Doctor Jones Letter

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Aaron was such a sweet innocent cute young sixteen-year-old boy that it’s almost a crime what I did to him. Well, it is a crime what I did to him, but I meant in the ethical, philosophical sense. But when a boy is that damned hot, I would say he was fucking asking for it, would you not agree? I write everything down in my journal so that someday others may learn from my efforts, and I include my activities in these letters to you, my dear Helmut, for your pleasure.

First, allow me to introduce myself. Dr. Oskar Jones. Jones is not my real family name, but when I became a practicing psychiatrist, I shortened and altered the real name, so it had that comfortable American ring. I specialize in hypnotherapy. Ha, many of you think hypnotism is still parlor game trickery and foolishness used only those dumb mind control stories on the sex websites. It just shows how much we all have to learn. Hypnotism is a well-respected and often used therapeutic tool. It is used to help mothers deliver babies. It is used to hasten the clotting of blood. It is used to condition patients in or out of certain habits. And that’s how I use it. On a particularly submissive, weak-willed individual, a good hypnotherapist can completely control his behavior, actually turning them into a complete zombie unable to resist even the slightest suggestion. It would make an outstanding reality TV show, but unfortunately, the legal ramifications would be prohibitive.

Now to you, my dear Helmut, and only to you, I begin my confession that I use my skill and training for my own sexual pleasure. Oh, I know many a doctor who cops a feel of this or that patient for his private pleasure. It is common and even kidded about in our work, but I have gone much farther as you will learn. I am currently applying my mind control methods on over a dozen patients, and the results are absolutely addictive. I want more and more. Let us begin with Aaron.

Aaron is sixteen as I said, and I think you will agree from the enclosed photos, a charming little hunk. The perfect kind of an all-American teenage boy that whets the appetite of old perverts like us. But you know me, my goal was not to seduce or molest young jock stud Aaron. No, no, to the simply uninteresting. My goal was to destroy the poor boy so utterly as to so totally fuck up his entire life that he would be ruined for life and would have to be put away someplace safe and sound like perhaps into your hospital for disturbed youth. Like you, I love to watch an innocent young teenage boy fall apart in front of me. I love watching him unable to control the humiliation and degradation heaped upon him. I love to watch him crack up until he has turned into a sniveling little cunt boy, so, on with the story of sixteen-year-old Aaron.
I began work in earnest during the third meeting. I had used the first two meetings just to put him under and set up specific hypnotic responses. Besides, during the first meeting, his older brother was with him, and what a cutie the older brother is, a really a hunky jock. Older brother Dan is twenty-two and just got married. I had difficulty controlling myself Helmut when visions of hunky Dan fucking his new wife entered my head, but more about Dan and his sexual habits later. Dan brought his little brother Aaron in for my help. You see, two years ago, the boys lost their father in a freak accident, and now their mother is terminally ill in a hospital. Dan is able to handle all of this, but poor young Aaron, understandably, is freaking out. He has had to go live with Dan and his new wife, Sherry. Aaron is unhappy at his school, and he is at a socially awkward age anyway. He is a troubled teen trying to cope, and it is, of course, my job to help him. The moment I saw the beautiful blond boy—the sensitive face, the slender tight young body even in his baggy clothes, I knew I had to not only fuck his tight little virgin ass and shove my big fat prick down his fallow face-cunt but that I had to annihilate the boy. I mean it is easy, as you know, to face fuck a kid when he is under hypnosis and to make him forget it ever happened, but I wanted so much, much more than that for young Aaron. I wanted him to remember each terrible indignity heaped upon him. I wanted him to remember and relive them, but be unable to stop the horrors, to be totally out of control. I wanted him to suffer!
Am I a bad man, Helmut? Does that make me a bad man, the fact that I want to bury my fat nine-inch schlong up the tender tight ass of a sixteen-year-old virgin boy and watch him scream and cry for mercy as I ream his rectum and plow his guts and feel my big hairy balls bang against his soft, smooth teen skin? Is it wrong for me to want to turn him from an ordinary boy into a cock crazed teen twat, unable to control his own sexual urges to the point that he has to be committed to a mental institution? I mean, doctors have to have fun too. And look at all the boys I have helped. I must be allowed an indulgence now and then so Aaron was to be my indulgence. On this, our third meeting as he stood before me in a tee shirt and baggy pants, I decided to get to work. With a snap of my fingers and a keyword, I put him under. He stood there awake but docile—my toy. I told him I needed a photo for the files.
“Aaron, we have already discussed how in this relaxed state you are completely in my power, unable to resist even my slightest suggestion. You know what is going on. You may not even like some of my commands, but you are unable to resist. Remember Aaron it is for your own good. The trauma of losing your father and now your mother dying is too much for a boy like you. So I am going to help you. I am going to help you through what we call humiliation therapy. What do you say?”
“I don’t wanna do this,” he said.
He has one of those throaty young testosterone-filled teen voices like his throat is full of dick spunk all the time.
“Of course, you don’t want to do this. I knew that at our first meeting. You are an independent young colt. You want your freedom. Well, for a while at least, freedom is the one thing you will not have. Please, Aaron, sit down. Don’t you think it’s hot in here? Why don’t you raise up your tee shirt a bit? Not only will it cool you off, but it will give me a chance to look at your lovely teenage boy tits!”

“You fucking pervert. I’ll tell...I’ll tell my brother and the police...and...and—”
“Oh my, Aaron, what tiny nipples you have. They’re like little pebbles. Don’t worry. We’ll work on them. We’ll get them standing out like sow tits in no time.”
“I’ll tell...I’ll tell—”
“Of course, you won’t. You can’t. Aaron, you can want to. You can hate me with every fiber of your being, but you have no power to resist me. Oh my, what a cute tight tummy you have. Slip your arms out of your tee shirt. Let it hang around your sweet young neck. Oh yes, what a beautiful slender tight young body for me to molest and abuse. Look at that sweet belly button. Oh fuck, I am really throwing a stiffy Aaron all because of you. Now tell me, Aaron, did you do what I ordered you to do this past week?”
His cute slightly arrogant young face screwed itself up full of uncomfortable memories. His face turned slightly red from embarrassment.
“Yeah,” he said finally.
 “Tell me what you did.”
“I hate you, you fucker!”
“Aaron, we’ll deal with your mixed feelings for me at a later time. Tell me how you followed orders.”
“I...I...jerked…um…I jerked my dick all the time…um...even at school during class.”
“You played with your teen penis at least six hours a day, right?”
“Yes, sir, it’s so sore. I rubbed it over and over like you said, fucker.”
“But, Aaron, you didn’t cum, did you? You didn’t masturbate yourself to orgasm, did you? Because if you did, you little cunt, I’ll have to punish you.”
Tears formed in his eyes, and he wiped them away with the back of his hand. Even now, sitting there, his one hand rubbed his duck lump. I had ordered him to play with his prick until it got really hard, and then to leave it alone until it became soft, then rub it again over and over all day.
“No…no, I didn’t shoot, but it was leaking all the time. Sometimes there were wet spots on my pants right in school. Please, sir, don’t make me do this sick shit…please.”
“Oh…oh, just a minute ago you called me a fucker. Now you are begging me. You better make up your mind, young man.”
“Oh, god, Doctor, please, I need to cum so bad. I don’t know what you did to me, but I can’t cum. I get so hard and leak, but I can’t cum.”
“It’s called ejaculation control. It’s really torture, isn’t it? You feel like you are cumming, but somehow it just won’t go off. Ha, ha. I wasn’t certain it would work with a horny young pup like you. We use it to treat satyriasis for guys who can’t control their fuck lust, but with a kid, well, I’m glad it’s so successful. Tell me, Aaron, what do your friends at school say when you play with yourself in front of them, standing there rubbing your dickie like some fucking pervert.”
“I...I…eh…stayed away from my friends all week. They think I’m mad at them or something. I didn’t talk to them much, and I hold my books in front of my hard-on, and then I’d go right home after school and skip sports practice.”
He blinked at me as if looking for approval for his actions. He’d get no approval from me.
“Aaron, shame on you, I’m trying to help you here, and you are resisting my help. I don’t want you to become a social outcast. You can’t avoid your friends. From now on, no avoiding your friends at school and no holding your books in front of yourself, let them see what a fine, healthy, horny, teenage boy you are. You are not to avoid them and if you have to play with yourself in front of them, so what, Aaron, it’s something we have to face together. Remember I am here to help you.”
“No...please...please...my friends and my girlfriend, what will they think of me? Please, I beg you.”
While he talked, his hand worked at the crotch of his baggy pants.
“Now listen, Aaron, probably with those baggy pants you kids wear nowadays, most of them won’t even notice your boner. As for your girlfriend, I want to talk to you about that. In your present psychological condition, suffering under so much stress, I’m not sure a girlfriend is the right thing for you.”
“I love Julie. She’s all Iven got in the world now with Mom…please...I love her.”
“Yes, well, let’s test her love. From now on, whenever you speak to Julie in front of her friends or alone, you’ll have an uncontrollable urge to pick your nose. Get those fingers way the hell up your nose and dig around up there while you talk to her in the school lunchroom, in your car, it doesn’t matter. Your nose will itch terribly, and you’ll have to dig your fingers up your nose and then fish out those boogers, and in front of Julie, eat them.”
“Oh, god…you can’t do this to me...please...that’s sick…so gross…please...I...I won’t do it.”
“Of course, you will. Watch, I’m picking in my own nose and, oh, here’s a big old finger full of snot. Now, I’m going to hold it up to your mouth, and I want you to lick it clean. Come on, Aaron, don’t be a bad boy. You know you have no will of your own. Each time you obey a command, you go deeper into my control.”
“Jesus, Doctor, I don’t wanna...p-p-please…oh…no…shit...shit.”
I held the snot and booger-filled finger up to the kid’s face. He opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. His eyes were pleading with me, but his body obeyed. He was a natural submissive, to begin with, but the potential, my dear Helmut, think of the potential.
I watched him cry as he sucked my finger. When he started to gag as if to puke, I ordered him to control his gagging. I didn’t want teen vomit all over my nice furniture. Afterward, he sat there totally defeated sucking on his tooth, I think, trying to erase the taste of what I had put into his mouth.
“Stand up, Aaron and open your pants and show me just a little teen ass. I love teen ass. I love fresh, clean teen ass. I know you’re a clean boy, Aaron. You shower four times a day now, don’t you? And Aaron, did you buy that enema equipment from the pharmacy like I told you to do?”
He stood there with his pants open. His sweet, hunky ass showed just a bit above his gray underpants. He hung his head.
“Yes, Doctor, I bought the stuff.”
“Good boy. And did you pick a young teenage male clerk about your own age?”
“Yes, sir.”
“And did you ask his advice about how to administer an enema to yourself?”

Tears were rolling down his cheeks again.
“And what did the teenage clerk say, Aaron?”
“He got furious and said for me to read the directions and how the fuck should he know.”
Aaron shook his cute young head at the memory.
“Ha, ha, he must have thought you were some kind of fucked up queer pervert, huh, Aaron?”
“I don’t know. I...I—”
“Of course, you know. Don’t lie to yourself or me, Aaron. Did the boy think you were some kind of freaking pervert fag?”
“Yeah, I guess he did...oh, god.”
“Of course, he did, probably told all of his friends about you. Too bad the boy doesn’t go to your school. Tomorrow, Aaron, I want you to go back to the same store, find the same clerk, and ask his advice on adult-sized diapers. Buy a couple of boxes, but make sure you ask him if he thinks they will fit you.”
“Don’t make me do that. Please, sir, I’m begging—”
I know, and it's getting boring. Don’t beg so much. You know you have to obey anyway. Now you’ll do that for me tomorrow, won’t you?”
He hung his head even further.
“Yes, sir,” he replied in a trembling voice as his cute lower lip quivered.
“Good. Now step out of those pants and let me see how cute you look in your underpants. Oh, yes, Aaron, from now on, since you are causing so much extra work for your brother and his new wife—my god, imagine how unhappy they are to have to put you up? How can the new groom even fuck his pretty young bride with his gawky, geeky teenage brother hanging around with a hard-on trying to listen in on the cunt pumping?”
“I don’t listen to them doing that.”
“From now on, you will. From now on, every time your brother boinks his new wifey, you’ll immediately strip bare-assed and crawl down to their door and listen to him fucking her, and you’ll beat your fucking teen meat, but not cum. I want you to write a report of every time he fucks her. How many times, where, when, the time, I mean, how long he took, and if you can tell, what he did to the bitch. Do you understand, slut?”
“Yes…yes, sir, but what if they see me or catch me?”
“Then they’ll know little brother is sicker than they thought and how wise it is to send him to kindly Dr. Jones. Now about the underwear, I was about to tell you that from now on you’ll wear your brother’s dirty underwear from the day before to school. Go into his hamper and find his dirty underpants and you will wear those.”
“Ha, ha, why not? Your brother is a big strong macho man who has a big fat dick that fucks girls. You’re a pathetic loser who picks his nose and eats his snot when he talks to girls. Yes, yes, let’s change that suggestion from before. You’ll not only pick your nose with Julie, but you’ll also pick your nose when you talk to any girls in your own age group. Let’s say girls from thirteen to nineteen. That should make you real popular, Aaron. Aaron, take down your underpants and let me see your teenage dick and balls.
“Oh, yes, wait a moment. From now on, from this moment on, you’ll feel extremely embarrassed, utterly humiliated, if anyone sees you in your underwear or naked. You’ll feel horrible. You’ll feel sick and scared. You’ll hate undressing in the locker room at school, but of course, you can’t help it. You’ll have to even though you will hate it. When you strip naked for gym class or sports, you’ll walk around the entire locker room bare-ass naked, and you will not cover yourself with your hands or any item. You’ll let all the boys look at your dick and balls, You’ll go to the boys and stand naked and talk to them, but all the while you will wish you were dead it will be so horrible for you. So, now, it’ll be horrible for you to have to remove your underwear for me. It’ll be the worst experience you ever had to go through, but you have to obey orders, so, now, Aaron, take off your underpants and let me see your cock and balls.
“Oh, yes, very lovely, Aaron, very lovely indeed. No, no, don’t turn away. As much as you might like to, you’ll be unable to turn away from anyone when you are naked. Yes, you’re a very nicely built young man, quite hung as they say. How does that feel, my boy? Is it terrible to know that a grown man is looking at, studying your teenage prick and balls?
“Oh my, you could really fuck girls well with that prick. It’s so thick and beautiful. You could really fill up those little snatches if I ever let you fuck. What if I order you to fuck dogs instead, Aaron, wouldn’t that be sick? Wouldn’t that be perverted? You’d want to kill yourself instead wouldn’t you, but you know from the order I gave you last time Aaron, that no matter how miserable you feel, no matter how awful life seems, you’re not allowed to harm yourself. No foolish suicide attempts. You may think about it all you like. You can want to do it, dream about it, but you cannot do it. You must keep yourself healthy, so I can play with you. This is just the start, Aaron, just the beginning of our games. If you think the things I am making you do now are disgusting, just wait. As Al Jolson said, ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet.’ But you wouldn’t know Al Jolson since he’s before your time. Ha, ha, wouldn’t that be the ultimate torture to make you hate contemporary music and love Al Jolson instead.
“Turn around Aaron and let me see those beautifully firm, smooth young ass globes. Oh, my, am I going to enjoy fucking that and that deep crack. I like boys with a deep crack. Think how humiliating it’s going to be to take dick up your ass, Aaron. Big dick up your teenage ass, and you’ll be doing that—taking dick up your ass—all the time before we’re through here. You’ll be taking the big fat leaking pricks of strange men up your stretched out teenage asshole all day and night, and sucking cock too. Oh, my, yes, sucking cock all day and night twenty, thirty cocks a day sometimes. That’s what we’re going to do to you, Aaron, and there isn’t a fucking thing you can do about it.
“Kneel up on the couch so I can really see that ass of yours. May I touch your ass, Aaron. May I feel up your teen ass?”
“No! Get away from me, you fucker!”
Even while he said that he was unable not to comply, he turned and knelt on the couch making his ass entirely available. His mind fought me, but his body obeyed.
“Stick your fine young ass out more, Aaron, like a slut. Sluts push their asses out because they want them fucked all the time. Soon, you’ll be walking with your whore ass out like that, pushing it out for cock. Push your ass out more, Aaron. Oh, my, yes, oh, my, are you a sick fucked up piece of teenage shit. What a fucking pervert doing whatever the fuck I tell you to. Don’t you have any self-control, any willpower? Push your ass out more, Aaron, so the crack opens. Holy shit, I see your pink puckered butthole. I see your teenage boy-pussy.
“What kind of fucking animal are you, Aaron? I’m taking pictures you know. Pictures of what a fucking loser, what a fucking animal you are—sixteen years old—and pushing your ass out for me like some cheap whore offering me your boy-cunt. Here let me run my finger down your ass crack. Oh, my, you’re trembling, aren’t you, you lustful little boy whore. Aaron, think about what you are doing. Get your dick hard, Aaron. Frig it up while you push your hole out toward me. Oh, I have to slap those ass cheeks a little. Look how beautiful. What if your friends from school saw you like this, or your brother or your poor dear dying mother. Here she is dying in the hospital, and her fucking slut of a son is pushing his teenage ass out like some animal in heat. Stick a finger up your ass, Aaron. Go on, that’s an order, not an option. Get a finger up your asshole. My god, you’re disgusting filth. What kind of a teenage boy are you sticking your finger up your ass and beating your meat just because some old man tells you to?
Aaron, Aaron, Aaron, the unspeakable things we are going to do to you. Don’t cum! Fuck your boy hole harder. Get that finger deeper, you sick fuck. I’m sending these photos of you to some of my friends on the internet. You know, to some sick perverted websites where men like to look at pictures of teenage boys forced to strip and abuse themselves. But just wait, Aaron, wait until our games really start. Don’t you dare cum, fuckface! You can leak all you want but don’t cum. You can’t cum. You’re unable to cum. You want to cum. You need to cum. It’s the most essential thing in your life, but you can’t cum. Yank that prick. Pull that fucking dick off, you homo freak!
“I want you to start playing with your dick at home in front of your sister-in-law whenever your brother is not there or even when he is, but he is in another room or turned away. Make sure she sees you playing with your dick .and smile at her and lick your lips. Show her what a fucking freak you are. Remember to walk around the locker room bare-assed. That does not excuse you from playing with yourself. I wonder what your buddies will think when they see you beating your meat in front of them during gym class?
“I’m sorry, Aaron, you have to stop now. Much as you want to cum, you really must stop. I have another patient waiting. A ten-year-old girl we are trying to get pregnant. We must continue, but a week is too long since we have so much work to do with you, so Wednesday, yeah, Wednesday after school. Remember all of your assignments. Oh, and, Aaron, with all you have to do, you can’t afford to concentrate too much on school work, so start to flunk some of your tests, okay. Let’s start with English and Math. You won’t be able to think clearly in class with your mind on your hard dick that wants to cum but can’t, so if you can’t concentrate, how can you pass? Too bad that will make your brother want you to come to me all the more so I can help you.
“As always, Aaron, while you remember everything and dislike my orders, you can’t disobey, and you can’t discuss them with anyone. You can’t explain to anyone why you do what you do...oh…and, Aaron, start pissing your bed at home every couple of nights. It’s always a nice touch. When a grown teenage boy pisses his bed, it’s a sign of psychological disturbances. I suspect your brother will be calling me soon saying how much worse you have gotten. Poor brother Dan, how can he fuck his new wife in peace when he has to worry about you? So, get dressed. My, my, your underpants and trousers are soaked with dick leak. That’s a good boy, keep leaking like that, and leak all day and night. That’s fine. You and I, Aaron, have a wonderful journey ahead of us, a journey through humiliation and perversion and pain and much as you may hate it there is nothing you can do to avoid it. Gott in Himmel, las leben ist gut. Indeed, life is good.”
I hope you enjoyed my letter, Helmut, and if you are interested in any of my other cases or in my further work with Aaron, don’t hesitate to ask for more.
Yours truly,
p.s. Don’t get your dick all sore from rubbing it while you study Aaron’s beautiful pictures. I have more of him if you like, but you know what a sadist I am. If you want to see Aaron’s beautiful teen dick and ass and look at him abusing himself, you will have to beg me, that is right, beg me. The pics are hot I assure you. He degrades himself so nicely, and when he spreads out his strong slender young teenage legs and his fat fucker and balls hang there, well, let me tell you, I have shot copious amounts looking at them. So beg.