Fag Bashing Fun

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Mark and Jetter started this kind of club. It was a faggot-bashing club. Do not get Mark and Jetter wrong. They are a pair of perfectly nice guys, but like many working class youths in London, these eighteen-year-olds do not have much to do on weekends except drink until they get wasted. So starting up a club, investing their time in a worthwhile activity, seems to me to be a commendable thing. That’s why I provided the clubroom for them. That, and so I could film and shoot photos of their fun activities. Mark and Jetter are not your typical London thug boys. Oh, no, they have imagination, creative imagination. And that’s what sets them apart.

They are both rather good looking in that frightening “Romper Stomper” sort of way. If you like full sneering lips, piercing eyes, pug noses, shaved heads and huge, thick uncut teenage dicks, then these are the boys for you. They love to strut the streets in their black leather, hanging around outside some of the gay or half-gay pubs like the Salisbury and making fun of the wimpy faggot businessmen who sneak in to have a pint or two and to eye the young trade.


Mark and Jetter are girl fuckers. Make no mistake. They have fucked more cunt in the last two years than most men fuck in an entire lifetime. The girls love their rough ways and their huge hunks of fuckmeat. Mark has gotten eight girls pregnant and Jetter six, so they know their business when it comes to sex, but that is not what gives them that special sexual thrill. Shit, anyone can fuck cunt. It takes a special talent to work over a faggot, to really break him and get him crawling and begging. To destroy him mentally and physically, so he is nothing but a fucked up retard when you are finished. That takes special skill.


That is why I let them have the room to use. I have too much money, and no way to spend it all. So what’s the harm in giving some street boys a place to play? They cannot do much faggot bashing on the streets since the police have cracked down on that sort of thing. Time was when the coppers would have helped work over a fucking homo but not anymore. Queers got rights now! Holy Christ, what is this world coming to? So Mark and Jeeter are doing us a public service in a way.


It’s usually on a Friday or a Saturday night when they bring a faggot in. The lure some lonely horny homo to the room with promises of all the fat thick dick he would like to suck on. Mark and Jetter can be really cute when they choose to be. You should see how they flirt with the faggots. They mince and wink and blow kisses and shove out their tight round muscular young asses until the queers are out of their minds with lust and dripping in their trousers.


So they lure the faggot to the room, and then the fun starts. The faggot usually is young and cute. Mark and Jetter are not above working over a chubby middle-aged paunch, but they prefer the young high school or college boy type—a fresh new faggot, just starting out on the road to faggotdom. Nip the disease in the bud so to speak.


Once in the room, their flirty demeanor changes, and they waste no time beating the fuck out of the faggot until the boy is crawling and begging, sobbing and crying. I admit that I love to watch a young man cry, to really sob and beg with drool running from his mouth and the snot of fear dripping from his nose. It’s such a refreshing sight.


After they tenderize the trash, they tell him that if he wants to live, he will have to do whatever they want! Then they order him to strip bare-ass naked. Now, if the scene had turned out as the faggot wanted, they would all three be naked and sucking and fucking with young love and lust, and in that case nudity would not be a problem, but to be forced to strip bare-assed with two fag bashers fully dressed in black leather looking at you and poking and pushing you, well you can understand the humiliation the faggots feel.


And that is just fine as humiliation is all part of the fun. Both Mark and Jeeter have huge dicks as I have said, so that allows them to make fun of the faggot’s smaller cock. They tell him what a loser he is. They make him stand with his hands on his head, naked, so they can examine his pathetic faggot dick and his worthless fuck sack that will never produce sperm to have a child. They make him bend over and spread his ass cheeks for them (and for me filming it all).


They tell him to spread those cheeks wide so they can see his young fresh pussy! Honestly, Mark and Jetter would rather do this on a Friday or Saturday night than date the hottest bird in Soho. It is a thrill they cannot explain. They hate the fucking faggot so much, but their dicks are never harder than when they are working one over. They both have huge dripping boners in their pants as they put the faggot through his paces.


They make him shove a finger up his own asshole. He sobs and begs them to let him go. They tell him if he does everything they say, they will. They make him do jumping jacks so his nuts bounce and slap against his thighs. Then they put a leash around his neck and make him crawl around the room. There is a drain in the room, so they can make him lift one leg and piss like the dirty dog he is. This always causes much laughter, and soon they start to kick the faggot in the ass and stomach with their big black boots. They make the faggot lie on his back and spread his legs so they can kick him good in his nut sack. It is such fun to watch him heave and cramp, rolled up in a fetal position after a good kick in the nuts. Mark and Jetter tell him he is not to move when kicked, and now they have to do it all over again. This can go on for quite some time until the poor faggot nuts are swollen like oranges.


They make the faggot frig his little prick to show them how it looks erect. Sometimes the faggot has trouble getting hard because of fear. That creates more fun as they pull and tug on his prick, stretching the foreskin, slapping his nuts more, shouting at him to get a fucking hard on. They make the faggot masturbate for them, all the while rubbing their own crotches and asking him if he wants what they have in their pants.


The faggot has to tell them how much he wants to suck on their big fat cocks. How he wants to lick their balls and suck on their assholes. All the while he has to jerk on his faggot prick. If he slacks off, they kick him or punch him. I am watching and filming this through my one-way mirror/window.


I am naked and have my own eight inches of fat prick in my hand, jerking on it as it sprays pre-fuck all over the fucking place. Sometimes, I will have a young teenage hustler licking my nuts or ass. I tell him he better do a good job, or I will turn him over to Mark and Jetter. This always inspires the young cunt boy to do a better job.


Next, Mark and Jetter get out the thirteen-inch dildo, thick as an arm, and tell the faggot to put on a nice show for them. The faggot almost passes out from the sight of the huge rubber cock. He tells them he cannot possibly take that. They tell him he has no choice. Either he fucks himself in the ass with the dildo, or they use their knives to open up his hole until they can shove it in.


God, it is a fucking gas to watch the faggot trying to shove the obscene dildo up his boy-twat. It is quite clear that some of the faggots have been ass fucked as their holes expand quite easily, but some of the faggots are anal virgins and it is such a hoot to watch them crying and struggling to even get the dick head into their anal opening.


And, of course, I know that Mark and Jetter will not be satisfied until the faggot has shoved all thirteen inches in, right down to the rubber balls. The more the faggot screams that he cannot take it, the more they kick him and thrash him with their big black belts.


The faggot often tries to crawl away with the dildo sticking out of his asshole like some kind of animal tail. If he does not get with the program, or if Mark or Jetter gets bored, they will hold him still, lying on his stomach, while one of them stomps the dildo with his boot, forcing the rubber dick deep into the faggot guts.


We all know the faggot secretly wants it even though he cannot admit it. Sometimes a faggot cannot even admit to himself how much he wants cock, how much he wants abuse.


When the faggot’s ass is fully stuffed and the dildo is lodged in his intestines, Mark and Jetter strip for action. I love this part, as I love to see their hot, muscular smooth, pale bodies. They have wonderful well-formed pecs with large pink nipples. Their ass globes are tight and dimpled. And their dicks and balls, as I have said, are awesome.


These are Fuck Gods if ever there were any. They strut around kicking the faggot now with their bare feet, their huge hunks of fuckmeat bobbing and slapping against their bodies, filling with blood, standing straight out. The dicks are so large that they can hardly support their own weight.


Mark and Jetter have cracked a few beers open by now, and they sometimes horse around a bit, spitting beer at each other. They play a bit of grab ass, as straight boys will do, their dicks flopping and slapping. The faggot lays there moaning, the dildo spearing his guts, his asshole stretched to tearing.


Now Mark and Jetter spit beer on the faggot, make him hold his mouth open so they can spit beer right into his mouth. Then they start to hawk gobs of spit into his mouth. Then Mark or Jetter will usually blow his nose in the faggot’s mouth. That is a real hoot. What fun it is to watch the faggot have to swallow all that nose snot!


And now at last, it is blowjob time. Well, not really blowjob time, FACE FUCKING TIME. I mean, Mark and Jetter do not have the patience for blowjobs. They love to grab a boy or a girl by the ears and fuck their face like the dirty cock hole it has become. If the faggot did not know how to deep throat before, he quickly learns.


I hope he likes the taste of cum, because Mark and Jetter spray more dick spooge than any two guys I have ever seen. Shit, they can fill half a glass. I know, as I have seen them do it and then make some faggot drain the glass. And unlike some boys I have known, Mark and Jetter’s cum is really thick and lumpy and slimy, you know that really obscene kind of cum, fuck sauce supreme.


After the faggot has had his meal, it is time for dessert. Our boys sit on his face and let him lick their assholes for about twenty minutes each. I usually let my paid rent boy lick my asshole at that time too. Then, when the boys are filled with energy again, they pull the rubber dildo out of the faggot’s ass, make him lick it clean, of course, and then settle in for some really good hard faggot ass fucking.


Sometimes, the hole is too stretched and wrecked for a decent fuck, but they go through the motions anyway, and then they often fist fuck the boy. I have seen them have two hands, one hand each, up the kid’s new cunt at the same time. By this time the faggot is usually in a state of shock and pretty much out of his mind. To bring him round, Mark will shove something up the homo’s pisshole. He will unbend a wire hanger and shove it right up the kid’s dick slit.


That makes the boy alert enough to drink their piss. They will make him kneel like a fucking urinal and stand in front of him pissing into his mouth. It is really something to see, those huge teenage hoses shooting out strong yellow piss. Mark and Jetter usually eat asparagus before a session so the piss is quite strong and potent.


Then the fun varies. Sometimes, Mark will squat and take a shit in the faggot’s mouth. Sometimes they will get out their pellet guns and try to hit his fuck sack. Once they brought in a huge dog and had the faggot do it with the animal. That was great fun. Sometimes, they will pierce the faggot’s nipples or his dick head and then attach wire to them and drag him around the room that way. Sometimes they burn the faggot on the feet or ball sack. Sometimes, they will bust a bottle on the floor and make the faggot dance on the broken glass. Once Mark shoved a glass thermometer up the faggot’s penis and then broke it off.


When they are finished, they beat the faggot senseless and drag him out and dump him somewhere, and we all go to bed refreshed and relaxed, anticipating next week’s fun.


What a fun club, don’t you think?