Extreme Stories by Other Authors

Story UpdatesDate Posted 
 Title AuthorStory Codes 
AAA Modeling Agency
 Rafi Daud
 MM, anal, oral, ws, humil, nc, reluc
Abductor [The] Phillip Mb, anal, oral, nc, rape
 Adam Turns Me Gay
 henegizer Mm, anal, oral, humil, nc
Andy and the Team Andi Mm, anal, oral, rim, humil, tv, nc
 At the Concert
 Billy Hillis
 MmB, nal, oral, rim, ws, rough, viol, nc, reluc
Benji Gets Blackmailed StimleMm, oral, humil, blackmail, nc
The Bicycle Ride
 Mm, anal. oral, viol, nc, rape
 Biker Bar Gangbang
 Regnar S. Reklaw
Mm, anal, oral, cbt, humil, nc, rape
Billy's Bitch dsmpictkr mB, oral, rim, ws, reluc
Border Patrol
 Billy Hillis
Mb, humil, rape
Born to be Bred
 DVNT Puppy
MB, anal, oral, ws, humil, beast
 Boy on a Bench Simple Simon MB, anal, enem, oral, ws, bd, cbt, ds, nc, inc
 Boy Rape
 BroadcasteriamMb, anal, oral, nc
Boy Whore
 cbMb, anal, oral, reluc, rape
Break in at Zach's
 Billy Hillis
 mB,anal, rape
Brother's Revenge [A]
Phan TomMm, anal, oral, mc
MM, humil
MmB, anal, oral, rape
Bus [The]jeff_b_rmm, anal, oral, cbt, sad, tort, rape
 Card Games phillb51Mb, anal, fist, oral, rim, scat, ws, bd, cbt, sad, tort, nc, rape
Charlie Unknown Author
 MB, anal, oral, cbt, viol, nc
Coach's Masturbation Slave Cal Mm, anal, oral, rim, humil, spank, reluc
 Cody Emile MM
Cumdump for Big Brother hottcarter MB, anal, nc, inc
 Curiosity Shaver Boy
Mm, mm, mf, anal, enem, oral, humil,
shave, spank, nc, rape
Daddy's CollateralbjinnatlMBb, anal, oral, ws, humil
Dad's New ToyXavier LMB, anal, oral, rape, inc
Davie Does a Day At Work
 AlexaMb, anal, oral, nc, reluc
Depantsing David
 Jimmymm, anal. oral, nc, rape
Dominated by Eric
 fiveholepunchmB, anal, oral, humil, reluc
Eddie and the Tiger
 ndu6869MBb, anal, oral, ws, ds, nc, reluc, inc
 Embarrassing Audition Cherry B, humil
Faggot Paul's AbuseAlbert LuberschniftermBb, anal, oral, scat, ws, humil, beast
 Fraternity Pledge
 Regnar S. Reklaw
MM, anal, oral, humil, nc
Freshman Rape
dave6910_1999BB, anal, oral, nc, rape
Forced to Suck Friend
 Unknown mm, oral, reluc
 Gang Rape at Youth Hostel
Karl Webster
 Mm, anal, oral, nc, reluc,
 Graham's Anal Agony
 Vidi Vici Veni
 Mm, anal, oral, sad, spank, nc, rape
 Hitchhiker [The] Benj (mb) (anal, oral) (nc) (inc)
Jamel and Mark
(in German)
 Unknown Author
 Mm, anal, oral, nc, inc
 Jordan's New School anonia mm, anal, oral, ws, humil, nc
 Little Sea Ditty [A]
 Ordrian Wynde

MBb, anal, fist, oral, snuff, tort, nc,

rape, inc

 Lockerroom Gangbang
 TekxiMm, anal, oral, rim, rough, reluc
 Long Trip to Mexico [A]
 Alex MM, humil, tort
Make American Great Again Master Vince Unfinished
Mall Brats HardatWork MBb, anal,oral, rim, nc, reluc
 Man and His Boy [The]

Haven Telsa
 MB, anal, fist, oral, rim, nc
Thomas M. Bottom
Bm, Anal, oral, rough, spank, reluc
The Maze Phill Mb, anal, oral
More Than a Bully
 hebtexas mm, anal, oral, rim, cbt, nc, rape
My Son's Rape New Story   Benj MB, anal, oral, rape, inc
 Night in TJ [A]
 BlackflagMB, Bb, anal, oral, tort, spank ws
 On the Way to School
 Nilesmm, anal, oral, humil, rape
Opportunity John Does MB, anal, oral, nc
 Paiute Custom Roger
 Pantsing David
 Roger mB, anal, oral, nc, rape
Pastor [The] HardatWorkMb, anal, oral, rim, ws, rape
Paul in Session AlexaMb, anal, oral, humil, spank, nc, inc
 Perfect X Mb, rape
Raped D-bo mm, anal, oral, ws, humil, rape, viol
The Rape Brutal Pedo (Cennys)(MB) (anal, fist, oral, scat, ws) (snuff, tort, viol) (rape)
Rape and Incest at the Farm
 Luke24MmBb, anal, oral, nc, rape
 Schoolboy Mentoring
 Albert Luberschnifter
 mm, oral, spank, nc
 School Wank
 Wet Dream
MB, humil, spank
 Some poor Kids Were Meant to Be Abused
 Nilesmm, oral, ws, spank, humil
 Spookiest Halloween Ever Kent the WriterMb, anal, oral, cbt, tort, nc, inc
 Taking it from Paul Benj MM, anal, oral, rape
Teaching Tommy a Lesson deviant mm, anal, oral, viol, rape
 Tutoring Noah
 Matt Richardson
 MB, anal, oral, nc, reluc
UP News Wire Release
 Conn Pierre
MB, anal, oral, cbt, sm
 White Boy Taught Humility
 Scatwoman Mm, oral, scat, ws, humil, nc
Wrongful Arrest Alex J MM, anal, oral, humil, nc, rape
Young Ballers HardatWorkMBb, anal, felch, oral, rim, nc, rape, inc
Young Trouble
 shutup_nzMb, anal, oral, nc, rape