Daddy's Collateral

MBb, anal, oral, ws, humil
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The Abduction

Jason Clark was your typical thirteen-year-old all-American teen, shaggy blond hair that hung down across his crystal blue eyes, five foot with a tight, one hundred pound, toned body. Certainly not an Adonis, but good looking enough he got his share of glances from the girls at school. It was on his way home for a two-week school break that Jason's life was to take a dramatic change in direction.

He was on his way home from school when he came across two black men leaning against a van studying a map. As Jason got closer, one of the men told him they were lost and asked for directions. Being a friendly, helpful kid, Jason approached the van to offer assistance. As soon as he got close enough, the two men reached out and grabbed him. The door of the van slid open, and Jason was thrown into the van and into the waiting arms of three more black men.


Struggle though he did, Jason was no match for five full-grown adult men who made their living relying on their muscles.


As the van sped away, taking Jason further and further from his home and his life, his captors ripped his shirt off him. They put his wrists in handcuffs and quickly attached the cuffs to a hook in the roof of the van. Before Jason could even register what was happening, they yanked off his jeans and had him stripped naked. They tied his legs to rings in the floor, leaving him kneeling with his legs spread open and his arms raised high above his head.


Once they had him secure, Jason's attackers took stock of their catch. Letting their hands roam over Jason's body, rubbing his hairless chest, pinching his nipples, feeling Jason's tight butt and down between his legs to his cock and balls. All the while talking to themselves about what a pretty young thing he is and how much they are going to enjoy using his mouth and his pussy.


The leader, who had asked Jason for directions earlier, grabbed him by the hair and yanked his head up. Bringing his face up close and looking Jason straight in the eyes he told him "You're ours now bitch! You do what you're told and behave yourself you may get to keep these" grabbing Jason by the balls.


He pulled Jason close and kissed him full on the mouth. The man's tongue slid into Jason's mouth while his hand caressed his ass cheeks, his fingers rubbing the boy's virgin hole. Slowly he slid a finger up inside Jason's tight hole. Jason squirmed and tried to get away, which only served to loosen him up and let the invading digit slide deeper into him.


"Get used to it white boy, before long you'll be begging for a hard black cock up there."


It wasn't long before the van pulled up to a gated complex with a ten-foot wall around the area with a large metal gate at the entrance.


"Welcome to your new home, kid."