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The cute slender eleven-year-old boy was dismayed by the steel speculum up his beautiful small young ass. But then, what eleven-year-old boy would not be a bit upset to have a man work a cold steel object up his oh-so-tiny pink rosebud? Evan certainly did not understand at this time the purpose of the hole spreader. All that he knew is the man said he had to take it. To make matters worse, the man had taken the steel spreader out of the freezer, so it was ice cold as it poked first at the little brown boy pucker and then was worked deep into the tiny boy rectum.

It hurts, sir,” the boy had said with a bit of a cry in his voice. His voice was still high and thin like a baby bird. He was a precious little thing, and the man could hardly keep his hands off the child.

My God, the shape of that ass mound. Those two perfect little globes. The man could not wait to take a leather belt to them, to see large red welts on them. Evan’s little boy ass already had a nice deep ass crack, a glorious bonus. The man had squeezed and kneaded the ass globes when he had done his preliminary inspection of the boy’s naked body.

Being totally naked was very embarrassing for the eleven-year-old boy. Being totally naked and having photos taken of him was not a good thing. Evan’s big boy bare feet had fidgeted, and one foot had scratched the slender young calve of the other leg as the boy chewed his lower lip, as Evan tried to hold back his tears. The man and his two younger friends had made Evan undress in front of the camera. It started out as a fun game. Evan had been told he could be a famous model and make lots of money and be famous. Evan had thought it was a fantastic idea. How proud his hard-working mom would be when he became rich and famous.

But the first crack in his little boy dream had occurred when he had been told to take off his underpants. Until that point, it had not been bad. But how could he take off his underpants in front of others? Evan was a shy boy. Well, shy about certain things. If he took down his tiny underpants, they would be able to see his virtuous eleven-year-old dickie and his baby balls. The man had then raised his voice at the boy for the first time. Evan was costing them money. If he spoiled the shoot now, he would have to pay for the time wasted, which was over two hundred dollars.

The man loved Evan’s smooth thin body. He could not wait to bite the boy’s little nipples. The two photographers had raging hard-ons in their jeans. Even Evan could not help but notice the thick logs going down the legs of photographers’ pants. He knew about hard cocks. He had seen them on the internet on the “bad” sites.

Holy fucking shit, what a sight when the boy finally lowered the tiny underpants and stepped out of them. What a splendid little boy dick. What a sweet pair of little nuggets with not a hair on them. A totally naked little piece of fuck.

“Please, sir, it’s so cold. And it hurts so much. Can you please take it out?”

Evan was crying as he tried to adjust to having the cold speculum up his asshole. It felt like a really hard, really big, really painful turd up his ass.

“Hush, Evan, I’m doing this for your own good. I’m trying to help you here. We have to loosen up your asshole. How else are you going to take five huge dicks up there?”

That was the first little Evan had heard about five huge dicks going up his asshole! Up his asshole?

“In the movie that we’re going to make, the doctor and his assistants start out by examining you, and then they are so carried away by your magnificent eleven-year-old boy beauty, that they simply have to fuck you. They are kind enough to allow you to suck on their dicks to lube them up with your boy spit before they ram them balls deep up your beautiful, virginal boy asshole, turning it forever into a cunt.”

The boy started to cry really hard then. He tried to squirm away, and the man had to hold him in place, which was a great pleasure for the man to feel the soft silken flesh of the boy. To feel his slender arms and thin shoulders, to rub his flat little stomach, and to cup and squeeze the tiny dick and balls until the boy stopped squirming. The man leaned down and smelled the boy’s fresh silken hair. He could not resist licking the boy’s shell-like ear, and Evan moaned in disgust. Still holding the boy, the man reached down and gave the base of the speculum a twist, opening it a bit. The boy gasped as the steel jaws spread, forcing the little boy-hole to stretch. The cameras clicked away. Stretching the asshole of an eleven-year-old boy is an all too rare treat, and one must capture it on film. The little asshole stretched, and Evan began to whimper in pain.

“Please…take it out...take it out...I can’t stand it.”

“It’s for your own good, Evan. We need to stretch your pussy hole. Otherwise, those huge dicks may do permanent damage. The cocks on your co-stars are really huge and thick—ten inches long and three inches thick. Even some grownups have trouble taking them, and you’re only eleven and quite small for your age. I’m just trying to loosen up your boy-cunt to help you out.”

The man gave the base of the ice-cold steel plug another twist, and the cunt spreader opened up even more. The sight of the stretched open eleven-year-old asshole was too much for one of the hunky photographers, and he shot his load right in his pants. He grunted and moaned as his orgasm was so fucking intense. He liked his ass meat young, as did most of the dudes who worked for the man. He liked his boy ass meat young and fresh and in considerable pain. What was the fun if the boy was not in pain?


The child tried to twist away.

“Just a few more turns, and you should be stretched wide enough. Then we will leave it in for an hour or so before we start making the fuck film. It won’t totally prepare you for the size of those fuckers, but it should help just a little bit.”

Two more twists and the poor boy almost fainted. He had never felt anything as excruciatingly painful. He was sure his little poop hole was being ripped to pieces.

“Are you gonna give the bitch an enema to clean him out before the fucking, boss?” The one photographer asked, while the other, the one who had cum, took a minute to release his horse cock from his jeans and used some Kleenex to wipe up as much of the sperm as he could.

Evan’s eyes went to the monster dick. How could they not? He had never seen such a huge cock, and it looked as if they all had big dicks, monster dicks. Was that why they were hired in this place? The man must have caught Evan staring at the photographer’s fuck meat because he chuckled.

“The ones that are going to fuck you are much larger still.”

Suddenly little Evan wanted to be home. He wanted his mommy. If possible, his anguish made him even more adorable. His naked tummy fluttered.

“No, we’ll have the guys playing the doctors give him an enema as part of the movie. The customers will love that. We’ll have him filled with soap water until his tummy bulges like a nine-month pregnant bitch, and then we will make him hold it in and do exercises for us until he almost passes out from the pain. Think how sexy it will be when he sprays that shit water into a big bowl. You know how the cramps feel under those conditions. Later we can have the ‘doctors’ make him drink his own shit water.”

Evan howled in pain and disgust. He tried to break away from the man, who was forced to slap the boy’s face five times really hard until the beautiful young head was spinning.

“If you don’t want me to open this cunt spreader even wider, stand still and behave!”

The child stood stock-still, trying to wish away the horrible pain.

“You know you look so damned cute with that spreader up your baby ass, walk around the room with it up there, so we can take some nice pictures of you.”

Suddenly, the simple act of walking proved much more challenging than Evan had ever imagined. Each step sent waves of pain shooting through his smooth, slender young body. His little ass cheeks rose and fell, and the cold steel speculum stuck obscenely out from between the soft, smooth ass globes. Tears bubbled from his eyes and ran down his face and dripped from his chin. He was an old pervert’s fucking wet dream!

In front, the tiny pecker stuck out from a hairless groin. The man pictured the angelic face stuffed with one ten-inch dick after another, forcing themselves down his slender throat until the bloated ball bags pressed against the boy’s soft face. In the film, they would teach him how to suck dick. They would teach him how to lick a ball sack. They would teach him how to eat out a man’s sweaty asshole, and the eleven-year-old boy would do it all. He would do it in hopes of saving himself from getting cock up the ass.

All to no avail. Evan would eventually be fucked and fucked and fucked. The climax of the film would be one giant dick down his throat while two others penetrated the ruined little boy asshole at the same time, double dicking him.

They would not be fist fucking him. That would be saved for a future film. Oh, they would keep little Evan around for some time. He would not tell his single mom what had happened to him for fear the men might harm her. No, he would dutifully come back to the studio to be fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked. He would make dirty toilet films and perform with animals. He would make lots and lots of money for the man.

Yes, Evan would be a star, just not the kind of star he had hoped he would be!