Ethan Lets Dad Do It

Mm, oral, inc

At 2 a.m. on one summer's night shortly after my thirteenth birthday my Dad came into my room and woke me up.


"Ethan," he said as he shook my shoulder, "I need to talk to you."


"What is it, Dad?" I asked sleepily. My eyes focused on him and I thought I saw him raise something to his nose and take a sniff. He smelled like he had been drinking.


"Wake up, I wanted to know if you wanted to get a blow job."


I woke up fast, and felt my young dick harden at the mention of the words "blow job."


"Huh?" I asked. Was I dreaming?


"You're thirteen now, and you're going to need to get your dick taken care of somehow."


"Huh?" I repeated. What was he talking about?


"Well, if you ever want to get your cock sucked, I can arrange for that." Dad brought a small brown bottle, the one I must have seen before, up to his nose. He held it under each nostril and took a big deep hit. Then he looked at me with a lustful look.


"What do you mean?" I asked, now fully awake. I felt my dick throb in my jockey shorts.


"I mean I know a set of lips that would be happy to give your penis a blow job."


Dad's dirty talk had me as hard as a rock.


"Whose?" I asked incredulously.


"Mine," he grinned up at me as he brought the bottle up to his nose for another hit. "I'll suck your dick good, I promise. It'll be better than jacking off."


"Jesus, Dad," I replied, "are you serious?" I couldn't believe my Dad was offering such an obscene service. Would he really suck off his own barely teenaged son?


"Damn straight. I love boy cock. Don't tell your mother now, but I love to suck a boy off."


My head was spinning, and my cock was throbbing. I had never had a blowjob before but had dreamed of having a pair of lips wrap around my hard-on. The lips, however, had always been female.


"So what do you say, kid, you want a blow job?"


"Shit, Dad, are you gay or something?"


"No, Ethan, I just enjoy making a young boy feel good." He lifted the small brown bottle to his nose again, inhaled deeply, and then said, "So, do you want to feel good? You want me to suck your dick until you cum in my mouth?"


"I don't know," I answered, "I'm not gay, and you're my Dad. Why do you keep sniffing that bottle?"


"I know you're not gay, and you shouldn't worry about labels anyway," my Dad explained, "and who could better understand you, and what your dick needs, then your own dad, who after all is another man who himself has a prick?" "And that bottle," he went on, "is a special juice for cocksuckers. It makes me give cute boys really nice blowjobs."


Now I really wanted one. Desperately. "OK," I said. "You really want to suck it?"


"Yeah baby, I really want your dick" he replied. He brought the bottle back up to his nose and took another hit. He then put it down and lunged at my bed, pulling the covers back. He grabbed my shorts and pulled them down suddenly, releasing my stiff young prick to the freedom of the night air.


"Fuck, that's pretty" He said. "Shit, I want to suck that prick."


I said nothing as he grabbed my virgin cock at its base. He came closer to me and positioned his head over my meat, then began licking my head.


"Oh, Dad, that feels good," I moaned.


"Nice dick, Ethan, I'm glad I could be of service," he said as he continued his incestuous licking.


He licked my head and the sensitive underside of my cock, and then he opened wide and swallowed my dick about half way down. He then cupped my balls and jostled them a bit as he bobbed up and down on the upper half of my dick. I was in heaven, and lay motionless as the pleasure washed over me.


After a few minutes of this, my Dad lowered his head further and swallowed all five inches of my cock. His lips were nestled against the root of my penis, where a few stray hairs sprouted in anticipation of my incipient pubescence. He continued to massage my smooth hairless balls and I felt them tighten with the tell-tale feeling of impending orgasm. My Dad bobbed up and down a few times and I felt the explosion begin deep in my balls.


"Uggh!" I moaned, "Fuck, Dad, I'm cumming in your throat!"


Dad continued to suck and suck and every drop of my jism was vacuumed deep into his paternal throat. After my ejaculations subsided and my body stopped twitching, Dad released my prick from his mouth and gave a few licks of the head.


"There," he said. "Does my boy feel better?"


"Yeah," I sighed, "I do."


"Good," just remember that whenever you need a blowjob, I'm here. No need to seek out any girl, or boy, in your class to take care of it. Just ask me, and I'll empty your nuts."

And he did many times thereafter.