Fag Bashing Teens

(Mm) (anal, oral, rim, scat, ws) (humil, tort) (nc, rape)

Sometimes, I will let some local teen bullies use my playroom for their faggot bashing. I have written to you about the skinheads I allow to use my room. It provides them with a place to play and allows me to watch and get off at the same time.

Still, I was amazed at the inventive games high school boys can come up with when they are faggot bashing. These two local London boys just really love to fuck up faggots, and they found one right in their own school. Now it is a bloody shame that I do not get to see what they do with him in school.


Apparently, they make him crawl down the corridors, suck off guys in the toilets between classes, clean used condoms with his mouth, lick out urinals, and that’s just before lunch. Boys today are much more creative sexually than we were when I was in high school.


They also warn him that he is never to skip school for any reason, or they will come over to his house to beat the shit out of him and tell his family that he is a fucking faggot. If he is sick, he has to telephone one of them for permission to stay home, which they seldom grant. After all, growing boys need their daily blowjobs.


“Shit, mate, there ain’t nothing like faggot lips on your dick,” one of them recently said to me. “Even a cunt can’t suck cock like a faggot can.”


You all know how often teenage boys need to shoot their cocks, so I suspect that our little faggot friend, whose name is Leslie, is kept busy. What a perfect moniker for a cum-dump, Leslie! Ha. Leslie is fifteen, and his life is really fucked up. He is forced to suck any boy at school who wants it, and some days he sucks as many as twenty dicks.


Of course, he has to swallow all that boy goo, and if he pukes, he has to lick that up as well. We cannot have a faggot wasting good teenage boy sperm, can we? Imagine the amount of fuck slop Leslie swallows in one week. It boggles the mind. And he’s only a first-year high school student. Well, it is a trade school, so he does not harbor any grand plans for university anyway, so he can get right out of school and start his life as a cocksucking faggot.


I do not mean to imply that they do not use his ass. They only do in the privacy of my playroom. They do not want the other kids at school to know how far they go. They bring Leslie to my playroom when he misbehaves. Here, in the secluded soundproof room, they punish him. What for? Oh, if he spills some cum when swallowing, if he cries too much when they are beating his ass at school with their belts in the locker room, if he drops their books when carrying them, if he gags when they spit in his mouth, if he removes the rubber bands from his dick and balls before they allow him to, if he takes the dildo out of his ass before gym class, if he ever dares to cum when he is servicing them, Leslie gets punished for all kinds of things, and usually he gets it in my room, which delights me no end.


At a recent session, they force him to strip bare-ass naked and stand at attention. Attention means, hands behind head with legs spread so they can kick him in the nuts. Those big heavy work boots do a great job on the nut sack too. His balls are almost ruined. He has been ruptured, and he will probably never be able to have children, but why the fuck would a faggot have children anyway?


These boys were not happy with the eight, ten and twelve-inch dildos I stock in the room, and they asked if I could get something larger and thicker for them since they are not allowed to go into the porno stores yet. So, I bought a fifteen-inch rubber cock as thick as my forearm. When they showed Leslie his new toy, he sobbed and sniveled, crying so hard that he choked on his tears. And they had not even done anything yet. Fucking faggots, go figure.


First, they rode him around the room as if he was a pony. It was so cute. It is so neat to see teenage boys having this kind of fun with broad smiles on their faces. They posed with Leslie, pulling his hair to make him look at the camera. The fucking faggot does not like to get his photo taken bare-assed and submissive. He knows that next week the photos will be passed all around school. About forty boys in the school already use him, and the number grows each week.


Next, the boys use the cattle prod on him. That is just to remind him that if he ever tells anyone, or tries to run away, things will only get worse. No, Leslie knows it is best to grin and bear it. “A faggot’s lot is not a happy one!”


Then the boys strip down for action. I love to see their lean teenage bodies. They are very pale, and their skin is smooth and almost hairless.


One of them will hold Leslie while the other one whacks his face with his teenage fuckmeat. They both take a nice long piss on the boy, making him open his mouth and swallow great gulps of fresh warm boy piss.


That gets the boys excited. They have Leslie lie on his back, and they step on his face and have him lick and suck their feet clean. After a full day in those work boots, those feet are pretty rank, so Leslie has quite a job. Then he has to kneel and lick their balls. Both boys have beautiful low hanging nut sacks. I love to watch them swing while the faggot licks at them. Teenage boy nuts are fascinating to me. Then he has to lick and suck each of their assholes. Sometimes they will have him on his back, and one boy will sit on his face, getting a gentle tongue massage in the rectum, while the other boy kicks and slaps Leslie’s balls. It’s during this time that I usually bring the boys a beer. Fag bashing can be tiring work.


Both straight teens now have raging hard-ons. Both boys are leakers. I love the look of a hard-teenage prick leaking pre-fuck. It drools from the dicks in puddles on the floor. Leslie, of course, has to lick it up. Leslie’s attractive face is now covered with ass slime and fuck drip.


And now he gets to suck the teen dicks. Well, it’s hardly a suck. You know how boys are. They grab his ears and fuck his face as hard as they can, slamming their groins into his face, their balls swinging and thwacking his chin and neck. They are very helpful to each other and take turns fucking his face, about ten or fifteen fuck thrusts before they change places. One boy will go around behind and start to work his toes up Leslie’s fifteen-year-old asshole. The sobbing faggot will beg for mercy, but with his mouth filled with the other punk’s throbbing teen prick, the words are garbled, and it sounds funny.


“Push that fucking cunt onto my mate’s toes!” The boy fucking his face yells, in a throaty, half-hoarse fuck filled teenage hormonal voice.


Leslie pushes out his cute tight round ass, and the other bully forces more toes deeper into the kid’s asshole. Both boys now have swollen throbbing dicks. They step back and order the faggot to crawl naked around the room, legs spread, so his balls swing. Then they take big jumping kicks trying to kick the fuck out of the fifteen-year-old faggot nuts. When one of them connects just right, the faggot screams like a wounded animal and crumples into a pile on the floor. The bullies high-five each other and jump around in victory, their thick dicks bouncing off their tight tummies before they make the faggot get on all fours and crawl again. They play this game over and over until the faggot howls with pain and can no longer move, so great is the agony in his teen nuts.


Behind my two-way mirror/window, I watch all of this, beating my meat like crazy, or fucking the mouth of a rent boy I have hired.


Sometimes, they will put clamps with chains on the faggot’s nipples and drag him around the room by his tits. I once warned them that they could tear his nipples clean off his chest by doing this, and they looked at me with blank looks and said, “Yeah, so what?”


Sometimes, they will have spitting contests, gobbing into the faggot’s mouth. Occasionally they will blow their noses into his mouth and make him swallow. If he does not, they beat him some more until he does.


Then, when he is really out of his mind with pain and abuse, and worn out, and just a pile of teenage flesh, they fuck his ass. What’s interesting about this is they make him do most of the work. One of them sits in a chair, his big teen prick sticking up all wet and throbbing, and they force the faggot to sit on it by himself. After he fucks boy-cunt for ten minutes or so, he has to pull off and sit on the dick of the other one. Often the boy whose cock Leslie has just fucked will face fuck him to clean the dick while he fucks himself the other punk’s cock. This fucking can go on for an hour or more without the boys cumming. Both boys are abnormally well-hung, and Leslie’s face is twisted in agony from the huge dicks rupturing his rectum and banging his throat.


They have learned how to prolong their fun. They will rest and have a fag or a pint while they make the faggot fuck his own ass with a beer bottle, or wine bottle, or candle, or cucumber, or some other fun stuff I put in the room. If he slows down or does not self-fuck with enough enthusiasm, they will kick and punch him.


The faggot has to fuck himself hard, so he grunts with each thrust, for thirty or forty minutes. They make him do it in different positions, squatting, on his back, or on his knees. While they wank to Leslie’s shame, they call him disgusting names, just a couple of cool teenage blokes kicking back and enjoying their day. By now, the faggot has no strength left. He just falls over and lies on the floor, jerking and twitching, with whatever item he was fucking himself with rammed deeply up his ass.


The bullies walk over on big naked feet and have a piss on the boy to refresh him. Then they fuck him some more, and this time, they shoot their loads up his raped, battered asshole.


However, being the ingenious teens that they are, after pulling out and making him clean their dirty pricks with his mouth, they force him to squat over a dish and shit out the cum from his ass. He groans and grunts as the shit-laced cum spurts and drools out of his stretched ass pucker and forms a lake in the dish. They hand him a spoon and tell him to eat it. The look of total defeat on the fifteen-year-old faggot’s face is precious. With trembling hand, he puts a spoon of shitty cum to his mouth and eats it. When he is done, he has to lick the plate clean. If he gags, he gets slapped hard.


“No gagging on good male cum. Eat it faggot.”


Then the faggot can go unless this is a day when the boys are really horny and want a second round, in which case it starts all over again.


I am proud of today’s youth. When adults say they are lazy and uncreative, I scoff. They should know the boys I know. What inspiring young punks. Oh yes, and they are good businessmen too. Starting next month, they are going to pimp the faggot at night. Why not bring in a little cash! Go for it, my lads!