Dan's Adventures

(Mb) (anal, oral) (tort) (nc)

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This time of year in Thailand tends to be rainy and is very, very hot and humid. My friend Dan usually takes a couple of his buddies with him and heads up to Northern Thailand to Chaing Mai, Chiang Rai, and Khun Yuam. Things are still pretty primitive up there and even quite tribal. Dan writes to me that his first day there that he found a brand new boyfriend with whom he can enjoy his northern holiday. He says the little cunt is even more beautiful in person than he is in the photo. The boy does look like a real dream. I am sure he and Dan will be quite happy together for as long as Dan wants to use him. Here is another example of how what some people call May/December romances can work although Dan is nowhere near the December of his life. In fact, he is in the full prime of manhood.

His buddies always kid Dan by telling him that one day he is going to find a boyfriend so young and so small that the kid will be unable to take Dan's humongous fucker down his throat and up his ass. They know that in the past that Dan has had some trouble with this as he likes his boyfriends to be quite young, and yet he has always been a totally rough fucker. Dan is not happy unless he is balls deep in his boyfriend. He'll shyly admit that he is also not totally happy unless he is causing considerable pain to his lover. With the size dick, Dan has on him, this is almost a certainty. Grown men have cried like babies, screaming that Dan was too big and was ripping them apart. You can imagine what the young ones go through. In years past, I have participated in some of Dan's sex orgies, of sharing boys and playing all kinds of nasty games. I have also watched him work over a kid for days or even weeks at a time without stopping until the kid is a blubbering mass of mindless Jell-O.

He enjoys keeping his boyfriends in mindless torment continually for days and days often using candles, bottles, thick branches, and anything else he can find. While he is resting his big dick between bouts, Dan will invite his buddies to use the boy. Compared to Dan's games, my efforts with someone like Ben are child's play. Dan's boyfriends usually permanently lose their voices after about two days with him. They scream until they damage their vocal cords, but don't worry, they can still suck dick. It is not uncommon to see one of Dan's young boyfriends sitting with a pair of chopsticks shoved up his tiny little dick's pisshole. He will make sure any new boyfriend of his becomes a full-service toilet, not only for him but for all of his buddies. This new boyfriend will be a bit shocked and surprised to learn that he will be expected to take Dan's entire fist up his little asshole as well. These are the kinds of games that Dan thinks of as romantic.

You can understand why Dan has to change boyfriends so frequently. But Dan has a kind streak in him as well. When a boy has been totally fucked up and ruined, Dan will give the boy to one of his buddies, or if the kid is beyond being a decent fuck any more, Dan will often drop him off at a local Buddhist Temple to be taken care of.

But before the harsher games commence, Dan will have several days of romantic fun with the boy, teaching him more gentle skills like licking a man's balls and eating a man's ass. Dan starts slowly with his boyfriends, to prolong the fun. The boy will learn to lick Dan's body head to toe. He will learn to suck the piss out of Dan's big prick. He will learn how to swallow snot and spit and cum and eventually puke and shit. One thing you know, when Dan chooses a boyfriend, he will not take NO for an answer.


I remember one of the last parties I attended with Dan before I left to return home. Dan was having incredible fun shoving live lizards up the asshole of a boy just about the age of his new boyfriend. Dan is always sure to come up with some new and exciting game. I wish Dan and his new boyfriend the best of luck. May their relationship be special in every aspect.