Dad and Daryl's Dick

Mm, oral, inc

"Fuck, that feels fucking good, fucking suck it, Dad!"


Daryl's dad complied with his son's lewd order and continued to suck his son's thick rod. Jeff loved his boy's dick. At sixteen, Daryl was constantly horny and in need of daily release, and his father was only-too happy to provide an outlet.


Daryl had been getting his dick serviced by his dad for almost two years now, and always found it thrilling to bust his nut this way. It sure as hell was better than jacking off, and his dad was a much better cocksucker than his far-less experienced girlfriend.


"Oh, yeah, suck my dick, Dad!" Daryl panted as his father continued to bob up and down his son's fuck pole. Jeff loved the way his son's meaty cock felt in his mouth. The boy's rigid prick measured almost eight inches and was very thick. Jeff was a talented cocksucker and could comfortably fit all of Daryl's penis down his throat. Jeff cupped his son's big balls in his hand as he continued his oral service. His son was a fucking hot stud, a star of his school's basketball team and handsome as hell.


Jeff was really glad he had such a horny big-dicked boy for a son. He usually sucked Daryl off when he got home from work while his wife made dinner. Jeff would go to his son's room to say hi and ask him if he needed some relief. Today, like most days, Daryl had said yes and had pulled his robin-egg blue shorts and white underwear down around his ankles so his father could have access to his randy teenage meat. Jeff had shut the door behind him and gone over to his son to render service.


Daryl was now bucking his hips up to meet his father's downward oral bobs. Jeff moaned and continued to fondle the boy's nearly hairless balls, which were heavy with adolescent sperm that would soon be jetting into Jeff's mouth. Jeff released Daryl's cock from his mouth so that he could lick the purple head a few times, which caused Daryl to moan loudly.


"Shit, that's nice, Dad! Lick my pole!" Jeff held his son's penis in his hand and made long, slow licks over the head and shaft. He did this for several minutes and then swallowed the prick down to the hilt again. He kissed the boy's pubes with his lips as the thick meat throbbed in his throat.


"Fuck, Dad, I'm gonna fucking blow, yeah fucking suck it!" Daryl cried as he increased the rate of his thrusting. He fucked his father's face rapidly, and felt a sweet familiar feeling in his balls as they unloaded into his father's suctioning mouth.


Jeff increased the rate of his sucking even more as his son climaxed in his mouth. He loved the taste and feel of his son's ejaculations; the salty-sweet liquid proved that he was a good cocksucker. When the boy's spurts subsided Jeff reluctantly released the throbbing cock from his mouth. He wiped his mouth with his hand as Daryl stood up to pull his shorts and underwear back up.


In his post-orgasmic bliss Daryl suddenly had a slutty idea. What if Dad sucked him off while he was in school?


"Hey Dad, want to suck me off tomorrow during fifth period, I've got study hall, it's at 12:30"


Jeff was willing to suck his son's dick whenever the boy wanted it, and he'd be on his lunch break. "Sure," he said. "Where should I meet you?"


"In the bathroom on the second floor."

"It's a date, kiddo," his father agreed as he walked out the door, already filled with excitement bout tomorrow's noon-time incestuous blowjob at his son's school, the proud home of the only undefeated boys' basketball team.