Fuck Camp

Josh Flannigan pulled on his tight muscle tee shirt which accentuated his pecs and hard nipples, and slid his gym shirts up over his bulging jock strap and muscular ass globes. �He smiled at himself in the mirror. Nineteen years old and what a fucking hunk! He loved the way his big fat dick pushed the crotch of the shorts out. The little cunts would get wet panties looking at that all right. The cunts had crushes on him almost automatically, and the boys idolized him in that boycrush way that kids do. Perfect for taking advantage of them. Not that Josh had to worry about that. Before he got his job as Head Counselor at Fuck Camp, he had had to pick up kids in secret and molest them in garages and parks. Now he had all the fresh little girl pussy and all the boy ass he wanted.�

�� �The camp was officially called Camp Fukamori, named after the Japanese Business man who had established it in 1995. But now, thirteen years later, it was known by insiders as Fuck Camp. Liberal, and I mean very liberal parents sent their children there to be fucked! That's the only way to put it. Parents who loved incest and inter-family fuck fun sent their wee ones there to learn about the birds and bees. All activities were filmed for the loving parents to watch. And at the end of summer, their dear little children came home from camp as fucked up slutty little perverts.�

�� �Josh got the job at Fuck Camp when he was caught fucking the littlle daughter of one of the Camp Board Members. The parent had returned home early to find then Eighteen year old Josh, totally bare assed naked, muscular ass rising and falling as he fucked his nine inch dick into the bald �little pussy of the tiny little girl under him. In her pretty little girl pink bedroom, Josh's pre fuck sprayed the room when he pulled out to face the parent. Teddy bears tumbled from the bed. The little girl lay there her formly tiny pussy stretched into a huge gaping pink hole from Josh's beer can thick dick. Josh was sure he was headed to prison. Not only had he fucked the ltittle bitch in the cunt, but in the asshole and mouth as well. He stood there with his rampant naked dick throbbing and leaking. The little Girl's father, instead of turning Josh over to the police, offered him a job! First he sat in a little pink chair and watched as Josh continued to violate his daughter. He asked Josh to take a belt first to the baby girl's ass and then to her tender young pussy. The little cunt was taught how to properly worship and respect dick. �And Josh got a wonderful new job. �

�� � �Now he walked across the camp grounds toward the group of awkward, shy kids standing near the bus which had delivered them. He smiled at them and shouted hello. Both girls and boys could not help but stare at the hug lump in Josh's tight shorts. They had been kept innocent by their parents until now, so that the shock of getting fucked at camp would be all the more awesome.�

�� � �There were twelve little boys and six little girls. All beautiful children. The camp only took beautiful children.�

�� � �Josh welcomed them and then launched into his opening speech. "You all know why you are here. You are very lucky children. YOU have very liberal, intellectual advanced parents. They want you to be introduced to sex in the most fun and beautiful way possible. Sex is the best thing in the world, and too many people, especially in America are terrified of it their whole lives. They ruin marriages and relationships because they are afraid of their own sexual urges and desires. We are going to teach you all about sex here at Camp Fukamori. All kinds of sex. Every kind of sex. In fact, we call it FUCK CAMP. If you have an adventurous spirit and let yourselves go, you will have the best time of your lives, and you will emerge from this summer as full sexual beings. If you fight the flow, go against us, or resist learning, you will have a rough time of it."

�� � �In his mind, Josh was already deciding which of the little girls and boys he wanted to fuck first. That tiny girl on the end with the pigtails. She looked so fucking young. He couldn't wait to hear her scream as his fat dick stretched open her cunt and plowed unto her until it was battering at her womb. And that boy with the fair hair, he looked so delicate and refined. More of a sissy boy than a roughneck. He needed to be ass fucked in the worst way. �And that other boy with the pouty lips. How good those lips would look wrapped around his dick. Yes, he might go for those three first, while his fellow counselors �molested the others.�

�� � �"Let's get to know each other. We commune with nature here in a natural state. That means we follow nudism most of the time. I know some of you feel shy about undressing in front of each other, especially about being naked in front of members of the opposite sex, but it is exactly that kind of thing we are going to help you get over. We want you to be free. So, how about everybody strip off your clothes for us!"

�� � � � The us were the other counselors, Lars Whoelk, a tall muscular Nordic type with a ten inch dick, and Ten-Cent, a six foot six black man with over twelve inches of dick. Ten-cent had been taken from prison where he was serving thirty years for raping five little girls. Lars was known all through the Netherlands for torturing young boys. They did not have the job of Head Counselor because they were better at fucking than thinking. �There were twelve boys and only six girls, so that the boys could indulge in homosexual play lots of the time, and also so they could double fuck the little girls. Also, Josh knew that some of the boys would have pretty useless dicks when it came to fucking. They would be just too small and undeveloped as of yet. Some of them would grow and reach puberty during the summer. Boys very so much when it comes to this. You can have a boy of eleven who has a five inch prick and can shoot jism and a boy of thirteen who has a peanut dick and can't orgasm at all yet. It all added to the fun.�

�� � �"Come on kids, don't be shy now. Get those clothes off. You know your parents warned you to obey us in everything."

�� � � The dicks of the counselors thickened as the children stripped. Clothing came off until they stood in their underwear. Some of the girls didn't even need training bras yet. �Their titty mounds were just tiny buds. �The girls had a wide variety of breast sizes, some as I said, just little tit mounds, some apple sized, and a few of the girls with real melon growth. The �nipples also varied greatly. Some had tiny�raspberry�like nipples, while other girls sported large quarter or half dollar sized aureoles. Josh loved to chew on young girl nipples. He loved to put clamps on them and watch the little beauties squirm in pain. During the summer, he would teach the boys how to torture a girl's tits. How to slap them and twist them and burn them and clamp them. The panties came off and six beautifully bald pussies were on display. Tender little cunt slits with puffy little girls lips. Some of the girls tried to cover their cunts, but Josh ordered them stand tall arms at their sides.�

�� � The boys had mostly stopped stripping and were standing staring in awe at the cunts and tits. Some of them had never seen a live pussy before, only photos on the internet.�

�� � "Come on, fellas, plenty of time to look at the cunt later. Let's get those clothes off and see what you've got!"�

�� � �Pants and underpants came off, and as predicted, there were dicks of all shapes and sizes. �Four of the boy shad nice prick bushes already and good sized dicks hanging over fat teenage balls. Four more had little pubic hair, but adequately impressive dicks for their young ages. Two boys had slightly undersized pricks, and two boys had little pencil pricks.�

�� �"Don;t be ashamed of the size of your dick. Girls here will be taught to worship and respect cocks of all sizes! And the more you fuck, the more your dicks will grow."�

�� � �After allowing the children to stand and stare at each other for a while, Josh decided to move on to the next step.�

�� �"Many of you boys and girls have never had an encounter with a real adult penis. I am now going to undress and introduce �you to my fuckmeat.I have fucked hundreds of girls and boys just like you." Josh glanced over at the boys, some of whom were making funny faces. �"Oh my yes. Boys are not only good to fuck girls. Boys are good to fuck as well!" At this some of the girls giggled. �

�� � �Josh peeled off his shirt, knowing the kids were staring at his hairy armpits and well developed chest. �Next, he peeled down his shorts and stood facing them in just his bulging jock strap. His dick was straining the elastic material. He rubbed his hand over the prick pouch and smiled at the kids. �Some of the girls looked away, but the boys could not take their eyes off his fuck bulge. They wanted to have dicks like that. �Josh turned showing the kids his muscular ass. The full smooth hard ass globes and the deep ass crack.�

�� � "Look at my sexy ass, kids. That comes from working out every day. A good ass makes sex much more fun. You kids are going to learn how to lick my ass for me. You are also going to lick the asses of or two other fine counselors, Lars and Ten-Cent. And of course you are all going to be licking each others asses all the time. Even though you may not know it, ass licking is a really important part of sex."

�� � �Then Josh turned to face the shocked children once again. He hooked his thumbs inside the elastic waistband of the jock strap and tugged it down. The little ones gasped out loud at the sight of the huge pink fleshy rampant pink dick with the cockhead the size of a plumb. Beneath the cock hung a pair of egg sized nuts in a low fleshy sack. �It was truly a beautiful cock. The other counselors had slightly larger pricks, but none as beautiful as that of Josh.�

�� � � "This is my fucker. You are going to all become very very good friends with my �fucker this summer. You are going to kiss it and lick it and take care of it. I am going to fuck you girls in the mouth and cunt and ass with it, and I am also going to fuck every boy in the mouth and ass with it. We are going to stretch your little assholes beyond belief. Don't be scared. It's all part of the wonderful world of adult sex. I will often be fucking one of you little girls in the face while one of the boys here fucks your pussy and another camper fucks your ass at the same time. I will teach you how to fuck in rhythm, so we can all have fun. By the end of the summer, you will even be able to take two of our huge counselor dicks up your assholes at the same time. I know that seems impossible now, but we have a whole summer to work on it. Now I am going to walk down this line of shy little girls, and I want you each to introduce yourself to my cock. I want you to take my cock in your little hand and shake it and tell my cock your name!"

�� � � None of the little girls had ever touched a cock before. They were very scared. Josh smiled and approached them, his dick bounding and swinging and leaking a bit. "Don't mind the leaking, girls. That is just called dick leak and it tastes very good. You're going to learn to love it. Only some of the boys can leak right now, because of their ages, but soon, they will all be dripping like leaky faucets. It's a special treat for a guy to leak for a girl and to give her his leak to lick up. Don't worry, it's not like pee. Although you will learn to like that too this summer. No Dick leak is different. And it's not cum. You will earn to love the taste of cum too, even more than dick leak. You love our special summer garden salad with doggie cum dressing. We want to make sure that you cunts taste cum every single day of your lives from now on. And you boys too, although not as often as the cunts. All Summer here at Fuck Camp, I want you boys to call the girls Cunts! Its their proper name. If you want to talk to one of them, you just say 'Hey, Cunt.'"�

�� � � �Josh stood in front of the first girl who barely came above his waist. She was such a pretty little thing with apple cheeks and large eyes. He stood there flexing his hips so his dick would bounce almost in front of her face. "Hi, honey, I want you to meet my fucker!"�

�� � � �The little girl reached up one trembling hand and wrapped her tiny fingers around the fuckmeat.It was so thick she couldn't get all the way round it. �

�� � � Josh smiled. "Don't worry, it's not going to break. You can hold it harder than that. Feel how spongy it is, and yet how stiff and strong. Imagine how it is going to feel fucking into your tiny pussy."�

�� � � "Won't that hurt?" �It was the first word out of any of the children's mouths.�

�� � � "The first time I fuck you, it will hurt like hell. I won't lie to you. It's just something you got to put up with. Then the next five or six times it will still hurt quite a bit, but less. We'll get the boys with smaller dicks to fuck you too, to help stretch the cunt. But I promise you, after you've been fucked fifteen or twenty times, it will feel wonderful and you will love it and want it five or ten times a day."

�� � � �The pretty little girl didn't look much comforted.

�� � � � "Say how do you do to my big prick and tell it your name."�

�� � � �"How do you do, my name is Julie." �She said in the sweetest voice, gently shaking the fat dick up and down, as the balls jiggled underneath.�

�� � � �"Oh, Julie, you sweet fucking cunt, my dick really likes you already. It can't wait to fuck your pretty little face.�

�� � � �In this manner, Josh went down the line of little girls, introducing each of them to his fuckmeat. Of course it turned him on tremendously. A few times, he could not resist reaching down and cupping a bald little pussy or running his fingers up and down a cunt slit. He got to the smallest girl in the line and felt her cunt. �

�� � � "Your little cunthole is so tiny and tight, I don't know what we are going to do! We are going to have to fuck you extra carefully. Look how you got my dick leaking. I'll bet Ten-cent would love to be the first one to fuck you. Maybe we'll let him do it and we'll al lsit and watch. We often watch the fucking and sucking to learn from it. While you kids are fucking each other, some of you will form special relationships and friendships, and that is just great. Life long fuck friends. And it's only natural that you may find for example that you like licking and sucking one boy's ass more than the others. Something about that boy's asshole is special for you. You may like licking another boy's balls better than the rest. That's fine. We all have favorites. Just so you do a good job on them all. It's very common here at Fuck Camp for little girls and boys to fall in love with my dick. I sometimes get fan letters for my dick months and months after camp is over. And why not? When you have a big fat drooling dick like mine in your mouth all night, you can grow to love it. My cock might be the first real love affair of your young lives. Sometimes the kids even get jealous and fight over my dick. The same with Lars' and Ten-cent's dicks. By the end of the summer they are not satisfied any longer with a young dick. They want only the very largest adult dicks plowing their cunts and asses. I have had little girls and boys actually get into fist fights over who would get to suck on my fat fucker all night. And while I must admit that can be fun, I do want us all to get along and love each other and share the joy."As he spoke he gently twisted the titty nubs of the little girl at the end of the line. �Next he moved down the line of boys and had each of them feel his big fat leaking dick as well. The boys who knew abut queers were a bit more�squeamish�even than the girls. Josh told the boys they had to experience every kind of sex including gay sex. They had to learn what they liked the most. They had to develop healthy respect for cock and what cocks can do. Eventually the boys all felt the rampant fuckmeat. Josh often reached down and rubbed the hard young tummy of a boy who was holding his fucker. Sometimes he ran a hand over a round pink ass cheek, commenting on what a fuckable ass the boy seemed to have.�

�� �"I love fucking girl ass and cunt, but I have a special warm spot in my heart for fucking a nice small tight round smooth boy ass! Boy asses are very special. You will all be taking turns fucking each other in the ass this summer. Of course you boys with peanut dicks will be getting ass fucked more than fucking until your pricks grow some. But if you are good boys and eat lots of cum, your dicks will soon grow like mine. Then the girls at school will go nuts over you. They will beg to suck your dicks right in school. When i was in eighth grade I had girls lined up to suck my dick. I used to drip my dick leak into their juice at lunch and they would drink it down like it was the best thing in the world. Look at these big nuts of mine. You boys have to learn how to lick them for me. We will have contests of who are the best ball lickers, the girls or the boys. The same goes for eating out ass. While Lars and Ten-cent and I are fucking little girl cunt, we like to have a boy behind each of us licking and sucking out our asses. Don't worry, it's not as gross as it seems. You'll get to like it. All sex is wonderful. The dirtier the better We are going to teach you that the most perverted filthiest fucking sex is the �very best And how lucky you re to learn all of this at your young ages. I started young, but Lars here didn't learn most of this until he was fifteen. Same for Ten-cent. He knew about fucking girls early, and enjoyed that, but he didn't learn about really dirty sex until he was sent to the reform school when he was sixteen. We have so much to teach you. �

�� � "But what say we go up to the canteen for a little lunch? Oh don't pick up your clothes. Just stay naked like like. At the canteen, you will see that the boys sit on stools at a table, but the girls sit on the floor between the boys' legs, facing the boys' dicks. Since there are twelve boys and only six girls, the boys will take turns with the girls. �The boys will cover their dicks and balls with some of their food and the girls will lick their lunch off the cocks and nuts of the boys. Don't worry, there is plenty of food for all, so boys really cover your dicks and balls with lots of food. Girls, you are not allowed to use your hands. You must lick the food off the pricks and fucksacks of the boys. The three girls who lick the best will get to lick dinner tonight off the counselors' pricks. This exercise is to teach cunts that the most important thing in their whole lives is to service dick! There is nothing else meaningful for a twat to do in her life except service dick. Men run the world, and cunts service the dicks of men. � �

�� �"I truly hope you will learn to love it here at Fuck Camp. And I hope you will learn to love fucking and getting fucked and sucking as much as we do!"

� �Josh Flannigan sat on the edge of his bed facing the two children. He was naked from the waist down. He knew the two little ones could not help but stare at his hug dangling dick �which was still flaccid, but none the less awesome. It was so fucking thick. The nineteen year old boy had to �laugh at the way their eyes bugged out looking at the slab of fuckmeat hanging over the heavy bag of balls. He spread his muscular nineteen year old thighs wider apart. How man cunts had protested they could not take a dick that thick in their mouths, much less in their cunts and assholes. �He had been forced to be rather severe with any number of them to show that they could indeed get plowed balls deep in all their holes. After all, what was a jock stud like Josh expected to do, be satisfied with half a fuck? He had learned that some young twats didn't realize how important fucking was to studs like Josh. They still had stupid notions put into their heads by tv and movies and some schools that sex was a loving expression shared between two devoted people. Fuck That! Sex was a way for a dude like Josh to unload his balls into the most convenient hole possible. And the more discomfort and humiliation it caused the hole, the more fun it was. Tht is why Josh so loved his job as head counselor at "Fuck Camp!"

�� � He had selected the two children he now had before him because of their looks of innocence and youth. They were both beautifl with soft smooth skin and large eyes and a really trusting look. They had both been totally sheltered from sex by lecherous parents who now wanted them totally corrupted and "fucked up" to put it in technical terms. The children were both naked. Cory the boy shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot. His body was totally hairless and his little dick jutted out from his tummy. His balls had not yet dropped and thus, although his sensitive little dicklet could maintain an erection, he could not shoot a load for his balls had not yet dropped. He had a flat chest with two dime sized brown titties. He had a really beautiful ass which was the main reason Josh had chosen him. Fucking a really pretty boy ass was one of Josh's favorite hobbies. The curve of this boy's ass globes really turned Josh on, not to mention the deep ass crack. Josh had not yet seen the tiny pink ass pucker that lay hidden in there, but he soon would.�

�� The little girl, Peggy was even more delicious. She was very small for her age, and her body too was totally hairless, not even a tin curl over her puffy pussy slit. That was one hundred percent pure virgin untouched cunt! Josh could already imagine what it would be like to ram his nine inch long wrist thick dick into it. He could imagine the unbearable pain the cunt would feel the first ten or fifteen times she was fucked. He could imagine the look on her sweet innocent face when she was told she also had to take the huge dick up her ltitle baby asshole as well! She would eventually learn what girls are for! She would learn her purpose in life...to service big fat dicks. �What the fuck else was cunt good for? Josh sure as hell didn't know. He seldom thought about girls unless he was feeling horny, which was quite often. Girls to Josh were just fuck holes. He liked cute ones of all ages, but a hole is a hole! He enjoyed putting cunts in their places and teaching them what their purpose on this earth was. And he had the dick to do it. He really had a beautiful hunk of fuckmeat. Guys as well as girls couldn't help but admire it. When he went to the gym, faggots were always begging him to let them suck it. They offered him money, which he sometimes took. Shit, why the hell not. They also wanted to lick his muscular ass. He was what you might call, the perfect young man!�

�� �So there his fuckmeat hung over his low hanging nuts, with the two kids staring at it. �Josh chuckled. �

�� � Peggy, Cory, I have chosen to begin our lessons here at Fuck Camp with the two of you. Do you know why? Because I think you two are the most beautiful of all the kids here this summer." Peggy smiled. Cory looked down embarassed.

�� � Stand with your legs a little further apart Peggy, so your beautiful pussy is on display. You have such a pretty cunt. Doesn't Peggy have a pretty cunt, Cory?

�� �"I guess," the boy mumbled, shyly looking over at the little girls slit.�

�� � "Oh my yes, a pretty cunt like �that is going to get lot's of action. You are going to be a very popular girl at school Peggy. I'll bet that within a few weeks of going back to school at the end of the summer, you are going to be getting fucked eight to ten times a day in that pretty little cunt of yours. We are going to make sure all the boys at your school know that your cunt is open and available and that you are a cock hungry little slut. �Oh, I know you're not a cockhungry little slut yet, but by the end of the summer you will be. �You're going to want, no, need dick in you all the time. I've dealt with fuckwhores like you since I was in high school Look at you, you dick hungry whore, you can't take your big brown eyes off my fuckmeat, can you? I'll bet your virgin cunt is just itching like crazy to get plowed. �And Cory, you are here to learn how to fuck a girl. You are going to learn from a fuckmaster. You are also here to learn to respect cock and what it can do. But first things first. �

�� � "Peggy, can you reach down for us and spread your pussy lips so Cory and I can get a good look of the inside of your gash? "

�� � �The little girl looked as if she might cry. "I'm too shy. I scares me." �

�� � �"You must never be shy in front of boys, honey. You have to remember that you are nothing but a slag...a fucking slut...a cunt. And it is your job to make boys happy. When a boy gives you an order, you should want to please him. No matter what the order is. That's how a wife should behave for her husband, and that's how a girl should behave for her boyfriend. You need to learn that. When a boy at school, or anywhere for that matter, wants to check out your cunt, you show it to him immediately. It's our job in life to give your cunt to any boy who wants it. You are not a baby anymore. You are a living breathing twat and you must offer your hole to any dude who is nice enough to want to shove his dick into it. Your Mommy gives her holes to your daddy and all of his friends. I've even fucked your mommy. Does that surprise you?"

�� � �The little girl nodded. Were those tears in her eyes? �Josh's bid dick gave a lurch.�

�� � � "Now come on, be a good girl and spread your cuntlips for Cory and me. Within a few days, you are going to have to spread your cunt for the whole camp, so you might as well get used to it."

�� � � �With trembling fingers the small girl reached down to her bald pussy and spread the lips apart. �

�� � � "Oh my, isn't that beautiful, Cory? I know you aren't really into girls yet, but you soon will be. Look a that pink fleshy cunt. Spread that cunt wider, Whore! �Look at that little fleshy tail. That's her clit. A clit is like a tiny dick. Like your tiny dick, Cory, and it feels good to get your clit rubbed just like it feels good to get your dick rubbed. Go ahead, Cory, rub your �little dick whlle you examine Peggy little clit!�

�� � �"May I let go now? It hurts to stretch them like this."�

�� � � �God the little snatch was a darling! "No, Peggy, you have to learn to hold your cuntlips open as long as a boy wants. Look, you are making my dick all big and fat. Aren't you pleased that you are having this effect on me? Your pretty little cunt is making me all aroused. My cock wants to fuck that little cunt! Isn't that sweet?�

�� � � "Okay you can let go now. Now it's Cory's turn. Cory, you have a special hole as well. Oh yes. We want you to turn around and spread your legs wide apart, then reach back and spread your ass cheeks for Peggy and me, so we can look at your asshole!"�

�� � � � Little Cory blanched. �His eyes got even wider. �"That's gross. That's dirty." �he said as if to defend himself. �

�� � � "God damned right it's dirty. It's fucking dirty. It's filthy. And that's what's so fucking much fun about it. Sex is dirty. And Fun. Come on now, show us your asshole like a good little boy. Don't let Peggy be better behaved than you. Peggy, while we look at Cory's asshole, I would like you to take one hand and play with your cunt. Stick you r fingers in your pussyhole and rub your clit. Make sure I can see. �Now Cory reach back and grab an ass cheek in each hand and pull your ass open for us. Oh yes, I really want to fuck your ass Cory. Look how tight his little asshole is, Peggy. I can't wait to see who has the tightest asshole, Peggy or Cory. We are going to have a contest to see who has the tightest asshole. But not now. Now my dick needs some loving. Look how big it is getting. �I want both you children to kneel down between my legs. �Now Peggy, I want you to start to kiss my dickhead. I know this is the first dick you have ever kissed. Notice the smell, kids? That is the smell of man sweat and man sex. Even if a guy washes his dick, when he starts to have sex, that smell comes out. It's that smell that turns a cunt on. It's like with animals. It's the reason we have hair around our pricks, to hold the smell. The stink of a dick and balls drives bitches wild. I hope you are learning something here. This is the purpose of Fuck Camp. It's not all just fun and games. Don't be afraid, Peggy. Lean in and kiss my dickhead. I know it is wet. That is called pre-fuck. The fact that it is leaking, means I like you kids alot. So you have to learn to lick up the dick leak. �This is your fist dick, Peggy, but you are going to be kissing and licking dick every day of your life from now on. In between classes at school you will be licking the boys' dicks when you are not getting fucked. That will make you really popular.�

�� � "I'll get that gooey stuff on my lips if I kiss it!" �She wrinkled up her cute �little nose.�

�� � �"Of course you will. Your lips will become coated with cocksnot! It will make you so pretty. I am going to rub my dickhead all over your pretty little face and cover it with cockleak!" The nineteen year old jock did just that. He rubbed his fat dickhead all over the face of the squeamish little girl, leaving long trails of pre-fuck all over. Pre-fuck coated her lips and clogged her nose. It dripped from her cheeks. She was such a good little girl, she hardly gagged or cried or anything.�

�� � "That's gross." Cory said. He seemed to be limited in his responses. �

�� � �"Now, Cory, I want you to be a good boy and lick my cockleak off Peggy's face."�

�� � �"Do I gotta?" It was his turn to wrinkle his cute little pug nose.�

�� � � "Yes, Cory, you gotta. I promise you this will be fun. You are going to fuck your first cunt tonight. But you have to learn to �like girls to do it. It doesn't taste so bad, y ou'll see. �

�� � � Josh slowly pumped his huge dick as he watched the little boy licking fuckslime off the face of the tiny girl. "There you go, that's good. Now I want you two to kiss each other. And while you kiss, I want you to play with your cunt, Peggy, and I want you to play with your little cock, Cory. This �is what grown ups do. And you are growing up really quickly. So come on. A nice long kiss and finger your fuck equipment. "

�� � � For Cory, kissing a girl was almost the hardest part. He wasn't really into girls yet. Oh, he'd seen it on tv and in movies and on the internet, but it was still not a part of his regular life. But he didn't want to appear a sissy, so he kissed the girl. Some of the fuckslime from Josh's leaking dick still coated Peggy's lips and their mouths kind of stuck together. It was really cute.

�� � � �"Shove your tongue in her mouth, Cory. Do it just the older guys do it. And while you shove your tongue into her mouth, I want you to reach over and replace her fingers with yours in her cunt. I want you to stuck a finger up her cunt! �Now Peggy, I want you to reach over and play with Cory's cock."

�� � � It was so fucking obscene, watching these two children kiss and feel up each other. Josh was in fuck Heaven. he leaned in and ran his hands down the backs of the two kissing children and fondled their asses.�

�� � �"Oh yes, see if you can get two fingers in her cunt, Cory! You're the man. Fuck your fingers in and out of her cunt."�

�� � � The room became heavy with silence except for the heavy breathing of the two children. This told Josh that they were getting into it.

�� � � �Then he had them kneel between his legs again.�

�� � � �"You two little darlings are doing so well. I am so proud of you. Now I want you both to lean in and lick all up and down my big wet dick! �I want you to feel how wonderfully soft the dick skin is ,and how hard and strong the veins and muscles under the cockskin is. Go on, don't be shy, you two little sluts want to do it, I can tell. This is the most beautiful cock you will ever kiss. You will think back about my prick all of your lives.�Worship�that fucker. Lick that dick up and down. That's it, get the dick all full of your sweet child spit. Take turns licking the cocknob! More leak is coming out, catch it on your tongues. Oh you fucking little animals, you! That's good. I've got a treat for you. A nut for each of you. Each of you gets to lick one of my balls. I want you to feel the texture of the fucksack on your tongues and in your mouths. Jesus, you are making my dick hard. Yeah. That's the way, you fucking babywhores. �See who can lick my balls the best. Go on. One hairy testicle for each of you. Reach over and and play with each other's sex while you lick my balls. Oh Peggy, I knew you were a fucking slut the first time I laid eyes on you. I told myself, "That little cunt is a natural cocksucker! Shit, if you were old enough, I'd date you and make you one of my regular cockholes! �Do you know that during the school year, I've got four or five regular fuckfriends. I prefer the world fuckfriend to girlfriend. They are freshmen at different high schools in town. I have a hell of a time making each one think she is special, when all she is is a teenage twathole for me to fuck. At fourteen, a cunt will really fall in love with a dude's dick! She'll do anything for him, which is how it should be. Lick down under my nuts. Cory, you better lick with more enthusiasm or Peggy will win. have either of you two �little shits every licked asshole? No, I am sure you have not. �Well, we are going to let Cory lick my asshole while Peggy �crawls back and licks Cory's asshole. That way, both of you get to eat some ass. Sucking and eating ass is an important part of sex. Usually a guy will not eat a girl's ass. That is gross, Cory as you say, but a chick is expected to eat her boyfriends ass almost every night. Guys love to get their asses eaten almost as much as they love to fuck.�

�� � "What if the ass is diry?" cute little Peggy asked. She was an intelligent little cunt.�

�� � "You will just have to learn to like it that way. You have to �learn to get used to the taste. �Now, tonight I am very clean, and I know Cory just took a shower, although little boys don't really know how to get their ass totally clean. We are never taught that. Still, you can get it squeaky clean for him with your tongue and lips. NowI expect you Cory, to get your tongue way up inside my asshole. I like it when a tongue fucks in and out of my asshole while the lips suck at my asslips. Do you think you can do that? Don't be a bay now and cry. You know the purpose of Fuck Camp is to teach you all about sex and that is what your parents want for you. They want to turn you into fuck sluts. So you have to be good little girls and boys and obey. don't want to let your parents down. See we are filming all of this to show your parents. Now Cory, show your mom and dad what a good boy you are and suck my ass. Get it really spitty and stick your tongue way up my shit chute. Think about how you are going to fuck Peggy tonight. How tonight will be your very first fucking experience. And Peggy, think about how you are not only going to feel Cory's tiny dick in your baby cunt, but you are going to get split open by my huge fucker as well. Lick Cory's ass, Peggy like the female slut you are. And Cory...suck my ass! SUCK MY ASS!

�� �Poor little Peggy couldn't believe what was happening to her. She didn't believe such pain existed as that which she was now suffering. Josh the nineteen year old camp counselor was slowing shoving his huge cock into her tiny little bald pussy. Naked Cory sat there playing with his tiny dick and watching as he had been instructed to do. His mouth hung open in awe. He was sure the big fat fucker that Josh sported would rip Peggy's pussy to pieces. He looked closer to see if the skin would tear, but the little girl's cunt continued to stretch and stretch as Josh forced more and more cock into her.

�� �"That a girl, Peggy. Oh Fuck, what a fucking hot bitch you are! Such a good little cunt! Take my big fat leaking dick! Take my big fat cock up your tiny baby cunt!" Four inches of nineteen year old dick were now imbedded in the little girl. She felt like a pig on a spit, she felt en brochette! she felt skewered! The dick was so large that her entire little body felt impaled on it, and indeed she was. He had her naked lttle body on the bed on her back with her legs pulled up to her flat chest. He leaned over her and shoved more and more dick into her raped body.�

�� �"That's it you sweet little bitch, take my big dick. I've got almost half of it in you now. Only a little over five inches to go! Can you feel it bumping against your cervix? Does that hurt, angel? I swear to you, after you have been fucked fifteen or twenty times, this won't bother you at all any more."�

�� � "She's bleeding!" Cory said with alarm, his small hand working his stiff little dick.�

�� � Josh laughed. "That's cause I popped her cherry. Cunt's have a thin membrane of skin in there, and I just broke through it. It's great! When you get a bit older, Cory, you and your buddies will have contests to see how �many cherries you can pop. It's a thing guys do. Of course here at camp, I get to bust a whole lot of virgin membrane. It's one of the perks. �

�� � "Doesn't it hurt her? Look, she has her eyes closed and is breathing real funny and crying."�

�� � "Of course it hurts her, Dickface! That's part of the fun. When a guy fucks a girl, he tries to fuck her as hard as he can, so that she never forgets his particular dick! Girls never ever forget me. Believe me! Okay, bitch, here comes another inch!" His muscular ass globes tightened a bit and moved down as he forced another inch of cock into the wailing girl.�

�� � "Get behind me, Cory and lick and suck my balls while I fuck her!"�

�� � �Little Cory made a face. He had already sucked Josh's ass. " Do I gotta?"�

�� � �"God damned right, you gotta. I like to have my balls licked while I fuck a bitch. Sometimes I'll have a cunt's boyfriend or husband lick my balls while I fuck her. If grown men are afraid to say no, you better Goddamned well get on a job when I tell you to. Now lick them real nice. They'll be swinging alot once I start to actually fuck, so don't hurt them by catching them in your mouth. Just lick and suck gently on the nuts in the sack!"

�� � � "What do you mean, once you start to fuck? Aren't you fucking her now?"�

�� � � Josh laughed a deep throaty laugh. "Fuck no. Now I am just introducing her to my dick! Once I am in all the way, then I will start to fuck her little brains out. Not that bitches got any brains to begin with. Not real brains. Not for things that matter. RIGHT, BITCH? YOU ARE JUST A BRAINLESS LITTLE CUNT, AND WHEN I GET THROUGH WITH YOU, YOU WILL BE A BRAINLESS LITTLE GIRL WITH A HUGE OPEN CUNT THAT CAN TAKE ANY FUCKING THING AT ALL!"�

�� � � Little Peggy howled in pain and tried to twist away. Josh grabbed her two little nipples and tugged. �"You just lay real still, Fuckhole! I am doing this for your education. Lay still and take this fuckmeat. do know how many high school freshman, girls older than you, �would gladly change places with you? At school, the freshmen bitches �hang on me all day. "Please fuck me, Josh," they beg. "I'll do anything you want!" I string them along. First thing I tell them is, "If you want to taste my dick, you got to come to school with no bra or panties on! And no pants, only short skirts!" Shit, I got fifteen or more freshman �twats walking around school with their bare cunts showing! I make them lift their skirts to show me and my buddies their virgin pussies! I make them stand there in the school hall, against a locker and finger their cunts while we guys watch. That's how I am able to decide which cunt I want to fuck next. I make them open their blouses and show us their naked tits. I tell them to pull on their nipples to get them hard. How else can a guy judge if he wants to date a bitch or not? Sometimes, I'll have them compete. I'll take two bitches into an empty classroom and have them strip and tell them to play with their pussies and tits. The girl who fingerfucks herself best gets a date with me. You little bitches are really lucky. You are getting a head start on the other girls. You are getting introduced to dick early in life. Of course most of the dicks you encounter in junior and senior high will not be as big as mine or the other counselors here at Fuck Camp. You will be a bit disappointed because you won't feel stuffed full of cock in your cunt and asshole. But if you are an enterprising young twat, you will hit the streets looking for massive dick to satisfy you. Hang on, here come another inch!"�

�� � � Josh was pounding the little bitch now. He knew he would not get it all in her, she was just too tiny, but he could still try. Cory half in fear, half in little boy lust and curiosity had crawled down between Josh's muscular thighs and was lapping at the large nuts hanging in their fleshy hairy sack. Cory was �a bit to young to even understand about gay and straight sex. He knew about fags and something about what they supposedly did, but he didn't understand the technicalities of being a queer or being straight. He and his little buddies had upon�occasion�stripped �naked in his room and bounced on the bed and rubbed their bare little bodies against each other, but that was just little boy fun. They had compared dicklets and fingered each others little peckers, wondering when they would grow large like the older guys they had seen at the swimming pool. But Cory had no idea if licking a grown boy's balls was queer or not. He just knew he didn't want the shit kicked out of him, and that he had better do whatever Josh ordered. He had not enjoyed sucking on Josh's ass, even though the counselor's hole had been quite clean.�

�� �Josh had announced that he loved nothing more in life than to get his ass licked and sucked and that he would appoint one of the little campers each night to be his personal "ass sucker." Cory hoped that since he had been�initiated�early, he might be left out of that chore for some time to come. It felt to freaky to have to lick up and down the ass crack between to smooth muscular ass cheeks, and then to have to swipe your tongue over the asshole. The skin there felt funny and the hair around the asshole got caught in the little boy's teeth. Josh had been real patient. He was a good teacher, Cory had to say that for him. He taught Cory how to make his little boy tongue real pointy and then stick it into the rosebud of rectum flesh. He taught the kid how to actually fuck the asshole with his tongue while his lips sucked at the asslips. He told Cory to make lots of sloppy piggy noises as he sucked asses as the jocks really enjoyed that.�

�� � Peggy grunted as Josh bottomed out in her. No way he was going to get balls deep in this bitch. He was butting up against her womb as it was. Might as well start fucking! He raised his hips so the cock withdrew almost to the swollen plumb sized head, then he slammed his hips down so the dick forced itself roughly back in as deep as it would go. Peggy's pretty little mouth opened but no sound came out! Here eyes opened wide too and rolled up until only the whites were showing. Peggy was sure she was going to die.

�� � Josh looked down into her beautiful little face and could not resist spitting a huge gob into it. Spittle ran over her cheeks and nose as the nineteen year old counselor fucked her as hard as he could. His � big balls bounced and swung and Cory had a devil of a time licking them.�

�� � � The most interesting time of the evening so far for Cory had been when he had been taught how to put his dick into a girl. He had been instructed how to fuck Peggy. Of course his dick was still so small that even the little girl hardly felt anything, but it had been fun. Josh had sat there masturbating his huge leaking dick while he watched the two little kids fucking on the bed. He taught Cory how to hump his ass and hips more so that the dick would get deeper into the cunt. Cory's dick was so tiny he had not even busted Peggy's cherry. But it was damned cute watching them fuck. Cory had also sucked Peggy's pussy and she had licked and sucked his tiny dick.�

�� � Somewhere along the line, Josh had decided to call Peggy, Piggy. He knew the summer camp would turn her into a little cock pig, so why not call her Piggy? By the time the summer was over, the fucking bitch would need cock every single day. She would be cock addicted. Dick addicted! Or just A Dick-ted. Although she would be fucked by boys in the camp every day most of the day, she would yearn for the massive pricks of the counselors. To get serviced by the really big dicks, she would have to perform degrading, disgusting, perverted, fun activities. For example, once a cunt craved Josh's huge fuckmeat, he would make them suck and fuck with dogs before he gave them some of his precious cock. He might make them drink piss or eat shit or puke. He loved to see how low a girl would go, just to get his dick. It amazed him some of the things girls would do to get some of his fuckmeat.�

�� � �There had been this one thirteen year old, Josh had been fucking who really needed his dick two or three times a week. Well, he had other cunts to fuck, so she was lucky if she got it once every two weeks. She began to go a bit nutty. She would stalk him. she sobbed that she needed his big dick. �Finally he told her, he would fuck her, if she did a little something for him. He wanted her to fuck her own father and bring him photos as proof! She freaked out of course. How could she accomplish that? �Not Josh's problem. He thought it would get the bitch off his back. But lo and behold, about a month later, the cunt brings him photos of her own dad fucking her brains out! Josh had to relent and give the pussy some of his beautiful cock. Then she sobbed, she couldn't live without his dick. Now this was an extreme case. He didn't care if she committed suicide, but stringing her along suddenly became a kind of challenge for him. He told her he would give her his dick on a regular basis, if she got pregnant by her father! She resisted as any normal red blooded thirteen year old would do. He withheld his dick. �She would come to him at the high school and say would he just take it out of his jeans so she could look at it for a few minutes. Being a nice guy he usually obliged, but that only made things worse. She would take one look at his cuntbuster, and go nuts. She needed it so badly. Well, she eventually relented and got her own father to fuck her pregnant. They told Mom it was some boy from school. When the girl showed Josh the pregnancy test results, he had a really good laugh. He gave her some good dick that night. She was in Heaven. Then he told her she could not get an abortion, but had to carry the child. He would continue to fuck her and give her dick to suck as long as she carried the baby. He would enjoy fucking a pregnant girl. �Josh even visited the distraught father and told him he knew he had been fucking his own daughter. He showed the dad the photos the thirteen year old bitch had taken. The father was mortified. Josh forced the father to strip bare assed right there in his high tech expensive office, crawl on his hands and knees across the carpet and suck on Josh's dick. Then he brought in the man's daughter and he and the man fucked the girl in the cunt and ass at the same time.�

�� �That was only one of many adventures in sex that Josh had had. He was a real piece of work that nineteen year old jock was. He had even fucked his own mother, but that is another story. Now he was fucking little Peggy as hard as he could. The little thing was wailing again, �throwing her head from side to side in pain as the huge dick plunged into her.�

�� � "Oh yeah, I am going to shoot! Beautiful!" �Josh kicked out with one big bare foot and sent Cory tumbling onto the floor. He wondered for one nano-second if Cory's ass would be as tight a fuck. Well, he had plenty of time to find out. As far as Josh was concerned, fucking children was the greatest thrill in the world.�

�� � Just as Josh arched his smooth well toned back and pushed his ass globes down so his dick would fuck into the little girl as much as possible as he shot his load, the door to the cabin opened and �the two other camp counselors entered.�

�� � "Jesus, Josh, we can hear the bitch screaming all over camp. You are going to scare the other children."�

�� � �"Holy Christ, she is a good tight fuck! I'm just finishing up for the moment, why don't one of you dudes stuff her cunt while the other one can fuck her in the ass. I'll have her clean off my dick with her mouth! This little bitch needs some serious fucking!"�

�� While the other two counselors stripped bare assed and played with their quickly swelling dicks, poor little Peggy, or Piggy as she would not be called curled up into a tiny ball on the bed and sobbed. Jizz ran from her ruptured pussy and puddled on the bed. Josh was having a great time. The muscular nineteen year old stud wiped his half hard dick in the puddle of cum and then crawled up to Piggy's pretty little tear stained face. He rubbed the cock slop all over her nose and cheeks and mouth. Her eyes looked wild and out of focus as if she were in shock. Little Cory stared in awe at the huge hunks of fuckmeat on the other two counselors. Huge slabs of leaking fuckmeat bobbed and swayed as the counselors climbed onto the bed.�

�� �"Yeah, dudes. One of you fuck her in the ass while the other one gets sloppy seconds in her pussy. Look how tiny her asshole looks. You guys are gonna feel each others dicks through the membrane separating cunt from asshole."

�� � "Oh Please, please no, you'll kill me..." �Little Piggy squealed. �Josh laughed and rubbed her flat chest, yanking on the budding nipples. �

�� � "Honey, we are just getting you ready for what you will be facing for the rest of your life. This is what bitches are for! Cory, get your little boy face over here and lick my balls some more."�

�� � Cory was terrified to refuse the older counselors anything. After all, he was just a little kid. �Piggy was screaming now as two dicks impaled her at the same time, a black one and a white one. both were really thick as well as long. The counselors knew they could only get half their pricks into the little cunt, but the asshole was a different matter. You could acutally adjust the intestines to take a whole nine or ten inch dick, even in tots as young as Cory and Peggy. �

�� �Cory was lapping at Josh's huge sweaty swinging scrotum. The big dick grew thick and hard again. �"Oh yeah, I feel like some little boy cunt, now!"�

�� � Cory almost fell off the bed. He tried to crawl away, but he was too tiny. Josh grabbed the little boy with one hand and dragged him back.�

�� � "No, please don't do that to me. Please. I'm a good boy. I do whatever you say. I licked your balls and ass. Please don't do that to me!"�

�� � "Baby, your asshole is so sweet, I just got to feel my dick up it. Besides, I couldn't fuck Piggy balls deep in the cunt, so I just got to feel a balls deep fuck someplace." �

�� � � He flipped the little boy over on the bed. Now both children were squealing in terror. Piggy was double fucked. Her cunt was so stretched it looked grotesque and her asshole was torn a bit and bleeding. Josh spread the little boy's ass with his large hands. His hands were as large as the ass globes. The tiny pink asshole looked wildly erotic to the nineteen year old counselor. He leaned in and spit a gob onto the rosebud for lube. Then he placed his huge cock knob onto the pucker and pushed. �Little Cory had never felt anything so painful in his entire life. He grunted and then wheezed and then screamed a tiny high pitched scream, that got the three counselors laughing. �Josh shoved as �hard as he could, sending his massive fucker into the little boy's rectum balls deep. The pulsing veins along the side of the jock's prick added extra pain to the already stretched to the limit boy asshole. Little Cory saw white and heard buzzing and didn't know what was happening to him. He felt numb down below, but inside a burning like he was on fire. �Josh started to fuck in and out of the boy. On the other end of the bed, the two other muscular�

counselors decided to change holes, so one pulled out of the asshole and went into the cunt, while the other took his place. �Piggy's teeth chattered together like she was freezing as tiny rips in her cuntal and anal flesh reacted to the rough fucking.�

�� � �"Nothing like the first day of camp. And just think, we get to do this all summer, anytime we want to, day or night." �Josh yelled, his sweat dripping off of his chest onto the little boy's back. He reached down and circled the boys slender waist with one large hand. He hauled the boy up onto his thin knees, so that he could fuck him harder and deeper.�

�� � �"Holy, shit, you got to try this hole. It is so sweet! Totally awesome. I knew when I saw him standing bare assed in line today, that he would have a perfectly fuckable ass. We are going to turn this little boy in to a first class cunt!" �The fucking was too sweet, he couldn't even form words any more. So he just grunted and fucked the boy harder and harder. �Then mid fuck, just for fun, he placed little Cory on top of Piggy.�

�� � "You two little sluts tongue kiss while we fuck you!" He screamed at the children. �Out of sheer terror, they began to kiss, slopping spit from mouth to mouth.�

�� � "Hey, dude," the counselor in Piggy's ass said, "How about I shove my shitty dick in her mouth, so she can taste her own shit?" �

�� � �"Great Idea. And then Cory can kiss her some more." �

�� � � The muscular counselor pulled his dick out of the little girl ass. She had been stuffed so thoroughly that her inner ass lining partly pulled out along with the dick. It was obscene.�

The dick popped free, bouncing and throbbing, wet and glistening, covered with cuntslime, pre-cum and some streaks of little girl shit. �

�� � � �Josh grabbed the little girl's head and lifted it. �"Here, Piggy, gobble your own shit of the nice fat dick!" �The shit streaked prick was forced into the little girl's mouth.�

�� � � �Josh just loved to make girls eat his shit, so he laughed watching his buddy do the same. �

�� � � When he dated some sweet young thirteen or fourteen year old cunt, after he got the little slut addicted to his cock, he told her she could not suck on it any more unless she ate his shit. At first the girls would refuse of course. What sweet normal little middle school sweetheart would agree to eat shit, even the shit of a handsome stud like Josh. But soon their need for the taste of his dick would weaken them. It amazed Josh how cock hungry the little sluts became. In order to get his dick, he made the twats eat his shit. He would squat over their faces and drop a nice thick turd right into the little sluts' mouths. He made them chew the turd and open their mouths and show him. Sometimes he took a shit on a plate and served it to a twat as �a meal. �There was this one freshman girl in high school, and Josh had made shit sandwiches for her and made her eat them in the cafeteria and all the kids knew and laughed. It was the price she had to pay to get his dick!�

�� � � �I know you are wondering , do little girls need dick that badly. The answer is, yes! Once they get their first taste of cock, they are hooked for life. As soon as the horrible pain of her first fucks wore off, little Piggy would feel the need to suck dick daily. She would hunt out the largest dicks. She would suck the boys at her school, but little boy cock would not satisfy her. She would need huge black and white and latino dicks. Josh and his friends would make sure of that. They would train her to be a perfect little cock slut. She would go through life staring only at the lumps in men's pants. She would crave dick night and day. She would willingly suck any man of any age who would even smile at her. Her pussy would drip constantly. And all of this while she was still in middle school! Her need would get worse as she got older. By high school, she would be a fucking nympho slut! She would let the entire football team fuck her several times a week.�

�� � Josh would also make sure before the summer was out that little Piggy was fucked by dogs and goats and pigs. That way, she would learn to love all dick!!! Josh would teach her that the more she degraded and humiliated herself, the more the boys would like her. She would never wear panties or bra to school. She would remove them as soon as she was out of her parents' sight. And some of the parents who sent their kids to this camp wanted their daughters and sons turned into sex sluts. �Many of them wanted to fuck their own children.�

�� � When a dad couldn't handle the sight of his little son's sweet little ass cheeks bouncing around the house any more, he sent him to this camp to turn to the boy into a fuckslut.�

Whent he boy returned home after camp, he would be home schooled, so that he could be fucked all day every day. Mom might play with her son's tiny little prick while Dad shoved his fat fucker up the kid's asshole. Then the little boy would suck his mother's pussy. He might be kept chained to his bed night and day, just a fuck hole for his parents and their friends.�

�� � These were people who loved nothing more than to totally ruin innocence. They hired Josh and his buddies because of their large fuckers and also because they were sadistic jocks who lived to ruin innocent virgin boys and girls.�

�� � � � �Josh slammed his hips against the boy's ass cheeks, his thick dick deep inside the boy's bowels. Little Cory was sure he could feel the cock bumping against his heart.�

�� � � "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, yeah, beautiful...beautiful fucking fuck!" �Josh yelled. �He grabbed Cory's hair and yanked the kid's head up and back. �His buddy had just shot his load into Piggy's ditch and had pulled his leaking dripping dick out. Now the stud wiped the cock slop and ass slop and cunt juice all over Cory's sweet young face.�

�� � � �"How's that, you fucking little faggot?" �The counselor bellowed. And then unable to control himself, he started to piss all over Cory's pretty little face. The little boy was in shock. This huge stinking dick was pissing all over his face. Piss stung his eyes, ran into his nose and mouth, dripped from his chin.�

�� � � � "I think we should turn this little fuckhole in to the permanent counselor toilet!" �

�� � � � �The counselors often kept a boy or girl chained in the main cabin so that during the day, instead of taking a break, they could just piss in the kid's mouth. The things kids learn at camp. They would make the children serve as shit holes for them. They would take shit's into the mouths of the boys and girls. Before summer was over, they would have boys and girls �lying in a sixty-nine position, sucking shit from each others' assholes. No act would be too perverse for them to make these children try. � The kids would play games where they would pass a counselor's thick brown turd from mouth to mouth. The girls would have counselor turds shoved up their stretched out pussies, and then the boys would eat them out.

�� The children would be fist fucked and double fist fucked. The little girls would have fists up their cunts and assholes at the same time. Josh and his pals played rough.�

�� � � �None of these children would ever be the same again. They would be damaged for life. They would know how to service cock!

�IT �was the second week of Fuck Camp and the little children were quickly learning all they would ever need to know about sex and then some. All of the little girls had been fucked by the counselors and the little boys in the camp. The little boys has also been taught extensive homosexual activity. Many of their tiny penises could not yet shoot or were too small to make any impression on a pussy, but they were still taught how to complete diverse and wondrous sexual acts. �Of course the massive pricks of the counselors, not one less than eight and half inches and some as long as a foot or so had truly opened the holes of the little girls and the asses of the little boys. Boys and girls alike were taught the fine art of cocksucking. They were taught how to tongue balls and lick assholes. Josh the head counselor and his mates had the time of their lives teaching the kids the facts of life, first hand. �

�� � Today, Josh was working with four little girls. �They were pretty little things, with as yet undeveloped breasts and beautiful bald little pussies. They sat naked on a bench facing Josh who was also naked. The girls could not take their sparkling eyes off the massive hunk of fuckmeat that hung between Josh's legs. His dick was not only long even when flaccid, but as thick as a coke can. The girls were fascinated and a bit frightened because they knew that that dick could really hurt. It could stretch them beyond belief, it could churn up their guts until they could not walk for two or three days after a fucking. Josh was not the best hung counselor, but he was certainly the roughest and most dominant. He sat across from the girls with his strong muscular jock legs spread and his dick hanging down over his massive balls. His balls hung low in the sack and swung with each movement. The girls had all tasted Josh's balls. They had licked his ball sweat and tongued the nuts in the sack. At nineteen, Josh enjoyed very few things as much as teaching sweet innocent little girls how to lick balls and eat out jock asshole! And he was so fucking handsome, that very few little bitches could resist him. Most fell under his sexual spell and willingly did whatever he wanted. Cunts are like that.

�� � � �The little girls sat on the long bench facing Josh. they too �kept their legs spread so he could stare at their bald little baby cunt slits. �Josh knew that before the summer was over, those baby cunts would be so stretched out that the tiny clits would hang like dicks and the pussy lips would be pulled out and hanging like a flower turned inside out. These little twats would know what is was like to take the thick end of a baseball bat up the pussy. They would know what it was like to get fucked by dog dick and goat dick, and pig dick. By the time these little bitches reached middle school, they would be totally fucked up cock sluts, who lived for nothing except dick!�

�� � � �The four little sweethearts sat there naked, legs spread, staring at Josh's humongous prick. With one hand they toyed with their still totally undeveloped breasts, tugging and twisting their tiny nipples. With the other hand, they played with their pussies. Josh loved to watch very young girls play with their pussies. He loved to watch tiny girls corrupt their own cunts. When he was in high school and would baby sit, he often taught the little girls for whom he sat, how to finger and play with their cunts. He taught them how to rub their clits and shove fingers in and out of their cunts, how to stretch the cunt lips, and how to stimulate their assholes. �Now he had a full time job teaching these things. �He smiled.�

�� � � �"All right baby bitches, it's quiz time. Let's see how much you learned this week. While I quiz you, I want you to keep shoving your fingers in and out of your cunts and keep pulling on your nipples. �Janice, you are not pulling hard enough. Stretch that fucking nipple way out! Imagine some guy is chewing on it. Come on you fucking whores, work those fingers in your cunts and get some juice flowing. I want to see cunt juice! " �The little girls were far to young to understand why boys like Josh loved to talk so dirty all the time, but Josh had informed them that guys got off on it, and it was a cunt's job to help guys get off whenever they wanted. That was a cunt's main job in life.�

�� � �"Cunt's can't start serving dick too soon. You girls may think you are still young, but you are all cunts! Your mother is a cunt! Your two year old sister is a cunt! You are cunts. Cunts were put on this earth for one thing. To make guys dicks feel good. So I want to see you ramming your fingers in your fuckholes until you get a good juice flowing, while I quiz you." �

�� � � The four little girls dutifully finger fucked their tender bald little pussies even harder. The little sweethearts look a bit worse for wear on this second week, because the truth was, they were being fucked all the time. Each girl was fucked five to ten times a day. They also sucked dick almost every hour. And there there were the continual, degrading, perverse sex games. Game like having one little girl kneel with her mouth open and then having five or six boys see who could piss into her mouth from the farthest distance. The girls were taught that these were typical games that boys loved to play with girls from about the seventh or eighth grade on. The were taught never to object, or to refuse a boy in any way.�

�� � � "Janice, what is the first thing a bitch does after a boy has been nice enough to fuck her cunt or her ass?"�

�� � � Janice has glassy eyes from finger herself with such fervor. For such a young girl, she was staring at Josh's massive nineteen year old dick in a rather hungry way. �

�� � �"After a boy fucks you in the cunt or ass, you must immediately �lick his dick clean! It is your first job. You cannot expect a boy to go away with a dirty dick!"�

�� � �"That's right, Janice. Everybody knows that bitches are dirty little creatures, and they must try their hardest to keep a boy's beautiful big cock clean. I'll bet you bitches didn't know that that was the main job of cheerleaders in high school. It's not to cheer. That's stupid. No, after a really down and dirty football game, the jocks love to have the cheerleaders lick their sweaty dicks and balls and assholes clean. And their stinking armpits. �Then after they, they take a shower. All right girls, I want you to team up now. Throw one leg over the bench and face your partner. Now instead of fingering your own cunts, I want you to finger each others' cunts. �I want to see each girl with two fingers up her partner's cunt! With your other hand pull on your partner's nipples." � Can you imagine how much young handsome Josh loved watching the baby bitches do this? He was teaching little girls to finger fuck each other! �And two fingers up those baby holes! Well, the cunts could take it, after all they had already been fucked by ten to twelve inch dicks numerous times.�

�� � �'Piggy, when you are sucking a guys balls, what do you need to be careful of?" �

�� � �Little Peggy, who was probably the most fucked girl in the whole camp was already a fucking mess. She smiled at Josh as she felt her friend's fingers exploring her cunt and she pumped her own fingers into her friend's pussy.�

�� � "When you suck a guy's balls, you have to be very careful of the nuts themselves. It's fun to stuff a nut in each cheek and gently suck, but you must be very careful because the nuts hurt easily."�

�� � �"That is right Bitchface, and you other little bitches can learn from Piggy. She is becoming a first class ball sucker. All the counselors agree!�

�� � �Little Peggy beamed. She felt so proud.�

�� � �"Now come on, girls. i want to see three fingers up those cunts. And don't let me see you holding back. Really fuck those fingers in hard. And pull on those nipples. We want to see those nipples sticking out two to three inches in a few weeks. Your tits haven't started to develop yet, so we want to at least see some nice nipple action! COME ON YOU FUCKING HOLES, WORK AT IT!" �The little girls worked harder to please their teenage counselor. �

�� � �"Alice, after you finish sucking off a guy and cleaning his dick, what is it always polite to do?" �

�� � �"Thank him for the wonderful face fuck and ask him if he would like to take a piss in your mouth!" �

�� � �"Very good Alice, my my your girls are learning fast. Very good. �Remember, after his cum, a guys piss is the absolute most delicious thing in the entire world for a girl to drink. When you girls get a little older and go steady with a guy, you girls should beg him to let you drink all of his piss. Just like a bride drinks all of her husband's piss, and if he wants, she even eats his shit. They won't teach you that in regular school, but it's true. It should be part of your wedding vows, that you not only love and cherish and serve your husband, but willingly drink his piss and eat his shit if he wants. A husband will want to fuck other cunt anyway, and it's foolish to try to stop him, but he might shit and piss only in your mouth if you are a good wife.�

Now girls, I want to see all four fingers in those cunts. Fuck each other's cunts with your whole hand. really stretch those ball little fuckholes. I want to see your hands going in and out. I know it hurts, just put up with the pain. It hurts when our big dicks fuck you too. That's part of the fun for us. COME ON YOU FUCKING USELESS TWATS, FUCK EACH OTHER. HARDER! I WANT TO SEE SOME CUNT ACTION HERE!" �

�� � � � �The four little girls grunted and moaned as they fucked each others pussies with their hands. Josh had to laugh, they looked so fucking demented, hunched over almost on top of each other, forcing their hands in and out of each others'�vaginas. Their eyes were glazed, and spittle was forming at the corners of their mouths.�

�� � � � Josh the hunky teenage stud, felt his huge dick thump against his thigh. It was erect and pulsing, and from the wide piss hole, pre-fuck dripped. He loved nothing more than corrupting little girls and boys. As he spoke, there was a little boy from the camp tied up naked in Josh's bunk. The innocent, beautiful, angelic young boy had a three battery flashlight shoved up his asshole. He had one of Josh's filthy jockstraps shoved in his mouth. He has clothespins clamped on his nipples and tiny dicklet. And when Josh was finished with his lessons with the girls, he intended to whip the boy's smooth grapefruit sized ass globes bloody with his wide leather belt. �As he thought of the boy in bondage, Josh's dick gave a lurch and pre-fuck sprayed the hand fucking little girls. �

�� � � � "All right Fuckdumps, listen to me. Keep your fingers rammed up those cunts. I don't want to see them slip out even an inch. �Now take your other hand and start to work your fingers up each other's assholes!" � �There was some confusion as the girls tried to get their four hands down there at the same time.�

�� � � "Come on you useless fucking sluts, you can do it. Spread your legs more, accommodate each other. I want to see you fucking each other in the cunts and assholes with your hands!

�� Twist your bodies around if you have to. Lift your legs. �One hand stays in the cunt, the other goes in the asshole. Get all your fingers up those rectums! Open them up for our big fat college boy dicks! You want our big fat college boy dicks, don't you, you baby slutbags! You dream about our big dicks at night! You drool over our big dicks all day. You would rather suck on our big fat college boy dicks than eat! Well don't worry. You are going to suck so much college boy dick this summer, your teeth are going to become malformed! You mouths will be changed to be in permanent suck shape! You are going to leave here champion dick suckers! You are going to go back to school and suck the dicks of every fucking boy in your school, but those tiny grade school dicks won't satisfy you, no, you will need to suck high school and college dick! You will suck your big brothers' dicks and your fathers' dicks! You will suck your teachers' dicks and your ministers' dicks! Come on, get more fingers up those assholes. Those assholes should be stretched enough by now. Or do you need to sleep with bigger dildos up your assholes at night? FOR SHIT-SAKE ALICE, STOP CRYING AND FINGER FUCK THAT CUNT AND ASSHOLE! IGNORE YOUR OWN PAIN AND CHANNEL ALL YOUR ENERGY INTO FUCKING YOUR PARTNER EVEN HARDER!"�

�� � � �Two other counselors wandered over, naked with erect dicks throbbing and leaking. They started to slap the girls in the face with their dripping dicks. The poor little bitches turned their heads to try to catch the cock heads in their open mouths.�

�� � � "No, no, you only get dick if you hand fuck each other really hard. I want to see your whole hand up inside your partner's cunt and asshole!"

�� � � Imagine seeing little girls shoving their entire hands up each others' baby cunts and assholes! It was a beautiful sight. It made Josh so horny, he could stand it no longer. He turned the class over to the other counselors who Immediately started to jerk off over the girls' faces, and he made his way stiff dicked up to his cabin to fuck the ass of the pale thin little boy who lay tied up on his bed.

Lucy was one of the sweetest of the campers, perhaps because she was so small and her body was as yet totally undeveloped. She just reeked of innocence. Her face was angelic and trusting. She had big blue eyes and a tiny pug nose and full lush lips. She sometimes tied her long beautiful hair back in a pony-tail or even braids. The braids would be good for guys to hold on to when they were fucking her little face. She stood there nervously in her tiny gym shorts and tee shirt. He had no breasts yet so did not need a bra, but her nipple buds did push the front of the tee shirt out. They had been working her nipples for an hour or so every day. She had never known they could be come so sensitive. The counselors pulled and twisted and sucked on and even chewed a bit on her tender tit buds. They told her they were helping to develop them. They even had the little boys in the camp take turns sucking and chewing on them. When Lucy cried that it hurt and she wanted it to stop, they called her a baby and told her she just had to get used to it.�

�� � � As she stood in the doorway to the cabin, she felt weak in the knees. �There seated totally naked in front of her were four camp counselors. The counselors were all muscular jock boys in their late teens or early twenties. The head counselor Josh Flannigan beckoned her closer. �The counselors each sat on the edge of their beds with their legs spread wide. Their huge hunks of male fuckmeat hung swinging between their legs. All four counselors had dicks that hung over six inches when flaccid and huge loose hanging nuts. These boys prided themselves in their hunky bodies,hard abs, full pecs, tight dimpled asses, and huge dicks. They sat there leering at little Lucy, with their muscular legs spread wide. �Josh had that shit-eating grin he used so often.�

�� � "Hi, Lucy. Do you know why you are here?" �

�� � "For some special help," the little girl stammered.�

�� � "That's right, honey. You are such a pretty little bitch, that you are going to have a devil of a time with the boys when you go back to school at the end of the summer. So we want to get you ready...to prepare you. You are going to be so fucking popular with the older boys, you won't know what to do unless we help you. Now first things first. Take off your clothes."�

�� � � Little Lucy tried to will her legs to stop shaking, but she just could not. She was both scared and excited. She stripped off her camp uniform of shorts and tee shirt and stood there in her tiny pink panties. As I said, her chest was still not budding, but the nipples themselves looked puffy and red from all the attention they had been getting. Really sweet!�

�� � �"Come on, baby, panties too. Starting in fall, you won't be allowed to wear panties to school anymore. They would get in the way of the boys playing with your pussy. And the boys are going to be playing with you all day. Boys in the sixth and seventh and eighth grade. And then high school boys too, and maybe even some college boys. We're gong to make sure you are one popular little bitch. Now take down the panties and show us your pretty baby cunt."�

�� � � �Lucy peeled down her pink panties and the four teenage boys leaned in. They had seen her naked before of course. They kept most of the campers naked half the day. But it was still always a thrill to see a little girl take her panties down and show her bald little pussy. And bald it was. Not a hair yet. If she had been an early bloomer and had some twat hair, the counselors would have made her shave it off anyway. Well, they would have shaved it off for her. Josh felt his thick prick start to swell a bit. He liked to keep it flaccid as long as possible to impress the little cunts even more when it stiffened to it's over nine inch length and it's soda can thickness. The cunts were always both terrified and fascinated by his dick. He chuckled as Little Lucy covered her tiny twat with her hands. Old habits are hard to break.�

�� � � "Now Lucy, what did we teach you yesterday? �We taught you that girls must never cover their cunts if boys want to look at them or touch them. They must keep their cunts available to all boys at all times. Hands away, sweetheart, and show us your baby puss!"�

�� � � �Lucy blushed but took her hands away, putting her cunt on display for the four older guys. �All four teen jocks smiled. Perfect. Perfect pussy. Perfect young cunt!

�� � � "Good girl. Now just reach down for us and with your fingers spread your cunt lips, will you? Let us look up inside your cunt."�

�� � � �Lucy stood still, petrified with shame and fear.�

�� � � "Honey, you don't want to disobey us. Then we have to punish you, and we don't want to do that. We want to be your special friends. You know your parents told you to obey us in everything. Now be a good little girl and spread your cunt lips for us." The four jocks were breathing heavily, and there was the distinct smell of male fuck lust in the room. Luch reached down and with her tiny fingers tugged open her puffy pussy lips showing the bright pink inside.�

�� � � �"That a girl. Good girl. But you can open them wider than that. Really pull those cunt lips apart so we can see inside." She did the best she could.�

�� � � �Lars the blond Nordic counselor spoke up. " We know you are trying, baby, but you're just not doing a good enough job. But I've got something to help." He produced a steel object that looked like something a doctor would use. It in fact was.

�� � � �Josh roared with laughter. �"A speculum! Where the fuck did you get that?"�

�� � � �Lars chuckled. " I got connections, dude. �Well, it's not a real one, like the gyno docs use. I got this from an SM website. But it's virtually the same. You put these clamps into the cunt and turn the screw and it stretches the twat!�

�� � � �Ten Cent, the negro counselor with the huge muscular body and the freakishly large dick beamed. "Let's get to it, man!"�

�� � � �They instructed a very scared Lucy to lie down on on Josh's bed. The sheets were not very clean and parts of them were stiff from cock leak. �

�� � � �"Spread your sweet little legs as wide as you can, baby." They instructed her. �

�� � � �"Please don't hurt me..." She whimpered. Were those tears in her eyes? Josh's dick gave a lurch.�

�� � � � "Baby, sometimes growing up hurts a bit. That's just the was it is. It's just like exercising muscles. Sometimes they hurt for a while." Josh stroked her hair away from her forehead, then reached down and pinched one of her nipples.�

�� � � � �Lars placed the cold steel tip of the speculum at her puffy bald pussy slit. �

�� � � � "Jesus, her cunt is still so small. She has been fucked by every boy in the camp, and her twat lips are still not turned out.�

�� � � � �"Most of the boys in the camp have pencil dicks and their balls have not fallen yet. You are forgetting how young these shits are." �

�� � � � �"Well, why the fuck haven't we fucked this bitch yet? That would open her up! What are we saving her for? We fucked every other twat in camp."�

�� � � � �Josh smiled. "Christmas!"�

�� � � � �"Christmas? It's fucking July for Christ's sake!"�

�� � � � �"No, dumbshit, it's like Christmas. �Lucy here is like a Christmas present. She is special. We want to take things slowly. Enjoy them. We want to try different kinds of sexual experiences. Do we just want to slam our dicks into every girl and boy here day in and day out?"

�� � � � �"Sounds pretty good to me..." �Ten Cent chuckled. �

�� � � � �"Let's be creative. Now you brought the cunt spreader, and that's good creative thinking. Let's get that little cunt opened up so we can get on to her other lessons."�

�� � � � �"Ouch..that hurts..." Lucy squealed as the cold �metal object was inserted between her tender pussy lips.�

�� � � � �"Honey, I am going to have to push it in five or six inches, so it's going to be a bit uncomfortable."�

�� � � � �"Only five or six inches? How the fuck will she ever get ready for my fuckmeat?" �Ten Cent was distressed.�

�� � � � � "Take it easy Bro, she'll soon be taking all the dick we've got." Josh reached down to hold the little girl who had begun to squirm out of discomfort. �

�� � � � � "Here we go, little slut. That is going to feel so good. Little girls love things shoved up their cunts. It's their favorite game in the whole world."

�� � � � � "OHHHHHHHHHHH MY GOD.........." the child wailed as the metal object was shoved up her baby pussy. "Take it out please. it is too big. You're killing me."�

�� � � � � Josh leaned over and started to spit in the little girl's face. Sweat from his armpit dripped onto her twisting body. She lay there with the speculum sticking obscenely out of her bald baby pussy. She threw her pretty head from side to side and Josh's spit ran into her eyes, nose and mouth.�

�� � � � �"Jesus, Fuck, I love being a camp counselor!" Josh yelled for everyone to hear. He could not contain his joy. �

�� � � � �"Oh, please. please, I can't take it. It hurts. It's too big."�

�� � � � �Josh leaned his face real close to Lucy's. �"Too big, you stupid little dipshit slut? �We haven't even started to open it yet! We're going to stretch your cunt until we can get a baseball bat up there!"�

�� � � � � Lars turned the screw and the cunt spreader went to work. Not only the lips but the inner cunt was stretched open. First the sice of a dime, then a quarter, then a fifty cent piece, and then the size of a silver dollar. The screams of the little girl filled the cabin. Jeff. the fourth counselor in the cabin got out a flashlight. He shone the light on the stretched cunt.�

�� � � � �"That's better. Now we can see way up into her cunt. Jesus, it's all pink and juicy in there." �The four teenage boys leaned in to get a good look up the little girl's cunt.�

�� � � � Lucy was in total agony. She feared she would pass out. Twice when she began to lose consciousness from pain, Josh slapped her face and spit into it to keep her alert.�

�� � � � "Give it one more twist!"�

�� � � � �"I'm afraid the whole fucking cunt will tear! Those cunt lips look ready to rip as it is."�

�� � � � �"Come on Wuss, one more turn!" �Jeff goaded Lars.

�� � � � �"Who you calling a wuss?" �

�� � � � �"You, if you don't give it another turn!"�

�� � � � �"I'll show you, Mutherfucker. I'll give it two!" �

�� � � � �"NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, please. oh God. oh God, please. It hurts so bad!" �

�� � � � �Josh played with the little girl's nipples. �"Just a little more, baby. That's it. We're almost done here. Just a little more. You can take it. Show us what a big girl you are."�

�� � � � � Josh had other plans for the speculum as well.�

�� � � � � "Lars I need to borrow that thing, tomorrow. I am working on little Bobby Slattery, you know that cute blond boy, and I want to see how wide I can stretch his asshole. I'd love to get him horse fucked by the end of the summer."�

�� � � � � �Lars smiled, "I'll have to charge you a rental fee."

�� � � � � "Fuck you, man!" �

�� � � � � �"Jesus, look up into that cunt. It looks like a fucking cave! Hey' let's go splunking!"�

�� � � � � �"No, we have other lessons to teach little Lucy today. We can't neglect her lessons. Lucy can you please crawl off the bed and kneel on the floor in front of us."�

�� � � � � �"Can you take it out? It hurts so bad. Please. I can't move with it in me."�

�� � � � � �"Sure you can. I prefer to keep it in in you. Your cunt needs a good stretching before we fuck you. But today I want to concentrate on your cocksucking technique. So just crawl on off the bed and kneel in front of us. Here, we'll help you."�

�� � � � � �With the speculum stretching her tiny cunt lips obscenely wide, the little girl was forced to awkwardly kneel in front of the four naked jocks. The boys' dicks were up and hard now from all the cunt stretching fun, and what impressive dicks they were too. Not a one was under nine inches.�

�� � � � � � If Lucy even turned wrong the pain in her cunt almost caused her to pass out. She screamed out again and again. The guys thought it was really funny.

�� � � � � � �"Here's the thing, Lucy. Your cock sucking really stinks. When you get back to school in Fall you are going to be sucking dick every day. You are no longer a baby. The boys in sixth, seventh and eighth grade are going to want their dicks sucked. And it is a bitch's job to do it! You'll get a good head start on the other cunts if you are a good cocksucker. You will be the most popular girl in your school, and that is what we want for you. You want to be popular don't you? �Now some stupid cunts think that they should only suck the dicks of one boy...like a steady boyfriend. That is fucking stupid. A cunt should suck any dick from any guy. She should learn to respect and need all cock! She must never ever turn any dude down! that is the biggest sin in the whole fucking world, for a chick to refuse to suck a guys dick or get fucked! A cunt must NEVER EVER SAY NO! �Now we want to improve your cocksucking. �So, the boys and I are going to sit here in a semi-circle, and we want you to go from dick to dick, licking, kissing and sucking on us. And we will give you constructive criticism."

�� � � � � � � � �Little Lucy knelt �there as the boys adjusted their beds so as to sit closer to the cunt's pretty little face. the fucking dicks hung inches from her lips. They were swollen and dripping with pre-fuck. �

�� � � � � � "Now the first thing you will notice, Lucy is that our pricks are leaking pretty badly. That is a good sign. It means you turn us on! So that's a point in your favor. But we are �making quite a mess here, so your fist job is to lick all the string of pre-cum from our pissholes. Scoop up all that fucksnot and swallow it." �

�� � � � � �Lucy leaned in and caught the long string of Josh's fuck slime on her little pink tongue. She scooped it up into her mouth and swallowed. It tasted gunky and�slimy. She crawled painfully from dick to dick, licking up all the pre-cum.

�� � � � � "Good girl, but smack your lips more to show us how much you love our fucksnot! Make nice cock pig noises. Dudes like that. �Guys want their girlfriends to be complete fucking cock pigs! The more dirty and slutty and piggish you act and sound, the more the guy will get tuned on."�

�� � � � � "Look at our big beautiful dicks, Lucy bitch. That is what ever cunt dreams about! Big dicks to suck on and serve. And you, lucky cunt, have got four of them! Remember, Bitch, what hangs between a guy's legs is the only thing that matters in the whole fucking world."�

�� � � � �Josh laughed. "Lars is right, Lucy. What they teach you in school is bullshit. Girls aren't supposed to have careers or go to college. Girls are supposed to suck dick! Suck dick and get fucked. That is the only career a cunt needs. That's why God gave us dicks and you holes! Your job in life is to service Cock! �Now give each dick a nice big kiss right on the wet piss hole!"�

�� � � � �The little girl kissed the gaping leaking pissholes of the four gigantic lust bloated hunks of fuckmeat. She was learning what life was all about.�

�� � � � � "Now go from dick to dick and lick each of them all over, from the root to the tip. Get them all nice and wet and covered with your baby girl spit." � �

�� � � � � �While the little angel licked Josh's fat fucker, Ten Cent moved in and started to slap her cheek with his big black prick, leaving pecker tracks on her delicate white skin.�

�� � � � � "Please Josh, I can't think straight. The pain in my pussy is too much. Please...."�

�� � � � � "Just shut the fuck up and concentrate on your cock licking, or we will give the cunt stretcher another twist! �That's it, baby. Lick all over that dick. Dick licking little grade school Cunt! �Oh yah, now go to the next dick. Gobble that dick. Show us how hungry you are for cock! Fucking cunts your age are always hungry for cock! Can't get enough of it, can you? The little pricks of the underdeveloped boys in your school can't satisfy you hungry twats anymore, can they? You need thick fat high school and college dick! �Well, don't you worry. We are going to take some nice pics of you sucking our dicks, and then we are going to make little cards with your photo on and the words, "I am a slut, please let me suck your dick and fuck my cunt and asshole!" �And we are going to make sure every single boy in your school in grades six, seven and eight gets one. And we are also going to pass them out in the high school next to your school. You are going to be one popular baby slut!" �

�� � � � � � While she licked Ten Cent's big black dick, Lars and Jeff held their leaking pricks over her face, so their pre-cum ran down over her forehead, eyes, nose and mouth. It dripped from her chin.�

�� � � � � After she had licked all four dicks, she was told to start again and this time suck the dicks. �

�� � � � � "Now, here is where you have been slacking off, Bitch. While your lips suck the dick, your tongue should be massaging the underside of the prick. Remember your job is to make us feel good! To make our dicks feel good! Work that dick in your mouth. make sure you get cock slop in every corner of your mouth, up in your gums, under your tongue... get some prick hair �in between your teeth. You FUCKING BICH, SUCK OUR DICKS! By the end of today, we want to be able to get two dick heads in your mouth at the same time. Suck our dicks way down. Let our dicks fuck down into your fucking useless throat.Oh fuck, fellas, this bitch has a tight fucking throat! It's like a fucking velvet glove. Holy fucking shit! Suck me you Twat. You fucking Cum Dump! Suck my dick. Suck my dick! At school, you will be sucking ten to twenty dicks a day, every fucking day! We're going to make sure the boys know what you are for. We follow up on our camp kids to make sure they apply what they learned at camp!�

�� � � � � "Hey, isn't this the bitch who always carries that fucking barbie doll around with her? I'll bet we could shove that Barbie Doll right up her cunt and make her walk around like that!"�

�� � � � � "And we'll shove another one up her asshole! Maybe a Ken Doll!"�

�� � � � � �"I don't think, Barbie is fucking Ken any more. I think there is some new doll! Get with it, man!"�

�� � � � � � �The four muscular jocks were not rubbing their leaking dicks all over the face of the hysterical little girl. She went from dick to dick, sucking and licking. Her face was covered with cock leak.�

�� � � � � � �"The balls, don't forget to lick our balls, Bitch!" �The little girl transferred her mouth and tongue to the hairy swinging fuck sacks of the jocks. The guys stood around her now, jerking on their own dicks, cock slop pouring onto her face as she licked the sweaty scrotums and tongue the nuts in the fleshy bags.�

�� � � � �"That's what you want, isn't it Hole? That is what you fucking want. Oh yeah, she loves to lick nuts! �She loves to suck a guy's eggs! I'll bet she is a first class ass sucker too!"

�� � � � � "Well, we're going to find out. We got the whole fucking day to play! Are you happy, Lucy?" �

��Josh and Lars sat on the steps of the cabin watching little blond Bobby Slattery in the dirt in front of them. �Both Josh and Lars were bare assed naked. Their huge flaccid dicks hung over low loose balls between their strong muscular teenage thighs. It was difficult to understand how jocks like Josh and Lars were able to function with dicks that big and thick. They must be aware of the hunks of fuckmeat hanging between their legs all the time. Most guys are not constantly aware of their pricks, but guys like Josh and Lars must always feel those fleshy clubs swinging down there. No wonder they were in a constant state of fucklust. The cockheads alone were the thickness of the bottom of a beer bottle. And by this time, Mid-Summer, most of the little girls and boys had been fucked by those humongous tools. �Josh and Lars and the other counselors at what they called "Fuck Camp" �loved to abuse children. They love to make them hurt and to turn them from innocent little kids into mindless fuck sluts. Bobby Slattery had resisted. Sure he had done what he had to, but he showed no real enthusiasm for getting ass fucked or for fucking the little girls. He never joined in the piss games or any of the other activities that the counselors had arranged for the kids. Bobby Slatter resisted being a pre-teen fuck �pig.�

�� Josh had tried. He had talk endlessly to Bobby about the fact that grown up boys fuck all the time. He pointed out to the kid that the most important thing in life was sex and fuck games. He showed the boy how much fun it was to stick your dick into the pussy and asshole of some screaming little girl. He had tried his�damnedest�to get Bobby to respect his magnificent eleven inch hunk of counselor cock. While other little girls and boys were licking Josh's dick and fucksack, hungrily lapping at his sweaty bag and throbbing fucker, Bobby would hang around the sidelines and just watch.�

�� � �That is why Bobby was currently bare assed naked and writhing in the dirt. It was a cute site. The little blond boy squirmed in agony. His thin little undeveloped body twisted in pain as he threw himself first on to his belly and then onto his back, trying to relieve the torment. �His pretty little face was screwed up in pain, and snot ran from his nose as tears poured from his eyes. �

�� � �"It's you own fault, Bobby, you just don't know how to respect a guy's dick! We are adults, counselors here to help you, and you should show us the proper respect."

�Lars stretched, so one hairy armpit showed. God, those teenage counselors were handsome hunks. �Josh spread his strong legs wider, curled his big toes and reached down to scratch one lemon sized nut.�

�� � �"All the other kids show us respect, Bobby. Why are you holding out?" �

�� � �Poor little Bobby could hardly hear them. All he could focus on was the burning, tearing pain in his tiny asshole. Well not so tiny any more. There was a metal cunt spreader, a speculum shoved up his baby ass and forcing the rectum open to an alarming degree. If one looked closely, one cold see the pink pure inside of Bobby's inner ass canal. His tiny boy asshole was stretched open like a whore's cunt! The pain was so great that he had passed out twice. Josh had casually strolled over and stood over the unconscious boy and let his big teenage counselor dick twitch, and a shower of piss had cascaded down on the kid to wake him up. Twice Bobby had been roused from blissful unconsciousness by being splattered with stinking piss, much of it hitting his pretty little face and full lipped little boy mouth. This was not a good day for Bobby Slattery.�

�� � � "You just don't join in. The other day when all the boys were told to gang fuck little Lucy. They all plowed her balls deep and really had a good time. You hardly participated at all. I know your little dic hasn't developed yet and your balls have not fallen, but that is no reason to not join in. You do want to reach puberty soon, don't you. Fucking little girl cunt is going to help you. The other day Ten Cent (who was the black counselor) very nicely asked you to lick and suck his asshole while he was fucking one of the little girls. And you refused. Are you racially prejudiced, Bobby? Why would you refuse to suck his asshole after all he has done for you?"

�� � � � �Bobby had resisted. It wasn't just that he was shy. He felt that what was taught them at this strange perverted camp was somehow evil. He didn't want to be a part of it. But now he had no choice. �He lay in the dirt, wet with piss, screaming until his little boy birdlike voice was hoarse, his asshole stretched to unbelievable proportions by the speculum.�

�� � � �"All you have to do, Bobby, is crawl over here and show us some respect, and we will remove the cunt stretcher from your hole. This hurts us as much as it hurts you. We don't like to see our little friends in pain." �This was not strictly true. They loved to see the little kids tortured. They loved to see them brutally raped and sodomized and turned into sex animals before they reached sixth or seventh grade.�

�� � � "My dad will... my dad will...." Bobby screamed as he rolled in the dust. �

�� � � "Your dad will do nothing. Stupid Asshole. Your Dad is the one who sent you here. He want's you trained. He has been wanting to get his dick up your little ass since you were six! �How fucking stupid are you anyway?" �Sometimes Josh lost patience with the kids. He knew he had to work on those skills.�

�� � � �"Now crawl on over here and show us some respect." �

�� � � �Finally, the little boy struggled to his hands and knees. His sweet face was covered with dust and dirt. His beautiful mouth hung open in a slack way, his darling pink tongue licking at his dry lips. With each move, waves of pain shot through his little body. His tiny toes curled, his slender hairless legs twitched, his baby ass rode high with the ugly metal tool sticking up like some kind of tail. Between his legs, his tiny pricklet bobbed and quivered, all pink and pert.�

�� � � "That a boy. The sooner you do this, the sooner this horrible experience will be over and we can get back to the fun."

�� � � "Hey, Josh, what's on the schedule this afternoon?" �

�� � � "We are taking some of the little girls and boys over to the barn to teach them how to suck horse dick."�

�� � � �lars lit up. "Fuck! Today? No way man. How could I have forgotten. It's just about my favorite day all Summer. I love to watch the mouths of those sweet little sluts stretched to tearing around huge hunks of horse cock! �I love watching them screaming and crying that they can't take it. And when the horses unload and fill them with cum, shit it's like a fucking fire hose has been turned on."�

�� � � � Bobby was at the bottom of the cabin steps now, looking up at the two teenage counselors. His face was so angelic and so innocent, that Josh's fat dick gave a lurch.�

�� � �"All right, Bobby, start with me. You know what to do." �

�� � � Slowly Bobby nodded. He understood. He opened his little boy mouth and stuck out his tongue. He leaned up and let his baby tongue swipe along the soft skin of Josh's huge dickhead. He bathed the fat fuckhead in his little boy spit. �He licked the wide pisshole. It was an awesome dick indeed. Most of the kids had never seen an adult dick before this summer, and many of them would never see a dick this large and beautiful again.�

�� � Josh knew his dick was special. He knew it from the way the high school sluts fought over it. And with the little kids...well shit, it was easy to turn them into dick sluts. �

�� � �Bobby licked the dick so it swung back and forth with each swipe of his tongue.�

�� � �"There you go, Bobby. That's my man! doesn't that taste good. Doesn't that cuntfucker taste delicious? Your daddy wants you trained as a dicksucker, Bobby. Even though his dick is not as big and fat as mine, he has a nice hunk of meat on him, and he wants you to be able to suck it with�expertise! �so you are gong to have to practice real hard all the rest of the time you are here. Your daddy wants you turned into a faggot dick slut! Lick up and down my whole cock, Bobby. Get all the flavor from those tasty folds of dick skin. Your whole life is going to be filled with dick Bobby, from now on. Your dad intends to turn you into a cocksucking whore for a private sex club he belongs to. You are going to be sucking cock and getting ass fucked all day and night. He is pulling you from school, so that you will do nothing but suck dick and get your baby boy cunt stuffed, all the time. After Summer Camp is over, a friend of your dad's, dale10, is going to train you to be a perfect little slave. How many boys are that lucky? Lick that dick Bobby. Make the big fat dick swing with your tongue. �Look it's leaking. Scoop up that cockleak, Bobby. Isn't that delicious? That a boy! see, you can be a good boy. Now scoot down and lap my balls like a little animal, will you. Lift those sweaty salty nuts on your tongue and suck on the scrotum sack. Very gently. Always be very gentle with a dude's nuts! Oh yeah. What a sweet fucking little whore you are gong to make. Lick my nuts, Bobby. Lick my big stinking balls!"�

�� �"Look at that little Asswipe lick. He is getting the hang of it now." Lars said, playing with his own fat dick which was growing longer and thicker.�

�� � "Puh-ease. Please take it out of my ass, now!" �Bobby moaned. �

�� � "Get your mouth back on my nuts. We take the speculum out, after you finish showing respect to our dicks!"�

�� � �Bobby went back to his ball licking. The fat heavy scrotum was soon covered with little boy spit.�

�� � �"Okay, Bobby, now suck dick!"�

�� � �Josh could think of very few things in life he enjoyed more than getting his dick sucked by a little boy or girl. Their mouths were so fucking soft. bobby got the still growing pecker head in his mouth and sucked. �

�� � �"Use your tongue on the bottom of the dick as you suck the head. �Now slowly slide more and more dick into your mouth. You have such a cute little face. Your face looks so damned cute stuffed with cock! Oh man, Bobby. That-a-wayl Apply sucking, boy! �Come on, you can get more dick than that in your mouth. �Use your little hands to hold and fondle my balls while you suck. Roll my nuts in your hands while you suck. Now shove as much dick as you can in your mouth, then pull back until just the head is in your mouth. Then go up and down that way. Bob your cute little blond head onto my big fucking leaking prick! Jesus Christ, you see Lars what a little persuasion can do. He is getting good. Wait until you feel his face cunt on your dick!"

�� �To teenage thugs like Josh, little boys and girls didn't have faces. They had "FACECUNTS." �Just more places to stick their needy dicks. Josh often felt that he was some kind of sex freak. A male nympho or something. He wanted to fuck all the time. When he told some proud mom at the mall what cute kids she had, inside he was thinking how sweet it would be to fuck the shit out of the kids. To hear them squeal as they were stuffed with eleven inches of fucker! �"Oh what a cute baby, you have, Mrs. Johnson!" �And in his mind, thinking he would love to replace the baby bottle with his swollen leaking cockhead. Josh fucked them all. Teenagers, adults, kids, anyone one and everyone was a potential hole for his prick.�

�� � Bobby was slightly choking now. His mouth was filled with counselor dick and he barely had half the cock in. He was trying his hardest to get more cock into his mouth, but the damned thing kept growing longer and thicker. And it was leaking so badly the boys throat was getting clogged with pre-fuck.�

�� � "Bobby, you can do better than that. Do you want me to give the speculum another twist? Do you want your asscunt stretched even more? �Come on now, relax your throat and take me balls deep! If little Marcy and Lucy can do it, so can you."

�� � �The boy grunted and pushed. Josh held the back of the boy's blond head as he shoved more and more dick into the kid. The boy was impaled on dick!�

�� � � "The entire purpose of this to to make my dick feel good. To show it respect. So come on, use your throat muscles and tongue to massage my fuckmeat."

�� � �"Jesus, hurry up, will you. I gotta blow a load. I'm going to grab one of the other kids pretty soon." Lars complained, a long string of fuckslime drooling from his fat dickhead down into the dust.�

�� � � �"You hear Lars, Bobby? He needs some respect too. He needs a good dick suck. Suck my dick, Bobby. Suck my dick as hard as you can. Drain my fat nuts of their baby batter. Come on, you fucking little cockslut. Show me what you can do."�

�� � � �Josh was not very patient. He needed to work on those skills. He grabbed the little boy by the ears and began to brutally fuck his face. Bobby's nose was pressed into the jock's public hair, and he could feel the fat low slung balls slapping against his chin and neck.�

�� � � "Oh yeah, Bobby. That a way. Your face feels just like a cunt. Like a warm wet baby's cunt! Suck, you mutherfucking piece of shit! Suck the batter from my bags. Respect my fucking Dick!"�

�� � � � The little boy was choking on cock. His face was turning purple. His eyes rolled up in his head. But Josh was unloading now...dumping his fuckslop down the little boy's throat. Rope after rope of fucking cum coated the kid's gullet.�


�� � � �At last the sound of balls slapping little boy skin ceased. The dick in Bobby's mouth grew slightly smaller as it folded back into it's wrinkles. The big dickhead dripped a few last bubbles of cum, coating the boy's lips as Josh pulled out. At last Bobby could breath again. He came back around to his senses. The fat hunk of jock fuckmeat swing in front of his face, strings of fuckslime hanging from the pisslips.�

�� � � "Clean it!" �Josh said, leaning back on his elbows.�

�� � � The little boy licked the dick again, this time to clean it of fuck residue. He knew he�mustn't�ever waste any precious dick fluids. He knew that from when the counselors jerked off into their food, telling them their spooge contained important vitamins.�

�� � � �Bobby's breathing returned to normal. He once again felt the terrible pain in his stretched out asshole. He looked up at Josh with pleading little boy eyes. �

�� � � "All right. Crawl on over and show Lars some respect. Show his big fat leaking dick some respect!" �