Ethan's Embarrassing Exam

MB, anal, humil
A palimpsest based on a story by RedMullet
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Fourteen-year-old Ethan Palmer sat in the waiting room nervously, waiting for his name to be called. He looked around, fidgeting with the dread of what was going to happen once he got in the examining room. He did not know whether the doctor was male or female. He looked around everywhere for a first name, but all he knew was that the name was Dr. Stone. He hoped if he was female, she was not young or good-looking or something. He dreaded the thought of having to expose himself to a woman.

As Ethan read through an old issue of Sports Illustrated, he noticed that two boys in the waiting room were staring at him. They looked to be about seventeen years old, and they just kept leering at him, looking him up and down. This kind of thing happened to him a lot; he was a strikingly beautiful boy. He was not quite the model type, but he was extremely pleasing to the eye with a fresh, boy-next-door look about him. As the boys kept eyeing him, he buried his face in the magazine trying to ignore them. Suddenly, a door opened, and a nurse appeared, holding a clipboard.


"Ethan Palmer!" the nursed called out.


Ethan got up slowly and put down the magazine.


"That's me," he said quietly, the nerves in his body on end.


"Why don't you follow me, sweetheart," the nurse said kindly as he motioned Ethan to come with him.


He led Ethan to another door in the waiting room and opened it up. It led to an exam room, and as Ethan stepped inside, he got goosebumps as he looked around. It was your basic exam room, all the doctor's instruments, and supplies neatly laid out on shelves all about the room. Right in the middle of the floor was the exam table with crinkly wax paper on top of it.


"Just have a seat on the table, and the doctor will be with you in a few moments," the nurse said.


The nurse pulled the door behind him as he left the room. Before the nurse could close it all the way, Ethan could see the two boys from the waiting room looking in at him. With a sinking feeling, Ethan realized the only thing between him and the people in the waiting area was a thin, wooden door. As Ethan sat on the exam table, he tried to keep his mind off the upcoming exam, but all he kept thinking about was the conversation he had with his father just yesterday.


"But Dad, do I have to?" Ethan had questioned his father in a pleading voice.


"Ethan, you know that the sports program requires a complete exam upon entering," his father said. "If you don't, do you think they're still going to accept you? How will that look, you already not complying with their rules? Anyway, I don't know why you're making such a big deal about it. It's only a physical. That's all. People get them all the time. If you want to play, you're just going to have to do what they say."


Ethan knew his father was right. He really did want to go out for the team. It was one of the top sports programs in the country, and it was an honor to be accepted there. And he was as good as in, just as long as he got through this physical. Maybe his father was right. Perhaps, it wasn't such a big deal.


Suddenly, the door to exam room opened, and the doctor walked in. He was tall, young, and very handsome. As he closed the door behind him, Ethan could see that the waiting room was now jam-packed, and he could see people looking right at him. As the door clicked shut, the doctor spoke.


"Hello," he said while looking at the clipboard in his hands. “I'm Dr. Stone, and you must be Ethan. How are you doing today?"


Ethan smiled at him shyly. He was so nervous he could barely speak.


Dr. Stone began to read the clipboard closely.


"Let's see," he said, "you're here for a complete physical, that right?"


Ethan nodded at him nervously.


"Blood sample, x-rays, the whole bit," Dr. Stone said as he laid down the clipboard. "Okay, Ethan, if you could please remove all your clothing, including your underwear, shoes, socks, any jewelry or so forth, then we can get started."


Ethan's face reddened at his words. The worst had just happened. He just looked at him utterly embarrassed. Slowly, he hopped off the table. He knew that in a few moments, he would stark naked in front of Dr. Stone. He could barely deal with the thought, but he knew he had to go through with this. He remembered what his father had said, and he knew his future could be at stake. He began to undress achingly slow. First his shoes, and then he removed his shirt. He didn't realize how cold the exam room was until now. His nipples were already erect pointing out from his chest.


"Well, hurry up. Like I said, I'm inundated today. Unfortunately, we don't have any exam gowns left today. We're fresh out. Sorry about that."


Ethan's blush deepened even more at this. Ethan took a deep breath and steeling himself to face the most embarrassing day of his life. He took off his watch and put it in the pocket of his jeans and then the jeans came off too. Then came the moment of truth, he took a deep breath, gripped the elastic band of his briefs between his fingers and slid them off, kicking them to the side with his foot. He stood there nervously with goosebumps all over his body. His body was almost frozen with embarrassment. Ethan moved to sit on the table until the doctor stopped him.


"Uh-hum, Ethan," he said sternly, "I told you to remove everything. You still have your socks on. Would you remove them and toss them to the side, please?"


Damn! The doctor was taking away the last bit of modesty he had left! He removed his socks, his cute balls shaking as he did so. He tossed the socks to the side, as Dr. Stone kept his eye on him the whole time. The floor was freezing beneath his feet adding to his discomfort.


"Thank you," Dr. Stone said snidely. "Come on then and step out to the scale."


The doctor opened the door, startling Ethan who now could see the two boys in the waiting room. The two boys were staring at him, as he stood there naked. In that instant, he realized he was on full view to the boys. He hastily covered his genitals with his hands.


"Are you ready yet, Ethan?" Dr. Stone called out in an annoyed tone.


"Yes," he answered meekly.


He tried to act calm, but inside he was trembling. This was the most humiliating experience of his life. The boys gave him a head to toe look. Ethan tried to avoid eye contact with them at any cost. He just looked away, blushing. He quickly strode over to the alcove where the scale was.


"Okay, Ethan," Dr. Stone said sternly, "would you step up on the scale, please? Hands at your sides."


Ethan did so, giving the doctor a view of his firm ass, his cheeks clenched together tightly with nervousness. The doctor adjusted the scale, checking Ethan’s weight and writing it down on the clipboard.


"Alright, Ethan," he said. "Would you turn around please?"


Ethan did so, giving the doctor a close-up, full frontal look at his young body. His nipples were erect and pointing out like pencil erasers and his sparse pubic hair topping off a diminutive, shrunken, boy package. Ethan was a sight for sore eyes — cute, embarrassed and bare-assed with goosebumps all over his body. Dr. Stone checked Ethan’s height and recorded it on the clipboard.


"Okay, Ethan, go back in and have a just have a seat on the table."


Ethan hopped up on the table and the hard paper crinkling beneath his butt as Dr. Stone opened a cabinet, removed a stethoscope, and put it on.


"Ethan, I'm going to check your heart rate and your breathing now."


Dr. Stone put the face of the stethoscope on Ethan's back, and he jumped a bit. God, it was freezing!


"Okay Ethan, I want you to breathe in deeply, and then breathe out. In. Out."


Ethan took in a big gulp of air, his chest expanding, making his pert nips point out smartly. He kept inhaling and exhaling deeply, his nips rising every time. The doctor removed the stethoscope from Ethan's back and placed it on his chest, right above his erect nips. The stethoscope was still cold sending shivers throughout his body.


"Okay," Dr. Stone said. "In. Out. In. Out."


Ethan's bare chest rose and fell repetitively until the doctor was finished. He made some notes on the clipboard as Ethan sat there nervously just waiting for this whole ordeal to be over. The doctor then performed a few necessary procedures like checking blood pressure, reflexes and eyes and ears, and nose. He then began to check Ethan’s throat.


"Okay, Ethan, open up and say ‘ahhh!’"


Ethan opened his mouth wide as Dr. Stone roughly pushed the depressor down hard on Ethan's pink tongue while shining a small flashlight down his throat with his other hand. Ethan knew he must be some sight, sitting there bare-ass naked with his mouth wide open.


"What I need to do now is a testicular examination, Ethan," Dr. Stone said as he removed the tongue depressor from Ethan’s mouth. "I'm going to check your testes for any signs of lumps, growths or things like that, okay?"


Ethan nodded his head nervously, awaiting the touch of his hands on his young ball sack. Dr. Stone began touching Ethan’s balls softly, kneading them between his hands. Ethan wiggled in discomfort as he squeezed harder and harder. Then, the doctor’s fingers moved on to Ethan’s penis, rubbing it and making it erect. He then pinched the head of Ethan’s penis firmly, making him wince in pain.


"Sorry about that, Ethan," he said, "I have to do that to check for any abnormal discharge."


Dr. Stone jotted down a few notes on his clipboard and then spoke again.


"What I need you to do is lie on the table flat on your back. Checking your genitals this way is the most effective examination we can have."


Ethan slowly laid down keeping hands at his sides. This was so embarrassing! His body was fully exposed beneath the bright fluorescent lights that hung overhead.


"Ethan, please put your hands behind your head."


Ethan did so and found this to be a very uncompromising position. His penis was all the way up in the air jutting up toward the ceiling.


Dr. Stone started the whole exam again, the squeezing and the pinching included. Ethan felt thoroughly humiliated, thinking it could not get any worse than this. Little did he know, it was going to get a lot more appalling.


"Alright, Ethan," Dr. Stone said, "you can sit up."


Ethan scooted backed up to a sitting position, the paper crinkling beneath him. Ethan watched Dr. Stone as he went to the corner of the room and wheeled over an electronic thermometer. Well, Ethan thought, at least that’s not so bad. I can deal with having my temperature taken.


Then Dr. Stone went over to one of the cabinets and took out a small tube of something. Ethan looked and read the label on the container, "petroleum jelly." What does he need that for? Then it hit him all at once. His face entirely reddened.


"I hope this doesn't make you too uncomfortable, Ethan," Dr. Stone said, "but I find the only way to get a correct temperature reading is rectal, not orally."


Ethan's heart leaped. He looked at the thermometer and knew that in a few short moments, it would be sticking out of his asshole.


"If you could please stand up and bend over to the end so we can get this over with."


Ethan slowly scooted off the table and moved to its end. He wanted to run, but he knew he couldn't. He was trapped, and he was in this until the end.


"Okay, Ethan," Dr. Stone said, "I need you to bend over and try to push your buttocks up in the air as high as it will go. Hold on to the sides if you have to."


Ethan slowly bent over the table, pushing his ass all the way up in the air. He was on his tiptoes, his face crushed against the table.


"Ethan, I need you to spread your legs about a foot apart."


God, this was humiliating! Ethan didn't have to think too hard to realize that now since he spread his legs apart, his tiny asshole was entirely in view.


Dr. Stone squirted a little jelly onto the plastic glove covering his index finger. He gently spread Ethan's buttocks with his other hand and slowly slid his finger all the way into the knuckle. Ethan was startled and jumped a bit as his asshole clenched down around the doctor's finger.


"Didn't mean to startle you," Dr. Stone said as he removed his finger with a slight twisting motion. "The thermometer is a lot less uncomfortable if the rectum is properly lubricated. Okay, Ethan, I'm going to insert the thermometer now so try to relax."


Ethan held the table tightly as he felt the thermometer slide all the way into his anus. It was so uncomfortable! He stood there, bent over with it sticking out of his ass for what seemed to be an eternity until minutes later it finally beeped. The doctor walked over and removed the thermometer and left Ethan bent over the table as he wrote a few notes on the clipboard. Suddenly, a knock came at the door.