Faggot's Birthday Bash

(MB) (anal, rim, ws) (inc)

I have not told many of you that I have a brother a few years older than me. Like me, he is a libertine, although he is totally gay, while I am bisexual leaning mostly toward gay. When we were kids, we would suck each other’s dicks, long before we became a top or realized we were into training boys. This was when we were quite young. Well, he loves to fuck young boys. Very young boys. He likes a lovely bald asshole and not much dick on his lovers. He does fuck teenage boys, but young boys are his secret love. I tell you this because this last weekend I was invited to the birthday party of a faggot who just turned nine. His stepfather was having the party for him. He is a friend of my brother. The stepfather wanted nine well-hung dudes to fuck the boy for his ninth birthday. He wanted all of the boy’s holes stuffed at once, and he even specified that he wanted the boy double dicked in the ass.

The boy is a pretty little faggot with an intelligent-looking face. We were all sitting around at the guy’s home drinking and chatting when he brought the boy in to meet us. The boy was naked, and I could see at once that his tits were begging to be worked on. He had excellent nipple potential, and I’ll bet that in a year or so he has some nice udders. His bald little pricklet hung above his puffy little marble-sized balls. He was very shy and scared, but he smiled at all of us. He had a little makeup on like fag boys like to do.

“Honey, we’re going to take some pictures of the party on your iPhone so you can send them to all your friends. I’ll bet lots of boys in the fourth grade would love to see them. All the men in the room laughed. The guys were all in their twenties or thirties it seemed to me. His stepfather assured us that he had opened the boy’s mouth and ass fuckholes and were ready for us. He informed us that he personally had worked the boy’s holes over and over again.

“Isn’t that right, faggot?” he said, laughing and gently and playfully ruffled the boy’s hair. The boy smiled a hesitant smile and nodded.
“Now, here’s the plan. You all get to fuck him, of course. But keep eating. We got lots of food and plenty to drink. And we can go slowly. You will all want to feel him licking your nut sacks and asses. He can tongue a rectum like nobody’s business. He’s quite an ass licker. He gets his tongue real deep up the ass and wiggles it around while his sweet little faggot lips suck on your asshole. It is awesome. Some of the guys in the room laughed and adjusted the growing lumps in their pants. The stepfather reached down and began to twist and pinch the boy’s nipples.
“And baby, just for you, I can assure you that not a man in this room is under nine inches in the dick department. You are going to get so fucked tonight.”
“Thank you,” the little boy said, his voice trembling with fear or anticipation.
“Now, spread your legs, faggot, and show all my friends your cunt!”
The boy obeyed and, with his fingers, he pried open his ass cheeks. There was some nice puffiness indicating that his stepfather was fucking him regularly and that someday he would have a nicely stretched out fuckhole.
“Look at that fuckhole, boys. And look at that delicious nine-year-old baby-smooth cunt. We like that, don’t we?”
He plucked the boy’s nipples as if he was playing a string instrument while the boy held his ass open for us to see.
“Well, gentlemen, why not strip down and relax, so the faggot can greet each of you by kissing your dicks and balls?”
I find that guys at affairs like this are always a bit shy about stripping naked. Somehow, no matter how proud they are of themselves, they still fear they will come up short against the other dudes. My brother started the ball rolling by shucking off his shirt and pants and shoes and socks and peeling down his boxers to reveal his nine-inch cunt stuffer.
“Look at that dick, baby,” cooed the boy’s stepfather. You are going to love fucking and sucking that, aren’t you? “
The boy smiled sheepishly at us.
“He’s only ever had my cock, and I am only seven inches. That’s why I wanted to arrange this for him. Don’t get me wrong, he’s built small, and I still bang his stomach when I dick him, but still, I want him to have the very best.”
My bro who has always been a bit of an exhibitionist stood there with his hands on his hips and his throbbing cock bobbing and leaking. A young black dude stripped next, and we all almost fell over to see that he had ten inches of black fuckmeat and nuts like oranges. Being mostly gay, I would not have minded a session with him. I reminded myself to contact him about helping me out in some of my training sessions with teenage boys. I would love to see that big black prick ass raping a fourteen or fifteen-year-old boy. The other guys were now all stripping down, so I joined them. Soon we're all naked, jerking on our dicks and standing around feeling just a bit stupid.
The faggot’s stepfather now sent the boy over to greet each of us. He curtsied and smiled and said, “Hello, Sir.” to each man. Then he leaned down and lovingly kissed each swollen cockhead. Of course, his face came away at once with pre-fuck on it, and he looked adorable that way. Then he would lovingly kiss each of us all over our scrotums, bathing our balls in spit. Some of the guys whispered this or that to him. When he finished, he would crawl with his ass high, making sure to spread his thin little legs wide so we could all see his little pink rosebud.
When he was kissing and licking my sizable scrotum, I smiled at him and said, “Happy birthday, cocksucker.”
The next part of the party took some time. Most of us sat or stood around chatting and drinking while the sweet little Birthday Faggot went from and to man, spreading each man’s ass cheeks to lick and suck his ass. I have to admit; he was an expert ass sucker. His stepdad must have worked long hours with him to teach him that skill. I admired and respected him for that. The boy got his tongue way up the rectum and wiggled it while his lips sucked at the ass lips.
Guys were shouting out things like, “Holy Fuck!” when it was their turn. Some reached back to hold the boy’s young head into their asses, others bent over and spread so the boy could get in deep. I had a feeling this little faggot would be very, very popular with the jock boys at school.
“And to think when I married his drunken fuck dump of a mother just a year ago, this little faggot was totally innocent about sex. We worked hard this last year, didn’t’ we, cunt?”
The sweet boy nodded and kept sucking ass.
“Of course, I had my dick in his mouth the second night we all moved in together. That was how he met his old stepdad. He got face fucked.”
Everybody laughed at that. Some of the dudes fingered the boy’s ass or pinched his tits while he sucked their asses. Each guy got ass sucked for about ten minutes, so like I said, it took some time. He played a DVD showing us the boy’s first ass fuck when the little cumdump had just turned eight. You could see that the thick seven inches hurt the little faggot, but in other clips shot later he was already used to his stepfather’s cuntbuster. He showed us some lovely clips of him pissing on the boy and into his mouth.
“Anybody who wants to piss in his mouth can do that later after the fucking. Most of these guys were well built and big. I am six foot two, and my bro is even taller. The little faggot looked tiny sucking our asses. One guy liked his ass suck so much that he shot his load. We all roared with laughter. He told us not to worry, that he could get it up again in minutes, and he did.
To be honest, I have had better ass sucks from some of the young boys that I trained myself, but he was damned good. He got the job done. I imagine his little tongue got really tired around dude six or seven. Dude number nine was Latino with a fat thick uncut dick. He lay back on the couch, spread his muscular hairy legs, held the faggot by the ears and forced his face into his ass.
Finally, the ass sucking was finished. Now things loosened up a bit. We fucked the boy two at a time, one dick in his asshole and one in his mouth. To make it more fun, we switched places, so he got the dick that had been up his ass and put it in his mouth. At his stepfather’s urging, we fucked the boy as hard as we could. I know it hurt him something terrible, but we wanted this to be a special night for him. After a dude shot off up his ass, he would present his dick to the boy’s face to be licked clean. The boy’s face was now a mess of cum and spit. Oh yeah, we all took turns spitting on him.
At one point, his stepfather bound a bunch of birthday candles with a rubber band to form a bundle of about an inch in diameter. He then lit the candles and stuck the bundle in the boy’s asshole. We all sang Happy Birthday. We continued to fuck the boy for hours and hours, most of us shooting off three, some of us even four times. He became limp as a rag-doll, just a fucked out mess of a young cumdump. Then we dumped him into the bathtub and pissed on him.
His stepfather could not have been more delighted. He asked if any of us were heavily into S/M. I reluctantly told him that I had some experience training teens. He asked if I could help him. He said he wanted to get the boy’s nipples and prick pierced. I told him that was no problem. He then asked if anyone wanted to take a shit on the boy, but everyone declined. All in all, it was a lovely party, and all had a good time. I want to keep in touch with the stepfather to find out what he plans for the faggot’s future. I hope the boy has applied his recently learned skills at school. I am sure the fourth-grade jock boys will love it and perhaps some of the teachers as well.