Lakeland Clinic

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"Here at the Lakeland Clinic, our entire purpose is to explore and learn more about the sexual development of young boys and girls..." Dr. Fichter was much young than I thought he would be, young and quite ahndsome and fit. He had light colored hair and a muscular body. He also had incredibly piercing eyes that seemed to bore straight into your soul.

The clinic itself was located in Holland, just outside of Amsterdam. I'd heard about the sexually liberal attitudes they had in this part of the world, and I knew of course that the legal age of sexual consent was significantly lower here than in the United States for example. Isn't it queer that what boys and girls can do in Holland at very young ages is considered perversion in America. It just goes to show how false legislated morality is. Even though, as I say, the clinic is in Holland, I could not place Dr. Fichter's ethnicity. We spoke in English, and he did seem to have some kind of sligh t, rather romantic European accent.

"The thing is," he went on, going over to a side bar and pouring a soft drink for each of us," If we can learn more about early sexual development, we can help young people evolve as responsible, healthy well balanced adults. To this end, we began this clinic. The original Lakeland Academy was a very successful private institution which specialized in helping "TROUBLED" boys. While highly respected among certain circles, the rather extreme and ground-breaking practices conducted there caused quite a stir when word got out, and the school was closed. However Mr. Burke, the original founder of the school, switched locations and is continuing his fine work with boy as p art of our clinic. He has also expanded to include studies on young girls and their developing sexual awareness as well." He smiled and handed me my soft drink. I was impressed by how his body hugging white dress shirt seemed to emphasize his muscular torso.

"Our clinic is very private, and you are only being allowed to visit us because of your friendship..or should I say association with Mr. Black. He assures me that what you write about us will be fair and balanced and only be distributed to a certain chic clientele who share our interests in Early Sexual Development or ESD as we call it. In short, we believe that if we monitor and control the early sexual feelings and activities of young boys and girls, we can shape them to become more well balanced sexual adults.' As he said this, there was a twinkle in his eye that made me wonder about the sincerity of his statements. Was he having me on in some way?

"Where as Lakeland Academy only catered to boys of about ten to eighteen, our clinic has provisions for boys of four and five on upward. You see, sexual impulses begin long before a child reaches puberty. That's why forward thinking schools now believe it essential to begin sexual education at a much earlier age." He stood before me, and I could not help but notice a huge lump in the crotch of his suit trousers. "Mr. Burke, or Burke as he likes to be called by his colleagues, was the headmaster of Lakeland Academy for many years, and I am delighted to report that he still takes a hand in our operations from time to time. He has a truly magical way with pre-teen and teenage boys. Shall I give you the guided tour?" He chuckled, and I stood to go with him, out the door of his office and down the beautiful modern hallway. Every now and then the walls were dotted with what I can only call Erotic Art. Very graphic paintings and photographs of every imaginable kind of sexual act, some by the Great Masters, and some by artists with whom I had no acquaintance.

"Yes, indeed, our entire premise here is that sex plays a much larger part in our lives than most of us are willing to admit. Not only is there our physical sexual activity to consider, but our fantasies, our dark drives, our deepest erotic imaginings. Most people have vivid fantasies, but their actual sexual lives are rather mundane and boring. We, here at the clinic, try to change that."

"But I see photo graphs here on the walls of what appear to be teenage boys sucking on the sexual organs or dogs and horses among other things." I stopped at one particularly striking black and white photograph of a handsome boy of thirteen or fourteen with the testicles of a dog in his mouth. "Do the students... children see these?"

"They not only see them, but they study them. How can they rightfully know what they want sexually, if they are deprived of knowledge of what is available? They can only make wise choices, if they know the choices exist." I nodded at Dr. Fichter's wise observation.

Another photo showed a boy and girl, neither of them over eight years of age having what appeared to be full sexual intercourse. I stopped to stare in undisguised awe.

"Of course at his age, the boy cannot penetrate the girl's pussy very deeply, and he also cannot yet cum. So the girl needs extensive tutoring from a fully adult male who can show her how it should be done. She must learn to appreciate that there is quite a difference between her little friend's inch long penis and her teacher's nine inch cock. Still, it is cute to see them emulating the activities of the older children. Now I must remind you that the Boys' Clinic and the Girls Clinic are kept totally separate. We believe in only limited heterosexual contact. We believe that boys and girls generally develop better if kept with their own sexes for the most part. That being said, the moment a boy reaches puberty...the moment he has his firs "CUM" as we call it, his first wet ejaculation, we have one of our male teachers suck him off. If my language is not too clinical from time to time, I hope you will forgive me. We tend to use every day jargon here, so that the students don't become confused. So here at the institute..a 'BLOW JOB...is a BLOW JOB.' Then the boy who has just had his first wet orgasms is matched up with a young lady and the boy has his first adult FUCK." Dr. Fichter paused before a large black and white print of a boy of about twelve fucking a girl of about ten. Both kids had beautifully smooth flawless bodies. You could see the lad's small penis entering the girl's pussy.

"So literally within hours of reaching his first real "cum" a boy has both experienced having his dick sucked by a male and fucking a cunt. What could be more fair and balanced? Now in most cases, the girl participating has already been fucked by her adult male teachers over and over. We generally start fucking the girls as young as seven or eight, sometimes younger depending on our experiments. But every now and then, we save a girl, or get a girl a bit older who is still a virgin...and in that case, we might confine her activities to ass fucking and cocksucking, so that both she and the boy are virgins when they first fuck at puberty. It is really something special, I can tell you that, to watch a boy and girl have their very first fuck an hour or so after the boy has shot his first load. Both so fresh and innocent. No fears or guilts imposed by society. Pure healthy innocent pre-teen or early teen fucking. It is quite beautiful, as you can see from the art work on the walls. Now we'll have boys and girls as young as six go through the fucking motions with each other, so that they are ready when the time comes, but it's not the same as when the boy actually shoots his load into her fresh young pussy."

The words Dr. Fichter was using and the images he was conjuring up were arousing me, I can't lie about that. The photos on the wall were truly amazing. Boys and girls of every age in every kind of sexual position. Boys with boys as well...in fact, there were more homosexual photos than heterosexual ones. Boys sucking off other boys. Boys of six and seven with huge adult dicks in their mouths. Teenage boys taking black dicks up their asses. Girls of all ages sucking on each other's cunts. These amazingly artistic photos, some black and white, and some in full color, were hung amid great works of Art...also all very sexual in tone...everything from Caravaggio to De Vinci.

"So the children here at the clinic are exposed to sex on a regular basis? " I paused to stare at a photo of a boy of about ten with a beautiful face and hair as light as feathers licking what appeared to be a muscular adult male asshole.

"The children here at the clinic are exposed to sex on an continual basis...they are rarely engaged in any other activity. For example, once a boy has his first "CUM" and has fucked a girl once, he is put on what we call a 'MASTURBATION PROGRAM.' He masturbates himself continually or is helped with his masturbation by an adult teacher. He must be able to masturbate for hours at a time, and not cum. He must learn, once he cums to control it. Too many bad sexual experiences happen because a boy cannot control his orgasm. Think of all the unwanted babies in the world who are created because a boy cannot control his fuckload. So once a boy here has his first ejaculation, his further ejaculations are carefully controlled by us. If a boy excels at certain activities, we may reward him by milking him. But he must never cum without permission. That is severely punished here at the clinic. Boys here are trained to get hardons and masturbate them for twenty to thirty minutes every hour without shooting their load. They will sit in classes studying other things while they masturbate themselves. This teaches them 'SELF CONTROL.' something sorely lacking in the youth of today. A teacher may allow a boy to cum whenever he thinks it prudent. The girls on the other hand are taught to have multiple orgasms. They learn how to get pleasure while sucking the dick of a man. They are taught how to pinch and pull their clits to orgasm while taking cock up the ass. We put our girls of eleven and twelve on what we call orgasm machines. Their tits, cunts and clits are stimulated, bringing them to orgasm after orgasm...five, ten...non stop. After all, we are well aware that most men during sex are only interested in one thing, unloading their balls, so a girl must learn how to bring herself to sexual satisfaction. Of course she also needs to learn that during the sexual act, her entire purpose and function should be the man's pleasure. Her attention must be totally on pleasuring his dick and balls and asshole. We start teaching bitches this when they are five or six. We feel that one of the reasons for the decline of our society is that girls have ceased realizing that their prime purpose on earth is to be cunts for men."

We passed a photo of a naked boy of sixteen or so pissing into the mouth of a boy of no more than seven or eight. "Males on the other hand are of two natures, and I don't mean hetero and homo...we believe that all beings on earth can be bi-sexial, but males are either of the dominant variety or of the submissive variety. Now is this inbred or is it created by nurture, not nature? Are some boys just natural bullies? Are they meant to lord it over other boys?

Here at the clinic we do a great deal of work with boys controlling other boys and men controlling boys. Some of our teachers are actually part of the experiment. We try to analyze why they become aroused abusing and molesting young boys in what society would think the most disgusting and degrading ways. Why does a seemingly normal male adult so enjoy thrusting his huge thick penis into the tiny ass of a little boy? Why does he enjoy hearing the boy scream in agony and cry? What causes the man's enjoyment. You can see that the work we are doing here is vitally important. Why might an adult who appears meek and mild and civilized become a raging animal when he is whipping the smooth round ass of a fourteen year old boy? Why do men who love the small tight assholes of boys, still insist on shoving gigantic dildos and bottles and candles and baseball bats up those same boys' asses, ruining them forever? How can one love boy ass and still want to destroy it? How do we resolve this contradiction?

"We also study the sexual drives of teenage boys. For example, can a boy who seems to have a healthy sexual interest in girls be turned into a total cocksucking faggot? What does it take to turn him? We have our teenage boys hers at the very edge of orgasm without emptying their balls, sometimes for months and months. How does such an unfulfilled need affect their daily focus and mental well being. Can a boy concentrate on a task say, when he has this overwhelming need to blow his wad and empty his teen balls? Think of the implications of this for education. Perhaps he should be thinking about "MILKING STATIONS" in ordinary high schools. Places where a teenage boy could stop in and have his dick milked before going to class. I know he could and probably does simply masturbate a few times in the morning before school, but MILKING STATIONS could better monitor and prefect the act to bring a boy to optimum performance in school. Suppose for example, that we discover that one good orgasm in the morning, and then some serious penis manipulation without orgasm brings a boy to peak performance in the classroom. Maybe the boy's mind is sharper, clearer at a certain level. Then again, perhaps chastity devices should be worn by all high school boys. These are the kinds of important issues we are studying here at the clinic. I think you can sense how important our work is."

"In the case of girls and gay boys, how much fucking can a teenage girl or gay boy comfortable accept in a single day? How much cock can one comfortably suck in a single day? And then the question, how much dick can a pre-teen take? For example, does it do damage to the internal organs for a girl of seven to be both cuntally and anally fucked at the same time? Is there a way to avoid damage but continue the act? We have had some success believe it or not with gently manipulating the internal organs and intestines of children...enlarging the entrances to the bowels and womb...throat...whatever so that a child can accept larger sex organs without fear of damage."

He stopped before the photo of a boy and girl of no more than eight. Each of them had a food long black penis in their mouth and down their throat. You could actually see the outlines of the gigantic hunks of fuck meat through the thin pale skin of the children's necks. The sweet little kids looked to be choking half to death. Dr. Fichter smiled again.

"We reward the young ones who are able to take eleven or twelve inches down their throats. We are proud of our children's accomplishments. They excel in always trying to do better, always trying to reach the next level. You may notice that many of our staff are negro. We employ the because of their superior equipment and stamina. We find they also work well with children, although many of our blacks seem to have an affinity for the little white girls."

He paused before a doorway. "We are about to enter one of our classrooms. You will see the teaching techniques we use here. I don't think an actual class is in session, but you will see some of our monitors and teachers working with students one on one, or in some cases two or three on one. Please do not be shocked or surprised by the sight of teenage boys walking around naked with huge throbbing, leaking erections. As I said, we make these boys keep themselves aroused for hours each day without release. You will notice the full bloated condition of some of their scrotal sacks. This is not only from the containment of sperm, but also because we do extensive work with the boys' scrotums. We do testicular manipulation, scrotal weight training, constriction of sack, nut beating, and various other activities. Most of our teenage boys have extremely sensitive scrotums. Of course, it goes without saying, that any boy who has an orgasm without permission is severely punished. Here at the Clinic, We do not hesitate to administer corporal punishment. Nothing like whipping a little girl on the cunt or a little boy on his dick and balls to keep him or her in line. We make the other children watch to impress this lesson upon them.

You will also notice that we often have groups of adults observing our work. These are the large money donors to our Clinic. They visit often and sometimes even involve themselves in the experiments and various interactions with the boys and girls. We think it's wonderful that concerned citizens give so much time to the well-being of kids. Some of our clients will even take a teenage boy say for a private weekend, thus exposing him to the wider world outside the clinic. One nice donor took a girl of nine last week and introduced her to fifteen other nice gentlemen at a private party. How many girls of nine get that kind of exposure? One very important donor enjoyed a boy of eleven so much, he took him to live with him on his private estate. The man raises prize winning dogs and has a kennel with over twenty of them. Last I heard, the eleven year old boy was really bonding with the dogs. Isn't that touching? Actually, you'd be amazed at how many children can relate beautifully to animals, once the basic stigma attached to such things is removed. Children love animals, so why shouldn't they love them in all ways? Why shouldn't a girl of six or seven be taught that if she really loves her pet Doberman, she must love him in every way. She needs to lean about his needs and wellfare. You'll see that here at the Clinic, we teach that kind of loving care to our boys and girls. And you would be amazed how warm and fuzzy it makes one feel to watch some sweet young bitch of nine or ten, or some darling lad of the same age tenderly sucking on the balls of a big hairy dog, fat spotted pizzle leaking all over the child's face."

I recalled just such a framed photo back down the hallway. It was of a boy of about twelve, tongue sticking out of his cute face lapping at what were obviously canine testicles. Above the close-up of the boy's face was the ugliest dick you have ever seen, but in the photo kind of beautiful in a grotesque surreal way. The dick was leaking slime all over the boy's face. It ran over his nose and cheeks and onto his lips and dripped from his chin. It also coated the dog's balls and the boy's tongue licking the balls. I wondered if any of the framed art works were for sale. I also wondered if he had any of the same subject matter but with younger boys...say six or seven or eight. I learned a long time ago that if a boy learns to eat sperm by six or seven or eight, you will have no problem with him during those difficult teenage years. If he eats a lot of it before he is ten or so, then by the time he is twelve or thirteen, he will never wrinkle his nose at a bowlful of cum or a sperm sandwich.

So, are you ready to visit our first classroom. The hard dick in my pants was answer enough. Dr Fichter chuckled and opened the door.