Dad's Bucking Bronco

Mm, oral, inc

Dick was beaming with pride. From his position in the bleachers, he jumped to his feet when they announced that his sixteen-year-old son Jeremy had won the bull-riding competition in the junior division of the rodeo. Jeremy had been quite a sight to behold as the young bull thrashed and bucked beneath him. Wearing a black hat and outfit that matched the blackness of his hair, the boy held tight for an amazing fifteen seconds before being thrown.


After receiving accolades from other competitors and officials, Jeremy greeted his father with a big smile. Dick smiled back and glanced at the boy's crotch, which seemed to be growing as he looked at it. That was no surprise, as Dick had a deal with his son. He would give the boy a mind-melting blowjob whenever he won a rodeo, and this year the boy was on an impressive winning streak. His son didn't need the distraction of girls and all their "issues," particularly when they may not put out after a date anyway.


Father and son were mostly quiet during the three hour ride home from Reno. When they got back to their ranch, Dick asked his son if he wanted his reward now. The boy enthusiastically answered yes, and Dick told him to go up to his room and that he would be there shortly.


Dick poured himself a generous glass of whiskey and gulped it down. Although he always loved to suck his son's prick, he enjoyed it more when he had something to drink. He also thought it helped lubricate his throat for the kid's thick rod.


Dick went up the stairs and knocked on Jeremy's door. After being told to come in (he knew better than to enter his stud son's bedroom without permission), Dick entered the room and saw Jeremy sitting on the edge of his bed fully naked except for his black cowboy hat, which he was wearing at a jaunty angle that matched the mischievous look in his eyes.


"Are you here to blow me, faggot?" he asked.


Until a year ago Dick would never have thought of himself as a faggot. But now he knew he was a fag for his son, and as an answer to the boy's question, Dick simply licked his lips and knelt on the floor in front of him. Jeremy's legs were closed, teasingly hiding his dick from his father. Dick placed his hands on the boy's firm thighs and pulled the kid's legs apart.


He was instantly hit by an intoxicating aroma emanating from Jeremy's crotch, and Dick's head swooned as he breathed in the adolescent's heady scent. He leaned forward, pushing Jeremy's legs even wider apart as he descended towards his musky cock and balls. He inhaled deeply and felt he was almost going to cum just from the pheremonal emissions of Jeremy's randy teenaged groin. God, the kid was sexy!


Dick decided to taste the boy's balls first. He loved balls – they seemed to symbolize a young man in both his sexiest and most vulnerable respects – and he especially liked the big eggs that hung in Jeremy's smooth scrotum. Dick stuck his tongue out and licked Jeremy's left testicle, which prompted the boy to squirm. Dick licked it several times and then swallowed it into his mouth, where he rolled it around from side to side.


"Yeah, Dad, suck my balls. Fucking suck my balls, faggot!"


This was how Jeremy spoke to his father when the latter was servicing him, and Dick was only too happy to comply with his son's demand. He continued to suck on the tender nut for several minutes, and then switched his attention to the right one. As he had done with its scrotal brother, Dick eagerly bathed the kid's right ball with his tongue before taking it into the wet warmth of his mouth. Dick wished he could put both of his son's nads in his mouth at once, but they were just too big. He had to content himself with one jewel at a time.


Which was fine by Dick, who went back and forth from one ball to another, lapping and sucking all the way. After nearly ten minutes of enjoying the kid's testicles, Dick felt that Jeremy's cock could probably use some attention. Almost seven inches long, it was thicker than average and uncut (Dick had fought with his wife about this, but he won the battle to keep the boy's foreskin intact).


Dick placed his tongue on the root of Jeremy's penis and slowly began to lick up to the top, enjoying the steely hardness and bulging veins beneath. When he reached the top, Dick licked the glans like a proverbial lollipop while Jeremy moaned. The boy had closed his eyes and was tossing his head back and forth as he luxuriated in the sensations his father was delivering to his tingling rod.


Dick wanted to feel all of the boy's meat inside his mouth, so he ovalled his lips and took several inches of the young prick inside.


"Fuck, Dad, that fucking feels great!"


Dick gradually swallowed more of the kid's pole and eventually felt the tip poke into his throat.


"Yeah, Dad, fucking suck my dick, faggot! Suck my big fat dick, you fag!"


Dick continued to do so, and the appropriateness of his name occurred to him once again. Dick was sucking dick, and the man smiled around the boy's rod as he amused himself with this obscene pun. The act of smiling opened up Dick's throat a little wider, and a few more inches slid down the man's gullet. Jeremy moaned and thrust his hips upward until his balls slapped against his father's chin. His entire prick was now lodged deeply in his father's throat, and the feeling was driving him crazy. Jeremy looked at the sight of his father's head buried in his pubes and his eyes rolled back in their sockets with lust.


Dick took his mouth off the throbbing prick to get a breath of air.


"Oh Jeremy, I love your big penis. Thank you for letting me suck it. You know I'll suck it whenever you want."


"Shut up and keep sucking," Jeremy responded. He loved talking to his father this way.


Dick obediently took his son's cock back in his mouth and began to bob his head up and down, allowing his velvety throat to grip his son's organ like a greased glove. Dick would rise all the way to the glans and give a quick swirl of his tongue around the corona before plunging downwards again. He loved the feeling of the thick rod filling his throat. He was such a faggot for his son, his stud son who was the toast of the junior rodeo circuit.


Dick's head was riding his son's penis with the same passion and confidence that Jeremy had exhibited when he rode that young bull. Dick wanted to feel his son shoot his sperm deep into his throat, he wanted to succeed in making his boy feel better than he ever had before. He was on a mission now, the only thing in the world that mattered was his son having a big orgasm in his mouth.


While he was fellating his son, Dick continued to massage the kid's nut sack, which was still wet from the recent ball-licking. He soon felt the boy's scrotum tighten, and knew that Jeremy was not too far from creaming his mouth. He re-doubled his sucking efforts as Jeremy started to moan more loudly and began pushing his hips upwards with greater force.


"Oh yeah, fucking suck me, fag! Suck the scum out of my nuts, you fag!"


Dick was now bobbing up and down on Jeremy's prick as fast as was humanly possible. His son warned him of what was coming.


"Suck it, faggot, suck my penis, Dad, oh it fucking feels so good. I'm fucking gonna cum. Fucking gonna cum in your god-damn fucking mouth, you fucking faggot!"


True to his word, Dick felt the tip of his son's penis expand in his throat as he started to shoot his jizz. On the upward bob Dick was able to catch some of the sperm in his mouth and enjoy its taste on his tongue. Of all the many loads that Dick had taken in his mouth in his life (beginning at age 12 when he sucked off his math teacher for "extra credit" after doing rather poorly on a fractions test), his son's cum was the most delicious. It had a tangy, piquant flavor that was salty yet sweet at the same time. The taste of it was often enough to make Dick orgasm himself, and this time was no exception. He felt the cum shoot out of his own penis as his son emptied his nuts into his throat.


"Oh, suck it, Dad, take my fucking cum, faggot, you fucking faggot, you fucking take my sperm! You faggot! You love sperm! You fag!"


Dick scooped up the boy's ass cheeks so he could pull him more deeply into his throat. Inevitably, the boy's orgasm began to subside, and Dick reluctantly took his mouth off Jeremy's deflating cock. He gave the head a few quick licks to catch the final drops of cum that were hanging there as Jeremy moaned contentedly and then collapsed to rest in the boy's crotch.


"Fuck, Dad, that was great!" Jeremy said.


"Glad to be of service, kiddo."


"You really know how to suck cock."


"And you really know how to ride a bull. And I'm glad you liked it, because there'll be no more blowjobs until after Cheyenne," Dick answered, referring to the rodeo coming up in two weeks. He knew that Jeremy needed to keep his sexual tension in order to perform at his best.


"Oh, Dad!" Jeremy moaned.


"But if you win, I promise I'll give you a blow job you'll never forget. One that you will almost want to tell your kids about! And that's no bull."


Jeremy laughed and ran his hands through his father's hair. He knew he was lucky to have such a talented cocksucker for a father. And he planned on winning in Cheyenne.