Egyptian Observations

(MmB) (anal, oral, scat, ws) (tort) (nc, rape) (beast)

When one travels on a journey to a place like Egypt looking for boy ass (or young pussy for that matter) several things soon become apparent. The fact that a thirteen-year-old boy will suck the dick of a donkey for five American dollars says something about the economy of a country like that, and it also says something about our own lives and even during times of economic hardship how good we have it.

For a boy who has never done such a thing, to masturbate the penis of a donkey and then slide the filthy thing in his mouth and suck on it until it spews it’s dirty donkey sperm into his cute brown little boy mouth, to be forced to gargle with the sperm and to swallow it, and to do all of this naked while playing with his little boy dick all the time, just to receive five dollars, makes quite a statement, doesn’t it?


When the waiters on your Nile cruise boat and the room service boys in your Cairo hotels will crawl naked on the floor and allow you to shove wine and beer bottles up their formerly virgin assholes just for ten dollars, that too says something, doesn’t it?


And when you threaten to report them to their employers so that they might lose their highly coveted jobs unless they perform the most unspeakable sexual acts for your pleasure, and they comply with tears in their beautiful eyes that too makes a statement.


The fact that you can force a sixteen-year-old hotel worker to eat his own shit rather than lose his job is not something one could easily accomplish in the states. Of course, he only has to suck on his own turds and chew and swallow his own shit once or twice. After you leave, he is free to go back to his job and life with a bit of extra cash in his pocket, but I would suspect emotionally it is something he will not forget for a long time. And that, of course, is my goal.


Don’t get me wrong. I am not one of those asshole Americans who look down on other cultures or races and uses them just for his own superior pleasure. I am a man who seeks superior status in sex! And so I use these uneven cultural and racial conditions to further my rather exotic and perverted sexual ends. I do not truly feel superior to yellow or brown or blacks in any way. It is a tool I use to control and dominate boys. Let’s say, you see a really handsome fifteen-year-old boy working at your hotel say, and you immediately know from the way his tattered trousers fit his sweet round boy cheeks, that you need to fuck his virgin ass really hard! He looks so innocent that you know you need to hear him squeal in pain and humiliation as your big dick stretches open his rectum and plows into his lower intestine. You know from his cute smile that you need to see his mouth around your dick and his tongue licking at your balls and asshole. He has no idea that you have targeted him to drink your piss and eat your shit. He has no idea you want to see him crawling around like an animal, totally naked with his teenage dick and balls swinging and his just fucked ass riding high with your cum still leaking out of his hole. He is probably shy and thinking about girls.


So how do you get him? I know you can’t blame me for wanting him and going about the necessary steps to procure him. And if I don’t corrupt him, someone else probably will, so why should I not be the first one to dick his sweet young ass? Now, I know I am a bit of a sadist and love to give a boy lots of humiliation and a bit of pain in my love play. I cannot help that. That is just the way I am made. Should I stop fulfilling my needs just because of that? Is it fair to ask me to stem or limit my sexual needs just because I want to play a bit rough with a teenage boy and turn him into a sobbing cunt? I know you would not expect that. And besides, there is plenty of boy ass to go around. And as so many coaches of athletic teams point out, a little pain can be good for a boy. Of course, while traveling, I have to use what is at hand, a belt to his sweet young ass gloves, a belt to his just fallen soft young nuts, candle wax, stickpins, bottles, toilet plungers, long thin loaves of French bread, thumbtacks, string and rope, and, of course, public nudity and humiliation in cultures where this is a shameful thing.


Teaching Egyptian children to suck dick can be a boon to them. They learn how to properly lick a scrotum and suck a swollen leaking dick head. They learn how to gently hold and fondle the nuts as they suck more and more fat dick into their little brown mouths. This will come in handy if they are every reduced to sucking cock to make a living. They are getting a head start in life, kind of like our “Head Start” educational program back home.


Some may think it cruel of me to force a little boy to lick and suck on my ass but think of what I am doing for him. If he is ever reduced to sucking dick for a living, and I might add, the streets of Luxor and Aswan are loaded with boys who offer sex to tourists even though it is highly illegal, should he ever be reduced to this kind of life, and I will do everything to see that he is, then he will be able to offer his customers a bit extra. He may become the most popular boy on the quay if he has developed really refined ass sucking skills. While the other little urchins are just gobbling dick and gagging and spitting out the cum, a boy trained by me knows how to deep throat, gargle the fuck spooge, swallow and how to lick and suck ass in the bargain. So you see, in a way, I am helping not only the boy but the Egyptian economy as well. I am teaching the little fuck cunt to be an entrepreneur. He offers something extra in his service, a good ass suck, and he gets more customers. A well-trained boy of thirteen say, could suck as many as twenty to twenty-five dicks a day and make a decent living.


While in Cairo, I acquired two young lads that I called my “bed boys.” Their job was to sleep in my big luxurious villa bed, a real treat for them, and to lick my balls and asshole while I slept. That’s right, they slept with their faces down between my legs, gently licking and sucking on my prick and nuts, and ass. And if I had to take a piss during the night, look how convenient that was. At first, the lads were awkward, as they had never sucked dick before. They thought it was dirty and sinful. Well, I guess, in their religion, it is considered immoral, but still, I had really full balls that needed draining two or three times a day. I had the boys practice on each other, sucking each other’s dicks and nuts, and assholes. This accomplished several things. It brought them closer together as friends, it gave them more confidence about their own sweet thin, still developing young bodies, and it taught them how to be dicksuckers!


I was quite patient and spent hours teaching them technique. I pointed out that cock leak must never go to waste. It must always be scooped up on the tongue. Foreskins must be cleaned out diligently, and any foreskin crud is eaten with relish. Not with literal relish, but with the act of relish. They were so cute wrinkling their little noses and making faces, as they first had to taste each other’s dicks. That taught them that boys should always shower before sex. They want to be clean for their man, whether the man is or not. Little brown asses must be scrubbed inside and out.


I took lots of time instructing them how to lick an ass, how to start by running the tongue over the ass cheeks and then up and down the crack, then to spread the cheeks and run the tongue over and over the rosebud asshole itself, then to stick the tongue gently into the asshole as far as possible and then to wiggle it, and then, finally, to fuck the tongue in and out of the asshole while the lips of the mouth suck gently at the lips of the ass like a deep lover’s kiss. This took some time. The boys always seem to have a natural revulsion to sucking ass.


In places like Egypt, after the terrible time, the British gave them for so many years, it is natural that the locals feel some revulsion licking and sucking white ass. During their Colonial period, the British fucked up the entire world. They truly believed they were better than people of color were. They treated them as second-class citizens in their own country. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of British soldiers forced Egyptian boys to suck their asses daily. Kids were made to suck dick and take it up the ass just because the British were their rulers.


I find this apprehensible. If I force a boy to suck my dick or eat out my ass, it is not because I feel my country or race is superior. No, indeed, it is strictly a personal thing. I am a sadist who gets his sexual pleasure instilling pain and humiliation on young boys. It is as simple as that—no political nonsense. So while I am sitting on the face of a thirteen-year-old boy, for example, sticking pins in his little ball bag while he screaming up my ass, I will always remind him that I do not consider myself better than him because of any racial or national superiority. No, indeed, some men were just born to subdue others for their pleasure. I would as willingly fuck and hurt a little white boy.


Anyway, my two little “bedmates” became quite happy with their position and, in fact, cried when I left.


I had a waiter at an Aswan resort hotel on Isis Island who had quite the dick on him. I really enjoyed fucking his teenage virgin ass and teaching him to suck, but I also had the desire to see him fuck, so I had him find a young boy in Aswan and bring him back to the island where we both took turns fucking the boy’s virgin ass and mouth, often at the same time. I watched him fuck the little boy, but I am not sure if the boy was a true virgin or not. There was only a little blood dripping from his asshole, and that may have been from the fact that I told the teen waiter he had to fuck the young kid really hard, and with a dick that size and the tiny size of the little boy, some blood may have been the result of the brutal pounding. The teen waiter said the boy was a virgin, but when you buy something from people in these countries, always be aware that the merchandise may not be authentic.


So this teen boy became a kind of “fuck partner” for me. I also had this particular waiter serve me personally as a body slave. I had him lick the sweat off my body and such, all the while maintaining a raging hard-on. I made him keep hard without cumming for days. I truly wish I had had more time. My trip was too fucking short.


I also had a bit of fun. There was a very handsome young couple at the hotel on their honeymoon. The groom was twenty-two and an extremely handsome kid. She was a shy, beautiful, rather typical Egyptian girl. When I first saw them at breakfast, being so loving to each other, I imagined how wonderful it would be to watch them fuck. Well, that was not possible, but some other fun was. I had my special waiter friend masturbate into the groom’s food, so he was eating cum. I was fascinated watching him eat cum-slopped food. I jerked off into a prescription bottle and had the waiter pour that onto the groom’s food the next day. He was fucking his new wife but eating my cum. How delightful.


Next, I had the waiter put some piss into the groom’s food and drink. Not so much that he would notice, although in his lovey-dovey state, perhaps, he would not have noticed if they had swallowed pure piss. I asked the waiter if he could get into their room, and he said, of course, since part of his job was cleaning rooms as well. I went along and found a few boxes of condoms. Well, I poked pinholes into the condoms and carefully resealed them. They might have a little surprise courtesy of me! I also found two used condoms in the wastebasket, which I, of course, had the waiter lick clean for me.


Often, on the streets, I would pay boys money just for them to give me a look at their fuckmeat and asses. If I thought a boy was a hunk and considered taking him back to my hotel, I wanted to see what I was getting first. Is that such a bad thing to do? It was shameful for them to have to expose themselves in public, but if they wanted to earn five bucks, they had to do what was required. I took quite a few photos of street boys showing their wares in public. It was kind of like a “cock market.”


Egyptian boys of the age of sixteen or so have lots of fierce pride. It always humiliates them when you force them to shave their prick and ball and asshole hair off. Egyptian males can be quite hairy, and if you want a nice smooth, brown body to fuck, you may have to convince the little whore to shave his pubic hair, nuts, and asshole. Perhaps even his legs. He will cry that it will embarrass him in front of his family and friends who will see him swim and bathe et cetera. You just stick to your guns and say, “No shavee, no fuckee, no money!”


A game I have always enjoyed with boys ever since my Thailand days is to offer a boy money if he does not shave, but instead, to pull out his ball hair and his pubic hair. That’s right, tug out his own prick and ball hair—first, one hair at a time, and then two and then three hairs. You can imagine how painful that gets. And what fun for you. You can say, “One American dollar for every twelve hairs you pull out, but you need to pull them out three at a time!” So you have this beautiful young kid, totally naked in your room, dick and balls swinging, as he pulls out his own ball hairs, sobbing like a baby from the pain.


I love to watch well-built hunky teenage boys fuck little kids. And I will often pay as much as twenty dollars to watch such a show. Usually, the fucker boy will puff up and be very proud to show me his sexual prowess, as it gives him some dignity back after I have fucked his young ass and turned it into a cunt. The condition, of course, is that he fucks the little boy really hard! I want to see the kid genuinely suffer under the massive dick of the lustful teen. He must rape the ass and mouth of the little boy. That way, I do not feel any guilt, as I actually did not perform the act. And technically, I am much more interested in the ability and look of the teenager fucker, than in the little bodies of the little boys. I am not into children per se.


Well, I hope my observations have given you some measure of pleasure. I will share more with you next time of my recent trip.