Michelle's Torment

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Michelle stood trembling before Mr. Black. She had only  heard of him from her sixteen year old boyfriend Ryan.  Ryan worked for Mr. Black sometimes. How a sixteen-year- old boy got a job for one of the world's richest and most  powerful men, Michelle didn't know. There was a lot she  didn't know for instance, how she had gotten herself into  this mess.  She was a good girl, from a good family, not rich,  decidedly not rich, but good. She was a virgin, had never  had a boyfriend before Ryan. The other girls at school  had warned her that the hunky sixteen year old was no  good, trouble, but he was so darn attractive and so sweet  to her, she fell head over heels in love. It was  love...that's what got her in this mess.  "Michelle, Ryan tells me that he is having relationship  problems. Now we can't have that, because you see, when  Ryan has problems that affect his work for me. So you are  going to have to help us with his problem. He says that  you and he have intimacy problems, is that right?"  Beautiful little fourteen-year-old Michelle shook her  head and frowned. She didn't even know for sure what  intimacy problems meant. "Ugh, I don't know sir. I mean,  he's my boyfriend, I really like him." She wanted to say  love, but was afraid to in front of an adult.  Now Mr. Black frowned. He was a tall well-built man in  his thirties. "Ryan tells me you won't let him fuck you!"  Michelle's pretty face turned pale. Mr. Black had used  that word! He had talked about that thing. Had Ryan told  the man about how he kept trying to make moves on  Michelle, and she out of fear kept backing off? One cute  tennis shoe clad foot pawed the carpet. He put a hand to  her slender naked tummy so tempting and cute beneath her  pink summer cut off tee shirt.  "Ugh, I'm not ready for that yet sir. I'm only fourteen."  Mr. Black shook his head. "You are a cock tease Michelle.  Do you know what that is? Look how you dress. Like a  little slut. Can you blame poor Ryan for getting all  hard-dicked around you? And what do you do to help him  out? Do you even suck his cock?"  Michelle's pretty little face screwed up. "That's dirty."  Mr. Black smiled. "That's sex Michelle, a natural part of  life. That's why you are here today. To learn about sex.  I need Ryan healthy and happy. So I need Ryan's  girlfriend to keep him healthy and happy. When we are  through teaching you, you will let Ryan fuck you anytime,  any place he chooses. You will beg to suck his cock the  minute you see him. A boy likes that kind of flattery.  You will even beg Ryan to allow you to suck his dick in  front of all your school friends." Michelle was a quiet, shy girl, but now she drew her  petite little figure up to its full five foot two height  and made fists of her tiny hands. "That is disgusting  talk and I don't need to listen to it." She spun on her  heels and headed for the door. "Michelle, do you love your parents? And your little  sister?"  The words were so strange, so powerful, that she stopped  in her tracks. She turned back to look a the tall  handsome man who had uttered them.  "Look at the TV Michelle. See the videos we have taken of  your daddy and mommy and little sister. We know  everything about your family life. How easy it would be  to arrange an accident, let's say an explosion at your  house. Or a workplace accent for your poor pathetic hard  working father. Or maybe your baby sister getting raped  by a gang of street thugs on the way home from school.  How would you feel if you knew you were responsible for  that?"  Michelle's full pouty lower lip trembled. "What are you  saying?"  Mr. Black smiled. "You know what I am saying. I think  it's better if you cooperate. After all, you say you like  Ryan. I'll bet you even love him. He's such a handsome  young stud." Ryan hooked his thumbs in the pockets of his  jeans and grinned a boyish grin. "And I can swear to you  Michelle, that after Ryan fucks you five or ten times,  you are going to begin to really love it. I know how  little sluts like you work. Once you feel that tingle in  your clitty, once we get those cunt juices flowing. Once  you taste the delicious salty taste of boy dick...you  will be hooked for life, believe me. You won't have to  pretend or be polite, you won't be able to get enough  prickslop down your facetwat."  Michelle couldn't believe what she was hearing. Her  slender tummy fluttered, her small firm breasts heaved  and a tear formed in one violet eye.  "So let's get started then shall we, my sweet little  pussy?" Michelle's long hair swirled around her head in slow  motion as she shook her head in disbelief. "What? Here...  now?"  "Yes of course here and now. We have to turn you into a  little cocksucking cum dump for our boy Ryan here. So why  don't we start by having you remove your tee shirt and  showing us your fine fourteen year old titties."  "Please..." the tears ran down both soft young cheeks.  Michelle's slender fingers twisted together in front of  stomach.  "Oh sure, now the begging starts. It's no good Michelle.  A pretty girl like you, turning all the boys on, you  should have been sucking dick years ago. Now, I am a very  busy man, and unless you want me to arrange a little work  place accident for you daddy... just so show you I mean  business... take off the fuckin tee shirt and show me  your udders."  Michelle looked to her boyfriend for some compassion, for  some support. He just stood there smiling and rubbing the  big lump at the crotch of his jeans. This was not the  same boy she fell in love with... this was some kind of  animal. With shaking arms she raised the pink tee shirt  up and over her head... revealing her small cloth bra  holding her fourteen year old apple tits in modest yet  perky repose.  "Personally if I were Ryan I'd have one of those big- titted cheerleaders for my cunt, but to each his own.  Take off the bra Michelle... I want to see those sow  nipples."  "Yeah, show us your fucking tits..." those were the first  words Ryan had spoken. Michelle saw with horror a round  wet spot form at the crotch of Ryan's tight jeans.  "Oh God..." she wailed, her fingers fumbling at the clasp  of the bra. It opened and she stood with her naked  breasts visible to these two horrible men. She covered  her fine young tits with her hands, but knew that Mr.  Black would object, so she lowered her trembling arms.  Both males looked at her tits.  "Ryan tells me that you won't even let him suck on your  tits when you go on a date. Is that true Michelle, are  you a fucking cocktease?"  "I don't mean to be. I just... it seemed so wrong to do.  I never meant to tease him."  "Michelle, you sweet dumb cunt. Look at that leaking  prick in that boy's pants. How can you ignore something  like that? That is a natural reaction to cunt...and as a  cunt, it is your job to help a boy in that condition  unload his balls. That's why twats were put on this  earth. And speaking of twats...take off the rest of your  clothes and show us yours!"  "I... oh God... I can't..." it was real cute how her  nipples got all pebbly and hard from fear. Such pretty  brown/pink titty tips.  "Michelle, I won't tell you again. The next time you  disobey, your father loses a leg at his workplace  accident. And that will be just the start of your family  problems. Now take off the fucking ass hugging whore  jeans and your panties if you are even wearing any you  cheap piece of cunt meat you... and show us your teen  twat!"  Ryan would have given anything for a camera to capture  the sweet sad, pathetic look on poor Michelle's face just  then. His dick jumped in his pants and squirted out  another dollop of prefuck. Shit he was leaking like a  fucking faucet. He didn't know that Mr. Black was indeed  taping Michelle's little strip act. Taping it for his  multi-million dollar underground porno business.  Mr. Black poured himself a vodka martini and watched the  terrified little girl remove her tennis shoes, socks and  jeans. She now stood in a pair of pretty little pink  panties. Little pussy huggers they were. You could see  the puffy cuntal mound real clearly...and the smattering  of twat hair that was just starting on the little tramp.  "You are a fucking cheap slut, aren't you Michelle. I  could have guessed that from the minute I saw you, but  the sight of those twat huggers confirms it. And to think  you wouldn't even give your sweet innocent young  boyfriend who spent money on you and everything, a  fucking handjob before he went home at night. Shame on  you. Well, all of that is going to changed, starting  today. Your boyfriend will never have blue balls again.  Peel down those cunt soaked panties of yours and show us  some fine teen pussy!"  Michelle was crying really hard now. "I don't wanna have  a boyfriend any more."  "Too late bitch! You got five second to show us some  gash!"  Michelle hooked her finger tips behind the tiny waistband  and lowered the pink panties. Ryan and Mr. Black both  smiled at the sight of fresh, young, unspoiled teenage  cunt.  "Don't you dare put your hands in front of your pussy!  Put them up behind your neck. Now stand up straight, tits  out, legs apart so we can see those cunt lips! I got to  hand it to you Ryan, she's not bad at all for a frigid  stuck up cocktease. Turn around girl, show us your ass. I  like that, not all flabby and melon shaped... nice and  tight. Now cunt, sit in that arm chair over there and  throw your legs over each arm to open up your cunt so we  can get a really good look."  "I... oh God... I can't... I think I'm going to faint."  "You faint and your daddy loses a leg. Sit in the fucking  chair. Now hook your legs over the arms. Now reach down  and spread your cunt lips for your boyfriend. Come on,  you must have done this at home when you played with  yourself. Spread those pussy lips wide. I am losing  patience with you. Now stick some fingers in that dick  ditch. Come on, in and out... get it juicing for us, you  fucking whore.  "You are a natural. Look at how she secretly enjoys  finger fucking her hole Ryan, sluts like that are all the  same. They are just walking cumdumps. Jesus, what a piece  of fuck trash. Oh for fuck sake, stop balling cunt... we  haven't even gotten started with our fun and games yet."