Family Care

A palimpsest based on Family Care
(MmB) (anal, oral) (ds, humil) (blackmail, nc) (inc)
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The best thing my older brother ever did was to die. His wife, Madge, I did like, and I felt terrible when she passed away. And I have to say my brother did an excellent job raising the kids on his own, a squeaky-clean white-bread suburban family.

Maybe that’s why they all hated me, the whole family I mean. I was kicked out when I was seventeen. Sure, I had raped five little boys while I was still in high school, but I was a disturbed kid, and they should have had sympathy for me. They were embarrassed when I was sent to prison, and they just kind of pretended they didn’t know me.

All in all, my early experiences set me up well for what happened later. When I got out, I had great connections in the underground porn industry, and soon I had lots of money and three awesome bodyguards and could indulge in any kind of perversion I chose. And what perversion did I pick? That brings us to my brother’s death.

I sat across the room from my dead brother John’s three kids. Andy, aged ten, a real sweetie; Cory, aged fourteen, and so cute, he just begged to be abused and fucked up good; and eighteen-year-old Chad, a freshman in college, an all-star jock hunk, very popular with the ladies and a grade-A student. They alternately looked at the carpet, at each other, and at me. My Asian bodyguard Lee stood nearby, flicking a switchblade.

“Here’s the deal, kids,” I said with a friendly uncle smile. “Your dad’s dead, terrible about that, sorry for you. So I’m now your official guardian. I know terrible things have been said about me in the past, and I hope you won’t believe all those nasty rumors. I want you to think of me as your father now, even though I am only thirty and not at all conservative as your father was.”

“I can take care of Cory and Andy,” Chad said with his tough boy jock attitude, his young voice thick with sexual development.

“You can perhaps, but I don’t want you to. No, sir, I want to take some responsibility, so I will move in here and run this family. Chad, you’ll continue to stay in the college dorms for the present. I think I’ll enjoy that. Now, I must warn you that I will be a lot stricter than your father was. And you will obey. I never repeat myself. So here’s the deal, the first time anyone of you disobeys an order or refused to carry it out, sweet little Andy loses a finger!”

They stared at me in horror and disbelief. They had been warned about me, but to see me in the flesh, and to know that their worst nightmare was coming true was a real treat for me. Chad began to rise from the couch, red in the face, his large hands balled into fists.

“Did you hear what I said, Chad, the kid loses a finger. Do you want to see that right now?”

He sank back down while chewing his cute, sensual full lower lip.


“Listen to me carefully, for I mean what I say. If either of you goes to the police or try to hurt me, my boys will cut off one of Andy’s feet and shove it up his asshole. The first time you fuck up, he loses a finger, and so on. Can you see him digitless, trying to attract the girls in sixth grade with no fingers?” I laughed. “If you continue to fuck up, he loses a hand, and so on. If you’re good boys and do everything I say, Andy stays intact, and we all can have fun.”

I made myself a drink so that it could sink in.

“Now why don’t you kids make yourselves comfortable and I’ll tell you just a few of the new household rules. It’s kind of warm in here, why don’t you three take off all your clothes?”

Ten-year-old Andy, the little angel, jumped up and started to strip, he was so scared that his knees knocked and his lower lip quivered. It was darling. Fourteen-year-old Cory followed suit. When Chad just sat there, hatred pouring from his eyes, Cory shouted at him, “Come on, Chad, do you want to see Andy hurt?”

I nodded to Nong, my bodyguard, and he hurled his switchblade, which stuck in the floor about two inches from one of Andy’s feet. He produced another knife immediately, and Chad rose to his feet and started to strip.

To see these three healthy American kids undressing for the first time in front of each other was a real treat. I knew how straight-laced and conservative John had been, how religious and moral, and so I knew this was a perverse first for his children. Soon, Andy, Cory, and Chad all stood in their underwear.

Andy wore the cutest white briefs, just small enough to show his sweet little ass and a baby’s pricklet mound in front. He was red in the face with shame at being this way in front of his brothers as well as my gang and me.

Cory wore boxers, blue and baggy, so I couldn’t see much. His young body was thin and very tempting. The kind you want to hurt really badly. Chad wore skimpy briefs, and his cock lump was obscenely large and round. It stuck out, pushing the thin material out from his muscular teenage thighs. His ass was the perfect jock bubble butt.

I clapped my hands. “Come on, kids, off with the undies. Let Uncle Jim see the goodies.”

My god, they were humiliated. I think they wanted to die. They didn’t know which way to turn. They each dug their toes into the carpet, Andy’s tiny pink toes, Cory’s slender toes, and Chad’s strong muscular toes. They inhaled, and their chests filled with air. Nong flicked his knife, and they peeled off their underwear. No doubt about it, all eyes went to Chad. I mean, that eighteen-year-old kid had a horse cock on him. It swung, a huge, big-boy fuck tool with large swinging nuts, one of those thick sausage kinds that you only see in porn films. Even Nong licked his lips.

Chad put his hands over his cock, balls, and thick prick bush, or at least as much of it as he could. Shit, he probably paraded bare-assed around the school locker room all the time, showing off his fuckmeat, and now he was acting so shy. Andy gulped when he saw it and squeaked, that’s the only way I can describe it. It was no doubt his first sight of man dick, and you know what that does to a little kid. A fucking big flaccid horse cock on display for him that brought out his homosexual nature, I’m sure. He started to tremble.

Now, Cory was something else. He had a fresh pink fourteen-year-old prick, not too big, and not too small, perfect for a boy just blossoming. He had a modest prick bush and sweet low hanging balls. He covered himself quickly. Andy, well, what can I say? No hair down there yet, a perfect little boy pricklet and tiny, marble-sized balls. He was a real cock whore in the making.

“Fine, now sit down and let’s go over the house rules. SIT!”

They sat, hiding their genitals as best they could and looking anywhere but at each other.

“See how shy you are, how uptight about your own bodies? That’s not good. That’s not healthy. That’s because your father was a sexually inhibited, tight-assed prude. I’m going to help you come to grips with your sexuality. Rule number one. When in this house, you will be bare-ass naked at all times! When you sit, you will sit with your legs as wide apart as you can make them, and you will never cover your sex organs in any way! Do it now!”

The three terrified kids spread their legs, Cory’s soft prick and balls rested on the chair seat, looking, oh, so pink and delicious. Andy’s little acorn showed just a bit, and Chad’s slab of fuckmeat hung over the edge of the couch, his balls made a small mountain atop which the prick lay like a fat Italian sausage. His handsome jock face was a combination of hatred and fear. I saw Cory staring at his brother’s horse cock. Probably the first real cock he ever had a good look at up close.

“Rule number two, you will only use the bathroom with permission, and when you do, you will never close the door. You will be in full view at all times. Chad, I have some special rules for you at the dorm that I’ll give to you later. Cory and Andy will sleep with me in your father’s bed from now on. Now, Chad, I know you have a steady girlfriend, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” he muttered.

“From now on, you will call me ‘sir,’ or the kid loses a finger.”

“Yes, sir, her name is Demi. I’ve been dating her since junior year in high school. I hope to marry her someday.”

“I think not. You’ll telephone Demi tonight and break up with her.”

“But, you can’t.”


His face was almost purple. He had a cute tough guy mug like a young marine.

“I can and will. If you don’t break up with the bitch tonight, little Andy will have one of his fingers cut off. You are not allowed to date girls. You are not allowed, from now on, to speak to anything female, and that includes teachers and waitresses. Any cunt, you will not speak to them.”

Andy was sniffing back tears, and I saw Chad’s eyes fill with water.

“Please, please,” Chad whispered as his big brown nipples heaved on his muscular jock chest.

“Now that’s a much better attitude. I’m doing this for your own good. Your father was much too lax with you. However, I’m not a total meanie. I know that a boy like you is interested in and needs a certain amount of sexual release. Therefore, three times a week, you’ll come home to visit and fuck little Andy!”

You could have heard a pin drop. Chad shook his head as if he hadn’t understood correctly. Andy started to sob.

“You’re a fucking monster!” Chad spat at me.

“For that disrespect, you’ll have your balls beaten with a ruler, and Andy will have a hot iron held against his little prick. Do you want to continue with your dissent? No? Good. Where was I then? Oh, yes, three times a week, you’ll fuck the little cumdump with my friends and me watching and filming. You’ll fuck him in the asshole and mouth.”


“Please, Uncle, Uncle Jim. Have some mercy. I know the family was cruel to you, but why take it out on us? Andy is only ten for God’s sake.”

“And that’s the perfect age to get stuffed by his big brother’s dick. You should know fags are ready by then, walking around school all day, drooling at the sight of every boy’s dick lump. I prefer breaking in a cocksucker at seven or eight, so by the time he is in the fifth or sixth grade, he knows how to please the boys properly, but ten will do in this case. But to be perfectly honest with you, I do expect some pain and difficulty due to the…eh…rather obscene size of your cuntbuster, but we will persist and succeed.

“You’ll fuck his virgin ass tonight to break the cumdump in. As to you living in the school dorm, you’ll keep your room door open at all times and remain bare-ass naked in your room at all times. You’ll jerk off each evening without cumming from six o’clock until ten o’clock while you do your homework. We will have cameras installed in your room so we can monitor your behavior. You’ll invite the guys on your floor in to visit, but you’ll not dress or stop jerking off.”

Chad’s eyes grew as wide as saucers, being humiliated in front of his school chums seemed even more horrible to him than having to fuck his brother.

“What…what will they think?”

I laughed.

“Oh, probably just that you’re some sick faggot trying to hit on them. You’ll sleep bare-assed on your back—no covers—with a light on and the door open. When you walk to the dorm bathroom, you’ll go bare-assed, not covering yourself with a towel or shorts. When you shit, you’ll leave the stall door wide open. When you shave at the sink, you’ll also shave your balls and asshole each morning.”

Chad was shaking as big tears ran down his face.

“And that’s just the start of your school rules. We’ll talk further about your new dress code, your behavior on the team and in the locker room, and your social life. But we can only absorb so much at one time.

“Now, what about cute little fourteen-year-old Cory? I’ve been neglecting you. I know you probably want to fuck your little brother too, get your teenage rocks off in some pre-teen boy-twat. You probably beat off every night thinking about that. I know how boys are at fourteen. Well, don’t worry, Uncle Jim hasn’t forgotten.”

“I think you need a healthy sexual life, so I’m going to make you my official pussy boy. I’ll be fucking your cute teenage ass at least twice a day, and my boys here will also be taking turns shoving their big fat fuck tools between those darling ass cheeks. Oh, now you’re crying too? Stand up and let us have a good look at your ass globes.”

The thin, young cute boy with the mop of unruly hair rose on shaky legs. He turned so we could see his sweet young ass.

“Oh, my, yes. Very, very fuckable. Now bend over for us and grab an ass cheek in each hand and spread them, let us see your sweet puckered boy-pussy.”

“Oh, god, I can’t!”

Cory wailed, sinking to his knees in weakness and despair.

“So Andy loses his little finger, huh, or his thumb, which do you think?”

Cory struggled to his feet, his thin chest heaving with sobs, his little nipples bursting. He bent over, grabbed his ass cheeks, and spread them for us.

“Wider! Spread your legs wider. Oh, my, what cute low hanging nuts you have. You’ll be hung like your big brother in no time. Spread those ass cheeks wider, Cory. That’s it. Oh, look at that pink puckered pussy. It’s perfect, no pussy hair yet, so virginal and pretty. All ready for my big dripping dick. But before we get to that, my boy, I want to fuck your face. You have the sweetest face, and I’ve got a terrible hard-on, so come on over here and let me feed you some prick. Oh, I know it’s repulsive to you. The idea of a man putting his smelly throbbing, leaking dick into your mouth, but you’ll get used to it in no time.”

And so, with his ten-year-old bare-ass baby brother and his eighteen-year-old hunky jock brother watching, I face fucked little Cory. I showed him how to lick dick and balls, how to suck the helmet, how to tease the underside with the tongue, how to deep throat, and when it was time to cum, I pulled out and shot my load all over his pretty young face.

I told him the fuck slop was good for his complexion. I wouldn’t let him wipe it off, the fuck dripped from his cute teenage boy face, and it was so fucking hot. That was just the start of our family fun.