Dirty Little Boys

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Hey Horse Hose,

How’s it hanging? Didn’t that history test suck today? I think I studied all the wrong shit. What a fucking bummer. The only thing that kept me going was the fucking lump in Mr. Danner’s pants. He has got to have nine inches. Did you check him out today? I don’t know what kind of shorts he wears, but his dick was pushing out half-hard all period. The question is, of course, how the fuck do we get a teacher into the sack to find out?


Fuck, what I wouldn’t give to do that. My dick is leaking all over the keyboard just thinking about it. Mr. Danner is always talking about his fiancé. Fuck that. Do you suppose he would refuse a blowjob from a horny seventh-grade boy? Do you think his bitch of a fiancé sucks him off? If she doesn’t, it’s a real fucking waste.


Oh, news on the big bro front. Skyler is fucking his latest twat at our house! Yes, that’s what I said, my horny buddy, he is shoving his dick into his most recent cunt right here at the house when Mom isn’t home. So, we have to set something up to get some photos or something. Not only is Skyler the hottest jock in high school, but also let me tell you, he’s hung!


Shit, when mom isn’t home, he walks around bare-ass all the time and that hog of his swings and slaps his thighs. The other day he caught me staring, and he spit at me, “What are you looking at, faggot?” I mean, what is a healthy horny thirteen-year-old supposed to do when his big bro stands there playing with his fuck sack right in front of him? Anyway, I figure we can do a hole in the wall or some shit and get some pics of Skyler in fuck action. Jesus, am I ever leaking now. I got to get a towel to sop it up.


What about the photos from our meeting yesterday? You promised to send them. The guys are all anxious to see what we look like in action even though the action was limited to the hands and mouths of four horny thirteen-year-olds. Man, we got to experiment more. We should be doing more nasty sex shit, you know. These jerk-off parties are getting boring. We got to find ourselves a fifth-grade faggot to fuck or something. I mean, since none of the cunt in sixth or seventh grade will suck dick, and the eighth-grade cunt won’t fool around with younger boys, what else can we do except get some faggot mouth? All I can say is I need sex so bad sometimes that I really think I am going to fall over and die. Do you ever feel that way? Or like your fucking dick actually is going to explode?


Just jerking off with you guys doesn’t do it no more. No offense. You are my best buddy unto death and all that shit, but I need some wilder, harsher action, you know. I actually need to fuck something. Maybe, we should like play a game, in our gang, I mean, and the loser gets fucked by all the guys who win! Some shit like that. Isn’t it time we actually stuck our dicks into something? Jesus, we are thirteen already. My brother is getting pussy practically every night. Well, if I know you, my buddy, you are sitting there at your computer jerking on your meat too, feeling just the same as me.


Oh, yeah, thanks for the link to the site with the young fags getting fucked by dogs. That was so gross, but so way kewl! To think that a fag is that horny for sex that they will actually do it with dogs, way extreme, man. I wonder if Cayden Felson sucks dog cock? He’s got a dog, you know, I wonder if it’s male?


I would so love to see his lips wrapped around dog dick! Shit, I almost shot my load and it’s only seven. I don’t want to lose it until at least nine. I have not even checked out the other porno sites yet. I have to get going. Send those fucking photos. I want to see your dick. Ha-ha! You are the dirtiest dude whoever was born, and I am so fucking happy you got the idea to form a sex club.


Your best bud,