(Mm) (anal, oral)

I recently auditioned a young man that I wanted to share with you. He is, in every way, delightful. His name is Dane, and he is sixteen years old. What impressed me about him beyond his acting talent and good looks was his huge fat dick and lovely unfucked boy ass.

I was knocked out by his personality at my theatre when he auditioned, so I invited him over to my apartment for a “private audition.” Once there, he was quite willing to strip bare-assed for me. When I felt the heft of his huge balls and heavy dick, I knew I had a very special sixteen-year-old. It was not long before I had my first two fingers and then my dick up his ass—a beautifully tight hole that I fucked using just a smidgen of lube so that he would feel the romance of a really tight first fuck. I love his big broad feet and the whole way he carried himself. He was not a very good cocksucker as he had never done anything like that, but we are working on it. He is a quick study, and it only took a few hours before he was lapping my nut sack like a pro.

I have not yet moved on to ass eating, but I have a feeling he will be quite good at it. He has a wide mouth, which is great for really stuffing dick and balls into, and a nice thick long tongue, which will feel great up my asshole once he gets over his initial shyness. He has large nuts in his ball sack. Eventually, when we get into nut beating and squeezing, they should provide a significant amount of pain for our boy.
He has a great body for the stage, sturdy and robust. He plays soccer in high school, and that may explain it. Of course, it will be a while before we get into piss drinking and some other fun activities, but I have high hopes for him. He does not have a girlfriend and is not fucking cunt, so that is a good sign. Many of my friends want a crack at him, and I tell them, “All in good time. Let me get him nicely broken and open first.”

It was so cute, he called me the day after his initial ass fucking to tell me his hole hurt badly, and he was worried that maybe some damage had been done. I told him that once he had been fucked ten to fifteen times, the pain would be much less. He wanted to rest for a few days, but, of course, I insisted that he let me fuck him again the very next day. In his teen naivety, he also asked me to wear a condom when I fucked him. I laughed unrolled one and put it on his tongue. I told him I wanted him to feel the warm, full feeling of my cock spunk filling his bowels.

His little asshole is quite raw, and I intend to keep it that way. Sadly, with me going to London, I will not be able to fuck him for a while. my well-hung buddies are stepping in to fill the breach while I am gone. Dane really does need to be fucked continually and to suck cock constantly. We will see what we can do. Anyway, I thought you would appreciate hearing about him.