Danny's Website

(b) (anal,oral) (scat) (tort)

I came across this incredible website the other day, just the kind perverts dream about. It was called Danny's World, and it had a pic of a very, very cute, slender, twelve-year-old boy in only a bathing suit on the first page. Danny, it explained, was a movie star and some of his videos were available for sale to friends of the website. I needed a password to get in. I didn't have it, but through my many connections in the writing world, I was able to finally get one. It was then that I saw Danny bare-ass naked for the first time. He is thin as I said, but very nicely proportioned, long legs, big boy feet, flat tummy, budding pecs with nickel-sized nipples, a gorgeous, slender face with beautiful cheekbones and chin, full cherry lips, large, innocent eyes, and his hair parted in the middle. Danny's nuts have just fallen, and the bag looks soft and smooth. His prick is about two inches soft, and he's just started to grow a bush. His ass is his best quality, round, and high and tight.

There were lots of pictures of Danny crying. The website explained that Danny didn't want to be a movie star, just a typical boy and that sometimes he had to be convinced. There was a pic of Danny bare-assed over some guy’s lap getting the tar wailed out of him, and boy-oh-boy was his little ass red. Danny looks real cute when he cries because he has that slightly sassy, naughty boy look about himself, a punky kind of look that needs beating down. I can see why he was chosen to star in this website.

Then I had to pay lots of money. Well, lots of money for a website anyway. And, for my money I got shots of Danny in the shower, washing his ass, his pits, and his balls and shots of Danny at the computer bare-assed with about five-inches of hard boy dick. In all these shots he looks very embarrassed and unhappy. It's just great. The shots of Danny showed him masturbating including some real swell cum shots, shooting his dick snot high in an arc, rubbing his cum all over his tummy and chest and a cool shot of the twelve-year-old kid crying again and licking his fuck slop from his own hand. Danny has a real cute tongue.

There are shots of Danny pissing, all kinds of shots pissing inside and outside, and shots of him on the toilet shitting. He looks so humiliated in these that he actually looks sick, especially the ones where he is made to raise and spread his legs so you can see the turds coming out of his little asshole. I like the shots of Danny wiping his ass with toilet paper and then some of him with a sick look on his face and shit on his fingers.

There was a whole series of shots of Danny crawling on all fours around the house. When he crawls with his legs apart, his balls hang really cute and then an entire gallery of Danny shoving dildos up his asshole crying all the time. I have never seen more adorable twelve-year-old with dildos up his ass, and such big ones, some of the pics had eight or ten inches going up his tiny, little boy twat.


The gallery of Danny sucking cock is spectacular. Every kind of cock you can imagine, long, short, thick, thin, black, brown, yellow. I like the ones from the film Danny and the Niggers, which shows him sucking huge black dicks. I love the shot of his little face surrounded by five or six gigantic dripping black pricks. Danny also licks balls and assholes in this gallery, but I would have liked more pics of him rimming black and Latino ass.


Danny's First Ass Fuck Gallery is a series of stills from the movie of the same name and it details the taking of Danny's cherry when he was eleven. The nine guys fucking him are all generously hung and look as if they are pretty rough. I have never seen the film, so I can't be sure of all the action. There are scenes of him being fucked across the floor, fucked on a bed, fucked up against a wall, of fingers in his ass pussy, of the first dick busting his boy pucker, of his face screaming in pain, and crying of course, of him being double-fucked in the face and asshole, of cum pouring out of his stretched out boy cunt, of him sobbing and licking dirty dicks clean. I want to get this film, but there are others on the list I want first.


Next came the list of films for sale, and boy they sure are expensive. You can get them on video or DVD. The DVD versions have outtakes and re-shoots and commentary by the director. Here is a partial list of some of Danny's films.

  • Danny and the Nazis. Danny plays a young French boy who finds a dying American soldier. The soldier tries to pass on to him some vital information that could change the invasion but dies first. Danny has never seen an American soldier before so as a curious boy, he unzips the dead soldier and plays with and sucks his dick. Some nasty, blond Nazis soldiers find him and are confident he has the information. They take him to an old barn where they torture him for the information. To ensure authenticity, all the torture including the nipple and ball bag burning is actually real. They beat Danny's feet with riding crops and also his beautiful ass. They pull his tongue from his mouth and pierce it with long pins. They also pierce his dick with pins. They shove huge things up his ass, and still, he cannot tell them because he does not know. Danny's agony makes for a thrilling and moving film.

  • Danny and His Pets. This fun filled frolic shows Danny playing with some of his favorite pets. Dogs, goats, pigs, donkeys and even horses. Danny is reluctant at first, but a little persuasion convinces him to give the animals a good time. You won't believe how much boa constrictor that boy can get up his tiny ass. Danny crawling around in a pig sty sucking pig dick is a real hoot. What a talented twelve-year-old boy.

  • Danny and the Niggers. Danny wants to join a gang of black kids. They are all eighteen and nineteen years old and not one of them is hung smaller than twelve inches. They tell Danny he can join, but he has to pass the initiation. And what an initiation it is too. The scene where the black dudes each take a dump in Danny's mouth is a classic. You never saw a boy eat so much shit. The scene where they make Danny suck Grandpa's eighty-nine-year-old dick is also a real winner. Danny also has to spoon nigger jizz out of his own asshole and eat it. The faces he makes will have you rolling with laughter. The film ends with a gang bang in a local black bar where our little star is fucked thirty-two times.

  • And coming in March, Danny's Fist Fucking Adventure.

An announcement at the bottom of the website read, "Since Danny is almost thirteen and getting worn out, look for our new website, Teddy's World. Teddy is just eight years old and dying to make his first movie."


Isn't the internet a marvelous thing?