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A palimpsest based on a story by Michael P. Watkins (with revisions by Kathy)

Fourteen-year old Alex listened as his sixteen-year old brother went in the kitchen. He planned to be very quiet for he would otherwise give himself away and he did not want that now. He could hear Mason's steps on the stairs as he made his way towards his room.

Inside Mason's closet, Alex waited for his brother. He thought about all the Dale10 stories he had read. He just knew that he had to have sex before his heart burst in his chest. In a lustful moment in his bedroom, he had thought about his sissy, older brother and at that moment he decided that he was going to rape him. He just knew that once he had done the deed, he would like it and they could keep doing it afterward. He just had to do this. He just had to.

Mason had been hungry, and he walked in the room stuffing the last part of a sandwich into his mouth. Mason was dressed in a t-shirt and boxers. Alex looked at his feminine brother with his long blond hair and lithe body. He was more girl than boy and Alex couldn’t wait to fuck him.

Mason headed for the bathroom. Alex heard his brother start the water. He came back in the room. He stared as Mason crossed his arms and slowly took off his t-shirt. He had never taken note of Mason's chest before, and Alex watched with fascination as Mason’s nipples starting to rise in the cool air of the bedroom.

Mason's boxers still hid his charms, but what charms they were! He had a rounded, perfect ass with just a hint of his crack at the top of the boxers. As Mason turned to where Alex hid, Alex could see several blond pubic hairs curling over the top of the boxers. He groaned quietly as Mason headed for the bathroom with his boxers still on.


Alex knew he had to see more. He listened to the flowing water and then heard Mason begin to sing in his countertenor voice. As Alex emerged from his hiding place, he felt his hard manhood sway as he padded across the room naked toward the bathroom. He opened the unlocked door and looked toward the shower. The door of the shower was nearly see-through, and as Alex stared, he saw the smooth outline of Mason's ass.


Alex stopped thinking then. All he could think of was Mason's smooth ass, casually outlined against the door as he walked over to him. He could tell Mason was washing his hair. This was the perfect time. Alex had closed the door on the way in, and the bathroom was hot and steamy.


Alex opened the shower door and saw his older brother naked for the first time. He did not know where to begin to look. His eyes went from Mason’s ass to his cock and chest as Mason turned to him as he washed his hair.


Alex now stepped into the shower stall and quietly closed the sliding door. It was a large shower, and he knew Mason did not know he was there. He felt his manhood almost exploding, and he knew he had to act fast. He stepped forward.


Mason, still singing, was surprised and shocked when he felt Alex’s hands grab him. Mason opened his eyes. "Alex!" he yelled, "What in the hell are you doing! Get the hell out of here you little shit!"


Alex quickly handled one nipple, then the other, watching his older brother's pink nipples as they hardened. Mason shoved him...hard! Alex glowered at Mason and Mason shoved him again. When Mason tried a third time, Alex grabbed his hands and pinned them above him. He punched Mason in the ball sack. Mason burst into tears as Alex punched him again and Mason went limp as Alex held him up against the shower wall as agonizing pain radiated from his pummeled balls.


"Oh, no, no, no," he screamed, "God, Alex! Stop! You're hurting me!"Alex just smiled as Mason continued to rant and rave. He got an evil look and tried to force a kiss, but Mason struggled with him. Alex slapped his brother’s face repeatedly, the sounds echoing off the shower walls over the sound of the cascading water. Alex could feel his pulsating manhood.


"I want you to suck me, you little faggot," he said, waving his manhood in Mason’s face.


Mason blanched at the thought. "No, Alex," he said quietly, "that's wrong. I'm your brother."


Alex could tell by the sound of Mason’s voice he was near the edge of hysteria.


"I really don't care if you're my brother," he hissed, "I want you to suck me."


Mason shuddered in humiliation.


"I said I want you to suck me.”


Alex grabbed Mason's flawless shoulders and shoved him to his knees and at the same time, Alex shut off the water, as it was turning cold. Grabbing the wet hair at the back of Mason's head Alex rammed his manhood down Mason’s throat. Alex started thrusting his manhood in and out of Mason's mouth. He could feel Mason gag and choke as he struggled with taking him and he could tell Mason was trying to scream in vain. Mason’s eyes were so wide, so full of panic and terror that Alex nearly shot off watching his eyes at that moment.


Mason had kept trying to escape his brother. He did not want him in his mouth, but Alex kept forcing him down, forcing him balls deep on his cock. Alex felt perfect even as Mason refused to help him as he raped his brother’s mouth. Here he was, ramming himself down the throat of his sissy brother, who was crying as he knelt on the floor. It felt so right.


Mason knew when his brother's moans were getting louder that he was probably getting close to an orgasm. He braced himself for what he knew was about to happen. Alex went faster and faster, the explosions overwhelming him, as he exploded, his jizz shooting down Mason's throat making him gag and retch even more. Alex smiled as he pulled out; allowing some cum to shoot on Mason’s face and in his hair. He thrust back in Mason’s mouth to make sure his brother swallowed all of him again. He loved the feeling of his brother's gagging throat around his stiff cock.


Mason felt completely devastated as Alex shot part of his jizz on his face and in his mouth, making him swallow it, rubbing it in his face. It took a lot out of Mason, and he fell to the bathroom floor.


Looking down at Mason only excited Alex. Mason had rolled to the side, and he saw, Mason’s pink, rounded ass. It looked so mouthwatering, so perfect. He started to get stimulated again. He stood over Mason, pulled his brother up by the hair, dragged him to his bedroom and flung him on the bed.


Mason was screaming and crying, trying to fight off his out of control brother. Alex slapped Mason ass. He spanked his brother ass cheeks, watching as they quivered and turned red.


Alex was fully erect again. He started jabbing his stiff penis at his brother’s asshole. He kept shoving his hips forward and then finally it happened. He thrust his swollen cock at his brother and found the spot.


"Oh, no!" cried Mason. "Oh, God! Not that, not that! Please, Alex, no!"


Alex tried to thrust in Mason's asshole, but it was so tight he was having a lot of trouble. He slapped and spanked Mason again, and when Mason loosened just a bit, Alex thrust forward as hard and as deep as he could.


As they struggled, He felt the ass ring give way and found a home for his raging erection in his brother's warm, wonderful boy-pussy! He began to thrust himself into Mason. Mason was so tight, and Alex had to get himself all the way in before he could do anything. Finally, he started to thrust in and out. He knew that part of the wetness around his manhood was Mason’s blood. The thought made him even wilder.


Mason's screams filled the room, if not the house. He was in so much pain! Alex did not care.


Mason was in shock. This could not be happening. Not with Alex, his brother, but it was happening. Alex worked quickly in and out of his brother now, thrusting deeply into him. He moaned as he went in and out of his no longer virgin brother. Alex thought of what he was doing and whom would send him over the edge quickly.


Mason cried and continued to scream and shriek as his brother's violation of him continued. He was in a lot of pain, and it was not going away. He shook his head in agony, golden hair everywhere. He tried to shake Alex off to the left or the right, but no matter where he went, his brother's thrusting cock went with him. Mason continued to shriek with every stroke.


Alex went faster. He knew that because of the tightness, he would not last very long. He liked the ride and the feel of his brother, but he was going to have to loosen him up if he wanted to do this again.


"You bastard!" Mason wailed. "I'm your brother! How could you, Alex?"


Mason just wanted his brother out of him. He stopped his struggling against his defilement, feeling his brother would go faster if he held still. Alex did indeed go faster, and the sensations on his manhood were incredible. He thrust forward, even harder and deeper, and felt himself start to peak as Mason gave a tormented moan. Alex shot a load of jizz deep into his brother’s bowels. Alex held himself inside Mason with their bodies pressed together, as he ejaculated again and again into his brothers abused boy-pussy, forcing Mason’s ass to milk him. Finally, as his orgasm passed, Alex pulled his still hard cock out of his brother’s hole.


Panting, Alex lay on his brother, but he did not really go soft even after his second orgasm had passed. He started to thrust again in and out of Mason's ass. As he thrust, Alex thought he heard a noise downstairs. He smiled as he looked at his watch. His younger brother, Elijah, was home.


He started to thrust hard and deep into Mason, and he got the reaction he hoped for as Mason screamed loudly and began blubbering from his torment. Alex knew Elijah would be surprised at what he found. Alex heard the click of the door, and he stared into the eyes of his younger brother as he took in the scene of depravity. Elijah gaped at the scene before him, not believing that Alex was doing what it looked like. Mason was crying hysterically in his bed as Alex thrust in and out of his ass. Alex stared at Elijah with lust in his eyes.


"I already took care of one faggot today," he snarled, "I might as well make it two. Come here, Elijah."


Elijah turned and ran. Alex caught him by his long, golden hair just as he reached the bottom of the stairs. He tackled him to the ground, coming to rest on top of him. He leaned forward and started to kiss him.


Elijah fought his brother, shaking his head wildly. "Alex, don't," he screamed. “Please Alex, what are you doing? Please stop, this isn't right. ALEX?"


"It's never wrong when it's with the right fag," he said. He fondled Elijah’s ass cheeks through his shorts. "And you are definitely the right homo."


"Alex, no," he said, trying to wrestle with his brother. "Don't do this! Please!"


Alex tore Elijah’s shirt open and saw Elijah's twelve-year old pink chest with its dime-sized nipples. Alex pinched Elijah's nipples into hardness and then sucked on them until they became hard little points. Alex’s hands were all over his little brother, who continued to fight and cry.


"Alex, no!" Elijah shrieked, covering his chest. "Don't do this!"


Alex was tired of Elijah’s resistance. He reared back and slapped him as hard as he could. He did it three more times before the fight left him. Alex pulled Elijah up by his hair as he stood.


"Back to the bedroom for you, faggot!" he yelled.


Elijah cried as Alex dragged and lifted him back to his bedroom, where he could still hear Mason crying from Alex's earlier attack.


"Take off your shorts!" thundered Alex.


Elijah just stared at his maniac brother, not believing what he had just heard him demand.




"I said take off your shorts, faggot!" he yelled red faced. He stood threateningly over him, "or I'll do it!"


Elijah stared at his brother as his hands slowly went to his shorts. The snap made little sound, but just hearing the zipper made Alex regard his brother hungrily as his trembling brother, his face wet with tears, began to pull down his shorts.


Elijah was still young, but his little boy, white briefs showed him to have the start of a real prominence of his boyhood. He pulled the shorts down to his ankles but went no further.


"I said naked, faggot whore!"


The words were a slap in the face to Elijah, but he stood, unmoving. Alex knew he would have to get tough with Elijah as well.


"I guess I'll have to do the rest," he shouted as he stepped up to him.


Elijah tried to punch Alex, but he ducked, grabbed the remains of his shirt and ripped it all off. As Elijah whimpered, Alex shoved him, and as his legs hobbled by his shorts, he fell to the floor. Alex removed the shorts, tossing them over his shoulder. Staring at Elijah in just a pair of white briefs was exciting.


Elijah knew he was in a lot of trouble and he tried to edge his way back to the door. Alex could see he was heading for the door and grabbed his legs and pulled his struggling brother over to the bed. He dumped him next to the trembling, sniveling Mason, who had curled into a tight, fetal position. Alex smiled at Elijah.


"Oh, God," Elijah whispered as he noted Alex’s raging hard-on for the first time. "Please, Alex, don't," he pleaded. "I'm your brother! It's wrong! I'm not gay!"


Alex licked his lips at these words from his brother.


"You won't be a virgin after I've finished with you, little brother," he said. He started to close in. "Now make it easy for me. Take off your cute little whities."


Elijah shook his head, horrified at what he knew was about to happen, knowing, deep down, there was no way he could stop his brother. Alex stepped forward with determination and Elijah started to cry even before Alex slapped him back to the bed. His crying turned to shrieks as Alex ripped off his briefs. Alex stared at his naked little brother. The sight was a turn on for Alex, where Mason and he had quite a thicket of hair between their legs, his younger brother’s little dicklet was completely bare.


"Alex, don't," Mason said loudly. "I'll tell dad."


Alex snickered evilly. "Go ahead!" he yelled. "He'll never be able to change this." He moved away from Elijah, who thought he would now leave him alone. Elijah closed his eyes as he sobbed.


“I know how to stop that crying," said Alex kindly.


Suddenly the back of Elijah’s head was grabbed, and he opened his eyes just in time to see his brother bringing his face toward his manhood.


"No, Alex, I…mmmf!"


Alex thrust his prick in Elijah's mouth. Elijah choked and gagged, having never had anything very large in his mouth before. Elijah struggled with Alex as he started thrusting his meat in and out of his mouth. Alex could tell the difference in the mouths of Elijah and his older brother, Mason. Mason had a big enough mouth and throat he was able to avoid tasting him. Elijah's mouth was smaller and tighter, and it was an effort for him to take his brother in his mouth. Alex smiled as Elijah started to turn red as he gagged and chocked on Alex’s cock.


Elijah had heard of this act, but he thought his friends were just teasing him. Just the fact that his brother was in his mouth was devastating. The fact that he could not get away, that he had to serve him, made it worse. He found the act abhorrent.


Elijah's mouth was so tight, and Alex came quickly. He kept his manhood in Elijah’s mouth, forcing Elijah to take his load. Alex waited while Elijah struggled to get away, but Alex heard an audible gulp as Elijah had to swallow his jizz. Alex could tell by the new tears running down Elijah’s face that he hadn't liked it at all.


Elijah felt his brother continuing going in and out of his mouth for a short time before he finally pulled out. With a big smile on his face, Alex laid down between his crying, shaking brothers. Elijah was devastated, and his entire body shook in humiliation.


Alex hardened as he thought about how tight Elijah’s ass would be, how it had been an even better ride than Mason’s hole. Alex knew that, given how much pleasure Mason's ass had given him, Elijah’s ass would be the ride of all rides. Elijah had felt his brother moving around on the bed. It was only when Alex pushed him flat on his back, and Alex grabbed his legs, spread them as wide open as he could. Alex tried to work his way in Elijah, but he was just too tight.


"Ohhhhh! Jeeeesusss! Oh, Gooood!" Elijah shrieked as he realized what Alex was about to do. "Noooooo! Ohhhhh! Alexxxx!"


Alex again tried to thrust in, but Elijah shook away. He now remembered how spanking Mason had worked, so he did the same to Elijah. As Elijah shrieked and cried, Alex felt him loosen. That was all he needed. He thrust in.


"Ohhhh, Gooooddd!" screamed Elijah. "Nooooo!"


Elijah saw stars. Being dry and a virgin both hurt him now. His screams were louder than Mason's, his shaking more violent as Alex allowed himself to stay where he was since Elijah's shock was doing wonderful things for him.


"Take it out!" Elijah screamed. "Alex, plllleeeaasse! It hurrrtttss!"


Alex watched Elijah's head shake in pain, but the way his body shook worked wonders on his manhood. He had still not moved any further, yet he could almost feel the pressure rising in him. Elijah's ass was so tight. He started to thrust in and out of his crying, yelling brother. The sound of his screams was like music to his ears. He started to go faster and faster.


Elijah felt sure he must have been dying. The pain was incredible. Elijah could not believe his eyes, his brother was smiling at what he was doing, smiling at his pain, smiling at his screams. Elijah tried to hit his brother, but when Alex slapped him, he knew he should not try to fight him anymore. He closed his eyes. He could not bear to see the face of his brother over him as he went in and out of him. Alex looked like a raging beast.


Alex now reared back and started to thrust in and out of Elijah's ass, the boy screaming with every stroke. He did not care about that. He could not believe how much tighter, how much better it felt to fuck his younger brother.


Elijah continued to shake, cry and shriek as Alex continued to plunge his cock into Elijah’s asshole. He had never felt this much pain. There was nothing he could do to stop his frenzied brother, he shook his head and body, trying to escape the pain and his brother, but it did not work.


Alex went faster and faster, knowing he was wildly out of control, but the snug grip Elijah's ass had on him, massaging him was causing explosions in his groin and he knew he was close. He gave a loud moan as he came, shooting his jizz deep in the bloody, no longer dry, virgin hole of his crying, younger brother.


Elijah was crying even more hysterically than before. He could not believe what his brother had done to both him and Mason. He could see from Mason's trembling, the impact his brother's attack had had on him. Mason had continued crying, continued shaking and he had not come out of the fetal position he has rolled himself into after his rape.


Elijah wanted to get off the bed and throw up, but Alex continued to lay on top of him, forcing kiss after kiss on him. Alex had never felt such a good feeling before, and Elijah's ass was so tight, the anal ring convulsing around his cock, milking the jizz from it that he stayed where he was, deep in Elijah's ass.


Then a thought came from nowhere, why not watch his brothers having sex with each other? With that thought, Alex said, "Mason, I wanta see you suck Elijah off!"


Mason just lay there, still sobbing quietly. Alex slapped Mason. "Faggot, I said I wanted to see you get your little brother off, NOW!" He slapped his brother harder that before. "Now, faggot."


Alex had started to harden again, still in Elijah's ass. He turned Elijah’s body so that he was on all fours with his ass in the air. "Mason, get under him," he ordered.




"I said to get under Elijah and suck him."


Mason started to cry again. He rolled over staring at Alex with red eyes and a tear stained face. Another slap and Mason slid under Elijah and started to suck his baby brother.