Part 1

Dr. Belsen leaned forward at his desk to become more intimate with the handsome gentleman seated across from him.  "You have chose very wisely Mr. Gray. I am sure this is a wise decision. Here at the CSTA  we will take good care of your daughter and make sure she turns out just as you want her to be. She will be a bight and shining star when we finish with her and such a relief for you and your two teenage sons."


Sam Gray looked nervous and a bit on edge. He tried a tight lipped smile.  "I was concerned that eight years old might be much too young for you academy." 


Dr. Belson's smile broadened. "Nonsense. While we are happy to train cunts of any age, we specialize in girls from eight to sixteen. These are prime training ages. Why, the girl under my desk sucking my dick as we chat is nine years old, and a damned good cocksucker. Oh, she has quite a few things still to learn, but to be able to take ten inches of dick down her little throat at nine years of age, is quite an accomplishment.  And she's only been sucking for four months." he leaned over so he could see the naked little girl kneeling under his desk, slurping on his thick drooling cock.  "Don't ignore the balls, honey. We don't want to have to punish you. You have to respect and worship a man's balls too!"  He looked up at Sam Gray.  "If you'd like to have little Lucille suck your dick after our chat, I'd be more than happy to have her spend an hour with you.  she needs the practice. 


"i know your school teaches even very young girls to be really proficient cocksuckers. That's how I found out about your Academy. A friend of mine had his ten year old daughter suck my dick, and I was immediately won over. I mean, the feel of my cock in the mouth and throat of a girl so young was like nothing I had ever experienced.  But one of my concerns is for her little cunt.  It is really small and tight."


"You need not worry there. Our excellent staff are fully trained in opening up and stretching the cunts of even very very young girls. You would be amazed at how a the tiniest of twats can stretch to take huge dicks. The men who work with our girls are hired not only for their skill, but also for the size of their dicks. Your little girl's hole will be ready for you...and I assume your sons as well." 


"Oh yes, my boys can't wait to fuck her. They've been begging me for months. Well, one is sixteen and one fifteen, so you can imagine how randy they are all the time. They walk around the house with full erections most of the time. I have tried to get Missy to suck oru dicks, but she is just so resistant. " 


"Don't worry. We use gentle but strict discipline to train our girls to become total cock sluts.  By the time she is returned to you, she will think of nothing but cock all day. She will know that her true place in life and the only reason she is on this earth is to service men's cocks in every way possible. Our girl's minds as well a  bodies are trained. She will probably be more of a Bimbo as she grows older, and she will have no interests in life except the cocks of men and boys...any cocks at all, but she will be sweet and obedient."


Sam smiled. "My hope for her is that by the time she gets to high school, she will want to suck and get fucked by every single boy in her school. And there will be about five hundred boys in the high school she will eventually go to. Of course I want her to at least suck dick in middle and even grade school if possible. And I do want her to suck and get fucked by all of her male teachers. the thought of it really turns me on. I want her to be fucked all day long every single day.'  The lump in Sam's pants grew larger. 


"We can accomplish all of that and more.  We had a girl from our academy...a darling girl of thirteen who was hauled out of her high school for crawling around on the floor of the boy's locker room begging for dick!  Twenty-two boys shot their teenage loads in her mouth or up her cunt or ass before the police arrived. And then she begged to suck the cocks of the policemen. Her father was delighted an just brought her back. He wants her even more hungry for cock. "


Sam grunted. "that's the kind of dream I have for my little girl. "  Sam looked worried for a moment.  "You do use big black dick on the girls too don't you?" 


"Oh yes indeed. We h ave the girls duck and get fucked by every possible kind of dick. They need to learn to never question the cock before them. Just worship it and it's manly juices. Black, Brown, yellow, cut, uncut...every kind and age  of pecker becomes the alter at which these young cunts serve. "  At that Dr. Belson also grunted, arched his back in his chair and shot his fuck load down the throat of little Missy under the desk. Sam could hear the sweet nine year old darling gulp and gurgle and swallow. "Swallow my fuck, you little Bitch. If you spill even a fucking drop, i swear i'll whip your cunt lips raw."


Dr. Belsen stood to pull up his underpants and trousers. He  had a tremendously thick fucker, and Sam was in awe. Oh God, how he wanted to see the little cunt under the desk with cum on her lips.


"Let's take a walk through our facility and you can see some of our experts working with the girls. Sam rose and followed the doctor out of the office and down the hall. Dr. Belsen opened the door to a large mostly empty room except for eight armchairs. In the armchairs sat eight really muscular naked men. Each of the men had a monstrously large hunk of fuckmeat. But what shocked and pleased Sam was that there were eight young girls, also naked, one kneeling in front of each of the men. The girls looked to be between the ages of about eight or nine to fourteen. The oldest girls had nicely developed tits that shook and wobbled. The youngest girls had no tits at all of course. Sam wanted to see the cunts of the girls, but the way they were kneeling, he could not get a clear glimpse. 

The eight girls were all sucking dick.  They hungrily gulped on the huge fuckers. they licked up and down the cock stalks. Then they bent their heads more and licked the large balls of the men. Sam couldn't help but notice how the tongue of the girls seemed to hungrily bathe the nut sacks and dick roots of the men.


"Why do the girls have ear buds in? Is that for music?"  They moved closer to the girls who totally ignored everything except for the cocks they were servicing.


"Oh Heavens no. Why do girls need music when they have cock?These girls and your daughter will be trained to enjoy no other hobbies except for cock worship. In the ear buds they hear a constant MANTRA about how magnificent men's Pricks are...how wonderful...how they are everything in life. How they are the source of all life and pleasure.  And then in a few moments, the girls will  hear a  bell ring. That is the signal to stop worshiping the cock they are on and to crawl to the next cock and begin to service that one."


"How long do they do this?"  Sam could not be sure, but it looked as if the mouths of the girls were in a kind of permanent cocksucking shape...the lips swollen, the mouth kind of an oval. He imagined his sweet little daughter like that and his prick gave a lurch.  Between  his needs and the needs of his two always horny teenage sons, he was pretty sure they could keep his daughter's mouth stuffed with dick most of the day and night.


"Well, you must realize that there are many many different training sessions throughout each week. These cunts are learning endurance.  They will continue like this for five hours. "


'Five hours of nothing but sucking dick? Girlss as young as eight, nine  and ten sucking dick frr five hours str4aight?"


'Oh my yes, that is nothing. Some days these young ladies have fuckmeat in their mouths for as much as twenty hours.  It is to teach them that they totally belong to cock. They have no purpose on earth except to serve cock." 


The bell must have rung, for the girls slid their sucking mouths from the massive scum slick dicks they had been slurping on, turned and crawled to the next man, where they commenced licking the saliva and dick drippings from the previous sucker off of the prick they were going to be sucking.  Such sweet darling young faces. Sam noticed the glazed almost drugged look in the girls' eyes. 


"Of course, although the cock is the new God for these cunts, we do not ignore other types of service. After a late lunch, these same girls will spend five hours eating out the asses of the men. their lives must consist of nothing but serving the sex needs of men. Think what wonderful wives they will make some day...living only for the desires of their husbands. But we take really good care of the girls here, and your daughter will be carefully handled and carefully taught. For lunch today, these particular girls will have delicious tomato and cum soup.  We put sperm into almost everything they eat or drink. it must become a permanent taste in their mouths.  The men in the chairs will drip their dicks into the tomato and cum soup, and the girls will lick the soup from their dicks. The cock must become the source of all life for them."


The sweet little darlings were now taking a large ball from the scrotal sack of their man into their tiny mouths and sucking on it.


"That is amazing. So these girls are too young to actually fuck?" 


Dr. Belsen laughed out loud. "Oh heaven's no.  Tomorrow is fucking day. They will be fucked in all of their holes for twelve hours straight."


"Even the little eight year olds?"  Sam's mouth dropped. 


"My friend, especially the eight year olds. They are the favorites here. The Male staff are always trying to get assigned to one of the really young ones. Nothing like stretching a tiny tiny baby cunt.

But on the other hand, these men are experts. They will teach your daughter how to give the best fuck of your life, but they will also keep her cunt and asshole trained so that you and your sons and your friends will have a nice tight fuck every time. The girls train their cunt muscles and asshole muscles to keep those holes tight. When yAren't you look at your daughter at home, don't you think she is old enough tot fuck? I am certain your sons do.  Aren't yo dying to force  your apparently huge dick into her tiny little girl twat?"


Sam didn't answer, but his swollen dripping dick spoke for him. He had soaked the crotch of his trousers with pre-fuck.  Dr. Belsen led Sam into the next room.  Here there were all little girls of ages six, seven, eight, nine and ten.  The girls were naked, and Sam's already aroused prick almost had an orgasm at the sight of all of those luscious little girl bodies. Of course he paid special attention to the little girl cunts.  These girls were all blindfolded and had their pretty little faces buried into the crotches of the men they faced.  Each girl rubbed her tiny face deeply into the swollen prick and huge ball sack of her man. 


"More cocksucking?"  Sam inquired. 


"Oh no, not at all.  Notice these girls are blindfolded, so they cannot see the dicks they are serving. No, these girls are learning to love the smell of cock and balls. Notice the slick sweat on the bodies of these men. They have just finished a heavy workout and have not showered. they have not washed their cocks and balls for over twenty-four hours. The girls are learning to savor the smell of ripe cock and balls. We want their heads to swim with the stink of dick and balls always.  Most of the girls will sleep at night with the filthy unwashed jock strap of a man in their mouths. These girls will smell cock

for eight hours, have a short break and then smell men's assholes for another eight hours.  A full day for a little girl. "


In the next room ten naked girls crawled from twenty small silver bowls.  At each bowl, the girls extended their tongues and dipped them into the mixture in the bowl. Sam learned that the bowls were filled with cum. The girls were learning to distinguish the different textures and flavors and smells of Men's spunk. 


In one corner a very young girl of about six was seated on a low stool.  A muscular young guy with a big dick stood in front of her masturbating. When he shot his load, she shot it all over the little girl's face.  Her entire face was coated with a thick glaze of sperm. Two more guys stood behind the masturbating dude, waiting for their turn. Dr. Belsen  smile and pointed.


"Little Betsy there had an aversion to cum. She would always pull away and make a face when she was required to take a load. So we are teaching her to get over her aversion. Not only is she being totally coated in fuck slop, but for four days, she will eat nothing at all except fuck! "


"That seems a bit extreme for one so young."  Sam remarked, while hoping that same thing would happen to his own little daughter. 


"Start them young...and you have them forever.  A little cunt like this, properly trained will be sucking off all of her teachers from grade one on up. And by the time she gets to high school, she will make certain she sucks the dick of every boy in her school. Think how popular she will be."


The little six year old's mouth opened and closed, strings of cum linking her lips. Spunk coated her lips and hung in heavy icicles from  her chin. Her little eyes were sealed shut with fuck slop. Her cute button nose was clogged with it, and her shell like ears will filled with it. She cried very softly. The next masturbating dude moved in.


"Fifty six loads have been shot into her face so far, and the day is young." 


There is almost nothing in the world as precious as the sight of the face of a little girl coated in fuck slop.

Part 2

AS HE SAW THE TRAINING PROCESS IN ACTION, SAM GREW MORE AND MORE IMPATIENT TO GET HIS LITTLE EIGHT YEAR OLD DAUGHTER INTO THE ACADEMY AT ONCE.  He couldn't wait wait to watch the trained little cunt servicing the fat cocks of his two high school aged sons. What a hot sight that would be. He would make sure she satisfied them in all her holes, morning, noon and night.  He had watched his oldest son fucking one of the high school girls a few weeks ago, and all he could think about watching the athletic stud slamming his thick prick into the girl's tight pussy, was how great it would look plowing into his eight year old daughter. He allowed both his sons to fuck their girlfriends at home. That way, he could watch and even film them, without them knowing of course.  He had dozens of videos of his boys fucking young high school girls.  He was fucking proud of his boys. 


In the next room they entered, there were girls lying on tables like you might see in a doctor's office.  they were lying on their backs with their young girl legs spread wide and bent back to their tits. this exposed their hairless cunts.  Each girl was digging her own fingers up into her cunt, trying to force more and more fingers into her stretched pussy.  A dude of about twenty five in a white tee shirt and white gym shorts monitored the cunts with a bamboo stick. If the girl was not working her twat hard enough, he would whack the bitch with his stick to get her working harder. 


"These girls are learning to relax their cunts, to keep them open and juicing for cock at all times. We want these girls walking around with dripping pussies all the time! "  Some of the girls were crying a little, some of them were moaning at the feel of their own fingers up their own cunts.  The youngest girl here was about nine and oldest about sixteen. A large, well built body builder type of male, about twenty-two years of age, walked from table to table. He was naked and sported a ten inch dripping dick.  He stood over each girl and rubbed his wet fucktool and sagging nuts all over the face of the fingering girl.

While the girls fingered their pussies, they licked and smelled the big dripping dick.


"Night or day, we never want the girls too far away from cock. Cock is their whole life now. There is nothing for them except cock. Which is how girls should be, except for the ugly or fat ones. They can do other things."


Sam heard whimpering coming from another part of the room and turned to have a look.  Here were five girls, all in their early teens.  They were naked of course, and were straddling a kind of machine that thrust a big rubber dick up into their tender teen cunts. The rubber dick was about twelve inches long and  thick as a beer can. In and out it went.  A fucking machine.  But Sam didn't think that was the source of their moaning.  Attached to the nipples of their young budding tits were suction machines.  Sam could see the grotesquely extended nipples in the clear plastic tubes of the suction machine.

the nipples were swollen and distended two to three inches...swollen and sore and obviously very sensitive.  The girls cried and threw their pretty young heads from side to side and the pumps pulled at their thirteen and fourteen year old nipples.  It looked a bit like a cow milking machine on their tits. 


"Tell me, Dr. Belson, doesn't it hurt the girls usefulness eventually to have their cunts stretched so much?" 


Dr. Belson smiled and rubbed the growing lump in his suit trousers.  "Not at all. The girls are taught how to use their cunt muscles to give a really excellent fuck to cocks of all sizes and shapes."  He led the way into the next room, where a sight really freaked out Sam and also excited him terribly.  In this room four girls of about seven or eight years of age were being fucked by dogs.  The little darlings were sobbing in a kind of nightmarish delirium. My God, they were pretty, taking all that thick slimy dog dick up their tiny bald snatches.  The big spotted pink and black pricks of the dogs stretched those tiny cunts to the tearing point.


"Ah, these are our darling Kennel Girls.  Each of them will be fucked by about twenty dogs a day for a month straight. They also suck dog dick of course. They are being trained to work in a Kennel, tending to the sexual needs of dogs used for breeding."  The large dogs fucked ferociously, the girls gasped and sobbed.  Sam could not believe the size of the slimy dog pricks fucking in and out of the little girl's baby cunts. 


"We find that young ones adapt better to dog prick.  That will pay off when the little twats have to crawl around the kennel naked all day, licking and sucking on dog dick and balls and taking it up the cunt ans ass.  We have not started working on the assholes of these little sweeties yet, we want their cunts totally used to animal prick first.  speaking of that. Look at the lovely photo on the wall. That is a recent graduate of our academy. We are so proud of her. She is fourteen and look at how wonderful she takes that giant horse dick up her cunt! She's got over eighteen inches of horse dick up her!" 

Sam was amazed at the large photo of a young girl tied underneath the belly of a horse with the animal's grotesquely thick prick buried in the girl's teenage cunt. "What a lucky girl she is... that stallion prick is better than any high school boy, cock, I'd say." 


"Say, after my daughter is =broken in and has serviced me and my boys for a few years, do you suppose you might consider her for something like that?  To be fucked by a horse, I mean." 


Dr. Belsen nodded. " Very possible. It takes months of cunt stretching however, and some of the girl's internal organs even shift and move.  It is a very very painful experience."


"i can imagine,"  Sam said rubbing his leaking dick in his jeans. 


"You look like you could use a bit of relief.  What say we have some coffe and snacks and I get a couple of girls to suck us off? How does that sound?" 


Sam smiled sheepishly.  "That sounds wonderful, thank you." 


"What age girl would you prefer to suck your dick?" 


"Well, I don't know. I mean, I am a bit embarrassed to say, but I've never had a really young cunt suck me off. The youngest I have ever had was thirteen." 


"Oh, my dear friend and potential client, you simply must try younger. Nothing like the soft, sweet, innocent face cunt of a really young piece of ass."


Sam was blushing terribly, but his prick was rock hard and more painfully erect  than it had ever been.  "Well, then, what do you recommend?  You are the expert." 


"Oh, a good trained five or six year old mouth is divine.  Let me see who is available.   You know it is a shame you didn't bring your sons along. I'll bet they would really have enjoyed all of this  prime wet cunt. I love to see a teenage boy with a good solid thick erection."  Truth be told, so did Sam. Both men shared that. They really loved to watch teenagers fuck. 


Sam was ushered into a well appointed lounge area, where they took seats in very comfortable chairs and coffee and cake was served to them by a naked girl of fourteen or so. Sam could not help but notice that she had huge tits, almost obscenely huge and that her cunt lips looked swollen and puffy.  She had a blank expression on her face.  Well trained no doubt. 


"You may notice that our trained girls don't talk much. They have been taught that their mouths are for sucking  cock and ass and balls and eating a bit I suppose and not much else.  Linny, the girl serving us is having her tits enlarged.  Her  Uncle who has taken her in after her parents died in a terrible accident, wants her to have really grotesque swollen tits, so we are accommodating.  By the time she reaches fifteen  there will not be a bra large enough to fit her udders.  Not that she would ever be allowed to wear a bra...oh no, her uncle wants her Tits on full display all the time."


"Ahhhhh......here are our dear little cocksuckers!"  The door had opened and two very small naked little girls walked in. The children looked small and young for their age. They could have passed for four or five not six.  They were angelic looking.  Their little baby cunt slits looked a bit puffy and swollen, but Dr. Belson explained that that happens when you are fucked by large cocks at such a young age.

"Of course if you have a ten inch dick, you cannot fuck them balls deep...you have to be patient and go slowly.  However you can fuck their little assholes balls deep without any worry. But today, while we have some coffee, and those excellent cookies, these sweet little cunts will suck the cum out of our dicks.  would yu care to remove your jeans, Sam?  The girls tongues can better get to your nutsack and asshole that way." 

Part 3