Ernie the Cunt

(Mb) (anal, oral, rim, scat, ws) (humil) (nc, viol) (beast, inc)

Hey Dude,

I have been reading your stories for a couple of years now, and I really shoot a load at how down and dirty you get. I never met anyone who has as sick a fucking mind as you do. Do you have any idea how many perverts you have influenced and stimulated into doing God knows what kinds of acts of fucking depravity? Good work, brother. Think of the hundreds and hundreds of teenage boys and younger who have gotten fucked up the ass and in the mouth, just because some dude read your story and could not control his dick. Think of all the little boys corrupted because of what your work has done to an already seriously twisted mind. We all owe you an enormous fucking debt of gratitude.

However, that is not the fuck why I am writing. Until now, I was content just reading your shit and jerking my dick, but a couple of months ago I got involved with this group of sick motherfucking dudes who play out some of the stuff in your yarns. Honest to shit. They read your stories, then get together, and try to do some of the stuff like maybe kidnap and work over some schoolboy. We like some of the shit your Japanese friend does to boys as well. Holy fuck that Ryo really knows how to fuck up a boy for life. Ha. I can't even imagine having done to my ass what gets done to some of the pubescence and prepubescence ass in your stories. They turn some sweet, innocent boy ass into cunt in no time. When Ryo and his friends finish up, all that is left is a creature with two fuckholes needing constant dicking.

With the help of this group of dudes I met, I have started to get into the real thing. Two weeks ago, we bullied and beat on this sissy college boy. Six of us fucked his ass and mouth. We shoved bottles up his cunt. We made him eat cigarette and cigar butts. He honest to God didn't know where the fuck he was or even his own name. It was a fucking blast. His eyes were so swollen from punches that he could not even see, and his dick was so sore from getting yanked and twisted that it looked like raw meat. He was so out of it by the time we finished that we thought he'd fucking lost his mind. He was all covered in cum and piss and shit. He was crying like a baby and curled up in a little ball. Some of us were still kicking him.

But, that is not the fuck why I am writing. Oh no, it was a recent story about some teenage dude who dressed his little brother up like a cunt for his buddies to fuck. That is why I am writing. No fucking you, man. You could be taking a page out of the life of Ernie. Ernie is the twelve-year-old son of one of the perverts in our group. We all get to fuck Ernie whenever we want. Motherfuck, to have your dick in a twelve-year-old boy ass, now that’s living. And, his mouth too, of course. His mouth is so soft and sweet like fucking a watermelon (which I have done). Ernie is an adorable, little, living, boy doll. If you met him, you would immediately throw a boner and want to fuck him too. He has been taught to be shy and respectful. And he has been raised to be a dick hog.


Ernie's dad raised his boy to be a pussy, just like in one of your stories. He started face fucking the boy at seven and busted his ass open at ten, after working on it with dildos, candles, wooden spoons, you name it. Ernie is not very social and doesn't have a lot of friends, but that is okay because we only want him to fuck and abuse anyway. His dad home schools him, which means he has to suck and get fucked all day and all night.


At a meeting a few weeks ago, we had Ernie fucked by two huge Dobermans. The dogs scratched the fuck out of his body and fucked his asshole so raw I thought he would need a hospital. One of the guys in our group is a doctor though, and Ernie was still able to suck us all that same night. We are currently looking for other members in the Atlanta area who have sons, or brothers, or nephews or any fucking young ass that we might be able to play with, as there will soon not be much of Ernie left.


The guys keep wanting to get rougher and rougher with him. And his dad just doesn't care. And I have to admit, Ernie brings out the animal in us. It is such a hoot to hear him scream in that high-pitched little boy voice and to see the tears run down his smooth face. The other day we heated up a branding iron and branded the little cunt with a C on his ass cheek. Some nights we use him as a urinal all night, taking turns pissing down his gullet while swilling back brews. Some nights, some of us with really kinky tastes use him as a toilet to relieve our other ends if you know what I mean, and he has learned to chew and swallow real good.


Anyway, that story about dressing the little cunt boy as a real cunt. The way his daddy dresses him for our parties is a hoot. And let me tell you the little shit is a goddamned good fuck too. He'd better be, or he gets harshly punished. Same for sucking. He'd better give a guy first-class head, or he gets it good and hard. Even if he's sucked twenty-five cocks already, the last dude better get as good a suck as the first dude. You can imagine how cute he looks with a dick in his mouth. Like he was made for it. His dad says some faggots are just born faggots, and the sooner you teach them to accept that, the better for everyone.


He is talking about having the kid's nuts removed, but I think it's fun to play with his tiny pricklet and his nuggets. It will be even more fun to make him dress like a cunt when he turns fourteen or fifteen. We can take him out in public that way as we do now. We take him to the mall and the movies, and most people can't tell he isn't a true cunt. We taught him how to walk like a cunt. He cries and sobs that he is a boy, not a girl, but it's challenging to understand the words when he is sucking on your ass. Ha!


Usually, Ernie doesn't go more than one or two hours during the day or night when he ain't sucking a big greasy dick or sucking on some ass or licking balls or getting fucked. The only time he gets to rest is when he sleeps at night, and even then he gets woken up two or three times to drink his daddy's piss or to get fucked or to lick some dick. When he is not working on cock, his smart daddy, whom I am proud to call a friend, makes the little bitch keep a big old dildo up his little ass. It keeps him ready for action.


Sometimes, for fun, my buddies and I will make a sandwich for him that has bread and lettuce and a lot of our cum! Or we will put cum dressing on a salad we make for him. I never thought much about liking kids in my life, but you know, they can be a lot of fun. Damn straight! You can do all kinds of fun things with a little kid. Ernie is one expert ball licker and lets me tell you that feels so fucking good when you are kicking back having a beer and watching TV. I can have my balls licked by him for hours and hours, of course, his daddy comes first. What a lucky son of a bitch his daddy is. I want to get me a little boy of my own to play with.


So I thought I would send you a note telling you that truth is not only stranger than fiction; truth and fiction are the same in some cases. But you would know. You are the master at that.


A big fan,

Arthur Reynolds