Danny's Life

(MmBb) (anal, enem, fist, oral, rim, scat, ws) (cbt, humil, tort) (nc, rape) (best)
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Danny the Ass Sucker

Danny came home from school with an attitude. I knew he would be pouting. He put his book bag down and ambled over to where I was sitting, never removing the baseball cap he wore backward on his head. He batted his big lashes and pouted some more. He stood there dragging one tennis shoe toe across the carpet, thumbs hooked in the pockets of his jeans. If he thought I was going to give in, he was out of his mind. He had called me from school.

"Dale is it okay if I don't come over right after school today? Some of the kids are going to the mall."

"Daniel, you know very well that you have after school chores. What about the boys who work after school, they can't go waste time at the mall. Now you just get your little ass over here as fast as you can. You know we have a regular appointment."

So he stood before me now, looking at the rug and pouting.

"How was school today, Danny?" I asked, standing up and starting to undress.

"All right, I guess. Boring. Same old stuff." He must have felt guilty just a bit. "I woulda come over after the mall, you know that."

I pulled off my tee shirt. I still had a nice body for a forty-five-year-old.

"That's not the point. There's a movie I really want to watch at four o'clock. I told you that yesterday. It's not fair of you to take advantage of our relationship. It's almost four now, so how about taking off your clothes?"

I had already been barefoot so when I slid off my jeans, I was bare-assed. I never wore underwear except with dress pants, and I had forbidden Danny to wear underpants as well. My dick hung half-hard over full, heavy balls. Danny knew I was slightly pissed with him. Otherwise, my prick would have already been hard or even dripping.

Danny bent down to untie his tennis shoes. He kicked them off and peeled off his white socks.

"I did real good on an English test today. Aced it, I think," he said, trying I think to get back on my good side.


"You did well on an English test, not good. That's fine. I'm proud of you. I'm getting a martini and some snacks for the film."


I went into the kitchen, leaving him alone in the living room to strip for me. I used to watch him every time he stripped, my eyes almost eating him alive. Right now he was just kind of lanky, but he would be tall when he finished growing. He had the sweetest angelic face with large, dark eyes shaded with heavy, girl-like lashes. A splatter of freckles still covered his nose, and they made him look much younger than he was. He was pale at this time of year, and I knew his body like the back of my own hand, a smooth, hairless chest; two quarter-sized nipples slightly pouty but still boyish and handsome; flat, pale tummy; slender hips; long legs and big feet; and nice, round, muscular, ass cheeks. Danny was a soccer and basketball player at school, and so, although he wasn’t a muscle boy, he had nice tone and development. Speaking of development, he had a wonderful pink, boyish prick that hung five inches flaccid over a full, young fuck sack. Erect it grew to six and a half.


I returned from the kitchen to find Danny standing bare-assed in the middle of my living room, except for the baseball cap. He still wore the baseball cap. He would have slept in the damn thing if I had allowed it. He smiled at me, wanting approval.


"Isn't it going to be a little difficult to do in that baseball cap?"


He frowned, pouted and swept the cap off of his head, revealing a messy tousle of brown hair. How could his hair look neat with the fucking cap on it all day?


"Okay, then."


I placed the martini pitcher on the table next to the couch, set down the bowl of chips and the glass, and grabbed the remote control.


Danny put one large teenage hand on my arm. "I'm sorry," he said and meant it.


Now it was my turn to give a little. I lifted his beautiful face up and kissed him on his full, pink, boyish lips.


"I understand, Danny. Sometimes when we are young, we mix up our priorities. It's just that I would have had to sit here and watch the movie without you. Look it's starting, so why don't you lie down on the couch?"


Danny stretched his lean, teenage body down on the couch and adjusted his head comfortably with a small pillow underneath. He looked so handsome, so sweet, such a perfect little boy-man, such a jock, stud boy.


I stood there looking down at him, then climbed up onto the couch, so I was standing, then spreading my ass cheeks. I sat down on Danny's face! I grunted with relaxation as my dick leaped to attention and started drooling. I have the damnedest time with my fuck rod. It leaks all over the fucking place. I wiggled my ass to get down real good on the kid's sweet, pale, freckled face. I saw his toes curl and his legs twitch as he struggled to accommodate my weight and the sweaty smell of my ass. His nose was right up my asshole, and I could feel him trying to breathe in some ass smell as I had taught him to do. He was breathing through his mouth.


"I didn't shower today, Danny, just for you.”


The truth was I often didn't shower when I was about to have a facesitting experience with Danny. I loved him to get the full smell and flavor of dirty man ass. At first, the first ten times or so, he had gagged, of course, and even puked a couple of times, but I had been a patient teacher, and now young Danny was a first class asshole sucker. I hadn't couched his learning with any romantic phrases or tried to pretend what he was learning to do was normal. No, sir!


"Danny, what I am about to teach you to do is the dirtiest thing, one human being can do to another. You are going to learn to lick and suck a man's ass. You are going to become an expert ass licker. You are going to become a professional asshole sucker. You will be sucking my asshole so much from now on, that you will even taste and smell my asshole when you are at school. The taste and smell of my asshole will never be out of your nose and mouth. It will bind you to me and label you as my boy cunt forever.


“Eventually after you become a champion ass licker, you will even lick my ass to clean it after I take a dump, but that is some way down the road. For a year or so, we will just concentrate on you licking my crack, tonguing and eating out my shit hole and even sleeping with your nose up my hole. Other than getting fucked in your sweet, teen ass and sucking my cock, this will be your primary duty in life. It will be more important than family, friends, or school.


“You will be Danny the Ass Licker."


Had Danny protested you ask? Of course, he had. The same way he cried and made a fuss the first time I fucked his young, tight, virgin ass with my eight and a half inch dick. The same way he made a fuss the first time he licked my balls or had to swallow my cum or spit. But I was a good teacher, and I seldom had to use pain anymore. Danny was broken. He knew he had to please me. He knew he needed what I could give him. Strong, tough love, the love he seldom got at home. And in return for my love, support, and parenting, Danny gave me everything. Ever fucking thing.


"Okay," I said.


I slid off his nose so my hole could rest over his mouth. Now he had to breathe through his nose. There was just room in the ass crack to get enough air if he held his head the way I had taught him. His young, pink tongue started to swipe back and forth across my puckered asshole.


"That's my boy, Danny. That's my good boy. You know I love you, don't you Dan?"


Dan loved me too. I could tell. His teenage dick was hard and thumping on his stomach, little dribbles of pre-fuck leaking from the teenage piss hole.


"Did you see that cute girl at school today Dan? That one you want to date. What's her name, Mary Lou?"


His dick gave a little extra jump, and a little spritz of fuck slop squirted out.


"Well if you do an especially good job with your boy-cunt, later on, tonight and give me a first class ass-pussy fuck, I don't see any reason why you can't go to the football game with her on Saturday."


Danny's hand went to his young prick and started to rub it. I slapped his hand away.


"Pay attention to what you are doing."


His tongue started to probe my shithole, as I settled back to enjoy the film. For the next two hours, Danny would suck my ass then we'd have dinner together. I had an arrangement with his stupid mother. I was Danny's "Tutor." Tutor all right. I taught him dick sucking and ass rimming. Danny's father was gone, gone with a capital G, so Danny was mine. After dinner, Danny would suck my dick and then I would take him to bed and fuck his ass until he could hardly walk before I would send him home for the night.


There were always special, little games to make our dates fun. Games like spooning my cum out of his freshly fucked asshole and feeding it to him. My goal with Danny was to expose him to every single dirty, fucking, perverted thing a human being could experience. I wanted the boy well-rounded. I went slowly with him to prolong the pleasure for me. When I took Danny out with my friends, his name was official, Cunt. When I had my friends over, Danny would serve drinks and food and all of my friends would call him Cunt, which he hated and I loved.


As I sat on his face and watched the movie, sipping my martini and eating chips while feeling his tongue probe and dig inside my rectum, I planned the coming weekend when I would introduce Danny to the pleasures of piss drinking.


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