Early Experiences

(MmB) (oral, ws) (humil)

A number of readers have been asking about my early experiences with sex, and how I got into the kinky things that so consume me. I had written before in some detail about the three early jobs I had that introduced me to humiliation, sadism, control of boys, and perverted sex of all kinds. I graduated from college quite young and began teaching at a very well-known private school (ages kindergarten through grade twelve.) I then taught for several summers at Reading University in England, a special program for high school boys mostly sent away for the summer by uncaring parents. And I directed theater for a few years at a well-known Catholic seminary, now closed because of its scandalous activity. Did I fuck future young priests? You bet. The priest who ran the seminary was arrested in a public park restroom sucking off boys. He used to bring hustlers back to the seminary. We had wild orgies there with the students dancing naked and masturbating each other...you name it. All of this is absolutely true and is on record.

However, today I wanted to share with you a few more activities that took place at the private college prep school where I taught for two years before going into professional theater. The school is very, very well-known and still operates today. I taught the boys of numerous famous families both American and international. My mind is still blown when I think of the things I saw and did at that school. I do not know if these perverted activities still go on, or if the school has cleaned itself up, but last I heard things were still the same. For some reason, the wealthy families that ran the school believed in extreme hazing. They honestly felt it would toughen up their sons and that boys needed this to grow into leaders as adults. Except for the hazings I encountered at some schools in Asia, I have to this day never encountered a school with such deviant practices. As you know, there are numerous news stories of scandals at big-name school because of hazing and bullying practices, and I keep waiting for the school where I taught to be named.

The teachers at the school mostly closed their eyes to the sexual and humiliating games at the school. A few teachers who complained were asked to leave, or their contracts were not renewed. Some teachers really got into the hazing and made life even more hellish for the unfortunate victims. Most teachers simply ignored the rituals and practices. At this school, I knew of five teachers who were fucking students, one of them was one of the coaches, who was behind some of the really sick bullying and hazing. So me being only a few years older than the senior boys, it was only natural that I would want some of the boys' asses. My sex in those days was pretty innocent and vanilla — sucking and fucking. However, one of the two senior boys whom I was fucking on a regular basis was one of the school's major jocks and was really one of the forces behind the hazing. Through him, I not only learned of the perversions, but I also got to actually witness the activities (sometimes hidden in a janitor's closet). Let me list for you once again, some of the bullying and hazing games I witnessed and later even had a hand in.

The bullying and hazing in my mind fell into three categories: innocent fun, sexual humiliation and perversion, and torture and abuse. There were two kinds of hazing: the hazing of high school freshman boys by the seniors which lasted from the start of the school year until the end of October and the hazing and bullying of new members on the varsity sports teams, which went on all year.


In the first category, boys were required to wear silly costumes and perform menial tasks. They wore school beanies and had to crawl in the main halls of the school and up and down staircases. When I first saw this, I got an immediate hard-on. At that time, I had no idea how far things actually went. I was soon to learn. Some days, freshman boys were made to dress as girls. They attended classes dressed as girls in cheerleading skirts and other girly clothes. Some of the boys were not allowed to wear underpants under the skirts and had to lift their skirts on command to show their cocks and balls. The senior boy I was fucking made his "Scumbags" maintain hard-ons so that if he ordered them to raise their skirts, they had hard dicks. If their dicks were not hard, they got beaten on the bare ass with a paddle or belt. Some days, the freshman boys were made to attend class wearing only small Speedo swimsuits. This drove me mad as a teacher with sexual interests in boys. It was more my torture than the boys'. The freshman boys had to perform services for the seniors — carry their books, do their homework, serve them lunch in the cafeteria, take out and hold their dicks while they pissed, swallow their snot and spit and so on. This was my first exposure to such activities, and they shaped my entire life.


Here is a short list of some of the more extreme games played with the boys that I personally witnessed, usually in hiding. Remember the boy I was fucking was in charge of most of the hazing and he took me into his confidence. I later began to offer some really sick suggestions of my own.


1. Freshman boys had to lick the shoes of the senior boys. They also had to suck on the dirty jock straps of the senior boys (that particular fetish remains strong today in my stories). I'll never forget the first time I saw a boy of fourteen put the piss, cum and sweat-stained jock strap of a senior in his mouth and chew and suck on it.


2. I saw eight seniors piss into a large glass jar. Then six freshman boys, naked, of course, had to dip shot glasses into the piss, fill the glasses and down shots of piss. They had to repeat this until the jar was empty.


3. At a big homecoming party held at the farm of one wealthy parent, four freshman boys were taken out to the barn by my senior friend. The senior boys ordered the freshman boys to strip naked and stick their dicks into the asshole of a horse. The boys also had to masturbate the horse's huge dick.


4. Six boys were lined up on benches naked. The first boy put a condom on his dick. He then had to masturbate. He was timed. When he had shot his load, he slipped the condom off his dick and handed it to the next boy who put it on his cock. Each boy masturbated in turn, filling the condom with more and more cum. After the last boy had cum, the boy who took the longest to cum had to drink the contents of the fuck bag.


5. Boys were fucked every day with toilet plungers, broom handles, bottles and so on. This was my introduction to kinky sex.


6. Freshman boys had to lick the inside of the athletic cups of the football team after big games.


7. Boys were made to puke and then lick it up. Boys had to masturbate each other to climax.


8. Freshman boys were forced to "make out" with each other. They had to kiss for five or even ten minutes without stopping while tonguing each other. They had to lick each other's bodies.


9. The boys were made to play tug-o-war with their balls! In another version, they had the rope tied to their dicks.


10. The freshman boys had to dance naked for the seniors, and they had to masturbate themselves as they danced.


11. The boys had to eat cum in various ways such as off of crackers, out of condoms, off the floor, and off of the bodies and faces of other boys.


12. Boys were forced to play with their cocks all day long, in class, in the halls, at lunch, etc. If a boy was caught with a soft dick, he was beaten with a paddle or belt.


13. Boys had to write and memorize and deliver at parties, long speeches on how they wanted to fuck suck their brother’s cocks and have their asses fucked by their fathers. The speeches had to be really filthy and disgusting, or the boys were punished. The freshman boys also had to write love letters to senior boys telling them how much they wanted to suck their dicks and lick their balls and get fucked.


In a world like this, is it any wonder I became corrupt? My future was shaped by all of this. But I want to tell you about the first young boy that I helped to corrupt. It had to do with Dan Erlacher, the senior boy I was fucking and a young eighth-grade boy named Luke whom Dan and his buddy, Tim, were getting blowjobs from. Dan and Tim picked this one timid, cute eighth grade boy, and forced him to suck their cocks. Of course, the boy almost fell apart from the horror of it all. Dan has such a good time. He set up a second meeting where he brought three buddies along, and Luke had to suck all four cocks and swallow the cum. I was allowed to watch from hiding.

Little naked Luke could not stop from shaking and crying. It was so fucking hot; I could hardly control myself. Dan then told Luke that he had to suck their dicks three times a week. The boy sobbed and begged them to let him go. They beat him and told him he had better be at every fucking single "Suck Appointment." It was while watching this that my interest in mentoring and ruining boys began. The corruption of the boy was so beautiful.


However, I was to play a big part in what happened next. I set up an appointment with little Luke. I told him I was concerned about his mental and physical health. I said I noticed him behaving strangely lately, and I asked him what was wrong. With tears in his eyes and chewing his cute lower lip, he told me nothing was wrong. I kept pushing the boy, saying he could trust me and confide in me and at last, like a damn breaking, he wailed and sobbed about what he had been made to do. I held him and comforted him, my hard dick leaking in my pants all the while. Then I told him that if he told anyone, he would be labeled a faggot. I told him no one would believe him against the word of the senior jocks of the school. I told him he would probably be expelled. I said that his parents would be humiliated and ashamed of their own son. The miserable little fucktard became more and more distressed.


He held on to me crying and asked what he should do. I told him that sadly for the moment, his only option was to continue to meet the boys three times a week and suck their dicks. I said that I would look for some way to help him get out of the situation. I said that until we could work something out, I feared that he had to keep sucking the cocks.


Then I suggested to Dan that they increase the humiliation and make young Luke lick their balls and assholes as well. As you can see, this real-life incident formed the basis for many a story that I would write, and also for some of the real-life boys I later worked with or on.


I continued to meet with Luke, noticing that he was growing pale and thin and getting totally stressed out. I told him that no matter what happened, he must not ever tell anyone of his shameful acts, as they would blame him. I made the boy suffer by asking him which of the senior boys had the thickest and longest dick, how long he sucked each dick and how the assholes tasted and so on further fucking him up.


I then suggested to Dan that he increase the number of dicks young Luke had to suck from four to six three times a week. I would meet with Luke and tell him things like the shape of his mouth and lips were changing because of the cock sucking. I would say to him he smelled like dick. I would say that he probably could never date girls now, because of what he was doing. All kinds of shit to fuck him up.


We kept the poor boy sucking dick until Dan and the seniors with whom I was fooling around graduated. By the end of the school year, Luke was sucking eight to ten dicks every day. Dan and his friends were pissing on and in him. He was made to lick out toilets. He was a total wreck. This was the first boy on whom I worked over even though I never had him sexually at all. After the summer break, Luke did not return to our school.


This is only the surface of what I experienced. I have told some of you about Camp Red Arrow, which is connected to the school and run by the senior boys. Even more, sick things were done there. I think it is still up and running.