Fan Letter


I am writing you this fan letter because I love your really filthy stories on the Kristen Archives. I have never written a letter like this, and I hope you will excuse me if I am no so comfortable or good at this stuff. I was scared to write to you for weeks, but I don't know why. Nothing in my whole life turns me on like your stories. Do I wish something would happen to me like happens to the boys in your stories? I don't know. I really don't! But the thought of something like that happening to me gets me so fucking turned on, I can't stand it. Part of me wants it I guess and part of me wants to be a normal teen kid and date girls and just be you know, normal. But this other side takes over. I read your stuff at night and jerk off until my dick is sore. I read it at school during my free hours and my dick gets so fucking hard. I even came in my pants at school once reading your stuff. So am I totally fucked up or what? What should I do. God, I wish I could talk to you in person and ask you a hundred questions. No, a thousand questions. Should I go out and try some of the stuff in your stories? The idea of a man totally controlling me and making me do really nasty disgusting things is so fucking hot to me. I am so fucking hard and leaking writing this to you. Will you even answer a stupid high school kid like me? I think I am okay looking but I don't know if you would waste your time with me.


I need to ask you, are your stories real? Do you actually ever do the things you write about with boys? Would you do that kind of stuff with a boy like me? Would you chat or text or write to me? I could try to do some of the things you write about. I could try to jerk off and not cum if you wanted me to. It would drive me fucking nuts, but for you I would try. Now I jerk off three times a day. I don't really date girls or nothing much. Sometimes I kind of date girls when a bunch of us go out or something. I have made out with a girl and felt her tits and she had jerked me off, but I never fucked a girl yet. I don't now if I am gay or not but I like to look at the dicks of the guys in the locker room and stuff and I think about your stories and I even get hard in the locker room and have to hide my hard prick from the other dudes. There are a couple of senior jocks I would love to have control me and bully me and make me suck their dicks and maybe even fuck me. Is that sick? is that queer?  Oh, I am sixteen and a sophomore. When i read your stories and beat off I sometimes picture some of the senior boys in my school doing that nasty crap to me. Are there any other sites with more of your stories on????????? I think I have read everything of yours I can get my hands on. Would you write to me and tell  me some dirty stuff?  I like pop music, video games, movies, and surfing the internet (yes to porno) . I also sing in the school choir. Does that make me a faggot? I have tasted my own cum but never sucked a cock or nothing like that. I would like to try it though. Here are some naked pics of me. I hope you like them. I have never sent naked pics of myself to anyone or posted them anywhere. Do you think I have any potential at all?  I would like to go into music when I get out of high school. I play the piano and guitar. I read that you are in the theater and that is so cool. Can you give me any advice?  Shit I have gone on and on too long. I am so sorry. I will send this now and hope it gets to you. Please answer me. I am lonely and confused about my sexuality.


Your fan,

Billy Williams


Dear Billy:


First of all, let me thank you for your honest, upfront, sincere letter. I don't get many frank, honest letters from young men like you. You seem to be a young man with your head on your shoulders. Second, thank you for the wonderful photos. They show you to be a handsome, well-adjusted young man who is not afraid to show his nice young body to a friend. I would love to see some more photos of you. Third, Billy, I don't know if I can help you or not, but I am always willing to try. Many boys of your age are confused about their sexuality.


Most boys your age are fucking cunt two or three times a week, at least where I come from. If you are sixteen and not fucking cunt, there is a good chance you may be a faggot. That is nothing to be ashamed of...not any more. Faggots are treated as equals nowadays, and they are given many more opportunities to service the dicks of real men and boys. What do I mean by this? I mean that whether or not you are a faggot is not nearly as important as whether or not you are a "natural submissive."  If you are a boy who likes my stories and the things that I do when I work with boys like you, then chances are you are not only a faggot, but a natural submissive. That means you secretly long for strong males to control and use you. I suspect that is true in your case.  You talk about some of the senior boys in your school and how you are turned on by them...you use the word bullies in your letter. That is a good sign. Some boys crave to be used and abused by stronger males. It not only gives them sexual but also emotional pleasure. I think you may be one of these boys.


Your body from the photos looks like a perfect body to be a submissive boy. Strong controlling men like myself would certainly enjoy working on a boy like you. You might consider rather than boys in your own school, trying to find some older men to teach you and work with you, if you are serious about this. Senior jocks might let your suck their dicks...and you should definitely go for it...but older men into the real work of dominant control could teach you so much more. Older men know how to deal with a boy like you and your needs. They could physically and psychologically take you where you need to go Billy to learn about yourself and to fulfill your desires. 


One piece of important advice. Don't wait too long. A boy your age is ripe for learning...if you wait too much longer several things will happen. You may close up and be too afraid to explore your true feelings. I know people who have shut themselves away for their whole lives and never faced the truth about themselves. I don't want that to happen to you. Also,  boys much younger than you are giving their asses and mouths to men every day. In the scene, the accent is on youth. A boy of sixteen is already too old for some fine men who work with boys. Some boys are starting as young as twelve and thirteen. Some even younger. You know our culture is "youth" oriented. Well it is the same in the sexual world. Many men I know think a boy of sixteen is already "over the hill" and too old to be appealing. I don't want you to get left behind.


Let's start by having you send me some nice photos of you masturbating. Also send some of your crawling naked and of you showing me your asshole. I need to see if you have an attractive asshole. Then perhaps. I can introduce you to some nice men in your area who would be willing to work with you. Also, pick two or three senior jocks at your school, and send them a photo of yourself. (It does not have to be nude.)  Tell them you are gay and that you would love to service them sexually in any way they like. You have to take some risks in order to get the rewards you want. Don't be afraid, at the worst they will just ignore you...but you might make some new friends. In the mail to the jocks offer to send them some naked photos if they would like them.  this is just a start.


I am happy that you wrote to me and have trust in my advice.



(Note:  I got word a few weeks later that Billy was raped by six high school jocks. They not only fucked him but rammed a broom handle up his ass. Perhaps you read about it in the newspapers.  Sadly the boy stopped communicating with me. I could have helped him on to other adventures. But you win some, and you lose some.)