s face. The handsome Latino boy groaned, and his big dick kept spewing dick slop.


“Now be a good bridegroom, Pablo, and get up and shower, and then go and make me breakfast. Send little Diego in to lick all this fuck slime off my body.”


Diego was only ten, too young really to interest the Father, but in another year or so... In the meantime, he was utilized to lick up the spilled cum and piss and shit from the priest’s games.


Pablo rose from the bed, his athletic body muscular and well-toned, brown smooth big feet, large hands, well-shaped chest, tiny waist, perfect ass globes, and a fat fucking teenage dick swinging over a huge leathery bag of nuts. Black curly hair tumbled over his sad eyes.


“And don’t forget to say your morning prayers!”


Father Diaz stroked his prick, which was already getting thick again.