Mindy's Humiliation

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Mindy and Jack were lovers. Well not really. Jack was a 
teacher at my school. He was twenty-three, good looking 
and recently married, so why did he start to fool around 
with Mindy? Who can explain shit like that? He was 
smitten... there's a good word for it. Smitten. And I 
found out about it. 

The problem was you see, Mindy was one of his students, 
and she was twelve. That's right, twelve fucking years 
old. Jack was as I say, smitten. Now they hadn't really 
done anything except cuddle and kiss, but I had photos of 
that, and that was certainly enough to fry his ass, ruin 
his marriage and land him in jail for a term, not to 
mention ruining his career. 

And Mindy... well she would rather die than see jack hurt 
in any way. Young kids are like that, especially when 
they "fall in love" for the first time. So I had them 
where I wanted them. She begged me not to show the 
pictures to the principal and to Jack's new bride. Jack 
was almost suicidal with despair. He assured me he never 
would have done anything sexual to Mindy, he was aware of 
how far he could go. 

Sure. Tongue kissing the little twat and feeling up her 
little ass globes was allowed. Jesus, guys who are 
smitten are really stupid. Anyway, the situation was ripe 
for some fun. I sat in Jack's sixth grade classroom after 
school with the two guilty culprits. I smiled from one to 
the other and watched handsome Jack sweat and wring his 

"So Mindy, you want to be a little twelve year old slut 
do you?" I said, flipping through the pictures I had 
taken and glancing now and again at the tape recorder 
with their declarations of love on it. 

"I'm a good girl, sir. I love Mr. Jordan. I really love 
him." She had tears in her sweet young innocent slut 

"And you Jack, you fucking pervert. You've only been 
married six months. What, your wife doesn't give you 
enough pussy? You have to molest little girls?" 

"Look, Kyle...man, we're friends. We teach together. I 
don't know what happened. Honest to God, I lost my head. 
Cut me some slack here. I swear I'll never do this kind 
of thing again." 

"I think both of you need to be punished. I think you 
have to pay for your perverted crimes. So, if you are 
both very, very good and do what I tell you to do, I 
won't ruin your lives. But if you are bad and disobey me, 
even a little bit, I will send these pictures everywhere. 
Let's start with Mindy, shall we? Mindy, has Jack here 
every seen your slutty little cunt body naked?" 

She started to tremble and chewed her lower lip. "Oh no 
sir, we have never done anything naughty like that. 
Please sir, we just love each other." 

"Then I think its time both Jack here and I got a look at 
your slut merchandise. Strip for us Mindy, take off all 
your clothes." Jack stood up. 

"I wont stand for this Kyle... that's sick. You can't do 

"I can send you to prison, fucker, so just sit down and 
shut the fuck up." He did. "Now Mindy darling, a girl of 
twelve like you knows that if I show these pictures 
around, your friend Mr. Jordan will go to prison. Is that 
what you want?" 

She shook her pretty head, and her long blond hair danced 
around her face. She was just starting to bud out, just 
little lumps of tits beneath her blouse. Prime innocent 

"Okay then Mindy, show us a little sixth grade girl 
flesh." With trembling hands she started to undress. It 
was such a fucking hot site, Jack sitting there, 
suffering, yet turned on. Me with the hard on of my life. 
And the little twat undressing for us. 

She had a fucking training bra, which was hysterical 
cause her tits were still little nipple paps on a tiny 
breast mounds. Her belly was smooth and sexy. She had 
beautiful legs, even at that young an age. Finally she 
stood there in just her panties. Tears were now rolling 
down her sweet face, and my prick jumped and leaked in my 

"Please don't make her do this..." Jack said, crying 
himself. A grown man crying. Disgusting.

"Mindy, take off the panties, so I can see your sweet 
twelve year old pussy." She whimpered like a wounded 
puppy, slid her fingers into her little pink panties, and 
took them down. Wow! That's all I can say. No, come to 
think of it, I can honestly say I was smitten. I was 
smitten with puffy lipped, hairless, twelve year old 
cunt. Oh my, she was going to be a fine fuck. 

I leaned in on my chair. "Look at that pussy Jack. Mindy, 
don't cover your twat with your hands...put your hands at 
your sides and stand straight, stick out those little 
titty buds.lets see you bare assed naked, like the little 
slut you are. 

"I'm a good girl. Let me go home please..." she was 
crying pretty hard now. 

"No Mindy, you are a bad little twelve year old whore, 
and you need to be punished. You know that. Now Cunt, sit 
in that wooden chair there, now put the heels of your 
cute little feet up on the chair and spread your legs 
wide, so that Jack, your boyfriend here, and I can see 
your cunt." 

I don't know how many of you readers out there have ever 
seen a twelve-year-old cunt up close. It's really nice. 
It's the perfect age to get fucked. The pussylips are 
still tight and puffy and girlish, and the flesh isn't 
all loose and hanging. 

Crying pretty hard now, and moaning for Jack to do 
something, the little bitch sat in the chair and lifted 
and spread her legs as instructed, giving us a perfect 
view of her young cunt, the lips now open just a bit. I 
knew Jack was hard as a rock and leaking too. 

"Now with your fingers Mindy, peel back your pussy lips 
so we can see into your snatch."

"Oh God, please don't make me do this, please!" 

"Do it now Mindy, you fucking bitch." 

"Honest to God, Kyle, we were just emotionally close. We 
never really did anything...I swear to God..." Jack was 
blubbering and half crying, and not able to take his 
pervert eyes off the little girl cunt. " 

"Shut the fuck up Jack, you are boring me. I'll bet your 
new wife would love pictures of you being emotionally 
close with the pre-teen twat. Now Jack, here's what you 
are going to do. You are going to get on your knees and 
crawl across the floor, and you are going to lick Mindy's 
leaky pre-teen pussy." 

"Jesus, Kyle, you can't do this to us. You can't." Well I 
could, and I did. I sat there rubbing my hard on through 
my trousers, thinking of all the fresh young cunt in my 
own fifth grade class, while Jack crawled across the 
floor and put his mouth on the little cunt's pink 
virginal gash. I made him suck her to orgasm...and what 
an orgasm she had. I thought the fucking chair would 

"What a fucking whore you are, Mindy." I said to her, 
unzipping my pants and taking out my eight inch leaking 
prick. "You need to be punished. Tell me Mindy, have you 
ever sucked a cock?" Jack freaked out, Mindy sobbed, and 
it was a few minutes before everyone calmed down and I 
once again stood before the sweet little twelve year old 
face, my big fucking thick veined dick drooling and 
bobbing in front of her mouth. 

Jack knew he was screwed if he protested. Mindy knew she 
was in big trouble, and because she was only a dumb twat 
and not very smart, I could easily intimidate her. I 
ordered Jack to strip naked and jerk his meat while I fed 
Mindy her first taste of prick meat. 

"Nice and easy now Mindy, open your mouth. Stop 
whimpering. All those salty tears running into your mouth 
will wreck the rich flavor of sweaty dick. This is a 
taste and smell you are going to come to love Mindy. 
Something you will come to need every single day. I know 
little sluts like you."

"Mr. Jordan, help me please..." she cried, but my prick 
head rubbing against her soft young lips blurred the 
words. Some pre fuck from my piss hole attached itself to 
her lower lip and made a stringy bridge. It was so 
fucking cute. 

Mr. Jordan, Jack to us, couldn't help the little twat 
out, he was bare-assed, beating his own seven and a half 
inch prick, his big nuts bouncing. He was getting with 
the program just fine. 

"Mindy, look how big Mr. Jordan's dick is. Have you ever 
seen his dick before?" She shook her head, dear thing, 
and the sperm string broke and draped itself across her 
chin. "Have you ever seen any dicks before?" she shook 
her head. "But you girls have talked about boy dick and 
made nasty jokes haven't you?" She thought better than to 
life to me, so she nodded her head. "Filthy Whore..." I 
said, and slapped my cock across her sweet face, leaving 
pecker tracks. 

"Mindy is a fucking little whore. If anyone finds out, 
they will kick her out of school, and out of her family, 
and the dick slut will have to live on the streets and 
sell her pussy to life." I said, quietly while I slapped 
her face with my thick sex heady dick. The whole fucking 
classroom smelled like cock. I reached down and fingered 
her bare little cunt until I got her squirming like a 
bitch in heat on the chair. "What a fucking whore you are 
Mindy." I laughed. 

"Now Mindy, stick your tongue as far out as you can, I am 
going to rest my heavy dickhead on your tongue." She did, 
and I did. She looked so stupid that way...tongue out, 
eyes looking up at me in fear, my drooling prick head 
resting on her extended tongue. I tightened my ass globes 
just enough to cause the dick to jump a little and slide 
back and forth on her pink tongue, leaving a trail of 
pre-fuck dick snot. 

"This is a taste you are going to love Mindy, after the 
first few times." I shoved a little more dick into her 
mouth, and she gagged. Jack was beating his meat like a 
teen boy with a hot porno video. He kept crying at the 
same time, it was fucking hysterical. "All the way in now 
Mindy, take the dick into your mouth. No, no, cunt, keep 
your tongue out... good little bitch. I want to feel your 
tongue on my fucksack while my dick is in your mouth. You 
know what a fucksack is Mindy, those are my nuts, my 
balls... my baby makers. Come on Bitch, take more dick." 

I fed her cock. I taught her how to suck cock, how to 
lick the dick slime, how to lick and suck on a guy's 
salty scrotum. She cried, and sucked and licked and cried 
some more. I wiped pre-fuck all over her pretty little 
face, and each time I face fed her cock, I forced more 
and more into her. 

Jack protested that she couldn't take it all that she was 
just a little girl, but he never stopped jerking his 
prick. I warned her that when I shot off, she had better 
swallow. She did too, as much as she could. I cum a lot 
and globs of fuck slime bubbled from her dick filled 
mouth and dripped down onto her naked baby tits. 

I withdrew my prick and unloaded a second spurt across 
her face. She squealed like it was scalding hot boiling 
water instead of just dicksauce. I thought I would never 
stop shooting. This little bitch was so fucking hot, and 
just ripe for the plucking. I ordered Jack to come over 
and shoot off onto Mindy's face. 

"I'm sorry Mindy...I'm so, so sorry..." he sobbed while 
her jerked his prick and splattered his baby making goo 
all over her sweet young child's face. I scooped some of 
Jack's cum onto my finger and knelt down, I rubbed it 
onto Mindy's pussy lips. 

"If any of this dick goop goes into your cunt Mindy, you 
can get pregnant. Imagine being pregnant at twelve." I 
gently inserted a fuck-coated finger into her pussy. Both 
she and Jack almost had kittens, and a fresh river of 
tears assaulted me. 

I sat across from the crying duo and explained my 
intentions very clearly. "If you two naughty kids do what 
I tell you to do for a few weeks, I'll let you go and no 
one needs to ever know about this. But if you don't do 
exactly as I say, you know what will happen. They sat 
there naked, looking at the floor, totally defeated. 

"You know what fucking is, don't you Mindy?" 

She chewed her lower lip and nodded her head. 

"Well Mindy, you have until Friday afternoon to get 
fucked by one of the boys in the school."

"Oh my God..." jack stuttered, mouth agape. Mindy turned 
very pale and trembled. 

"Now listen Mindy, it has to be an eighth grade boy. He 
has to fuck you in the media lab after school. I'll keep 
it empty all week for you. I want it in there cause I 
want pictures and video as proof. He has to fuck you 
without a rubber too."

"A rubber?" she was so fucking innocent. 

"A condom. He isn't allowed to wear a condom. Slut girls 
like you have to learn to take chances. So your job Mindy 
by Friday is to seduce one of the eighth grade boys and 
to get him to dick you. I want him to pop your cherry. 
Who knows, I may be doing you a favor. Maybe you two kids 
will fall in love, and then you would stop chasing after 
your adult teachers like a little whore in heat. So you 
have until Friday afternoon to get fucked for the first 
time. We will meet here on Friday again to discuss 
further games. Oh yes, and jack, I mustn't forget about 
you. Your homework is to get me some nice naked pictures 
of your beautiful wife. I want to see her pussy spread 
for the camera."

"My wife is very shy. She would never do anything like 

"Convince her Jack, if you wanna save your ass. Mindy, 
you look terrible. You have drying cum all over your face 
and dripping from your chin. You better clean up before 
you go home. You wouldn't want your parents to know what 
a slut their daughter is."

"Do I have to get... to get fucked Sir?" 

"Yes Mindy. You have to get fucked. You are old enough 
for a little slut, and it's high time you started. There 
are lots of boys out there with loaded balls, and the 
only purpose of a cunt like you on earth is to service 
those needy studs."

"But other girls..." 

"Other girls are not dirty little sluts Mindy. Well, 
actually they are, they just don't know it yet. Now be a 
good little dick ditch. Don't let us down. You don't want 
to see your beloved Mr. Jordan go to prison, do you?" She 
shook her head and glanced for the first time in a while 
at the naked Jack, whose dick had shriveled and was 
leaking trails of after fuck onto the floor. 

"Now go over and kiss Mr. Jordan goodbye, and then get 
dressed and go on home." She rose on shaky legs, bare-
pussied and cum drenched, and staggered over to Jack. She 
looked a mess. She leaned in to kiss her teacher/love on 
the mouth, but I stopped her. 

"No, no, you dumb cunt. You don't kiss him on the face. 
Kiss his dick." 

Jack moaned. Mindy looked over at me, a drugged out 
groggy look in her eyes, she was mentally wasted and in a 
state of shock. 

"Go on, fuck-breath, lean down and kiss his big fat, dick 
goodbye. It's only polite. After a boy takes a girl like 
you on a date, it's a girl's job to kiss his dick 
goodnight. And after that eighth grade boy is nice enough 
to fuck you for the first time, make sure you thank him 
and kiss his dick thank you too. Now come on, Slop 
hole... get to it." 

She leaned down and kissed his slime covered prick head. 
Fuck stuck to her lips. She lost her balance and fell 
over onto the floor and started to cry. 

"Jesus, what a fucking pair of losers you two are. Go on, 
get dressed and get the fuck out of her. Friday... and 
don't you dare not complete your assignments."