Eddie and the Tiger

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The Grooming

Tomás was right; the boy's father was familiar with Tomás Rivera. Being a wrestler carried a certain degree of celebrity status, at least with people who knew sports. The dad, Daniel Constanza, was almost star-struck with Tomás, excited about having the state champ — and a Latino — babysit for Eddie.

"I think it will be great for Eddie to have a boy like Tomás in his life," Dan told his friend Allen, an assistant football coach at the local high school. "Almost like a big brother."

Allen vouched for the kid as well and said that he was planning on poaching him for football next year. "He's kinda small," Allen , "but if he's as fast on the field as he is on the mat, I could use him."

Tomás was , and had been an altar boy at St. Michaels, so Daniel was happy to ask Tomás if he was still interested in sitting for Eddie three nights a week and was relieved and grateful to have someone of Tomás' quality in his employ.

It all worked out damned near perfectly for Tomás since in this family he was golden. The champion wrestler — in his weight class — was charming, well-spoken and had immediately impressed young Eddie as well as his widowed father. When Daniel suggested Tomás and Eddie go for a drive or stop at a to get to know each other better, the little boy joked, "Man I'm so glad you're cool, Tomás. I was afraid I'd get some 'Chester the Molester.'"

Tomás truthfully assured Eddie, "Dude, they're the fuckin’ worst! I hate 'kid They don't love kids, they just mess with them cuz they can't get no "

It was true that Tomás hated sexual predators. They were vile, opportunistic deviants while, at sixteen, Tomás had developed a love of young boys. Molesters didn't appreciate the beauty of taking a child and making him his forever.

The winced. "Shit. I'm sorry, Edwardo, I'm swearing way too much. Dropping the F-bomb and talking about pussy. I don't wanna be a bad influence. Don't tell your dad, okay?


"Fuck, Tomás, I swear all the time!" the confessed, "I won't you "


"Well, hell, little amigo, sounds like we'll just be two buds hanging out, huh?"


The and the fist bumped, and their first secrecy pact was made. It gave Tomás a . Tomás reached in the console for his cigarettes.


"Another bad habit," he said sheepishly, "Another secret?"


"Can I have one?"


"You smoke, Edwardo?"


"Sometimes. I think it's cool."


"If I do it, it must cool, yo! So, when I'm in charge, smoking and swearing, and any other MAN things that come up are A-OK. But Edwardo, man, we gotta have some seriously tight security you and me. Can you do it?"


Eddie puffed on his cigarette.


"Fuck YEAH I can do it. NOTHING about any of the good stuff gets told." He made a face and did his best gangster imitation, "Ya, screw...I ain't no snitch."


Tomás laughed earnestly. "You a trip, Wardo."


Eddie's street was on the right. They passed it.


"Not done , man. One more time around the block."


Tomás had plans for the handsome, four-foot boy with the beautiful brown eyes. He had to move slowly, carefully, . Like his had shown him.


The Constanza house was quite a different place after school now. Instead of dreading some lame-ass woman (there was a different one almost every night), Eddie looked forward to Tomás. Spending time with Tomás was as good as spending time with Daddy, n some ways even , the understood kids better Eddie . He didn't say 'life isn't fair' when Eddie complained about a teacher. When made dinner for the two of Tomás didn't always include a vegetable. And Tomás brought over the 'Rated M for Mature' video games that Daddy said he wouldn't buy because Eddie was too young.


To Daniel, over the next few Tomás proved himself a mature, dependable, morally upright babysitter.


To Eddie, Tomás was a Pied Piper providing fun via teenage contraband in the form of tobacco, R-rated and X-rated language. Eddie was enthralled by his , unbelievably , new best friend.


Tomás was amazed how easy this one was. In just over a month, Little Eddie was thoroughly groomed by the good-looking amoral wrestler. Tomás would pick this sweet, brown berry soon.


The living room was hot and humid, and the boys were clad only in gym shorts. Guns and explosions, and the of war casualties filled the room courtesy of Tomás' violent video game.


"Yo, little amigo," Tomás said standing up and stretching his back, "We've been playing 'The World at War' for near three fuckin’ hours. I need a break." Tomás took a whiff of his own lush damp pit hair, "Damn, I fuckin’ smell like a locker room!" The reached for his cigarettes. "Want one?" he asked the second grader.


"Hell yeah! A man needs a good smoke after shooting all them and whipping your ass."


"Eh, maybe I just let you think you won, Edwardo."


"Riiiight. Either way, the score says 'Wardo WINS!"


The little boy lit his cigarette, inhaled and exhaled as if he'd been smoking for twenty years.


"You really are a little , ain't ?" Tomás said with genuine admiration. "Smokin, cursing, holding your own against ME in video games."


Eddie was serious when he replied, "Guess you're rubbing off on me."


Tomás was sitting on the floor, legs stretched out with his back against the couch. He picked up the little boy and set him down in the V of his long so that Eddie's bare back was resting on Tomás' well-developed shirtless chest.


"Well, I fuckin’ hope so, Edwardo. I can't be seen with just any seven-old. I got a reputation to uphold. Gots my posse and my know?"


Eddie rolled his eyes. "What fuckin’ , poser? And I ain't never seen you with even one bitch!"


Tomás let his arm drape over Eddie's shoulder, his hand on the little boy's chest and exhaled thoughtfully.


"Eh...bitches is too much trouble, little man. They're only good for one thing, and usually not even good for that." Tomás played with Eddie's tiny nipple, rubbing it between his fingers gently. Tomás seized the opportunity to talk sex with the


"But you don't gotta worry about that stuff. Ya gotta be a man before shit like that concerns you. Maybe in 20 or 30 years..." Tomás reached around and pinched Eddie's crotch, "when this little, invisible gets to be over half an inch long!"


Eddie pulled the waistband of his shorts out and peered down at his crotch.


"It will grow, won't it?"


"Dunno, let me see."


The teen said it so that the didn't blink, but still resting on Tomás' chest, pulled his shorts down. Without moving his hands toward it, Tomás drank in the sight of a tan, flat, little tummy and a small, hairless groin that was all so smooth and beautiful with the most perfect boy Tomás had seen. Not even two-inches long, uncircumcised, and sticking straight out like missile ready to launch. Eddie's ball sack wasn't really more than a little pouch drawn tight against his body.


"Ah...not bad equipment there, stud. As for growing?" raised eyebrows and nodded to the boy's package, "Mind if I check something?"


Without waiting for an answer, Tomás took his thumb and forefinger and touched the shaft of the baby prick. Tomás gently pulled the foreskin down, revealing a dark pink, helmet head. He moved the skin back and forth over the head several times. Tomás pretended not to notice the penis was hardening.


"It's important, Edwardo, that you work this skin back and forth often. Several times a day, at least.” Tomás continued molesting the undeveloped cock. "Some men get this condition where this foreskin here? This foreskin gets so tight around here by your cock head that the skin won't be loose enough to let the head come out like this.”


Tomás pulled the skin down and up as he talked.


“So, unless you wanna try to through it for the rest of your life, work it, just up and down up and down, like this.”


Tomás kept stroking the tiny cock as he instructed. The seven-year-old as he leaned back against the teenager's chest.


"Shit, Tomás, that feels so fuckin’ good."


"Does it?" the sixteen-year-old said casually, "It's actually easier to do if it's wet. Here, try this."


Tomás licked his finger and ran it over the small cock head while still stroking the little boy's two- hard on.


"Fuck, Tomás...oh, shit!"


The second grader started grinding his body against Tomás, his ass and back against the teenagers' chest and crotch.


"It's okay, 'Wardo. It's supposed to feel like that. Your cock is made to feel, yo. Need more spit on there?"


"Yeah, yeah I think so," the kid gasped, “yeah, maybe some more?"


Tomás lifted the boy out from between his legs and maneuvered himself so that the small, now dark red, was near his face.


"I don't do this for just anyone, Edwardo, but it if will help…"


Contact. Tomás engulfed the second cock, licking around the button mushroom head, leaving a trail of teen boy spit under Eddie's foreskin.


"Oh...Oh FUCK, Tomás...shit...what the fuck...oh damn…"


The seven-year-old was writhing on the floor, trying to get more and more contact with Tomás' mouth. Tomás opened wider, capturing both the boy's and his tiny ball pouch in his mouth, bathing them in warm teen saliva. He moved back to the boy's little prick and began sucking harder and with more dedication.


"Feel okay, buddy?"


Silly question thought the sixteen-year-old. Tomás brought the little Mexican to the edge. Then stopped. He raised himself from the smooth, damp schoolboy genitals acting like nothing had happened.


"Oh, like it will grow, Wardo, but you'll need to exercise it like that a lot — in the privacy of your room, of course."


Eddie was desperate.


"I can't fuckin’ do that myself, Tomás!"


"Dude, that's a shame, because — between you and me?" the handsome sixteen-year-old said as he wiped the spit from his lips, "The longer ya do it, the better it feels."


"How am I supposed to keep it wet like that?"


"I dunno, man." The wrestler pulled his shorts down, " when you're older, your cock makes . Look at this shit." Tomás pulled his foreskin back to reveal the cock head, dripping pre-cum into his thick, teenage pubes. "Mine sorta lubes itself up and gets all slippery. Here, feel..."


He took the boy's small hand and put it on his seven-inch, uncut Latino cock.


"The more you…here, wrap your fingers around it..."


The boy's hand was too small to go all the way around.


"Well, wrap your fingers part way around, anyway, huh little guy?"


Both boys laughed softly.


"And when you squeeze it or move it up and down like this? See, more of that stuff comes out."


Tomás was on his back, the little boy's head on the teen's stomach, just above the dark treasure trail leading to Tomás' pubes. The boys were seemingly casually discussing the biology of Tomás' cock. Eddie was still pulling on Tomás' cock, fascinated by the glistening strands of pre-cum covering the head — and now the fingers of the little boy.


"What IS this stuff, Tomás?"


"I dunno the science name, Wardo. Us big guys just call it cuz it leaks out before we cum."




Tomás smiled wickedly to himself.


" if you were to, say, keep what down there..."




"Well, Wardo, pretty soon, I'd cum. You know, stuff would pump outta my..."


Tomás looked at the little boy who looked thoroughly confused.


Eddie kept slowly jacking Tomás' hard teenage cock while Tomás continued his...lecture.


"The gunk that makes babies, yo. When you're my when someone is stroking like you're doin’, My cock thinks it's supposed to...Dude, it's easier if I just show ya."


"Cool, show me."


"I can do it alone, Wardo, but it would be faster if you helped. Just keep..."


Eddie stroked the turgid teen cock faster.


"There ya go, man. Just keep up and ...you know what else might help, maybe some of your spit, like I did to yours?"


"You want me to spit on it?"


"Eh...would be better if you put it..."


Eddie knew what his best friend needed. He moved his face to Tomás cock and brought the head to his lips. Stretching his mouth open as far as it would go, he managed to get the head and a few inches of the wrestler's cock in his . Tomás felt the little lips, the warmth of the inside of the seven-year-old mouth. Then, by Eddie's tongue was swirling around the flared mushroom head of the teenager's ample prick.


"Oh, FUCK yeah...oh, DAMN, Wardo...oh shit..."


Between the sucking action of the little mouth and Eddie's continued jacking of Tomás' cock, Tomás was there. He felt his nuts churning.


"Oh, MOTHER Oh shit, Wardo...shit, man..."


Tomás grabbed the second grader by his long dark hair and pushed Eddie's face down, holding it there.


"Oh, Wardo...oh, baby...watch out...oh, Wardo, move...don't...oh, FUCK!"


Tomás began to erupt. He wanted to crush the kid's face into his balls and hold him there, drowning the baby cocksucker in . wanted to call him a filthy, fuckin’, cocksucking whore faggot. He wanted to watch the little slut choke on his cock and puke up his thick, potent ropes of teenage . He wanted to rape the baby's throat ruining him with his cock.


But, he wanted Eddie to want more. He wanted the boy to beg him for again and again, so he quickly pulled the kid's face up just as the cock began to spew ropes and then ribbons, then strings, and then drops of thick, white teenage cum onto his hairy belly and dense dark pubes. Spent, Tomás fell back on the carpet, breathing heavily. He tousled Eddie's hair.


"And that, my young friend, is cumming, any questions?"


Both boys and Eddie moved up Tomás' so their faces were close together.


"So, is that all sex is then?"


Tomás reached his fingers into the pool of nut collecting in his belly button and brought them to his lips, saying nothing.


"Dude! You EAT that?" Eddie gasped.


"Why the fuck not, man, it's just, I dunno, protein I "


Tomás' fingers went back to the pool and came up dripping the thick, white fluid. He raised his eyebrows in a 'want some?'


"S' , yo. Keeps the old cock growing."


Eddie grabbed the two fingers and slurped them into his little mouth.


"Yo, kid..you dribbled some..." Tomás leaned forward and licked Eddie's lips, "...right..." he showed the seven-year-old the glob on his tongue, "THERE, see?"


Eddie opened his mouth and accepted Tomás' drop of cum and his tongue. Tomás held the little boy . He wanted to keep his tongue deep in the 's throat. wanted to explore the roof of his mouth, the tiny teeth. He wanted to make out with the second grader, swapping spit and slobbering all over each other’s faces. But he wanted Eddie to beg him for it. Don't push too soon. Make the little boy come back, asking for more and more. That's what his grandfather had taught him. Tomás used all of his self-control and pulled away from the boy's hungry mouth. Eddie looked dejected, but Tomás made no notice of it. Instead, he picked up their conversation as though it hadn't been interrupted by a fuckin’ hot session of oral sex.


"Sooo, to answer your question, YES, it appears that your baby will indeed grow. Provided you give it proper attention. In a few years, you'll end up with a prick, kid," Tomás couldn't resist one more barb to make everything more comfortable, "but to be the size of Mexican meat? Doubtful, little man! !"


Tomás jumped up, pulled his shorts back on and lit a cigarette. Eddie laid there for a moment.


"Ha-ha." The little boy said, pulling on his shorts. " Tomás? Will you help me...exercise my "






"Wardo, this is another of those top secret things, yo. You know how your dad thinks you're too young for everything? This is the giant-most 'too young' thing. Double-triple secret. Can you do that?"


"Hell fuckin’ yeah, Tomás. I promise. Please?"


"Well, okay, muchacho...and if we do it, I got more stuff to show ya, too. Like how to make even your baby feel really, really "


"DUDE! Can we do it? Can we do it now?"


"Not now, my little stud-buddy, maybe another day."


Slow and easy, Tomás. Don't rush the kid. Make him come to you.


"Hey, Tomás?"


"Si, little buddy?"


"Why you call me Edwardo? My name is just plain Edward."


"Because people who are close always have special names for each other, a name no one else calls them but that friend. You like it, no?"


"Si! Like it lots, and you're right, no one — not even Daddy — calls me Wardo."


"Well then, there ya go. You'll always be or Wardo to me."


"But you're still Tomás for me."


"At least you say it right, man! Most people fuck it up and call me Thomas, instead of Toe-Maas. But, since you mention it, I do have a name that's special to me."






"Where did that name come from?"


Tomás stretched his legs out, his back against the couch and lit another cigarette.


"My grandfather." Tomás answered quietly, "It was always ' say, help me in the shed today?' or, if he talking me and not to me, he'd say, stuff like, ‘The Tiger and me are to town for a while.'"


And now, The Tiger had plans for Eddie. He would make the second grader love him. Then he would corrupt him, use him, abuse him. Tomás would love Eddie just as Tomás' grandfather loved the young wrestler when he was just Eddie's age.


"Will your grandpa care if I call you Tiger sometimes?"


"I doubt it, Wardo. He's passed a couple of years ago." Tomás blew cigarette smoke toward the ceiling. "As a matter of fact, , I think he'd be honored. It says a lot about yours and my special ."


"Cool! When I go to school Monday, I'll be like, 'The Tiger and me hung out this weekend.'"


"Long as you remember that a lot of what we do has to be secret, little man, right? Not to walk up to your teacher and say, 'I need a smoke break, bitch.’ Then we'd both be in a shitload of trouble, huh?"


Eddie pictured it, "Yo, bitch! I math with this hard on!"


They both laughed and continued making up scenes for Eddie and his teacher.


"I skinned my knee at recess, and it hurts like a mother fucker."


At last, out of breath, the realized, "Damn, mother fucker, I'm fuckin’ starving!"


"Ya read my mind, Wardo. "


Eddie announced, "Last one to the car is a skanky bitch!"


Although they sat in the playground area at Mickey D's, Eddie didn't feel like climbing through tubes and playing with the little kids. He was hanging with his buddy Tiger Rivera. Tomás was watching young boys play and thinking of the future. Eddie buzzed through his chicken and scrolled through the stuff on Tomás' iPhone. There were pictures of Tomás' friends at school, a bunch of pics of him and the wrestling team, an old picture of a man holding a little boy on his lap.


"That's the grandpa that called me Tiger. That's me with him."


Eddie liked the way the old man looked.


"Your grandpa looks nice, Tomás. Friendly," the little boy said.


"He could be, sometimes," Tomás answered, "if he wanted something."


"What could a want from a We don't nothing."


"For the kind of man grandpa was, trust me, I had lots of stuff that Grandpa wanted."