Davie Does a Day at Work

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Davie’s father was very happy and excited. He'd waited for this day all and it was finally here. Today was Take Your Kid to Day and he would finally get to share his work with his son. Or, rather, share his son with his work! Davie was less excited, but in the year since his mother had left he had learned to keep his fucking mouth shut and do as he was told. Davie’s father packed a bag full of stuff to keep Davie occupied at the office and off they went.

Davie’s father pulled his sleek, silver Lexus into the underground parking garage at work and greeted the gate attendant. The man remarked on how cute little Davie was in his school uniform and tie. Davie was embarrassed, but Davie’s father made Davie say thank you to the nice man. Then Davie’s father told the man that they had to get to work or they'd be late, but, when they returned, and if he , they would stop and see him again and he could get to know Davie better. The man seemed really happy.


Davie and his dad went up in the private elevator to the top floor where the executive offices were. Davie’s father had a big office the corner with a big window overlooking the city. The office was full of big leather chairs and dark wood furniture and shelves with lots of important looking books. After showing Davie around his Davie’s father told him it would be a very busy day and reminded him that Davie was not to use the elevator by because the building was very large and he might get lost on his own. Davie had to stay on this floor.


Davie’s father needed to do some work, but he had to get Davie ready for his own day at work. told him to stand next to the desk and take his uniform off. Davie was careful not to wrinkle anything. He removed his shoes and socks and his belt. He removed his jacket and tie. he removed his white shirt with the tiny buttons and his uniform pants and underwear. He folded it all carefully into one of the big leather chairs. He stood and waited for Daddy, careful not to try and cover his tiny cock. The last time he did that Daddy had whipped his hands ten times each with the belt and then whipped his cock and balls ten times. Davie was very careful to keep his hands by his sides now, or even behind his back.


Davie’s father had Davie come over to the big desk and reach over toward the other side. Davie couldn't quite reach, so Davie’s father lifted him up to help so that Davie was lying across the desk. Davie’s father spread Davie's slender legs wide until Davie almost squeaked, but not quite. Davie was getting good at not making noise, but not yet always good enough. Davie’s father was very good at getting Davie to make noise, but today he was too busy to play at that.


Davie’s father used two fingers to check the tight ring of Davie's fuck hole. It was closed up since last so Davie’s father pulled the tube of thick, creamy lube from the bag and squeezed some into the hole. Davie’s father was careful to rub the lube all over the hole and as deep in as he could force his fingers. He spread them deep inside and twisted in all directions, causing Davie to shiver and squirm on the desk. His tiny cock was hard and being squashed against the hard desk. Davie’s father jerked out his fingers and smacked Davie's ass hard. Davie yelped, but Davie’s father told him that this was necessary to be sure Davie was ready and he should be grateful his daddy was taking such good care of him.


Davie only had time for a, "Thank you, before his Daddy's thick cock was forcing his ass-cunt open deep and wide. All 8 ½ inches of thick Daddy cock slid in and out of the prepared ass. Davie squirmed and bucked under the fucking, but knew better than to try to get away. The deep, hard fuck continued . the pounding cock caused Davie to shake through the first dry cum of the day. Davie’s father laughed and forced his cock deeper still into the clenching ass, minutes later pouring his hot cum into his cunt.


Davie’s father pulled out after a second and smacked Davie's ass with a warning not to let any of Daddy's cum leak out onto the desk. Davie lay very still until his Daddy came back with something from the bag. It was a short, fat butt plug in bright red rubber with a protruding handle. Davie’s father put the first bulge of the butt plug against Davie's fuck hole and slowly pushed each of the four fat rings through. Davie grunted with each ring until the red plug was finally settled firmly in his cunt. Davie’s father him know that the plug would keep any cum from leaking out all day while they were at the office. Later, when they went home, they would take out the plug and Davie would have a nice snack of the cum he'd be keeping warm all day.


Davie’s father had Davie on the desk and lay face up. This was awkward because the handle of the butt plug hit on the desk and Davie had to use his wide-spread legs to keep his hips lifted up. This also served to offer up his tiny cock and balls to Daddy. Davie’s father said he had something new for Davie. He got it special for their day at the office. First, Davie’s father tugged down on Davie's tiny and then he clipped a small band around the sac. It was black with tiny silver rings around the sides. The band felt strange to Davie and made his balls kind of ache. Davie’s father told Davie they would use the band to keep track of his day in the office. Davie wasn't sure how, but he didn't ask.


Davie’s father lifted him down from the desk and handed him clothes to put on. First was a pair of the thin, shorts that Daddy had Davie wear at home when anyone, except Daddy's friends, coming over. They were light and a couple of sizes too small. The thin material molded around his tiny cock and balls in front and around the round ass cheeks and butt plug handle in back. Next was a white button up shirt just like his uniform shirt, but in a material so sheer it was almost see-through. Daddy added the uniform tie and jacket over that. While Davie was putting on his socks and shoes, slowly because of the fat plug in his boy cunt, Davie’s father pulled out a small school bag and shifted some things from the special bag into the new one.


Finally ready, Davie took the strap of the school bag over one shoulder and followed his Daddy to the office door. It was hard to walk normally with the stretch of the rubber plug. Davie’s father gave Davie a business card for one of Daddy's friends at work. He told Davie to go two doors down and visit with his friend while Daddy did some of his important work. Daddy would see Davie later. Daddy reminded Davie not to leave the floor of the building and to behave and to obey Daddy's friends just as if they were Daddy. Then Daddy gave him a sloppy tongue kiss and Davie started down the hall with Daddy's spit covering part of his face.


Davie came to the second office door down and checked the name on the door with the card Daddy had given him to make sure it was the right one. The name matched, so Davie knocked on the door.


The man who answered was older than Davie’s father with short dark hair beginning to gray at the sides. He smiled and invited Davie into the office. The man must have been expecting because he already knew Davie's name and he said how great it was that Marshall got to bring his boy into work for the day and how he wished his own boys were still young Take Your Kid to Work Day. Davie's last name was Marshall so the man must have been talking about Davie's father.


The man walked over to the big rolling chair behind the desk and guided Davie to stand in front of him. He took Davie's school bag and laid it on the desk. he told Davie to take off his jacket and tie and put them on the desk. Once Davie did that the man pulled Davie closer and looked at him. The man ran his hands through Davie's sandy hair and over his shoulders. The man stroked his fingers over the tiny nipples just visible through the sheer shirt. He rubbed them until they formed little peaks. Then he trailed his hands down the thin chest and waist to frame the tiny hard cock poking out in the front of the skimpy shorts. Smiling, the man cupped the little cock and balls before telling Davie to turn around.


Davie and the man ran his hands down over Davie's shoulders to his waist. Then he pushed gently on the protruding handle of the butt plug. Despite himself, Davie and the man laughed softly. Reaching around Davie from behind, the man unbuttoned the sheer shirt and pulled it open. Then he slid his hands down Davie's arms to the wrists and pulled both arms behind Davie's back. Something soft and silky was used to tie them and when the man pulled Davie around to face Davie realized it was Davie's own uniform tie from the desk.


The man unfastened the tight shorts and shoved them down over the thin hips to Davie's knees. He fondled the band around Davie's balls and stroked the tiny cock until Davie was pushing into his hand jerkily. Smiling, the man pushed down on Davie's shoulders and guided the bound boy to the floor with knees spread wide. The man opened his own pants and pulled out a sizeable cock, red and hard and veined. With a hand in Davie's tousled the man directed Davie to take the head in his and Davie began sucking and licking as he did to Daddy's cock. Davie worked for several minutes, the hand on his head gradually pulling him further onto the impaling cock. With his hands bound and legs spread Davie was unable to pull away or resist; the hand in his hair guiding his every movement.


Just as the man pulled Davie halfway onto the leaking there was a loud sound and Davie jumped in surprise. It was the phone on the desk, but the man kept a tight grip on Davie's hair even as he answered it. With the cock forcing its way in and out of his sucking mouth, it took a minute for Davie to realize the man was talking to his wife on the phone while being sucked off by the little boy. Davie's green eyes glanced up the man, but the man just smiled, agreed with whatever his wife had just asked and pulled Davie deeper onto his cock. The face-fucking continued the conversation with the man's and the man shifted to rub at Davie's hard little cock with his shiny dress shoe. Davie made a choked off noise of surprise around the hard cock and the man frowned down at him. With a firm the man forced the rest of his cock deep into Davie's throat and started fucking his face with long, deep strokes. the shoe rubbed harder at Davie's cock until Davie was humping the smooth leather wildly. Just as Davie shuddered through his own dry cum, the man twisted his hand in Davie's hair and forced the full-length onto the pulsing cock. The spasming of Davie's throat around the hard cock drew out wave after wave of hot steaming cum into the little fucktoy. the man's grip and pushed Davie away slightly. Panting quietly, Davie heard the man tell his wife he had 'something to take care of' and told her goodbye. The click of the phone and then the man was pulling Davie up to stand shakily in front of him again.


The man tucked himself back into his pants and began looking through Davie's school bag. he pulled out three small objects. One he clipped to a ring on the black band around Davie's balls. Feeling the Davie shifted and the small, round weight swung. It wasn't a lot of weight at first, but as Davie it seemed to pull more and more. Davie felt the urge to reach down and ease the tug on his tiny ball already.


The other two objects were clips with tiny weights of their own. The man pinched lightly at one pink nipple before attaching the clip. Davie yelped at the bite and jerked away. The man frowned and grabbed hold of one thin shoulder, yanking Davie back into place. He quickly attached the other clip and spent a few moments going back and forth, adjusting and playing with the shiny black clips, making the little weights swing back and forth. Davie squirmed and whined, tugging at the tie binding his hands.


The man didn't seem quite as patient with the behavior at this point. With a quick he whirled Davie around and bent him over at the waist. The ball and nipple weights swung wildly, sending intense sensations through Davie. With a hand on the bound wrists for the man grasped the handle of the butt plug and twisted back and forth. The ridges rubbed against Davie's inner walls and sent more shivers through him. Kicking apart the slender legs until the thigh muscles strained, the man tugged the first ridge of the plug free. Davie and the man laughed aloud. Then, with no more warning, the man wrenched the plug out and began fucking it in and out of the tiny ass. Davie bucked and strained against the tight grip as his cunt lips were forced open repeatedly by the graduated rings of the plug. Because the plug was short, Davie couldn't be fucked deep with it, but he could be fucked fast and rough, and that's what he got. Between the merciless fuck and the swinging weights, Davie was driven quickly to another dry cum, but the man only increased the force of the raping until the shuddered through yet another shuddering climax.


When the man did finally stop, it was only to shove the hard rubber plug back in place firmly and whip the boy around once more. The man tugged up the tight shorts over the weighted band and buttoned the sheer shirt over the nipple clips, giving them one more flick of his fingertips in goodbye. It was short work to untie the child's hands and replace the jacket and tie. The man carried the school bag over to the door and gave Davie yet another business card. With a final pat to the tousled head, the man hurried Davie out and directed him to the next office.


Davie walked somewhat less steadily to the next door and checked the name dutifully against the card before knocking. This man appeared slightly younger than the last man had been, with short blondish hair. He smiled and led Davie inside.


The man didn't talk much to Davie, just told him to undress. While Davie did that, the man leaned back against the front of his desk with a drink. Davie finally finished and stood naked. The man walked around Davie slowly, tweaking the nipple clips, twisting the butt plug, and giving a tug to the weighted ball band. Davie and the man smiled again. He led Davie to a conference table next to some . The man told Davie to get on the table, but just as Davie finally struggled onto the table-top, the man reminded Davie to get his backpack. Davie carefully squirmed off the table and hurried to bring back the bag. Moving like that made the weights swing and Davie whined softly at the feeling.


The man was grinning when Davie handed him the bag, but he just watched as Davie struggled to get back up there. the man positioned Davie on his back with arms over his head and his legs spread. The plug banged on the and Davie whimpered. With an order to “stay the man opened up Davie's backpack. He pulled out more weights for the nipple clips and the ball band. Davie whined a little under his but didn't move as the weights were attached. Then the man flipped Davie over and pulled him to his hands and knees. He walked up beside Davie while rummaging in the school bag. he pulled out a good size penis gag. He gripped Davie's tousled hair and pulled his head up sharply. The man told Davie that he didn't like a lot of noise, and before Davie could promise not to make any, the man had pushed the penis gag firmly into his mouth and was doing up the straps. Davie was and the penis gag was not. Davie had to breathe through his nose around the gag. It also pushed some into his throat and caused Davie to swallow around it convulsively.


Davie had missed the man walking back until the butt plug was pulled out and tossed onto the table. The man didn't waste any time forcing his hard cock into Davie's tight ass. With a firm hold on the slim, hips, the man fucked Davie quickly and roughly. Davie's small body was slammed back and forth, causing the weights on his nipples and balls to jerk and pull. Davie moaned around the gag and shook through cum after cum. His tiny hands struggled on the slick table-top. The fucking seemed to go on forever. Each stroke was full length into the tight, spasming body as the man first pushed the boy off and then forced him back onto the piercing cock.


Finally, the man pulled Davie's tight little hole back against him and ground his cock deep as he came. One hand came up to pull on the nipple weights, causing Davie to squirm and shiver around the hard cock wonderfully. The man pulled out of Davie and popped in the hard plastic plug quickly. Davie almost yelped around the gag. The man came forward and took off the gag, but yanked Davie's head onto his cock. Davie sucked and licked the cock clean, knowing that the cum was both men and his Daddy, too. When he was done, the man straightened his own clothing and walked around Davie slowly.


The was still spread wide on hands and knees. The butt plug handle protruded nicely from the freshly fucked boy-cunt. The nipple and ball weights swung at the slightest movement. The man smiled and directed the boy off the table.


When Davie was down, the man told him to get dressed and, again, handed Davie a business card. With a wave , the man watched Davie head off down the hall with his backpack before closing his door.


It was lunch and Davie was slowly walking back to Daddy's office. The last man he had visited had added another weight to each of his nipples and his balls and the tugging hurt when Davie moved quickly. The man had also liked spanking; getting Davie's bottom nice and red and swollen before fucking it long and deep. The tight shorts Davie was wearing rubbed and Davie hoped Daddy would let him take them off while they had lunch.


Finally, Davie found Daddy's door and knocked. The door and Daddy smiled down at him widely.


"Well, it looks like somebody had a great morning."


He guided Davie inside and took the backpack. Davie stopped just inside the door. The first two men from this morning were sitting in Daddy's office. Daddy pushed Davie forward slightly.


"Don't be shy, Davie. Say hello and get those clothes off."


Davie murmured a quiet hello and started stripping quickly. Daddy did not like to wait. All three men admired the weights on Davie and had him turn around so they could see the red, swollen cheeks. Daddy squeezed and rubbed the tiny ass, checking the heat of the handprints. He had Davie go to both of the others so they could check, too. Daddy said he knew Davie must be hungry and he had Davie suck off himself and each of the men and swallow all three loads for lunch. Then Daddy pulled out a bottle of scotch and poured drinks for himself and each of the men.


"Now, Davie, we have a toy for you to play with while we talk. Won't that be fun?"


Davie nodded and told Daddy it would be fun, although Davie was always hesitant now about how fun Daddy's toys would be after that time with the baking soda enema and the vinegar.


Davie followed Daddy over to his and Daddy pulled out a black rubber ball, the bouncy kind, about 20 inches big. Davie had to admit that it looked until Daddy turned the ball so Davie could see the top. Protruding from the ball was a black rubber cock, around six inches, with a pointy head. One of the men held the ball against the floor and the other yanked out the butt plug from Davie's cunt. Davie’s father quickly picked him up and forced his hole onto the rubber cock quickly. Davie stiffened and tried to balance on the ball. He was sitting on the ball, hard rubber cock in his ass, and he had to spread his legs out to balance and not fall over. Daddy and the men let go and watched Davie try to balance there for a minute.


Then Daddy told Davie that he was to play with the ball while Daddy and the men had their drinks and talked. If Davie stopped playing with the ball, they would assume Davie didn't like the new and they would find something else for Davie to play with; something to make him appreciate when he was given a new toy. Davie’s father pushed down on Davie's shoulders. The rubber ball flexed and the plug went even deeper into Davie's boy cunt. The men laughed and went to sit down at the table again. Daddy sat down, too, and told Davie to start playing. They all watched as Davie started bouncing on the ball, each bounce causing the cock to fuck Davie's cunt and causing the weights on his nipples and balls to swing and jerk.


Davie kept fucking himself on the ball while Daddy and the men talked. Every so often one of the men would call out for Davie to bounce higher and Davie would. The pointy cock stabbed harder into Davie with each bounce, and the rubber ball smacked against his swollen bottom. Davie didn't think this toy was that much fun, even if he did have cums while he rode it around the office.


Daddy and his friends had for almost two hours before the men left. Davie was tired and covered in sweat when Daddy told him he could stop playing. Davie's legs were trembling when Daddy pulled him off the ball, so Daddy put Davie onto his own cock instead of having him stand.


Impaled on Daddy's big cock, and facing away, Davie was carried over to the wide, high windows overlooking the city. Daddy told Davie to brace himself against the windows. With Daddy holding his hips and fucking him against the glass, Davie was scared he would go right through the window. He started to whimper, but Daddy just fucked the boy cunt harder and yelled to Davie about all the people in the city who could look up and see what a little, baby fuck-slut Davie was.


Daddy pounded Davie's cunt for a long time before he finally came, but Daddy remembered to put the fat butt plug back so Davie wouldn't lose any of his evening . Then Daddy made Davie put his uniform back on; jacket and tie, too, over the weights and plug and sent him off down the hall to meet more of Daddy's friends.


It was much later in the day when Davie finally came back to Daddy's office. Davie had met three more of Daddy's and they had each been eager to use Davie thoroughly. Davie had been fucked, ass and had been spanked again, and had all of the toys from his bag used him more than once. Davie was tired and sore. He was ready to go home. Also, he now had several of the little weights on his tiny ball sack; one from each man to use him. As a thank you to Davie for the great afternoon, the men had sent Davie back to Daddy naked, his clothes in his backpack and his hands tied behind his back with his school tie.


Daddy let Davie into his office and closely examined each mark on Davie's fair skin. He had long, straight welts from the skinny school belt all over. He had rounded bruise marks from fingers and hands on each arm, and and his baby cock balls tender from the games they had played. Davie even had red hand print marks from the spanking on his bottom and thighs. His lips were red and swollen from the repeated face fucks. And Davie felt sloshy from of cum contained in his boy cunt by the plug.


Daddy was happy with Davie's day at the office. He untied Davie and had him get dressed again in his real uniform. The wool clothes rubbed against his skin roughly. Daddy put his jacket on, too and led Davie down the hall to the elevator so they could go to the car. Daddy was nice and carried the backpack for Davie.


Davie’s father settled him into the front seat of the Lexus and started off. It was later than Davie had because it was starting to get dark and most of the other cars were gone. They pulled up to the exit gate and the man from the morning was there with another attendant.


Davie’s father said hello to them both and asked about the long day. The first man laughed and said he had waited e to say goodnight to Davie. Daddy told Davie that was very nice of the man, so Davie should be nice to him. Daddy unbuckled Davie's seatbelt and told Davie to get up on his knees. The man came around the car as Daddy lowered the window.


The man unbuckled his belt and pulled out his cock for Davie to suck through the window. The man was sweaty and tasted very salty as he fucked Davie's face roughly. He tugged Davie's face in against his belly tight and came down Davie's tight throat. When he let go, Davie could see the other man rubbing himself through his pants, so Daddy had him suck that man, too.


Finally, Davie was and both men told him what a good cocksucker he was. Davie’s father laughed and told them Davie was born for it. Then they drove off and headed home. Tonight Davie and his Daddy would go over everything that happened and let Davie drink the cum from his own boy cunt. Davie’s father was very satisfied with Take Your Kid to Work Day. Every Daddy should get to share his son with his work!