Entertaining Mr. S.

(Mm) (anal) (humil)

Well, I had another meeting with the young gay actor who will star for me in Entertaining Mr. Sloane. His name is Alexander. I felt I had to see how controllable and usable he was. Being as he is already gay and is being fucked by his boyfriend, simply fucking him was not an option. I mean, I did and do fuck him in both mouth and ass, and I fuck his boyfriend too. Those were conditions of his being hired, but I had to see how far I could push him, otherwise what is the fun of it? So, I thought making him fuck his ass for me with a nice thick electric dildo might be fun. I wanted to see his guts churned up like butter. I also wanted to know if he would let me take lewd photos of him abusing himself. This could lead to future fun for all of us.
I explained to him the world of Joe Orton and the nature of the play being about control and sadism, and that I thought he needed to feel what that was like. I told him in our relationship, I would play the top, and then he could go home, play the top with his boyfriend, and try some of these control techniques that he may need for the show. He was shy of course. He had never posed for naked photos before! It is always enjoyable making a teenage boy show his fucker to the camera for the first time and acting slightly disappointed at the size! That always freaks them out as young guys are so sensitive about their fuckmeat size.
I made a few disappointed comments about his pisser and said that in the show, perhaps we could pad the underpants he has to appear in and for the nude moments he could show his ass instead. This made him suitably humble. I had him pose for me on a chair, lifting his legs so I could see dick, balls, and fuckhole. Boys like him always get really embarrassed when I go in for close-ups of the shithole. I usually comment that it looks a bit like a cunt. Of course, him being gay, his boyfriend may have already told him that. I had also mentioned how his ass felt like a pussy when I fucked him. I had also called him bitch and girl when I fucked him.
He kind of freaked when I handed him the big red dildo with the batteries in it. I told him I wanted some really dirty photos of him fucking out his guts. I said the dildo had to go deep and he had to fuck it in and out with lots of energy. I wanted to see him ram it in! I made mention that it was not as if he had never taken cock before since he was a bitch to his boyfriend almost every night.
I kept telling him to push more of the fucking red dildo up his pussy. I kept urging him to fuck himself harder, to get it up deep that rectum—up that cunt! I made him turn it on, of course, and that really got him wild. First, I made him fuck himself on a small chair, so he really had to twist around and struggle. Then I moved him to the floor where I had him crawl around like a fucking animal with the dildo sticking out of his ass. He got more and more turned on by the whole thing. And I vowed to pair him up with another actor for a sex show at a cast party soon. I ordered him to actually sit on the dildo to force it deep up into his guts. He screamed that it was hurting him, and I said that was good and he could use that as an actor. Great memory recall.
“Fuck your shithole. Fuck your cunt. You are not fucking hard enough, you fucking pussy!”
I had him grunting from the force of each fuck-thrust. I had him crawl more, the red dildo sticking out of his upturned ass like a dog dick!
“Wiggle your ass,” I told him.
He knew how to obey orders. This boy really wants to be a star! Jesus, just think what I can get him to do. I will be working with him for the next six weeks or more on the show! I bet he never has sucked dog dick or taken canine cock up his cunt! Well, we shall have to fix that. I wonder if his boyfriend will still want him after that? Oh, well, we can’t worry about that, can we?
And he mindlessly slammed the dildo into his guts. All in all, it was a good session. I told him I thought he made some real progress on characterization as Sloane was probably abused as a child, and now he had something to work with! To end the session, I held him and kissed him with the dildo still up in his cunt, while I masturbated him four times. I did it four times so he would have no juice left for the boyfriend! Nasty old me! The last time was a real struggle. I kept kissing him and licking him.
I whispered in his ear, “Once more. Come on, you can do it. Once more, squirt for me. Shoot off. That’s my big boy!”
Shit like that. We have daily rehearsals now with the script, and at the end of each, I shall insist he masturbate four times. I will keep him drained so that when his boyfriend fucks him, the fuck will not be enjoyable. I shall have him jerk off into a bottle, that I can later feed to his boyfriend later!
The theater season is in full swing!