Face-Fucked by Dad

Mm, oral, inc

I was feeling pretty horny, which of course was not unusual for a fifteen year old. What you might think was unusual, however, is that I was feeling horny for my dad, and I wanted him to fuck my face again. He had been doing this for about a year now, and we both loved it. He loved my hot boyish mouth, and I couldn’t get enough of his big cock.


It was a Saturday and I had just gotten back from soccer practice. Mom and my sister were doing some arts and crafts thing in the den and Dad was fixing something in the garage as he often did on the weekends. I went out to say hi.


"Hey, Dad."


"Hey sport, how was practice?" he asked.


"Good. Coach says we’re looking great."


"I bet he did. I’m sure he likes watching all those boys running around in their tight shorts," Dad joked.


"Yeah," I laughed and felt my dick throb in my own shorts. They were white nylon, and did little to hide my growing adolescent prick.


"Especially you," Dad said. He could be very charming.


"Aw, Dad."


"I bet he loves looking at your pretty red lips," he said as he started to grope his crotch. "So pretty, so red, just like a girl’s and made for sucking dick."


"Only yours, Daddy." I answered smartly. "You know I only want to suck your dick."


"Yeah, I know, you little faggot," Dad laughed. "You want to take it down your throat now?"


"You know I do, Dad!" I replied, which prompted Dad to unbuckle his pants and pull them and his boxers down to his ankles. His thick eight inch boner twitched demandingly as it awaited my oral ministrations. I licked my lips in anticipation and walked over to him, then knelt before my father’s organ. I clutched his balls firmly then opened my mouth and began licking his prick head.


"Yeah, boy, that’s nice," he hummed.


I licked his crown for a few minutes, then opened my mouth and engulfed his rod. I lowered my face all the way down his pole until my lips reached his pubes. Once his dick was securely planted down my throat Dad took charge of the blowjob like he always did.


He grabbed my ears, holding my head in place and wiggled his prick from side to side, which caused his pubic hair to tickle my nose. He then withdrew until only his portobello-shaped cockhead was in my mouth. He ran his rough hands through my blond hair and then slammed his prick back into my eager esophagus as he let out a low guttural moan.


Dad pumped his beefy prick in and out of my pussy throat, bringing him ever closer to that sweet moment of orgasmic release when he would flood my gullet with his pungent cream. After about five minutes of relatively slow fucking, he picked up the pace and started to drive his johnson in and out of my gripping throat. I brought my own pud out of my shorts and began to pull on it. Dad was sighing loudly now and I knew I would soon receive a nice spermy reward.


"Fuck, son, your mouth is so fucking hot!" Dad exclaimed as he pistoned in and out of my queer mouth. "I’m gonna fucking cum!"


Wild with a lust that only teenage faggots can truly understand, I began to bob my head with more vigor. Dad’s dick snaked deeper into my throat as it sought its blissful release. His big balls bounced rapidly off my chin as his pumping reached terminal velocity. One, two, three, four times, and then I heard Dad yell as his cock exploded in orgasmic delight.




Dad’s cum coated my throat and mouth, and the sweet-salty taste gave me a rush which caused me to re-double my sucking efforts. I felt several bursts from Dad’s penis before his moaning subsided, and then I reluctantly relinquished his yummy prick from my mouth.


"Fuck son, that was hot," he panted as he pulled his Levi’s back up. I stood up and brushed some dirt off of my knees. Dad kissed me gently on the forehead and patted my ass, and then I went back into the house to leave him to finish his repair project. I was already looking forward to the next time I could service his cock. As he knows, my face never closes.