Daddy's Secret

(Mb) (anal, oral) (inc)

Aaron’s daddy is not a gentle daddy at all. He loves to hear his son whimper and scream. Daddy thinks Aaron’s suffering is beautiful; his body is an altar for all of daddy’s wicked offerings.

It didn’t start out this way. In fact, Aaron’s daddy was not interested in him at all to start with. He had never changed a diaper, bathed him, or dressed him. That was until mommy left suddenly one day with another man. His learning curve was very steep, and daddy had to figure things out as he went along.

He remembers the first time he had to take off the kid’s wet diaper. Daddy was furious at having been left to do these things since this was not what daddies were meant to do. He unpeeled the soaking, cotton-lined diaper, and he almost gagged. As the chubby baby legs waved around in the air, and he pulled them back, the ass cheeks opened up and exposed that soft, delicate rosebud, Daddy blushed. His cock was twitching inside his underwear as he stared at Aaron and his dark urges began to form in his mind.
The skin between his son’s soft thighs was red and irritated from his pee, and so overcoming the first of many trials, daddy cleaned his baby gently and thoroughly. Every tiny crevice was explored and swabbed. He spread open the chubby ass cheeks and cleansed what he saw as his future. His huge finger looked so out of place, running up and down the pink, puckered hole. He looked around the room guiltily before realizing that he was alone and would not be disturbed. He pressed on. He crooked his finger and gently flicked it across Aaron’s tiny asshole as he giggled. The baby opening winked at him, almost inviting daddy’s first invasion. This is when he truly realized what he had. His own little fuckhole! One he could do with as he wished, and one who would be raised to worship his cock properly.
He leaned over Aaron’s innocently spread legs and dribbled a small amount of saliva on the tip of his finger. Daddy smeared his drool up and down delicate rosebud as it winked at him invitingly. Aaron began to wiggle and squirm, so daddy laid the flat of his free palm down on his son’s small, barrel-shaped chest and pressed him to the bed. Aaron whimpered in protest at the restraint and daddy’s cock throbbed even more. The tip of his finger lay right there at the entrance, but he hesitated.
He thought about all those times he was told “no” and the times he was refused sex from the women he had courted so sweetly. The bitches had expected him to give so much just so he could dip his cock into their ungrateful, sloppy cunts. He thought about how they expected him to be thankful that they let him fuck them. Well, no more! Daddy was going to start afresh.
Aaron’s wails spurred something in his daddy’s mind, and he forced his spit-soaked finger up into his baby boy. Aaron screamed, his face twisted in an anguished squeal, and daddy’s cock responded with the squirt of pre-cum into his pants. Oh god, it was so tight and hot in there! He could feel Aaron’s baby asshole grip and release in pain as he shoved a little harder. The barrier between Aaron and his daddy’s possession was pierced. The racking sobs from Aaron excited his Daddy. He wanted his boy to suffer for him, to offer back what he desired. His finger was a blur as he finger-fucked his baby’s asshole. He delved further with each thrust, his son’s tiny asshole bringing his finger to an abrupt halt each time. One day this would not be withheld from him.
“Ah…not for long,” Daddy thought.
Daddy freed his aching cock from his pants, and he stood to the side of the bed with his baby still impaled on his finger. He stood looking down. His finger unmoving as each spasm around his finger reminded him of how tight and hot his little boy’s asshole was and how one day it would stroke daddy’s cock in the very same way. It didn’t take many strokes for daddy to feel his cum boiling up from his balls.
“One last thrust,” daddy thought.
With that, he forced his finger back into Aaron’s asshole roughly and held the head of his cock over his son’s mouth. He arched his back and aimed at Aaron’s sweet, rosy mouth. When the inevitable scream arose, daddy pushed the mushroom head of his cock between his son’s gums and released a torrent of thick, ropey cum. He watched his baby’s hands reach out and grasp his shaft like a bottle. Aaron began to suck and swallow as he milked the cum up his daddy’s shaft and into his hungry mouth. Dribbles began oozing from the corners of his son’s mouth and nose.
Satisfied, Daddy stood for a while, looking down at his boy. His son’s sobs had slowed, but his suckling continued. Daddy let Aaron “nurse” on his softening cock head, and he knew this was only the beginning. Aaron’s training started today.