Dad Loves Kyle's Ass

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"Uhhhh!" Bob moaned while pressing his dick deep into his son's shitter.

Bob couldn't believe how tight Kyle was. The thirteen-year old's asshole was undoubtedly better than his wife's middle-aged cunt. Bob had been fucking the boy for a little more than a year now, since his twelfth birthday. That first fuck had been uniquely exciting for both father and son, but Bob definitely preferred the more sophisticated thrill he got from plowing a boy with experience.

And Kyle knew what to do. He especially loved the doggy-style incest they were currently engaged in, as it gave him a chance to show off his faggot skills. Kyle banged his ass back to meet his dad's powerful lunge. He squeezed his ass muscles around his father's invading prick as he ground his smooth butt cheeks into his dad's groin. When his father withdrew, Kyle pumped his hips forward to facilitate the outward slide and then impaled himself again as his father thrust back in.

"Fuck me, Daddy, give me that fucking cock!" he cried.

"Yeah, you like that son, don't you?" his dad panted in response.

"Oh yeah, I love that fucking dick. Keep dicking me, Dad, keep fucking dicking me with that fucking dick!"

Bob continued to oblige the boy by ramming his penis back and forth in his son's bowels. He was feeling that familiar tingle deep in his balls and knew it wouldn't be too much longer before he exploded. Bob looked down at the obscene sight of his prick pumping in and out of his son's little ass. He slapped Kyle's right ass cheek hard, and the boy released a delighted yelp and wiggled his rump. That was enough to push Bob over the edge. One more thrust, then a second, and he felt the cum spasm out of his rod.

"OH FUCK, YEAH! I'M CUMMING UP YOUR ASS! KYLE, TAKE IT! TAKE IT! TAKE IT! YEAAAAH!" Bob yelled as his sperm flooded his boy's adolescent butt.

The incestuous orgasm, obtained by fucking his thirteen-year-old son in the ass, washed over Bob like a powerful narcotic. This is why he kept fucking the kid over and over again, even when he promised himself he'd stop. It just felt too damn good.

Kyle felt his father's penis swell deep inside his bowels just before the hot spunk began to warm his ass guts. The feeling, coupled with the knowledge that it was his father who was shooting his load up his ass, prompted the boy to cum himself. Kyle spooged onto the bed sheets without touching himself as waves of pleasure swept over his body. Kyle started wiggling his ass all around his father's cock and time seemed to stand still as father and son enjoyed the bliss of their simultaneous orgasm. Finally, with a grunt, Bob collapsed on to the boy, forcing his son to plop down into his own pool of young cum.

"That was fucking great, Kyle, you sure have one sweet ass."

"Thanks, Dad, and thanks for the fuck," the boy giggled.

"No problemo, kiddo. Now get to your homework," Bob said as he got up and left the room while his dick continued to radiate pleasure throughout his contented body.