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I held the beautiful boy in my arms and licked his strong thick neck. He was a big pig, six feet two inches tall, quite muscular. When he had been human, before his training, he must have been quite the stud. I had read his records and learned that he fucked cunt in high school like crazy. Of course, all of that was far, far behind now. He was seventeen and a complete fuck-pig. In fact, an utterly wasted, used up, fucked out, handsome hunk of boycunt. His name had been Todd. His head was shaved close to the scalp leaving just enough stubble to be really cute. He had a long, strong face with a crooked nose that only added to his beauty, and a broad mouth with full lips, now fully trained to suck cock of course. His big fucking sow tits had rings through them. His fat, nine incher of a prick had a ring through the foreskin so he could not get a hard-on without permission, which was almost never granted except when it served to humiliate and frustrate him further. He was a total fuck toy.


I enjoyed his complete utter nakedness. He was so openly naked. He had not been allowed to wear clothing except tiny pouches when exposed at the gym or horribly embarrassing shorts when paraded through a shopping mall for fun. I ran a hand down his hard, flat stomach and over the root of his dick. He arched up as he had been taught to do when my hand touched his prick. His balls were huge, stretched and beaten until they hung like oranges beneath his dick. I slid a hand lower and felt beneath his scrotum to his wide-open asspussy. His hole had been double fist fucked, so it was permanently stretched out like a cunt who just delivered a baby. That was part of the problem. He really was fucked out. Sometimes at a party on weekend nights, he would get fucked one hundred twenty-five or one hundred fifty times. It was no longer a challenge for him to blow sixty to seventy-five guys at one suck session. Of course, his master had to Taser his balls now and then to keep the slut going.


His legs were not thick, but well-muscled. He had large, perfectly arched feet. His master had chosen well. Todd's master had found him when the kid was fourteen. Todd had been straight then or thought he was. I remember it took a lot of punishment to get the boy to suck dog cock and eat shit. But discipline was what the game was all about, wasn't it? Todd was slowly broken. After being forced to suck off most of his high school football teammates, his father threw him out of the house, and he quit school and became a full-time pig cunt. He gave up his rights and his mind to his master. He was pierced, tattooed, fucked, whipped, made into a toilet, bred with animals of every kind, stripped and humiliated in public, forced to do nasty things with children. He had been fucked so much and so hard that his insides were all shot to hell giving him endless humiliation when it came to shitting.


But my God, he was a beauty. He had beautifully sad, blue eyes. His ears stuck out kind of funny, but it only made him cuter. Besides, his ears were often used as handles during an arduous face fuck. I licked one of those shell-like ears.


"Do you know why you are here, fuckhole?"


His eyes blinked. He had lovely long lashes like a girl.


"My Master sent me."


I chuckled and licked his ear.


"But why did he send you? Do you know?"


I observed his expression. His large eyes filled with tears.


"He said...he said...he…was through…with me…because…because I was no good no more, that I was wasted."


I ran a finger over his full trembling lips.


"That's right. You have been sent to me to dispose of you. Your master has a new fourteen-year-old fucktoy now and is tired of you so wants to get rid of you. He doesn’t have time to do it, so he hired me. That's what I do for a living. I get rid of unwanted boy pussy."


He sniffed, and one big old tear rolled down his cheek.


"Won't I ever see him again?"


His breathing grew more labored, making his big sow tits stand up even more.


"No, Fuckface, you will never see him again. He doesn't want you anymore. You are no good as a fuck anymore. Your cunt is completely fucked out. In just four years you have become a complete dicksewer. Your insides are so clogged with cum that you reek of sex snot."


"But sir, he wanted me that way. He made me that way. He forced me to do this..."


"So, what the fuck is your point? Now, he wants to play with someone else, with a new toy. You are definitely last year’s model. After all, you’re almost eighteen."


I started to squeeze his large balls quite hard. He pushed them toward my hand as he had been taught to do. He had been trained to be a fucktoy at all times for anyone who wanted him.


"But, I love him."


I slapped his nuts as hard as I could in this awkward position. He winced in pain but spread his long legs wider in case I wanted a second shot. He had been taught that the purpose of his bags was not to produce babies, but to provide sadistic pleasure for those who enjoyed genital torture.


"You have no right to love anyone. You cannot love. You can only serve. And now you are even too fucked out to do that well anymore. Your face is still quite beautiful, but your body is like a used tampon. Your master wants you disposed of."


"He...he does?" He looked like a baby deer lost in the woods.


"Jesus you are one thick-brained cunt. How many ways do I have to say it? You are all washed up. Garbage. Waste. Useless. It's my job to get rid of you. Permanently. You want to please your master, don’t you?"


His answer came quickly and without hesitation, "Oh, yes, sir."


"Well, he thinks you are useless, and he wants you dead."


That gave the fucked out cunt brain pause for thought.


"You're going to kill me?” he asked at last.


I kissed his mouth, shoving my tongue as deep as I could. Meantime, I twisted and yanked at his big fucking pink sow tits.


"I am going to torture you to death. Very slowly. You are entering a new phase of servitude. The final phase. You will endure unspeakable pain and mutilation and finally death. You have no right to resist or object. You are useless and can only find some small use as an object of torture and disposal."


I stroked his dick until it swelled painfully against the foreskin ring.


"I'm still young, only seventeen. I could still be of some service...." He started but checked himself knowing he was forbidden to argue.


"You are only seventeen, but there is boy ass from seven to seventeen out there fresh and still unsullied. Your cunt is stretched beyond belief. Your cuntlips are permanently swollen. Your cunt is loose, and the muscles no longer give a really cherry fuck. You have no reason to live. No purpose in life."


I licked the salty tears from his beautiful face. He chewed his full lower lip for a moment.


"Could I...could I go back home...to my mom?"


"Don't be stupid. And say what, ‘Hi Mom, I've gone for four years serving as a cumdump, fuck slave to a sadist who tortured and abused me for his pleasure. But now I'm over that phase, and I wanna come home again.’ Jesus Christ, Hole, you don't even know how to wear clothes anymore or piss standing up or eat out of anything but a dog dish."


I pumped his dick fast and hard, forcing the silver ring to tear at the foreskin.


"And, what about your sex need? You have been trained to need sex constantly. What are you gonna do, eat out your brother's asshole? Look at you now. I've just told you, you’re going to die, going to be tortured to death, and you still need sex so bad you are fucking humping the air thinking only about getting some dripping dick into you."


"I can't help it, sir, I need dick so bad. Please fuck me."


I can't tell you how refreshing it is to hear a cute seventeen-year-old boy say that. I've often had the fantasy of opening a bar for older gentlemen where boys from about seven to seventeen would stand there and when the older guys would enter the boys would just plead with the men to fuck them. Imagine walking into a bar and having some beautiful kid step up and say, "Hello, sir, please fuck me." Of course, such bars do exist in Thailand, Russia, and other less puritanical places than the United States. We need that kind of place right here.


"Do you remember when your name was Todd? When you were in high school? When you fucked girls?"


He looked at me and genuinely strained to remember.


"Sometimes, sir, just a little…"


"Mostly, you can't remember beyond the last dick you sucked, right Cunt?"


"That's right sir, please may I suck yours?"


“Oh, don't worry. You’re going to suck lots of cocks. It’s going to take me about six months to torture you to death. Even after I amputate your arms and legs, you will still be able to suck cock. Even when you are blind and impaled on a stake, you will still be able to suck cock. Even when your dick had been severed and fed to you to eat, you will still be able to suck cock. Even when your balls have been cut off and fed to you to eat, you will still be able to suck cock. You will be sucking cock while you are dying.


“By that time your tongue will have been removed and your teeth, by painful means you can be sure, but you will still be able to suck cock. And, don't worry. I will be aroused by you until the very end. I don't lose interest just because a boy's beauty begins to fade as he’s mutilated. No, no, if a boy is beautiful, to start with as you are, I can find endless beauty in his destruction, in his mutilation.


“I can't wait to see your eyes turn yellow with pain. You have very kissable lips do you know that. I think I am quite taken with you. I may actually want to keep you around for a while — in great pain, of course. Let me teach you about pain. Let me show you how much pain a human being can tolerate. Let me show you the connection between pain and pleasure, pain and sex. Let’s make this disposal last and last. Give me everything you've got Todd...Pig...Cunt...loser of a fuckwad....and I promise you that your time with your former master will seem a child's game. You may yet be of some use after all."


He actually smiled.


"Thank you, Master."