Eighth Grade Boys Chat


Evan: Hey, Jon, what up?

Jon: Nothing except my big dick.

Evan: You wish. I’ve seen your dick. It’s like a fucking peanut.


Jon: You looking at it in the locker room again because you want to suck it?


Evan: You wish. You beat off every fucking night thinking about me! I’M YOUR IDOL! I’M THE ONLY EIGHTH GRADER IN THE SCHOOL WHO HAS FUCKED CUNT!


Jon: You are not so the only one. Billy Strahorn has fucked cunt.


Evan: That’s just bullshit. He’s a fucking liar.


Jon: But I showed you the proof. I showed you the pics.


Jon: You gonna fuck her again?


Evan: Thinking about it.


Jon: Can I fuck her too?


Evan: You can’t. Your dick’s too small.


Jon: Bullshit. She’d only ten for fuck’s sake. Even a pencil would seem big to her twat. Can’t you convince her to let me fuck her too or, at least, get her to suck me?


Evan: Well, I can get her to suck you. She’ll do anything I tell her to do. She has such a major crush on me. But I think I want to save her cunt for just me. Maybe you could fuck her asshole.


Jon: I’ll take any hole I can get. I’m so fucking horny all the time. I’d fuck your mother.


Evan: Shit, I’d fuck my mother. My mom is hot — no doubt about it. When I hear Dad fucking her at night, I just about go nuts. I splatter baby batter all over the fucking place listening to him pound her pussy. And she is a mean cocksucker too from what I hear. I hear her slurping on my dad’s big fat dick all the time. You would think they would have some consideration for their thirteen-year-old horny son. They could at least let me watch. I did see mom’s cunt last week, though when she was in the bathroom. I took a risk that maybe she door wasn’t locked, so I walked in every so innocent, you know? And there she is rubbing her cunt.


Jon: You’re making me really hard with this talk of your mom’s cunt.


Evan: Really hard, huh? Then you must be about two inches.


Jon: Fuck you, man. Would you really fuck your own Mom?


Evan: Damn straight. I’d like to make her a sex slave to my dick. She’s interested too, I can tell. I read online that lots of moms secretly crave their son’s fuckmeat. It’s got something to do with them giving birth to us or something. As their sons get into their teens, the mothers go all horny for their boys’ dicks and balls, and asses. So believe me, I show my mom a lot just to keep her drooling and her cunt dripping. I walk around a lot in only my underpants. She’s always saying, “Put some pants on, Evan. That’s indecent.” But her eyes are glued to my big fat dick. I rub it in front of her and everything.


Jon: Christ, I could never do that in front of my mom!!!!!!!!!!!


Evan: That’s because your mom is a scag. Who’d want to fuck her? That’s probably why your dad divorced her. He needs young fresh cunt. My mom keeps her cunt shaved and everything. I bet your sister Beth has a really nice cunt though.


Jon: Yeah, I wouldn’t throw Beth out of bed. I’ve seen her in her bedroom in just bra and panties. Holy fuck is she hot.


Evan: Try to get some pictures. Try to get some pics of her naked tits or pussy. We can have a jerk off session with them. Is she getting fucked?


Jon: Yeah, this senior at the high school, Alex is fucking her three or four times a week from what I can make out. They even do it in our house when Mom is gone. I saw them go into her bedroom once, but I was too scared to go listen at the door. Alex is the quarterback on the high school football team, so, of course, he gets to fuck any cheerleaders he wants. He says Beth is his girlfriend, but I hear he fucks around a lot. I think Beth knows too, but she pretends not to, so she can hang on to him and his big dick.


Evan: Your fifteen-year-old sister is a fucking slut! She’s a fucking dick hungry whore.


Jon: LOL—you’re not telling me anything I don’t know. Her panties always have pussy drippings in them.


Evan: You probably suck on her dirty panties, you pervert. Hey, bring me some of her dirty panties, okay?


Evan: Jon?


Jon: I’ll see what I can do if you set up a blowjob for me with the little bitch you are banging.


Evan: Hey, couldn’t you set something up so you could take some pictures of Alex fucking your sister? Like a camera in her room or something. You’re a gadget geek. You can figure something out. I wouldn’t mind seeing the dick on that quarterback. I’d love to see his balls swinging as he slams his fuckmeat into your sister. My dad’s got huge balls. I used to think it was gross, you know, but now I want to have nuts like him, so the bitches can lick and suck on them. Hey, do you think your sister sucks the quarterback’s ass? It’s the kind of shit she would do.


Jon: Of, fuck, you got me leaking now. I gotta grab my jizz rag, or I’ll get it all over the bedsheets.


Evan: Don’t worry. Let your mom see your cum stains. It’ll make her dried up cobwebbed old pussy all wet and young again. Hey, tell you what. I’d give your mom a mercy fuck for you.


Jon: I’d like to watch you fuck my mom.


Evan: Fucking pervert. I’d rather fuck your sister. I bet you’d jerk off watching that!


Jon: Oh, god! What I wouldn’t give to be able to dick my sister. My fucker is so hard now.


Evan: Three inches, huh? You’re getting there. Tell you what. Why don’t we give your sister knock out drops some night and then when she is out of it, we can both fuck her? Is that a plan?


Jon: Would you really do that?


Evan: Why the fuck not, Numb Nuts? Look, she’s already getting her pussy stretched by her jock boyfriend. Tell me he doesn’t work her hard. He probably makes her suck off half the football team; only you don’t know it.


Jon: Jesus, you think so?


Evan: That’s how those high school jocks are. They fuck everything that walks, and then they share it with their buddies. That’s why I am considering letting that ten-year-old bitch suck you because you are my buddy.


So, you sister has a stretched out twat already, what difference does it make if she takes two more dicks? We knock her out, and when she is unconscious, we take turns fucking her cunt. I know a guy who can get us the knock out drops.


Jon: I’d be so scared Mom would find out.


Evan: Why not knock out your mom and fuck her some night too? She could sure use it. She must be so sick of those rubber dildos.


Jon: I don’t want to fuck my mom.


Evan: Well, you’d have to, to prove to me that you’re in on it with me. Otherwise, I take all the risk. Or would you rather suck your mother’s cunt after I fuck her and then you could suck all my cum out! LOL


Jon: Gross.


Evan: I bet you’d suck Alex’s cum out of your sister’s cunt.


Jon: He probably uses a rubber.


Evan: I bet you’d suck the rubber clean after he fucked her just to taste her cunt and his jock dick. Fuck, I’d do it. I bet he’s got a massive dick like I’m going to have someday. My dad’s cock is really humongous, and you know, like father, like son!!!!!


Jon: I don’t even know how big my dad’s dick is.


Evan: Hey, don’t feel bad because your dad left. It makes you the man of the house. Try to get some cameras in your whore sister’s room. Then when Alex comes over to fuck her brains out, we can see it. He probably doesn’t even shower after the games and makes her lick the sweat and dirt off of his nuts and out of his ass.


Jon: Jesus, if you talk like that, I am going to blow my fucking load.


Evan: Hey, send me a naked pic of yourself.


Jon: What the fuck do you want a bare-assed picture of me for?


Evan: Just for fun. Show me your dick and everything.


Jon: I feel stupid doing that.


Evan: You know lots of kids at school are doing it. It’s the latest craze, sending out bare-assed pics.


Jon: I would never want any of the kids at school to see photos of me naked. I’d die. I couldn’t handle that.


Evan: You saw that naked one of Jenny Laughner that her boyfriend sent out. He sent it to every dude in the eighth grade. Now, she has great tits and cunt.


Jon: I have jerked off over that pic a hundred and fifty times. I love how he has her spreading her cunt lips open. She’s now the most popular girl in the eighth grade.


Evan: And he wasn’t scared to send out that bare-assed picture of himself either. So send me one of yourself.


Jon: I just don’t understand why you want one of me naked. Are you fucking queer or something?


Evan: I’m the one who fucks cunt, dorkface! I just want to see it for fun. I want to see if you got the guts to do it. Tell you what. If you do it, I will send you one of me. That should get you hot.


Jon: Fucking homo!


Evan: Come on, you got to admit that a naked photo of me would turn you on!


Jon: Up yours!


Evan: No, little buddy. You’d like my dick up yours! I know you would. No use denying it. That’s why you are so interested in the fact that I’m fucking cunt. You want my dick up your ass.


Jon: If you keep talking that way, I’m going to sign off.




Jon: I am only beating off cause of the talk about my fucking sister and Alex and your mom.


Evan: And your mom! I’ll get those knock out drops, and we can both fuck your sister, but only if you admit that you want my dick up your ass.


Jon: Are you nuts, or what?


Evan: What if I give you the knock out drops and then when you’re out, I fuck the shit out of your ass?


Jon: Then, I report you to the cops.


Evan: No, you won’t, because you don’t want anybody to know you are an ass fucked faggot. So you keep quiet and just keep taking it up the ass every few days.


Jon: Then, I kill you!


Evan: I’ll bet you’re beating that three incher really hard now. Is it leaking all over the fucking place? Come on, send me a pic.


Jon: You won’t send it to anyone else? Swear to God?


Evan: Swear to God.


Jon: Send me one of yourself first. Make it really dirty.


Evan: Jesus, pervert. What do you want me to do, shove a bottle up my ass or something? LOL


Jon: I don’t know, but all of this talk has got me really fucking horny. I never felt like this.


Evan: That’s because you never fucked cunt. Holy shit, I just squirted a whole cupful of pre-fuck spray. My balls are rolling and churning all by themselves. If only my Mom were here to suck on them!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jon: You fucking filthy pervert. Send me that picture, Now, MOTHERFUCKER.


Evan: Oh, Christ, I wish! I’d love to fuck my mother pregnant. Okay, I’m taking a pic. I’ll send it out to you. You can jerk off looking at it.


Jon: In your dreams. Okay, I’ll send you one of me, too. Shit, I wish we had a naked picture of Alex. Wouldn’t that be hot?


Evan: I’ll bet he’s got a dick on him like Thor’s hammer. Motherfucker, I’m dripping. Send that fucking pic. I’m going to cum soon.


Jon: Here it comes. Shit, your’s is hot.


Evan: Jerk off to it, buddy. Why the fucking stupid face on yours? You look like a fucking zombie. Your dick is getting bigger though, I can see that. Hey, why not send me one showing

me your asshole, so I know what I’m going to be fucking.


Jon: Fuck you!!!!


Evan: No, we are talking about fucking your asshole. Think how good it would feel to have your buddy’s dick up your asshole. You’d be in fuck heaven. I could turn you queer in thirty seconds. Send me a pic of your asshole.


Jon: Maybe tomorrow night. I got to do my history paper now. My mom’s going to knock on my door any minute to see what I am doing.


Evan: It’s because she wants your dick so bad. Open the door bare-assed and let her see! Tell her you’ve been doing some heavy masturbating with your good buddy. Tomorrow night, a pic of your asshole. You promised. Hey, is Alex fucking your sister tonight?


Jon: I don’t know, probably. He’s out with her on a date.


Evan: That means she is at least sucking his big jock meat. I want to blow my load thinking about that. You can blow your load thinking about me fucking your ass. Later dude.


Jon: Later.