Dad's New Toy

MB, anal, oral, rape, inc
Xavier L

“Chris!” His father’s drunken voice called out.

Fuck! Chris hated when his dad was drunk.

“In my room, Dad!”

Dad stumbled into Chris’s room. His dad wasn’t wearing a shirt, showing off his multiple tattoos and massive chest muscles. His belt buckle was undone. He looked at his son smiling while rubbing his big hand across his chest.
“What?” Chris asked.
His dad quickly closed the gap between them and gave his son a bear hug.
“Dad! Dude, come on!” Chris said struggling.
His dad wrestled Chris down onto his bed, which was relatively easy considering how much stronger his dad is than Chris since he only just turned twelve. When he had Chris on his stomach, he grabbed the boy’s hands and put them behind him. Chris felt his dad’s fingers folding around his wrists like a living handcuff.
“You know, I do a lot of things for you,” his dad slurred.
Chris rolled his eyes.
“Yeah, Dad, I know.”
Chris could feel his dad moving around a bit while he was on top of him.
“Now, you’re going to do something for me.”
“Would you let go of me, please?”
The next thing Chris knew he felt his shorts being pulled down.
“Dad! What the fuck! I didn’t do anything!”
Once his shorts were done below his ass, and he could feel his boxers were with them his dad leaned over him.
“You feel this?” he said.
Chris could feel something hard rubbing between his ass cheeks. He craned his neck around and could just barely see that his dad had his jeans pulled down. Chris started to struggle.
“Dad! Quit it! This isn’t funny!” he yelled as he squirmed.
His dad transferred his grip on Chris’s wrists to his other hand, and he leaned forward more into Chris’s vision. He saw his dad squirting lotion from a bottle onto his hand.
“Dad! Okay, if you’re trying to scare me, it worked! Now get off me.”
Now his dad’s slippery dick was moving between his ass cheeks again. He took one of Chris’s hands and pulled it toward him while his other hand pinned Chris’s other hand against his back.
“Feel how big your old man’s cock is? Well, I’m sick of having to spend money on chicks just so that that I can get laid once in a while.” His dad put Chris’s hand back on the other before moving his fingers to Chris’s asshole. As he shoved a finger into the boy’s ass, he continued, “So I’m sitting at the bar buying this bitch a drink, and I’m like ‘Wait a minute!’ I have a son back home who don’t do shit around the house.”
“I’m sorry, Dad! I’ll do better with that. I PROMISE!”
Chris was almost in tears. He had never seen his dad’s dick hard before, but it felt big and thick, and he definitely did not want that going where he presumed his dad was going to put it. His dad’s knees slid between Chris’s legs and pushed them apart.
“So I figure the least my kid can do is make his old man happy.”
“I’ll make you happy! I swear it!”
He shifted, and Chris felt his father’s cock sliding toward his hole. Frantic, he started squirming trying to break free, kicking his feet as much as he could.
“Oh, yeah! I love it when my bitch fights it. So fucking hot!”
Then Chris felt his father enter him. He screeched stridently at the intrusion.
“NO! Dad, stop!”
His dad held onto his son firmly while he fed more of his thick cock into his straining ass.
“Oh fuck…it hurts…fuck…Dad…please…it hurts!”
“I’m sure it does, son. I have a fucking fat cock, but that just means I’ll have to work a little harder to get inside you, but I’m okay with that. It’s a small sacrifice.”
Chris bit a mouthful of the blanket as he struggled to squirm free of his dad’s dick. It was like trying to move a mountain, and he just felt his dad sliding inside him more deeply.
“Damn, you have one hot ass, Chris! I’m going to have so much fun fucking it.”
“Stop, goddamn it!” Chris swore.
His dad released his son’s hands and shoved the boy’s head into the bed.
“Oh, I’ll stop, son. Once I’ve filled your ass up with my hot jizz.”
Chris screamed into his mattress.
“Make all the noise you want, little bitch. That’s the fun of having no neighbors close by.”
His dad’s hands moved to Chris’s shoulders, and he pressed against them as he continued feeding his dick into his son’s resistant hole.
“How could you do this? I’m your son!”
“That’s the best part. Kids are supposed to make their parents happy, right? Well, you’re doing your fucking job right now, boy.”
He had to put some more lotion on his dick before he could get it in more deeply.
“Take your shirt off. I want to be against your skin.”
“Fuck you!” Chris said boldly.
He grabbed a fistful of Chris’s hair and pulled it.
“Think about this carefully, Chris. I have about eight inches of hard meat waiting to get inside your asshole. Right now I’ve only got about four inches in there. You can do what you’re fucking told, or I can just ram the rest of my dick inside you and rip your goddamn shirt off myself.”
If four inches hurt this bad, Chris didn’t want to know how suddenly having the rest in his dad’s cock would feel. He grabbed his shirt, pulled it off, and tossed it across the room.
“Smart boy,” he said. “Now get up on your knees.”
Chris slowly slid his legs so that his knees were under him. He felt his dad’s rough hands push his clothing down under his legs more.
“You feel damn good, boy. I should’ve been fucking your sweet hole a long time ago! In fact, the night your mother walked out on us, I should’ve been in your room training your ass to take her place.”
“I was fucking eight!”
“Bet that hole was even tighter then! Fuck, I missed out. Oh well, I’ll make up for it now.”
His dad began moving his dick back and forth slowly. Chris thought for sure he was all the way in, but once his dad started picking up speed a bit, he could tell he was still working on it. Chris started to cry. Tears streamed down his cheeks and snot ran from his nose. The twelve-year-old boy was in agony and he still had two inches to take balls deep.
“Good thing you don’t have school tomorrow because I’m going to wear your fucking ass out tonight, boy!”
He smacked Chris hard on his right butt cheek making him wince. He felt his dad’s rough hands slide up his damp back before gripping his shoulders firmly. He began moving his dick back and forth again, slowly humping Chris’s asshole. But now as he started pushing it forward, he would yank his son backward so that his cock plunged deep into him. Every so often he would smack the boy’s ass hard again and go back to slowly fucking him. It felt like his hole was on fire, and each time his dad slid into him more, he thought it would rip. At one point his dad’s dick seemed to move deeper suddenly, and he noticed his dad was pressed against him. His dad pushed a bit more and he was balls deep in the tight boy-cunt.
“All in!” he said triumphantly.
“You’re a fucking pervert! Doing this to your own son.”
His dad grabbed a fistful of Chris’s hair and pulled his head back.
“That’s fucking right, Chris. I’m a big old pervert. And I love every goddamn second that I have my fat cock in your ass.”
He let go and shoved the boy’s head down as he started fucking him a little harder, pulling his dick backward and sliding it back in until it was buried.
“I’ll tell the fucking cops!” Chris said in desperation.
“Go ahead, little boy. You’re twelve, so you’ll go to a group home, and guess what. They’ll rape your fucking ass there, too.”
He pulled his dick back pretty far and slammed it back in.
“So, you can either have your dad fucking you or be fucked by a bunch of boys with who knows what type of fucking disease. Go for it, Chris.”
His dad grabbed his shoulders and started pounding his ass hard now. Chris was grunting as his dad’s dick repeatedly slammed into him. The boy did not know if his threat had pissed his father off or made him even hotter, but his dad was really going crazy with his aching hole.
“If…if you stop now, I won’t say anything,” Chris tried again.
His dad rammed his dick into him hard and buried it.
“There’s no stopping this now, Chris. I’ve put up with all your shit for the last few years. Now I’m getting something from this relationship besides your bullshit.”
His father went back to a slower, longer thrust now.
“Please, Dad!” Chris yelled.
The boy smelled the alcohol on his father’s breath as he leaned close to him.
“What? You don’t want to make your old man happy. It’s the least you can do after you ran your mother off.”
“I did not!” Chris yelled back.
His father’s comment stung almost more than the dick in his hole. His mother did not want to be a mother, and Chris was a tough kid. He knew that. But, he did not want to believe that she left them just because of that.
“Go get a hooker if you need to fuck someone.”
“A hooker costs money. Why should I pay money when I have you?”
Chris opened his mouth to say something, but then his father’s tongue was in it. The boy resisted, but his head was on the pillow so he could not do much. One of his father’s hands grabbed Chris’s dick and started stroking him.
“You just need to change the way you look at things, Chris. My cock won’t always hurt, and your prick’s hard; you’re enjoying this.”
“I’m not!” he said right before his father’s tongue was in his mouth again.
His father’s hand released his dick, and the boy felt both of his father’s strong hands grabbing his waist. His father straightened up, gripped him firmly and began plowing his hole even harder. His dad did not say anything as he continued ramming into his ass. He bit his pillow hard, and soon he felt his body tingling. His father was not touching his dick, but he knew he was going to blow soon. The boy resisted it, as he did not want to cum with his father’s thick cock in his ass. But he had no control and soon was shooting a massive load. He heard his father chuckle as his dick twitched.
“I own you, bitch!” his father said, smacking him on the rear again and returning to humping him hard and fast.
It had taken a few more moments before his father was releasing his own load deep inside him. When his dad’s dick slowed down, he pulled his son down as he fell onto his side, his cock still wedged inside his son’s hole. The man rubbed his son’s now soft cock and sampled his jizz.
“Not bad. Kind of sweet.”
He went for seconds, but this time his finger was on his son’s lips. Chris refused, but his father just shoved his finger into his son’s mouth forcing him to taste his own seed. He stroked his son’s hair for a bit.
“You’re going to learn something eventually, Chris. The more you resist, the more it hurts. Now, it really turns me on to have you fighting; I won’t lie, but if you want this to start going easier, you’re going to need to learn your place.”
He pulled out of his son and climbed off the bed. Chris grabbed for the sheets, but his father yanked them out of his hand.
“Get up.”
“It’s time to shower.”
“I’ll shower in the morning,” the boy replied trying to hide my nakedness by curling up.
He heard his father sigh before he came over and grabbed him by the hair again. The boy followed his father’s hand as he pulled upward.
“You’re going to do what the fuck I say, boy.”
He led his son by the hair into his bedroom. They went into his father’s bathroom, and he got the shower started. Chris held onto his father’s hand while his father gripped his son’s hair. Chris swore to himself that he was going to shave his head tomorrow. When the water was the right temperature, his father shoved him into the shower. His father joined him and handed him the soap.
“Wash me.”
Chris lathered his father up and washed his body, but avoided his dick. When his father was rinsed, he shoved Chris against the wall of the shower, put his lips on his son’s, and thrust his tongue into his son’s mouth again. He kissed his son hard for a while. Chris could not say that he did not get turned on. He felt his dick starting to swell again, and he stopped resisting his father so much.
Then his father stepped back and said, “You forgot something.”
His father’s hands grabbed his son’s shoulders and pushed him down.
“On your knees.”
When his son was kneeling before him, he swung his growing cock in front of the boy’s face.
“Clean it up.”
Chris hated touching his father’s dick, but he went ahead and soaped up the big dick and hairy sac. He stayed on his knees as he rinsed the suds off his father.
“Now, clean it properly.”
“Dad, what else do you want me to do? I soaped it up!”
“You’re on your knees. You think about what I might want you to do.”
Chris realized what his father wanted.
“Dad, no,” he said firmly, shaking his head and starting to rise.
His father kept his son on his knees and smacked him in the face with his hard cock. Chris looked into his father’s green eyes, which seemed to burn with a fire he had never seen before.
“Put it in your fucking mouth!”
Chris was going to argue, but he looked into his father’s eyes again and got scared. He swallowed before opening his mouth. As his lips parts, the dick slid in. He started sucking right away hoping to please him. He looked up at his father, his dark brown hair matted against his forehead as his dad eagerly watched him devouring his meat. Chris winced when he saw his father’s hand move toward his face, but he just pushed some hair from his son’s brow. His hand rested on his son’s head as he moved his son’s head back and forth.
“Now, you’re learning,” he said.
Chris decided it actually was not so bad, so he started sucking faster. After several moments, his father had him stop. His father turned off the water and handed his son a towel. Chris started to dry himself off, but his father grabbed his hand.
“Me, idiot, you dry me first.”
“Sorry,” Chris said, hoping that if he were more passive, his father would ease up.
Chris dried his father off and then dried himself while his father went into the bedroom. When Chris was done, he found his father lying on the bed. His dick stood straight up. He motioned for Chris to come over. As he neared his father, his father stood up. He smiled at his son and kissed him hard. When he stopped kissing his son, he guided them to the bed and bent him over. Chris looked back to see his father positioning himself behind him.
“Please…no…Dad. Not again. Please…I beg you…I’m really sore!”
“Shhh…I told you I was going to wear your little ass out. And if you’re going to go calling the cops on me, well, I need to make sure I get enough of your pussy to make up for it.”
Chris whimpered as he felt his father enter him, and he hurriedly said, “I won’t tell! Honest, I won’t! I’ll forget it ever happened.”
His father chuckled and began pushing his dick into his son again.
“I’m sure you’ll remember this weekend for a long time to come, son.”