Danny's a Naughty Boy

MB, anal, oral, humil, nc
A palimpsest based on a story by Lady Sapphire
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Danny and his friends were sitting in the living room playing a game.

“I wiped your ass!” Danny shouted.

His friends laughed.


Steve called out, “Don’t worry you’ll get yours, asshole!”


Danny laughed and echoed his friend, “Oooh, come get me fucker!”


He suddenly felt a hand clamp down on his shoulder.


“Daniel! What on earth are you doing, young man?”


His father's face hovered inches from his, and his eyes were burning with rage. The twelve-year-old boy looked up at his father and felt himself cower.


“Oh, Dad, I'm just hanging out with my friends.”


Oooh, Danny's daddy isn't happy!” laughed Greg.


Danny-boy's in big trouble now!” mocked Steve.


Danny felt himself cringe as he tried to put on a calm face.


“Get your ass to your room, Daniel. I won't have you acting so disrespectfully to me!”


His father was apparently expecting to be obeyed, and promptly.


“No!” Danny pulled himself from his father's grasp.”


Oooh,” chorused the other boys laughing.


Without hesitation, his father took hold of Danny's ear.


“Have it your way then, young man.”


Danny’s father swiftly marched his short, slim son over to a bench. Before Danny could react, his father was sitting on the bench and pulling him down over his lap. The next thing Danny knew, he was over his powerful father’s lap, and his father’s knee was pressing his bottom up into the air. Then, he heard and felt a solid THWACK to his jean-covered ass and then another and another.












He felt his face turning red and hot as he heard his friends laughing. He could also hear his father's voice.


“I won't abide a son who doesn’t respect me. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated. If you act like a spoiled child, I can certainly treat you like one!”


Danny twisted and tried to pull himself free, but then felt his jeans yanked down to his knees. Suddenly, everyone could see his underwear, and a new crescendo of laughter burst out. Danny realized to his horror that he was showing a pair of frilly, pink silk panties to his friends that his father had made him wear that morning for being a sissy.


“What is this, Daniel? Wearing panties again? Oh, little sissy boy, we are going to have a very, very long talk with the belt!”


And suddenly, Danny was pushed to his feet, his jeans still down around his knees, and his father's hand holding his as if he were a little boy his father swiftly walked him to the stairs.


“Goodbye, boys,” Danny’s father called out to his son’s friends.


Goodbye, Danielle!” called Steve, laughing uproariously. “We'll be sure to see you at school tomorrow!”


Danny’s father marched his panty-clad son up the stairs. Danny's thoughts and feelings were so jumbled that he couldn't think. He just knew he'd been humiliated beyond belief, and that things were likely to get worse before they got better. Danny walked along with his father on autopilot and mutely walked up the stairs. They were halfway down the hallway before he could work out what was happening. His father had spanked him in front of his friends, pulled down his jeans, and everyone had seen that he was wearing panties! His friends were going to make sure everyone at Central Middle School knew about that the next day and his last few weeks at the school were going to be torture. Plus, hadn't his father said something about a belt? Danny squirmed uncomfortably and looked up at his father.


“Ok, right, the joke's over, right? I'm sorry I was disrespectful, but you've embarrassed me more than enough—” he began.


“Shut up, Daniel,” his father's voice was cold as ice. “I am very disappointed in you, and we are a long way from dealing with this behavior. You’re going to your room to do some thinking. Then, we are going to have a very long talk about your obnoxious behavior.”


“I'm too old for this kind of thing, Dad, and —”


“I do believe that you should call me Daddy when I am disciplining you, Daniel,” his father interrupted smoothly, “unless you want to be in even more trouble than you already are.”


Somehow that cold, strict voice made Danny feel very small and that obeying was his best bet. He nodded numbly and mumbled, “Yes, Daddy.”


“Good boy, straight to your room, Daniel, and stand in the corner. I will be in shortly, and if you aren't in the corner, you will be very sorry.”


Without a word, Danny stumbled into his room, where he stood in the corner and his jeans still around his knees.