Cute Little Kevin

(MB) (anal, oral) (humil)

My little brother Kevin was always a pain in the ass. When I was in high school, I had to babysit him all the time. I should have been out fucking cunt with the other guys on the football team, but no, I had to sit at home with my fucking little brother. That's because my dad split when I was six and my Ma had to raise us. She was always working. I was eighteen, my fucking brother was eleven, and I had to drag him everyplace. How the fuck is a stud supposed to score at the mall with some hot fourteen-year-old bitch when he has this fucking twerp hanging on him? I really started to hate the little shit.


Oh, I know it wasn't his fault, but Holy Christ, what about my dick? I am a very sexual eighteen-year-old dude. I am horny all the time, and my big fat cock needs to shoot off at least three or four times a day. And to be quite honest with you, I'd rather do it in some chick's pussy or mouth than in my fucking hand! It got so, my buddies used to make fun of me, always having my brother along. They started to call my brother my girlfriend. They would razz me about how I liked to be with Kevin more than cunt.


Well, I graduated and moved out fast. I got a good paying job at this box company and a small but nice apartment. I felt free at last. I had chicks over, and I would fuck them all night. It was great. Then my fucking mother dies in an auto accident, and guess what? I am saddled with fuckup Kevin once again. Now he is twelve. And, I am sure he is a fucking fag. He's gaunt, with this pretty face and long hair, and what my buddies call "cocksucker lips."


So, why the fuck not? Why the fuck not turn him into a real cocksucker? Why the fuck not have a regular cocksucker around the house to service my buddies and me? Might as well put him to some good use. The first thing I did was yank him out of school. It was easy. I told them he was moving out east to live with relatives there. Now I had him at home at my apartment all the time.


The next thing I did was take away all his clothes. Bare-ass naked, he looked even more like a faggot. He was thin with this pale, smooth body, like some little, teenage cunt. I began to think of him more and more as a cunt. I made him grow his hair longer. All day, he cleaned up for me and did housework. I made him clean the bathroom with a small brush. I told him if the toilet did not sparkle, I would make him lick it. Eventually, I did too. More about that later. A few times he cried and told me he didn't want to do what I told him to, so I beat the shit out of him, and that settled that.


My buddies thought it was hysterical to keep him bare-assed around the house. They would snap his little ball sack with their fingers and yank on his tiny dick. We'd slap his ass until it was purple. That became one of our favorite games. We would take belts to his lovely, little ass. We took rulers and wooden dowels and beat him right in the ass crack on his little rosebud.


When I brought chicks over, I just locked him in the closet. Next, I taught him to suck dick. It's great because now I don't have to put up with any half-assed blow jobs from some dumb cunt. I taught him how to totally service a dude's prick. Lick the ball sack, tongue the dickhead and pisshole, lick up the pre-fuck, kiss the stalk, suck on the nuts, lick and suck down under the scrotum. Then I trained him to relax, so I could deep throat him. That is so fucking awesome. All my buddies just love it. I made lots of new friends and sometimes Kevin has to deep throat ten or fifteen guys in one night. Of course, he swallows, but sometimes we make him gargle the cum first, or spit it out into a glass mug until the mug is half full of cock spooge and then drink it. And we can demand that he does an expert job. I mean, you can't punish a bitch for a bad blowjob, but we can punish Kevin if he is not a cock sucking pro.


I started to make him dress like a girl. Might as well go all the way turning him into a cunt, right? So I got these little outfits with bras and short skirts. No panties, so my buddies can lift the skirt to see his tiny dicklet and balls, and ass anytime they want to torment the fucking dickwad. I take him out to the mall dressed like this. He is so humiliated he wants to die, and I think that is so fucking funny. I am sending along a photo. I believe that you will think it’s funny too. What do you say? Great, huh?


Well, none of us guys is queer, so it took some time before we entertained the idea of fucking his ass. I have to admit, I was one of the ones to resist the most. My buddies kept saying, “Why not? He’s half cunt already,” but I thought it was queer to want to fuck boy ass. Holy Shit, motherfucker, have you ever tried it? It is the greatest feeling in the world. I hate to admit it, but nice, tight, boy ass actually feels better around a dude's cock than pussy! I am not shitting you, man! I am addicted to my brother's little ass.


I also love to hear him cry and beg for mercy. I love it when his tears soak the pillow, and he begs me to go easy on him. I laugh and slam my dick deeper and harder into his boycunt until I can hear my big fucksack slapping against his globes. My buddies too, can't get enough of his boy-cunt. And these are dudes with steady girlfriends some of them, and three of them are married! Hard to believe? You try twelve-year-old boy ass and tell me what you think. The first few times, of course, we got shit on our dicks and made the little twat lick it off. But now we make him douche three or four times a day, so his pussy is always really clean inside and out. We don't call him Kevin anymore, just Cunt! I am teaching him to suck ass this week. He is going to be the best little whore in the state. My buddies say I should whore him out and make big bucks. And why the fuck not? I hear some guys will pay really well to have a kid they can hurt. He is so fucking submissive. Sometimes just for fun, I will slap his face with my fuck meat. Just slap my big, fat cock back and forth across his beautiful, little face, and he sticks out his cute, pink tongue and tries to lick the prick meat!


Yeah, he is a born faggot all right. You should see him lick my nuts after I play basketball and they are really rank and sweaty. One of the guys has a Great Dane. The fucking dog is almost shoulder height and has a dick on him like a baseball bat. He wants to let his dog fuck my brother. I have to admit it is a funny thought. I just don't know, though. Not that Kevin would complain or raise a fuss. We have gotten him over that. He doesn't dare object to anything we tell him to do. He doesn't talk much, but still, when he does it's real cute. We put three metal studs through his tongue, so he talks with this sissy boy lisp. It also really enhances his dick sucking. I am thinking of having the words Cunt and Hole tattooed on his ass cheeks. I think that would be really funny and a cool invitation to his clients as well. I told you he spends his days cleaning the house, but did I tell you how?


He cleans the bathroom with his tongue! I make him lick the toilet clean and the tub. And it better be fucking spotless. To clean the tables, I make him stick a feather duster up his asshole and wiggle his cute, little ass to dust. My buddies now want him to come over to clean their places as well. And to fuck him I am sure. He eats all of his meals out of a dog dish on the floor. It is so fucking hysterical, because he is not allowed to use his hands, so his cute, little face gets all sloppy and dirty. My latest innovation is that he is no longer allowed to use the toilet, but he has to squat in a litter box and shit and piss that way. I have to admit, I fucking love to humiliate and degrade the little cunt. I guess I am just getting back at him for all those years he ruined when he tagged along with me. So you can't really blame me, now can you? I know you faggots out there want to see what I look like so I will include a photo of myself for you to jerk off too.