Evan's Daily Schedule

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Evan is our new houseboy. He is eighteen years old. This is his daily schedule. It varies of course based on our needs and desires. But it usually follows this general pattern.

Even rises about an hour before the rest of us. There are three of us living in this house besides the fuckhole houseboy, J.C., Chris and myself. J.C and Chris help me with my work and help me with my boys. If Evan has been sleeping with his fuckhole mouth around one of our dicks all night, he carefully detaches himself. If he has been sleeping with one of our big pricks up his tight, young asshole, he gently un-fucks himself. He goes into the downstairs bathroom to shit and piss, and then cleans himself thoroughly inside and out. He gives himself two douches to make sure his asshole is clean before he showers. He also uses this time to pluck any unwanted hair from his ball sack, asshole, or anywhere else ordered. We like our houseboy’s smooth.

He then comes into my bedroom and crawls to my bed. He quietly crawls under the covers from the foot end of the bed and gently begins to lick my ball sack to wake me up. I love having my big, floppy balls licked in the morning. If I am lying on my stomach and my nuts are not available, he has been instructed to lick my ass crack and asshole until I wake up. After I am awake, I may do one or more of several things. Depending on my mood, I may: fuck Evan’s ass, have Evan suck my dick, take a nice, long, morning piss in Evan’s mouth, blow my nose into Evan’s mouth to clear my sinuses (he hates this), lie in bed and play with Evan for a while, or ignore him altogether. At some point, I go into the bathroom to shower and shave and shit. Some days I will take him with me to wash me in the shower or to use his tongue as toilet paper when I shit. Most days, I go into the bathroom alone. If I have brought a boy home with me for the night, the routine changes and I usually shower with the boy and perhaps give him a morning fuck. I sometimes allow Evan to suck my cum out of the boy’s asshole, but only if Evan has been a very good houseboy.

Evan then goes into J.C.’s room and Chris’ room and repeats his morning wake-up tasks. Then, he goes downstairs, still nakedalways nakedand makes coffee and breakfast for us. When that is ready, he returns upstairs, kneels and tells us breakfast is ready. While we eat our breakfast, Evan kneels on the floor and eats his breakfast from his doggie bowl. His breakfast usually consists of cereal, but instead of milk on it, we use some of our old, stale piss. A boy needs to learn that a Man’s waste is precious to him. On other days, we give him raw eggs on which we spit and blow our noses. If Evan has been a good boy, we may allow him to eat some bacon off of our dicks and ball bags. J. C. sometimes shoves some scrambled eggs up his own asshole and allows Evan to eat the eggs out of his shithole. After breakfast, Evan does the dishes. To show respect, he licks and sucks the eating utensils that we have used before he washes them. He also licks our plates clean. After dishes, he begins his daily cleaning chores.


Whenever one of us snaps our fingers, Evan immediately stands at attention and has thirty seconds to get his dick rock hard. For every second beyond thirty, he will later receive a swat on his ball sack with a wooden spoon or riding crop. Evan is required to bring his teenage prick to full, leaking hard on every fifteen minutes throughout the day. HE MUST NEVER CUM WITHOUT PERMISSION.



While we plan our day, Evan walks the dogs. We have two quite large mixed breed dogs.


We require the house to be spotless. Evan dusts by shoving the handle of a feather duster up his ass and wiggling his ass to dust things. He also vacuums and licks the tables and hardwood floors. He cleans the bathroom with a toothbrush. Not just any toothbrush, his toothbrush, the one he uses to clean his teeth. He has to scrub all the tiles and clean the floor around the toilet bowl. We are not very careful when we take a piss, but Evan keeps things spic and span. He then proceeds to lick the toilet bowl clean. He especially checks under the porcelain rim of the bowl where piss and shit splash up. We have four bathrooms in our house, so this takes some time.


He cleans the bedrooms and makes the beds. He is allowed to smell our bedsheets and enjoy our body sweat smell on them. He then gathers our dirty underwear which we have discarded on the floor and before he puts them into the hamper, he is allowed to sniff them and suck the pouches and ass panels of our underpants. Twice a week he washes our dirty clothing. On those occasions, he is allowed to suck on our dirty socks, underpants and jock straps before he throws them in the washing machine. Sometimes he is instructed to wash our jock straps by hand and mouth.


Around noon, Evan prepares lunch for those of us who are at home. His lunch usually consists of a healthy salad with a nice fuck slop cum dressing. If none of us feels like producing a fresh load for his dressing, we use some old cum we have collected and kept in the fridge. Sometimes it is our cum, sometimes the cum of some boys we have brought back for fun, and sometimes the cum of our dogs. Evan knows the difference by taste.


After lunch and doing the dishes, Evan sucks off the dogs. It takes a lot of work to get a teenage boy to resign himself to sucking dog dick. The boy must be taught that he is lower than any living thing and that his Master’s dogs are his superiors that he must serve. If the dogs decide they want to fuck him, he must willingly present his teenage ass for their use. If they use his ass instead of his mouth, he must squat and shit out the dog cum and lick it up. After this, he takes his second douche of the day to make sure his holes are clean of dog jizz.


Evan then does his daily work-out as we want our boy to stay in good shape. He also hangs weights from his nut sack and works on his nipples during this time. He may be asked to insert objects up his ass and even up his pisshole.


During the afternoon, friends of ours often stop by to fuck Evan or get their dicks sucked by him. It is not unusual for five or ten guys to stop by between one and five.


At six Evan makes cocktails for us and then prepares dinner. He eats dinner by crawling under our table and eating scrips from our fingers. Sometimes he crawls to each of us and in turn sucks our dicks while we eat.


After dinner, we punish Evan for his various infractions. We might whip him with our belts, use electric cattle prods on him, play with his body with stick pins or thumbtacks, or any other fun things that come to mind. Sometimes we have him dance naked for us or shove objects up his asshole to entertain us.


While Evan takes his third enema douche of the day, we decided who wants to fuck him or get sucked off by him. If no one wants him, he usually sleeps at the foot of one of our beds. Some nights I allow him to go to sleep licking my ass. Sometimes when Evan is taking his third douche, we fill his tight, young tummy with quarts of soapy water until he almost passes out from cramps. It is such fun to watch him this way. We then make him get in the tub and squirt the shit water over himself and sometimes drink it. I should mention that for a special treat, Evan may get one of our turds to eat. After all, you have to reward good boys.


So you see, the life of a houseboy can be quite pleasant. Of course, there are many, many variations on this daily pattern. But this is the basic structure.