Extreme Prejudice

(MM) (oral) (humil, tort, viol) (nc)

Jizzy swallowed his thirty-fourth load of cum. The prick in his mouth pulsed and spewed forth a spray of slime which ran over his cum coated tongue and throat down into the lake of cock snot forming in his stomach. The guy he was sucking was just a kid, probably eighteen like Jizzy himself. He pulled out and the dick, which had not yet finished shooting, and sprayed the young African American cocksucker’s face. Globs of cum hung from Jizzy’s thick lips, swollen even more by the hours and hours of cocksucking he had been forced to endure. Strings of fuck slop hung from his chin and dripped down onto his smooth chocolate brown muscular young chest.

Jizzy was not his real name. His real name was Jesse, but his captors had christened him with the new nickname. Jizzy’s jaw ached beyond belief. His tongue and lips were numb from sucking so much dick. Before this morning, he had never tasted dick. He was not gay. He was a straight handsome young intelligent African American who had been in the wrong place at the wrong time, an eighteen-year-old black college freshman, who got caught up in the insanity of racial prejudice and its ugliest results.

The sneering white kid who had just pulled out of Jizzy’s mouth now slapped the boy’s face with his still thick dripping dick.


“Clean it, nigger! Clean that dick. Show me what those thick rubbery jungle bunny lips can do.”


Jizzy thought about his girlfriend and wondered if she yet missed him. When he didn’t call, would she worry? Would she notify the police? Would they be in time to save him?


He stuck out his tongue as he had been taught to lick the dripping dick clean. His wide, pink tongue was coated with fuck slime. He gently licked the shaft of the thick teenage prick in front of him. The kid was uncut, and the foreskin began to move back toward the pink cockhead. Cum still clung to the pisshole, and Jizzy licked that off. The fucker began to lose its rigidity until it hung at an angle to rest on the full young hairy ball sack. Jizzy wondered if this young white punk fucked a lot of girls with his fat dick.


They had promised Jizzy that before the day was over, they would sample his tight muscular nigger ass, but so far, they had only made him suck dick. Dick after dick! Thirty-four dicks in all. Well, actually thirty because four of the leaders had been back for seconds. Jizzy snorted, and cum bubbled from his nose and ran down to his large upper lip. His body ached. He wanted to sit, but he had been forced to kneel for hours. He was naked. He was shackled like the slaves of old. They had made fun of his big dick, kicking it and pulling on it, calling him Horsecock and Niggerprick! They had kicked him in the balls too. Making him keep his legs spread so they could get a good kick at his eighteen-year-old nuts. That had really hurt. Now they only hurt him if he showed the slightest lack of enthusiasm for sucking their dicks. If he slowed down or his tongue did not work diligently enough on the fuckers and fuck bags, then they took a belt to his muscular ass cheeks. They took a belt to his ass with the buckle end hitting and ripping at his globe meat.


He licked down under the kid’s fat scrotum to where some jizz had dripped. He lifted the boy’s balls one by one on his tongue and licked them off. These white bastards had forced him to be a cocksucker and a ball licker. Until this morning, he had been a healthy normal black college freshman. Now he was a cock licking nigger. Well, that was what they called him.


Most of his young life, Jesse, or Jizzy as he was now called, had not even tasted prejudice. He came from a moderately wealthy, educated, intelligent family. He had been taught to use his brains and personality to get ahead. He had never indulged in any kind of racial hate activities until just a few days ago. It was a minor incident. A kid on the university newspaper had written a satirical article in which he had used some really ugly racial stereotypes. Jess had been incensed. He had spoken out. He had joined a bunch of black protesters at the school. He had ticked off the wrong people. There were, apparently, lots of the wrong people! They had broken into his dorm room, put a pillowcase over his head, cuffed his hands behind his back and dragged him out to a car, with him dressed only in a tee shirt and boxer shorts. Kids on campus who saw the incident thought it was some kind of college prank and cheered and laughed.


“Jesus Christ you are a fucking mess,” number thirty-four said, putting his now flaccid dick and balls back into his jeans. He leaned down and hawked a huge gob of spit onto Jizzy’s face. “You are a fucking mess, and we haven’t even started with you yet.”


He smiled, showing even white teeth. He spit again, this gob hitting Jizzy right on the lips. Then he moved away to have a beer and join the rest of the guys at the party. Jizzy had little rest. Number thirty-five stepped up. He was a balding guy of about fifty-five or fifty-six. The guy laughed with a deep throaty laugh. He undid his pants and gave them and his underwear a tug. They pooled around his booted feet. His dick was huge and unwashed. It stank.


“How you doing, nigger?”


“Show me how much you love sucking our dicks, nigger. Play with yourself.”


Jizzy blinked.


“Huh,” he said, thick strings of cum connecting his upper and lower lips.


“I said, ‘Play with yourself.’ Give yourself a hard-on. You got fifteen seconds to throw a nigger boner, boy!”


Jizzy put his hand down to his dick and yanked on it. How could he get hard? There was nothing even slightly erotic for him about this situation.


“Go on, play with them big nigger nipples. Think about how much you loved getting fucked by your daddy and how much you enjoy fucking your momma. I know all about how you nigger families all fuck each other. I wanna see you really pulling on those nipples.”


Jizzy put one hand up to his chest and started to tug on his thick rubbery brown nipples. With his other hand, he mindlessly yanked at his dick. He would do anything to avoid more pain at the hands of these sadists.


“You like my dick, nigger?” the paunchy man asked, waving his thickening prick in the boy’s face. “Fucking answer me, nigger, when I ask you a question!”


“Yes, I like your dick.”


Jizzy had been taught early, at about dick number four or five, to tell them anything they wanted to hear. That way he could avoid kicks to the nuts and bruised ribs.


“Don’t give me none of that college boy talk, jig! You say it like you’re supposed to, like we taught you!”


They had taught him.


“Yessir, massa, sir. I shore do love your big fat white dick. Dat shore some beautiful hunk o’ fuck meat, massa!”


The guy looked down at Jizzy tugging on his nipples and jerking on his still flaccid dick, and he laughed. Then he frowned.


“If you love it so much, then why ain’t your dick hard?”


This guy was not from the university that much was clear. Where did they get him?


“I guess I just nervous, massa. I’s a nervous nigga!”


Jizzy had tried at first to keep his dignity, and not do these disgusting, degrading things, but you can only fight so long. They burned the soles of his naked feet with cigarettes. They rubbed sandpaper on his dickhead and tits until he sobbed. He had learned the best way to survive was to play their game.


“Give him a lick of that belt. He won’t get his slab of nigger meat hard for me! Maybe he only gets it hard for his daddy and little brother!”


The guy behind Jizzy, the guy currently on guard, swung his arm and the belt snapped and the buckle bit into Jizzy’s chocolate brown ass cheek. He screamed in pain and then pulled his nipples and tugged at his dick harder. He closed his eyes and thought about his girlfriend. He thought about her naked—anything to achieve the desired hard prick.


Number thirty-five stepped closer and started to rub his dick all over the black boy’s face. The dick was really cheesy and dirty.


“Niggers got to learn respect. Just who the fuck do you think you are? Let me tell you a story, nigger boy. I was at Wendy’s today to buy a double cheeseburger. There was this nigger bitch in the car in front of me. It was a nice day today, so we all had our car windows down, and I could hear her. She was sitting there at the order board, but she wasn’t ordering. She was talking to her fucking black friend on the phone. The nigger waitress taking orders kept saying Go ahead with your order. But the fucking bitch in the car just ignored her and continued to chat with her friend. I could hear the whole fucking conversation, and it wasn’t about ordering food or anything. They were just shooting the shit. By now there were five cars behind me. The fucking black bitch in the car just didn’t give a fuck, and some of the cars behind me had niggers in as well. If you people can’t even respect each other, how the fuck can you expect us to respect you?”


He slapped Jizzy’s face with his dick as they all had done, leaving pecker tracks on the nigger boy’s cum-glazed face. Jizzy’s naked chest rose and fell. Tears formed in his eyes and ran down into the sperm on his cheeks. He opened his mouth and licked at the dick.


“I wanna see a hard sambo dick, spearchucker!”


Jizzy pulled harder on his prick and thought about his girlfriend. He loved her so much. It was his girlfriend Shana who had convinced him he was good looking enough to be a male fashion model, and he was actually getting some good moneymaking gigs. He loved the attention. He loved Shana. His cock thickened a bit. If he could just get hard, he would avoid further punishment. The big stinking dick now pushed at his lips. He took the cockhead into his mouth and started to give it the attention it demanded. He could smell the man’s sweaty balls. My God his jaw hurt. His tongue burned. His lips felt numb.


“Get that cock hard!”


He felt his dick getting stiff.


“Well, lookee here, nigger boy is getting a hard-on. He must love sucking dick all right. He’s throwing a boner for me. See that, Cal!”


“I sure do,” said the guy’s beer-drinking buddy who was rubbing his crotch and would be number thirty-seven. “Fucking faggot nigger must really love sucking white man prick.”


Cal squatted down so he could get a better look at the cocksucking black boy.


“Look at those nigger lips suck! That’s what they were made for you know. God said, ‘I think I’ll make nigger lips nice and big so they can suck dick better.’ ”


Cal fiddled with something on his shirt and then produced a large safety pin.


“You suck real good now, nigger, you hear?” he said


Jizzy saw the sharp, open safety pin in the guy’s hand. He sucked with more enthusiasm, even though his mouth was hurting bad and the dick was pushing its way down his throat. Cock number two had taught him how to deep throat, and he had been perfecting his skills on every one since. He massaged the cock with his cum-covered throat muscles.


Cal leaned in. “Now you hold real still, nigger boy, you hear. Don’t you move a muscle except for those in your mouth and throat.”


With that, he jabbed the safety pin through Jizzy’s right nipple. Jizzy could not help it. He screamed and fell over. The dick slipped out of his mouth. He lay on the floor in pain, a pin sticking out of his brown titty.


“Goddamn fucking spade. I told you not to move. Now you’re really going to get it, motherfucker!” Both men started kicking Jizzy in the face and stomach and chest and balls. “Somebody bring me something sharp to shove up his nigger pisshole!”


Jizzy curled up in a little brown ball and sobbed. His body was really quite beautiful, all smooth and hairless, and a beautiful brown. Even though he was eighteen years old, he started to cry for his mother. The white guys thought this was hysterical. Somebody had a knife and started poking him on the bottoms of his big bare feet.


“We’ll teach you to stop sucking mid-dick! We got forty more guys showing up tonight to get their dicks sucked. You are going to be one sorry jig if you fuck up again!”


Jizzy crawled onto his hands and knees and opened his mouth, trying to capture the swinging leaking dick of the guy kicking him. The fucker slapped his face as a boot connected with his scrotum and sent waves of nauseating pain through his lean muscular body.


“I got an idea,” Cal said. “Let’s see if we can force both our dicks in his nigger mouth at the same time!”


“Yeah, that’ll be a hoot, but let’s shove something up his pisshole first to teach him a lesson.”


“Look how pretty that pin looks in his titty. You like your bling, nigger? We got lots more bling for you!”


Cal turned to a thirteen-year-old white boy who was jerking his dick and watching the action.


“Son, go find me something to stick up his cock tube. Get one of those things from the grill that they stick kabobs on!”


“Okay, Dad!”


The thirteen-year-old kid smiled and ran toward the grill, his teen prick bobbing and slapping his pale young tummy, his balls dancing a merry jig. He was number forty-two, and he couldn’t wait.


On the ground nearby, lay a folder. Sticking out of the white folder were Jizzy’s vital statistics plus his school photo.

Student Information Form

The names of the young boy had been circled in red. Clipped to the file was a very nice school photo of Jesse. Not at all as he looked now as Jizzy. In the photo, he looked as if he had a bright future ahead of him.


In reality, he was on his knees, sucking dick like there was no tomorrow, hoping if he sucked well enough, they might forget about the kabob skewer.


They didn’t!